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As you know by now, I am a sex doll expert. I have bought many of them, I know the market, I know sex dolls, I know what I am talking about.

Just ask me any question you want in the comment section below and I will answer you.







I am now receiving 10 new questions every day. Most of these questions have already been asked and answered.

I help you with great pleasure however, please take time to read what others asked before you ask your question. Don’t be lazy.

I won’t reply to questions that have been asked in the last 3 weeks.  Also, if you ask me if a website selling $800 dolls is legit, it means you haven’t read my blog, I will simply delete your question.

Sorry for being harsh and thank you for your understanding.


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Muy buenas de Nuevo Thomas. Ante todo, un millón de gracias por toda la información que nos brindas. Quiero volver a agradecerte tu anteriór respuesta. Fue muy útil. Me gustaría hacerte otro par de preguntas. Recuerdo haber leido aquí en tu post, que Fine love dolls, es un vendedor de confianza y asimismo tiene buen servicio al cliente. Si es así me gustaría me lo confirmaras. En relación con este mismo vendedor, al visitar su página, he observado que ofrece muchas posibilidades de customización (personalización) para las muñecas, por ejemplo maquillaje de ojos (sombra de ojos) etc, color de labios,… Read more »


Hello Tom, I don’t know if you have ever talked about sex doll torso instead of the complete doll. Torso can he very good alternative since they lighter and cheaper but can do the job perfectly. Beside some can argue that the face can be creepy since no emotions no as looking at dead eye:) Anyway I was looking around, I preferred to go to Amazon and filter only prime ones (make sure they are shipped from US inventories). I did some filtering cased on prices, rating and “normal” sizes I found out the following brands: 1. TANTALY 2. Amwama… Read more »

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Do urden is this for real or a scam


Muy buenas Tom.
Mi nombre es Juan. Si me lo permites, me gustaria hacerte dos preguntas: La primera es si Rosemary Doll es un vendedor de confianza y legítimo, así como donde tiene sus instalaciones (China o USA). La segunda pregunta es, bajo tu criterio, ¿Como es la calidad de las muñecas de Starpery? y si es normal que se puedan comprar en Rosemary Doll por unos 2.400 Euros y en otras páginas que nos recomiendas valgan las mismas muñecas 400 Euros más.
Gracias por tu ayuda.


Thanks a lot


Hi Tom – I am torn between WM 156, 162, and 174 and am I am hoping to get your input. I’m looking for 2 dolls, 1 on the athletic lean yet curvy side and another athletic but thicc/juicy. I figure 2 diff body types should cover my basis whatever fantasies come my way. Would love your input on the 4 I have listed, the differences, and if there are other WM dolls you’d recommend that will satiate my requirements. Side Note: Have you seen the upcoming new feature for WM, WM Exclusive Real Oral Sex feature? ( I know… Read more »


Hi Tom – Your articles and reviews consistently mention you and your vendor having a great relationship, to the point where your vendor automatically includes the correct higher quality wig since WM doesn’t send the best one by default as well as including additional heads. Is this vendor sexdolls-shop? I am narrowing down my choices in WM dolls and would love to build the same type of relationship dynamic that you have with yours.


How did you work with the vendor to where they preemptively sent you the correct, better wig to match the marketing photos as well as free heads with your purchase ? How did you work with them to make sure the makeup of your doll accurately reflects that of the marketing photos ? Aside from sexdolls-shop i was also considering siliconwives. They are listed by you as one of the 4 reputable retailers. Wondering if you or anyone that reads this post has any experience or feedback to share regarding purchasing from this retailer. Thanks for your assistance as always… Read more »


I’m not Tom but I am going through the process of purchasing from this vendor right now. I am getting one WM body and three heads, as well as a different wig for each head. has the factory take pictures of the finished doll before they ship it and sends the photos to the customer. I just received my doll’s photos yesterday. They were taken from multiple angles and closeups show every feature that I selected. I won’t say that the wigs look 100% like the marketing photos, but I think that’s because they weren’t styled for a professional… Read more »


Thanks for the feedback Sven! You must be excited that you’re on the homestretch with your new doll. Is there any way you can share the model and heads you selected as well as the factory photos? I have also decided to go with sexdolls-shop as well – peace of mind is everything.


