AI sex dolls – 6 reasons why men prefer them over women!

There has been a lot of fuss around the arrival of AI sex dolls on the market. What will happen to humanity? Is it the end? What will happen to dating? We would first need to analyse why would men prefer to have a relation with a silicone sex doll than with a real women. I can see 4 reasons for this :

1. In capabilities or difficulties to find a women.
There are also women looking for male sex doll however in this article, I will reflect on men and their sex dolls. There are tons of men out there that are terrified with the idea of having to approach a woman. What do they have to offer? They are not rich. Not particularly good looking either. There are much more sexy dudes out there and women are looking for them and/or their wallet. 

Let’s not forget the #metoo #webelieveyou and all those movements just looking to destroy men by falsely accusing them. That attractive girl, is she another feminazi that is only waiting for an occasion to humiliate me just for the sake of it? To make fun of me in front of her friends?
Na, better not to risk anything. I even better stop looking at her before she hits me with sexual harassment charges.

2. Giving up on women. 
How many of us have had terrible, destroying relationship? How many times did the beautiful princess turn out to be an ugly witch inside? Not only did she want to change you but she also wanted to control your whole life.

« Burn all the clothes that your ex bought you!  »
« Delete all her pictures from your phone! »
« Erase all the souvenirs that you have in your head »
« Don’t talk that way »
« I am disappointed in you»

That is after she looked in every single corner of your house and car to find a sign of your previous life where you might have been happy without her. She exhausts you. She consumes your love. She burns you out and make you feel guilty about it.
Enough is enough.

3. Costly divorce.
In the less evolved western countries (Canada, England, USA) judges still think that it is really progressive to dispossess men from all their goods, from 50% of their salary and on top of that, to keep them from seeing their kids. Why? Well you know, men are pigs. Any feminist know that. 
Never again.

4. Preferring a doll to an escort.
Once you established the upper facts, you don’t want to have any more women in your life however, you still need sex. Hookers? Expensive and dirty and impersonal. Sex dolls are clean, there is absolutely no STD danger and she will never fail nor disappoint you.

The AI sex doll, the perfect companion?

AI sex dolls

We know that AI intelligence is the next big thing. Some people think that it will be the end of humanity. Why would an uther intelligent being have any type of respect for us, dumb humans? But before they all smash us, there will be that long period of time where we will control them.

Why in the world would a man want to be in a relationship with a woman when he can get a seamless relation with an intelligent being that is sexy as hell, that will never try to control you nor being jealous nor take your hard earned money away? Why would a man take the chance to live with a witch that will keep become fat like a whale when he can have a sex AI doll like this one?

sexy sex doll

1. No relationship problems anymore. No jealousy, no blackmailing (You will never see your kids again!), no control freak. No one to tell you how to dress in public nor how to speak in front of your friend and parents.

2. You can have sex when you want and with whom you want.  You don’t feel to have sex now? Then don’t. You feel like having sex right now. Then do. You want to have sex with another partner? No problem.

3. AI will be able to have a real conversation with you without having a fight.

4. You will be able to give her the personality that you want. And she will never change unless you ask for it.

5. An AI sex doll will never become fat.

6. She will never leave with your house, your car, your kids and half of your salary.

Once an AI sex doll that can talk and move is on the market? I bet that many will not bother to see why they should be in couple with a real woman. My guess is that will happen in the next 20 years. Will women realize that it is in fact their fault? I don’t count on it.

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There is also the issue of hypergamy or “dating up”. We all want the 10s but often end up with 6s or 7s at best, and many men are sick of that. Only the top percentage of men get the 8s, 9s and 10s with the slim bodies while the average man is invisible to her. Women’s standards have sky-rocketed since dating apps, they’re privileged and have lots of choice when it comes to men and they know it. The average guy doesn’t want to have to ‘work’ to get the hot girl. With robo-babes we can get the girl… Read more »


Hi Tom! I would add a 5th or even a 6th case: I’m in a happy relationship since several years with a woman from Europe, but I live in America. I would not exchange her for any other person or for a doll (at least is what I believe now hahaha). But the thing is that she goes to visit her relatives in Europe every now and then and sometimes she stays there for half a year or even more. I got used to live with her, to sleep with her, to have her presence around at home and I… Read more »


Thanks for your efforts and dedication to support the Sex Doll Interest.

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