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As you know by now, I am a sex doll expert. I have bought many of them, I know the market, I know sex dolls, I know what I am talking about.

Just ask me any question you want in the comment section below and I will answer you.









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Contact info provided by seller:


Tel: +86-20-8985 5297

Mobile: +86-189 3322 5151



WhatsApp: +86-159 2033 4902

WeChat: Aiadultx

Address: No.130 Xinhua Rd. Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China


Here is one of the pics they sent me.


Hi Tom,

Thank you for providing so much valuable insight and sharing your experiences in acquiring beautiful love dolls.

I was wondering if you have feedback regarding http://WWW.AIADULTX.COM. They are a China based company offering several dolls. I received some factory photos from them and the dolls appear to be legit. I appreciate any info you can provide. Take care.


These look good


Hello Tom, first of all I wanted to thank you for providing great resources to avoid scammers, saved me a bunch of money. However I am unsure about two websites and so far they seem like the only potential safe ones which offer the doll I am most interested in. The first website (and the more shady one) is this one: I saw you answering other people’s question about that website with you evaluating them as cheap drop shippers but that one would most likely receive an authentic doll. However I am still pretty wary of them because of… Read more »


Hello Tom, thanks so much for the response! I decided to go with sexyrealsexdoll since any other site where I found that doll looked (or was listed as) scam. Furthermore this is not my first sex doll. The one before was half the weight. But during positions I found her to be moving away from positions too frequently so I opted for a heavier (and thiccer) model this time. I am used to lift and work with 125+ lbs goods on a daily basis due to work so I am confident that I can manage her heavy beauty. The bed… Read more »


Hi Tom, is a legit business? I mainly want to buy a ROS head and I’m living in EU. I couldn’t find any shops that sell those heads other than this one. (Maybe I’m just bad at finding the right shops, if you have a recommendation, I’d be glad to hear it! :))


I see. Thanks for the help and the link 🙂


btw do you know this company They also have ROS heads it seems, but would be located in europe (and like roughly half the price of the

Aaron Kraus

Hi Tom, I was hoping for help finding a doll. Only if you’re up for it of course. I know Kanadoll isn’t reputable but after reverse image searching images of the doll I’ve only seen this doll on suspicious sites thus far. And I know it exists because scammers usually post images of other dolls and claim it as their own. It’s also a minidoll (nothing child like of course), but they’re legal in my neck of the woods and I was hoping to find a reputable place to buy it from. This is the kanadoll link to the doll… Read more »

Aaron Kraus

Hey Tom,
I’ll check these out thanks a ton for looking! Also, I had a question from a friend of mine looking into dolls as well if that’s alright; he wants to know if is a legitimate vendor. Thanks again!


Hey Tom i wanted to know if this product is actually real and if its a trusted website

Reese turner

Hey Tom I saw this site on the sex doll subreddit a d wanna know if the place is legit. I sure hope it is because it seems promising and I don’t want to be disappointed again


Hello tom i would like to know if this site is legit.
Elden Ring Melina Sex Doll H-cup Black Widow TPE Love Dolls (


Hello Tom,
I would like to know if you know which dolls or which manufacturers make vaginas with wide openings, in videos on YouTube, I often look at this detail because I would like to have easy penetration.
thank you for your answers


Hi Tom, hope you’re doing well, I’m a first timer from Southamerica and I’ve found a seller (the only one in my country apparently) his store is 10 min from my apartment and I was planning on mailing them some questions on the points you stated on your guide. Where do they buy their dolls from, If I could see them before buying etc. I mean they could lie of course but is there any other way to see if theyre legit? Here’s the page



Hi tom,I was wondering if you knew if this doll website was legit or not. Through my limited research it’s a bit mixed, but I wanted to make absolute sure.


Hello Tom, I am in Belgium (EUROPE) and I would like to look for a doll at RS DOLL in Germany in Bochum, (warehouse and showroom) is this a good idea?
thank you  Alain


Thank you so mutch  TOM


Hello Tom, I am in Belgium (EUROPE) and I would like to look for a doll at RS DOLL in Germany in Bochum, (warehouse and showroom) is this a good idea?


