Irontec 164cm silicone review

Irontech 164cm review

Irontec 164cm silicone review Table of content Introduction Her skin Her skeleton Her wig Head Eyes Labia Boobs Summary INTRODUCTION Irontech is an established sex doll manufacturer with a good reputaton. They started to produce silicone dolls about 3 years ago. I have always been stunned by the promotion content and was wondering if their … Read more

Sex dolls Best LHP – Love Holes Placement

Sex dolls Best LHP

Sex dolls Best LHP Sex dolls are constantly evolving and, luckily for us, most factories do listen to feedbacks and try to make better products. One of the biggest criticism was that the LHP or Love Hole Placement (meaning how the vagina and the butthole is located on the doll) was incorrect. Very often, the … Read more