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I have bought dozens of sex dolls! Unlike other sex dolls review websites, my reviews are genuine and honest.


Are you a first-time buyer?  You will get ripped off…
Unless you read my blog. Scammers are everywhere in China. Don’t imagine for a second that they are not on the net. I built this review website to make sure that you won’t fall for the same type of bait as I did. I will teach you everything you need to know to avoid scammers and to ensure that you really get the dream sex doll that you wish to buy. 


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why am I a sex doll expert?


I am what you can call an expert in sex dolls. I have bought many of them. Why? Because I own a sex doll brothel. Sex Dolls Reviews

I don’t know any review websites that really have gone through the process of buying sex dolls themselves.  I did!

I bought 12 of them until now. I got screwed so many times by sex dolls vendors and by other so-called sex dolls review websites that I thought :

I absolutely need to make my own sex dolls review website and warn potential buyers against all those scammers!

Not only can I give you tips on the type of sex doll that you should buy but I will also tell you what to search for when you are looking for a vendor.

I will teach you how to avoid scams!
I am your sex dolls reviews expert.

2 things to keep in mind when you are in the process of buying a sex doll


Here are my 2 rules to follow when you are in the process of buying a new sex doll :


1 –  You should first aim to find a good supplier. Nearly all sex dolls websites offer the exact same dolls. Your problem is not to find a doll, your problem is to find the correct vendor. The sex doll market is a big jungle with VERY few trusty vendors. I will teach you how to find a good one. I will also provide you with a list of suppliers that I found after making LOTS of mistakes.


2 –  Looking for the hottest sex doll is not the only criteria that you should follow when you want to choose a doll. Don’t forget that these things have an iron frame: They are heavy! Keep in mind your own body weight and body strength when you choose a silicone/TPE sex doll.

I was first looking to buy a tall sex doll (5’6 – 172cm) with big boobs. I regretted as soon as I unpacked the doll. Her 90 pounds were enough to hurt my back and soften my hardest desires.


Why 95% of all “sex dolls reviews” websites are scams?


They do not want to help you with buying the best doll, they just want to sell you a doll! They will refer you to any vendor that promises them a reward for their referrals.  Your satisfaction as a consumer is the least of their worries. They never bought any sex doll themselves!

They have absolutely no clue! They are purely and simply lying to you.

For instance, I did blindly trust this sex dolls reviews website here below. They seemed to be so honest: Big mistakes!

Sex Dolls Reviews

I did buy many sex dolls. I have made lots of mistakes. My biggest mistake was to trust these websites that only showed me what I wanted to read and not what I needed to know. 

Learn from my mistakes! Use my experience!
I am your sex dolls reviews expert.

I will tell you what to look for when you want to buy a sex doll. I will teach you how to find a good vendor. Follow my 6 rules to find a good sex doll vendor to avoid getting ripped off. 

Again, I have no personal interest, I earn no money out of this, I have no referral links. My unique goal is to inform you. I got screwed and I do not want other people to buy from these scammers.


4 mistakes to avoid when you choose your sex doll


Sex Dolls Reviews

This section has the only purpose to help you choose your sex doll. Not where to buy it from.

1 – Do not choose a doll too heavy for your physical capacities! Take into consideration your own weight and physical strength. Sex dolls have a metal frame: They are heavy! Do not forget that you will need to move her. You want to place her in the correct position.

My first doll was 172cm (5’6) and weighted 41kg (90 pounds) and had big boobs with an awesome small round ass and a tiny waist. It was a mistake! Having to move that much weight each time was much too much for me. I regretted it a few minutes after I unpacked her.


2 –  Insert (removable) vagina or fixed vagina?
If your doll is heavy and that you do not want to move her around and/or having to bring her in the shower after usage, you will need the removable vagina. I first didn’t want to have one because I thought that it would look not so real. It makes in fact no difference. Aesthetically, it looks the same.

However, if your doll is not that heavy. You may prefer the fixed vagina. 

I’ll give you examples:

For my 90 pounds doll, I use an insert (removable) vagina. The doll is quite heavy to carry around, however, for my 60 pounds doll, I prefer to bring her into the shower as I personally don’t really like having to remove the vagina and put it back.

Both have pros and cons.
In summary, based on my experience with both options: If you can easily bring your doll to the shower, take a fixed vagina.


3 –  You will want her to be able to stand
Although you will most likely rarely use it. Sex dolls can not keep their balance as humans do so, it is quite hard to get her standing, however, if you do not want to damage her feet when you move her around, then you will need the standing feet option otherwise you will never be able to set her down without having the metal rods that are being used as skeleton transpiercing her TPE feet skin.

Drawback: you can not bring her in your bath or in your hot tub with you if she has these metal knobs under her feet. It will rust.
Please keep in mind that you can anyway not bathe with a sex doll that has a body heating system.