Hello, is this a legit vendor?


Hey Tom thanks for this useful information my question is is super a legit vendor site. The prices are a little ridiculous but there are some review videos out there for them.


Hello Tom, as a first time buyer, I wanted to get something cheap so I can see if I’m into sex dolls or not. I wanted to try out a torso first but the one that don’t look undersized are starting around $900 on tantaly. Would a cheap torso like this one off amazon be a good “demo” before I commit to an expensive one? Or do you think this ones just a scam?


Hello Tom, I came across this website.
In your opinion, should a purchase a doll from here?


Hey Tom, do you know any place where I can sell a sex doll? It’s a funwest doll I wanna sell.


Hey there,what do you think about “”? Its relatively new german shop of a chinese company. They offer safe payment via paypal and have really good prices.


Hi, i’m trying to fine somewhere to buy the doll in the picture, it’s a MozuDoll and whatever i find are scam websites and aliexpress, i need it to ship to Italy


Hi Tom, I am new here, Is this a legit doll site?

Thanks in advance and for the helpful site! Kudos. I was going to buy a Zelex doll from SiliconeLovers. On Zelex’s site they say SL is one of their vendors. What’s your take on SiliconeLovers?


I need some advice about the my loli waifu site, I can’t find any product reviews. Is there a good seller of this brand within the EU?


Hi, Tom.
Have you ever thought about starting a google spreadsheet? I’m no new to the dolls, yet there’s just overwhelming amount of manufacturers and vendors. Most of vendors names are similar IMO. How do you even track all of this?
also, should make a separate spreadsheet on their advertising photo vs. customer feedback pics. it’d help many buyers and gives a clear idea on what to expect.
sorry, it’s just a thought that’s been stuck in my head for a long time now.


Hello, I would like to know if the pahina sosexdoll is legit


Thank You


Hi, can you reccommend ? Is it advisable to check for scamming websites on I did and has 56%


Hey Tom,
I’ve been concidering buying one of these two dolls.
Since you recommended sexdolls shop, im buying from there.
Do have any experience with the brand funwestdoll? I couldn’t really find anything positive or negative but they seem pretty legit. 
Thanks for your work.
Best wishes.


Hey tom,
I was seeing if is a reliable site


is newrealdoll . com legit? I’m interested in True Idols dolls, but they seem sus


Hi, Tom. Thanks for the reply. They’re making false claims, so probably a bold scam. Anyways who is the legit vendor of the True Idols brand though?


Hey Tom I stumble upon this website and wanted to know if they’re legit or a scam?


Hi Tom,
I was wondering about doll storage. Since I’m a fairly lazy guy I was intending to just let the doll lie on the bed as “storage” (like with a towel underneath or wrapped around perhaps). Does that work, or will that cause problems in the long run?
Thanks so much for helping everyone with their questions btw. I really appreciate it!
Best Regards


Hi Tom! BEAUTIFUL website!! I have been meticulously researching to buy my first sex doll for quite some time now, can not believe I have only just come across this amazing resource, thank you much for putting in the time and effort to do so for the community!  Also, great to hear you are a “boob guy” as well because I would love to get your 2 cents on just that. In your expert opinion and experience, which brand (or maybe even models) do you think has the most realistic looking AND feeling breasts and nipples? And/or what options (such… Read more »

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Hey Tom could you check lovenestle for me? First time buyer and there is a 15% discount code. Just wanna know if they are legit


is or legit?

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hello, is legit? they are the only website that offer what i want


Is legit? Has anyone purchased from them?


Hey, I’m currently looking to buy a smaller TPE doll (<100cm) in Europe and came across this website: I couldn’t find any real reviews about them, so I’m a bit skeptical to buy from them. Are they legit? And if not, can you recommend any good vendors selling in Europe (I don’t want to deal with VAT and customs), that have decently good prices?

Thanks 🙂


I have a question. I want to buy silicone products because the standing feet of TPE don’t look good in terms of aesthetics. I think I’ll use it mainly for practical purposes, so I hope the color doesn’t come off easily and the vulva or anus doesn’t tear easily. Do you have any brands to recommend?


