Aliexpress sex dolls scam

I have made many videos on Aliexpress and Alibaba scams and my site is getting more and more popular still, many people get scammed. Here is an experience that one of my readers had with Aliexpress.

Guzler first contacted me on February 2nd 2020


He had bought a doll from Aliexpress and then found my website. He was suddenly worried that he had been scammed and purchased a counterfeit doll. 

Aliexpress sex dolls scam
But that was not the case. They just didn’t want to cancel – Aliexpress sex dolls scam

Aliexpress sex dolls scam

Aliexpress sex dolls scam

Here is the doll that he was supposed to buy. As you can see, the store has tons of good reviews.
He can get a very popular doll usually sold for $2000+ for $450, what could possibly go wrong?

Aliexpress sex dolls scam

These pictures are stolen material from WMDoll. This doll is a 163cm H cup model.

Aliexpress sex dolls scam

Here is the doll that he received:
Aliexpress sex dolls scam

Here is the email that he sent me:

Aliexpress sex dolls scam

Do not buy from any Asian portal, do not buy a cheap doll thinking that you are buying the real deal from the factory directly and saved money by “cutting the man in the middle” It is not how it works, unfortunately for you and me.


I will keep on denouncing vendors selling cheap sex dolls. Not only are they scamming people but they are putting the customer’s health in jeopardy. Here is another testimony from a different person who got caught buying a cheap sex doll.

Tons of people have been scammed by them, you will too.

Cheap VS Legit doll:

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Erik B

i’m planning on buying this doll, but wondered if it is an actual scam or not. wanted to be on the safe side.

Last edited 1 year ago by Erik B
Evge T

I ordered from aliexpress, Mimi something. It was supposed to be delivered within 45 days. In a couple of weeks I checked the order (it was still on the way). On the product page i noticed a new review that the package sent to the wrong address and the shop manager is a liar, also product was not on sale anymore. I tracked my package and it appeared it was sent to another city. I disputed it immediately. Aliexpress didn’t understand my claim first and ruled to wait till the packaged delivered. I sent detailed screenshots of the tracking info… Read more »

Richard I think I got a good deal. But!! Way to heavy so very impractical hmmm…

Peter T

Oh sh*t. A few hours ago i ordered a black doll on aliexpress that should be delivered from a france warehouse to the Netherlands. A half hour later the seller say that it’s not on stock an he sent it from China. I told him that I’m not okay with that because the tax an duty. Now he sent me pictures of other dolls he has on stock in a French warehouse but which I don’t like. I opened within an hour a dispute en tell him to accept it. Now I’m waiting till he accepts it. I send I… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Peter T

FUCK! I wish I had stumbled upon this review a week ago. The exact same seller (Sendym) scammed me on that exact model. Interestingly, there were no other reviews on that page. What they sent me was slightly better looking than what guzler received, but it’s no where near what was advertised. Get this, Aliexpress wants me to either take a ridiculously low refund and keep the item, or ship the item back to China at my cost. Even better, this item was never shipped from China for my order, even though the seller claims it was. Fedex tells a… Read more »


UPDATE! Capital One was my friend in this case. Disputed the purchase on my app. Can choose either:
A)Never received what was paid for
B)What was received wasn’t what was expected
I chose A. Turns out, I’ve been fighting with AliExpress the whole week over nothing. Capital One apparently knows that LieXpress is shit and just reversed the purchase. I’ll send you pics of the item if you want. It looks okay, but it’s no Faina.


I just stumbled across this.  Best part is, Sendym is who I was talking too.  They have sent me photos, videos, been very helpful with discussions.  Now I doubt everything.

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