4 –  Imagine that the doll will look exactly the same as the one in the pictures.
Please keep in mind that these dolls were treated like supermodels: they were wearing professional makeup, nice clothes, the photoshoot was made by a professional photographer and the pictures were probably photoshopped before they were offered to suppliers for promotion material use. Your doll will be similar but not exactly the same. I am currently building a section with some real factory pictures. That will give you a good idea of how your doll will actually look like when she arrives at your place.


Understanding the sex doll market

90% of all the sex dolls are manufactured in China
. Out of the 100 sex dolls suppliers in China, 10 of them are trustworthy. Keep in mind that there is no copyright law in China.

sex dolls reviews

So here is what happens:

1 – A serious company pays engineers to build sex dolls models plans. They hire real models, pay them. They mold a frame, they do measurements, test, make mistakes, re-test until the product is done and perfect. Once finished, they hire professional make-up artists and photographers. They spend hours making shooting for their promotional material. Once ready, they put their sex dolls on the market to sell. 95% of their dolls are sold through Europe/North American companies with whom they made a deal.



2 – A bunch of copycats buy a sex doll from the above company, copy the model, the measurements, the frame, and built the exact same doll with cheaper material. They use cheaper TPE (or silicone) and a cheaper frame.

The dolls are heavier and much more rigid.  The skin is horrible.  They steal all the promotional content from the legit company and they sell the sex doll imitation for half of the price.

So as a consumer, you think that you just found the source supplier that will sell you the same high-quality doll as the big websites. You think that you just eliminated the middle man: You did not. You will buy a piece of crap as I did. Most of the time, they don’t even send you the doll that you bought.



3 – The serious company above do make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes their dolls do not have the quality that they should have: bad skin color, bad skin quality, body metal frame too rigid, too loose, the breasts do not have the correct form, size or are simply too hard. The head is maybe not realistic enough. You can easily imagine everything that can happen when you need to build a sex doll from scratch.

These guys do not want to lose money. What do they do?

They create a new company through which they can sell their defect models. They sell them for half of the price on Chinese websites (translated in English for western buyers) or on E bay or Amazon as if they were the real deal. You end up buying a piece of crap. I even got one delivered without any vagina! The whole story here =>> https://youtu.be/ZFhqkKEUH3Y

Their refund policy promises? A big joke. Forget about your money, you lost it.


6 rules to find a trustworthy
and reliable sex doll supplier



Try to be as logical as possible. If the offer is too good to be true, then it is a scam. It is a simple as that!
As a sex dolls reviews expert, I offer you  my 5 rules to find a trustworthy sex doll supplier:


Sex dolls reviews rule 1 – Don’t buy cheap dolls.
You didn’t find the deal of the century; you are just about to get ripped off. There are no $800 quality big sex dolls out there. Keep in mind this piece of wisdom: « If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.» Please note: It is possible to find a small doll for that price however, dolls that are over 140cm (4’6) are worth at least $1600



Sex dolls reviews rule 2 –  Buy a doll from a company that has dolls that are immediately deliverable.
This means that the guys are serious: They did invest some money in their business: They bought dolls and stocked them in their warehouse. It also means that they do have inspected dolls before they send them to you.

EDIT June 2021: This rule is now obsolete. Although it is a good indicator, now many Chinese factories have a warehouse in the US so any amateur building a website can offer “in-stock” or “fast delivery” dolls without having to invest a dime in their business.



Sex dolls reviews rule 3 – Make sure that you can easily contact them by telephone or by Email.
If they do not reply fast, don’t answer the phone (or don’t return your call if you left a message while the shop was closed), forget about them.



Sex dolls reviews rule 4 – Forget about sites offering 15% + discounts. 
Unfortunately, even some legit websites are starting to sell counterfeit dolls. They want a part of the cheap doll market. I think that it is a VERY bad idea. When a website is marketing a huge 20% discount, they either boosted their prices in the first place to let you think that you are getting a huge discount, or chances are high that they will sell you a counterfeit.  I have had MANY emails from customers that got caught in that type of scam. Sad but true.



Sex dolls reviews rule 5 –   Don’t ever buy directly from a Chinese website. As this guy warns us in his YouTube video: « Scammers are everywhere in China » So don’t imagine for a second that they are not on the internet trying to sell you crap. 


Sex dolls reviews rule 6 – Wow! This website is selling the very same doll for $500 cheaper! 
No, he is not. It has now become obvious that an $800 doll is a counterfeit, why not selling them for $1200? They make more money and they seem to be more legit. Keep in mind something: If a car seller can lie to you straight up to your face to sell you a car at all costs, how many lies can a sex doll salesman hidden behind his screen tell on his website to do the same?


There are numerous articles you can view on this website. Read them. I also made many videos for you, do not hesitate to look at them all. You will be spending a fair amount of money on this toy, do not do it blindly. Also, do not hesitate to share this blog with contacts in forums you may have. The more people will read, the fewer scammers will make money.