Hey, Tom I’m a first time buyer here and I could really use your help. I’ve narrowed down my last three. I saw a particular one that I wanted but I haven’t seen anything on Reddit and only seen pics from their website. It’s called the passion dolls 159cm penny. Absolutely amazed by this doll. I would buy this doll right now if I could but from your experience do you think this website is safe place to buy this doll? If I could I would buy it from another place but it’s labeled as an passiondolls exclusive. I would… Read more »


Does anyone know if “Real Love Sex Dolls” is a legit and trustworthy vendor? I cant find the “breathing” option anywhere else.


I have a few questions about this doll

The website gives weird vibes with the pricing so I was wondering if it was “legit”

Second, is the brand of the doll ” Ridmii”. Looked them up and they seem real but there are only a few sites that seem to have the brand. Are they just a newer brand that came on the market?

And finally, if either of the previous questions confirmed that it wasn’t legit, where could I find that model doll?


Hi I was looking to get the Ashley doll and was wondering if the site was legit it’s Is it safe to buy and will it come like I customized it too.


Hi Tom I was wondering if you have any good suggestions on sites where I can get dolls that are smaller in height? I’m Just trying to get a doll that isn’t above 5 feet(preferably looking at one that come out to be around either 100CM or max     4′ 11″)


Hey Tom, I came across this website called but was wondering if it was legit. 

Matt Aggire

Hello I was looking to buy a doll from do you believe this is a reliable place to buy one ?


Hi Tom,
I’ve seen in videos of TPE dolls, that the head deforms crazily during oral sex. To the degree that eyes bulge out in front. It looks really messed up. Is this normal and if so, is there something to be done about that?


I see, thanks for the help 🙂

Joe Martinson

Hi Tom,

I’m looking for my first doll, but is not easy to find a good vendor. Do you think is safe? i’ve been at their showroom and It seems to be a fair business, but one never knows…

Thank you.

Joe Martinson

Thank you very much!
I’ve been there so, apart from that I’ve seen and touched the dolls, at least I know where to bring fire and destruction in case of scam xD
I’ll let you know.


Hi Tom, Im thinking about buying a Flora s38 Irontech doll from Do you think they are legit?

Jerry Matt

Hello Tom, I am a total rookie about sex dolls. Recently I want to buy an Irontech silicone doll through a vendor shop called Rosemarydoll. This shop seem very very large, and I read some reviews on trustpilot, some said they have bad customer services and control price in the market.(Yes I read the lowest score reviews) Now I am not sure what to do, do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much!


Hello, Tom! I am relatively new to the doll scene, and haven’t actually bought one yet- although my tastes have lead me down the line of being interested in Elsa Babe and Doll’s Castle. I’ve tried looking through the articles you’ve written that displayed reputable sites- but cannot find one’s that carry that brand. I might have missed one, which is what has lead me to asking. I’ve also read through and watched your video explaining stuff to some newcomers. I’m trying to avoid sites directly with China, and drop shipping if it can be helped; otherwise consider me as… Read more »


Hey Tom , I was wondering If buying from Bezlya directly Is a good Idea and wondering If Avalovedoll Is legit to buy from. 
Let us be the givers of souls_Bezlya – the goodness of the other

Ava Love Doll – The reference for Silicone and TPE dolls in Europe (

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Do you have any experience with the Zelex SLE series? I’m wondering how it compares to their regular silicone and how durable and resistant it is.
The demonstration video looks very impressive. You can see it here:


Are gel breasts an issue for large cup sizes? I have a hallow M-cup, but I was wondering if gel would’ve been a better option. I heard gel can sag and tear with very large cup sizes. Thanks in advance!


I want to buy a Gamelady Doll from RosemaryDoll and Cosplay Outfits from RealDollsHub.
I know you suggested to avoid chinese sites but they seem legitimate to me, what are your thoughts?


Hello, is it possible to get a custom doll made from any known reputable shops? Or at least semi-custom one? Which is actually closer to what I actually want. Particularly just one chest size and shape of one Irontech doll to another model as the base figure.

Glen Mershon

Hi Tom . I prefer TPE dolls ,with soft skin, breasts and butt. And I am more realistic vagina guy. If you have any suggestion please let me know. 
Thank You.

George Charis

Hi Tom, How are you? First of all I want to thank you for your service and experience, I have a couple hours since I checked out your Blog. And I realized that made a mistake. I bought a sexdoll in Aliexpress one week ago, for a price of $450, using some cupons. The announcement says free shipping for 7 days, I contacted the costumer service and she/he says they are gonna contact me when the shipping is ready. I can still cancel the order (do you think they are gonna refund the money). What’s your opinion? I’ve just discovered… Read more »

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He is this a good buy cuz i dont wanna pay more than 60 dollars fue to me not having a lots of money and dont wanna ask my parents too so could you maybe show me one thats good and on amazon? Wanted to buy a torso and i been looking around for days now


Hi, i would like to know your opinion about sigafun (seems to be a torso brand of irontech) and where to get their dolls (sigafun has a mini torso (40cm) for 1500$ and the same at 1200$ i don’t know why, irontech doesn’t have them, rosemary have it for 700$ and there is Lovenestle who are not related but their products are too similar with this one at 400$, i suspect it to be counterfeit due to the low cost plus their communications (features perfectly similar to irontech) and reviews (almost only 5 stars and a reddit account of a… Read more »


Hi Dovallein. I’m the Director at Irontech Doll in China. The company is Chinese, I’m not. Sigafun is our B2B enterprise. The site is new and still in work.
Rosemary is our VENDOR (sales agent) and guess what? They’re Chinese! They sell all brands including ours (Real Lady, Sigafun, Irontech Doll). If you feel more comfortable buying from Rosemary, go for it! They’re a great partner. 
Or, if you like you can go directly to Irontech Doll website and a member of our sales team will happily assist you.


Hi, is this store legit?

Picky Eater

Hi Tom, long one here, after days of research I have a good idea of what I want to do but I’m not sure the best way to do it. I’ve fallen in love with this doll My ultimate goal is to put her head on a lighter silicone body preferably 5’2 with B-cup breasts (same proportions as my celebrity crush,) and also to spend $3000 or less. Of course my first thought was to look at other Zelex dolls, the 5′ C-cup ( is good but honestly I wish the breasts were just a little bit smaller. I… Read more »


Is this legit?


Hey Tom,

do you know this site? Is it legit?


Hi Tom, could you please confirm whether you know the Normon Dolls brand and whether they make good quality silicone dolls? Thanks


Hi Tom, what site or vendor can you recommend to buy a doll? And your opinion about site: I found one doll that interested me on this site:

Thank you for your hard work <3

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Hi Tom. First of all, thank you very much for your professional way of explaining things about these sex dolls. It’s time to buy. I’m going to buy from the Sexdoll-shop you recommended. Since I live in Europe, I saw that the sexdoll shop has sex dolls in stock in Europe. But I just read your article: I would like to buy this doll: Are these dolls in stock checked?How long can they rest in the warehouse (I am thinking of several months to a year)? Because I’m a little worried about this but I’m glad I saw… Read more »


Hi, I was looking to purchase this doll but I’m not sure if this website is legit. Do you have any knowledge on this site?


Hi Tom, do you think is legit? most things seems to be priced accordingly.

C. Lupus

first of all, no, English is not my native language, please be patient with me.

Much more important: Have you had any experience with the dealer myrobotdoll ( )?

a)They have a hairstyle that I would like to have and haven’t found anywhere else and
b) a multi-function hanging bracket ( ) which I would also really like to have and can only find there.
Can you help me, please?


Hi there, I read your Piperdoll silicone Phoebe Elf review and in there you mentioned that these silicone dolls had tearing issues. I was looking at the newer Silicone Ariel model and was wondering if things have improved: Would you still advise staying away from these Piperdoll Silicone models? Also this version of Ariel has implanted hair. What is your opinion on implanted hair on dolls? Have you had any experience with them? (if not this doll I was thinking of getting a wm doll with implanted hair option)I appreciate your time and work you’ve put into this blog, I… Read more »


Hi Tom, what do you know/think about Real Lady brand dolls? I was looking at them on sexdoll-shop and they appear to be very realistic. The price is also a bit higher than the majority of dolls, which is fine, I just want to make sure I’m getting a great quality doll. Thank you in advance for any advice or insight you can provide!


What your thoughts on to this day? Do you think they’re worth it and sell authentic products? I’d hope they’re ‘Worldwide Free Shipping’ makes them overall worth it


Hello I recently ordered a doll from this website which was supposed to be in stock On arrival the doll did not look like the images, this is my first time buying a doll but I bought the aibei Emma (Brown skinned elf TPE) but when I got her, her skin is literally pink. Does anyone know if this company is legit? To be fair it looked like they were trying to get rid of the doll and it was the last one in stock so it was around $900 US I also ordered from For a doll… Read more »


I’ve been looking for a while to find a full silicone doll that has decent breasts and oral options and finally found one that was under $2000 but it seems to be just over scammer price and under official price. What are your thoughts on this being legit. I have heard the site gives real dolls but I am skeptical.


I’m interested in this bezlya doll but this is the only site I’ve found with it. I’m not sure if the site is legit.


Im looking at an Elsa Babe on Is Elsa babe a good brand? is the lead time truly 30-60 days?


do you think it is a good idea to buy from they are the factory so the product has to be legit.


What is your thoughts on with the dick sucking and ass moving options


hi! i was wondering if this site is legit? it doesnt look legit but im not too sure, any help would be appreciated! thanks


Hey Tom, I was wondering if was a legit site? They seem to meet most of your criteria, but they are offering a sale. Since that is one of your red flags, I wanted to ask beforehand. Thanks!


Hi Tom, Do you know where you can get this doll at a legit place? Thanks


Hello ! Thank you for your site !
I found this sexdoll on aliexpress
but can’t find on google an other legit seller.
Do you know where to get this doll at a legit place?

thank you
bien cordialement


Thank you for these informations.
Can you confirm to me that the site :
should be avoided or not.

Thank you for being a lighthouse in the night. 🙂

Bien cordialement


Hi Tom, is Tiddy Shop legit?
I’m pretty sure it is, but just wanted to make sure.


is legit?


Hi Tom,

I am looking at this doll. The doll seem great, the seller seem legit, althought i’ve checked most of your review and tips i’m still having trouble figuring out if i’m dealing with a counterfet doll and a trusted seller.

Would you give it a go?

By the way, thank you for builing this website, it’s very helpful!

Aether B.

hey is legit? If not, I’ll choose a kimber doll.


Hello! I wanted to buy an Akane from Irokebijin, but I’m between these two places. Which one would you recommend? Are they safe to buy from?


So both are legit, right? I’m from Europe and “dolltochina” seems slighty cheaper to me with the shipping taxes and so!

Thanks for the answer!


Hi can you tell wich company create this ( minidoll and legit this site or not?
And your opinion on https://www.ero…

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Stan L

I have a wife and kids. How can I store it so they don’t even know it exists? Also, can it be stored in a non climate controlled space?

Stan L

Ok. How can I store it so they don’t know it exists? Are the only options under the bed or in the closet?


hey. is sexysexdoll legit ? 
and if not, where can i buy such a doll from the attached link at some legit stores? couldn’t find it for hours.   


Hello Tom, I am looking to buy a minidoll (ideally under 120/130cm) as I am limited in my storage options. but I am still struggling to find the right vendor. Here is a list of vendors I found so far that have some dolls that I like, do you know if any of them is legit ? https://www.peti… – https://www.h… –… – https://x… – https://www.little… If not, do you know a legit vendor I can trust, in a perfect world one with a EU warehouse ? If not, what do you know about the quality of customer service from the manufacturor AXBDoll ?… Read more »

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I have been looking at Irontech dolls 164cm on
The doll forum says they are a reseller, would you say they are reliable and I would get what I ordered?


is myrobotdoll legit?


Are Aotume dolls good? I wasn’t able to find very much information about them online.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x