I am beyond excited. I’m like a child counting down the days until Christmas, and I’m distracted all the time, like the first time I fell in love.
So, yes, I would be delighted to share some of my pics with you. Read on…


Head #1: WM414 I have named her “Hailey,” although the shop calls her “Aurore.”


This is one of their in-stock dolls, so there is a full glamour spread on their Web site. I was totally enchanted by this beauty!
The in-stock doll has the 160cm A-cup body. I like petite women and I was mindful of Tom’s advice to consider the weight, so I went for a smaller body. At first, I was leaning toward the 140cm A-cup body, but I ultimately chose the 153 cm body, even though it cost $200 more, because I didn’t like the idea of buying children’s clothes for the doll.


Here is Hailey posing for her new boyfriend! Of the three, this head is the one that looks the most like the marketing pics.


Head #2: YL310 I call her “Bella.”


This is the wig that I ordered for Bella, wig #16. Same curls, but fiery red.

wig 16.jpg

Here is the shop photo of Bella. Quite a few differences here. First, it’s the wrong wig. Looking back on the Web site, they have changed the wig photos already since I ordered. Wig #16 is not listed anymore. This appears to be wig #15. It looks good on her, though. I chose blue eyes, which are beautiful but do change her look a bit. Her eyelids seem to be slightly more closed in the marketing head shot, which gives her a sultry look that’s missing from my doll head. The makeup is quite different. The lips lack the deep… Read more »


Last but not least, here’s “Norah.” WM46


I’m partial to brown eyes, but I wanted variety, so I ordered green for Norah. Between that and the fair complexion that I chose, her look is completely changed!
She looks great, but one of the first things I’m going to do is try to make her look like her glamour photo. It shouldn’t be hard: put Hailey’s dark brown eyes in her, brush her bangs over her face a bit more, and apply some more blush to cheeks. Maybe darken her eyeliner a touch.


In this pic, they’re showing me that her toenails are pink as I requested. There are other closeups showing the enhanced mouth option, the areola size, etc. And yes–there is a closeup of the ports of entry, but I’m a gentleman.


Lastly, here is the doll body with Bella’s head on. They send me a full body shot with each head.
I ordered a couple of additional wigs and several other eye colors. I may need to come up with a few more names!
Thanks for asking me to share my excitement. I’m looking forward to hearing about yours.


Congrats on your doll! Thanks for sharing pics


Is legit?


Hi Tom – is a legit vendor?


Thanks for your insight, Tom. You’ve definitely helped me navigate this space with your highly informational website.

What’s are your thoughts on

Seems legit but would appreciate your stamp of approval.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Tom – please disregard my recent reply. I see that you commented on this website already

“sexdollgenie will sell you an authentic doll but their customer service has a very bad reputation”

Can you share the bad reputation? From my readings it seems like they value making things right whether it involves working back with the vendor or covering the cost on their end


Thank you for your reply. Tom could you check real quick and tell me what you think of this. Too good to be true or not.


Thank you Tom, I will do that, just to see what happens. I will probably just go with your #1 vendor for peace of mind.


Hey, first off, you’ve been amazing for all the years I’ve visited this site. Thank yoh.

Do you still have a brothel? If it’s in the States, I’d love to visit. Thanks so much!!


Hello, I am in Canada and are looking for a canadain compamy with quick shipping time. Ive foud has Canadian stock, and prices are lower for some dolls. I found their website doesnt offer alot of information about the dolls (nothing about their internal structure for example), but did reply quick on chat and email. I was wondering if this was a scam site or worth trying to order one of these cheaper dolls?
I cant find any reviews on the web or reddit about them
Thanks Tom, youve been a great help with youre website


This webmaster has never dealt with us, for such unfair comments we will complain to Google. We left a message to this webmaster before showing that we are a regularly authorized website, but this lovely webmaster has not replied to us and has deleted our comments, so do you still think this is a fair site?
So your evaluation criteria is that it is normal that a regular company should give a bad service to its customers?
We know you dare not put this comment out, it’s okay, we will continue to complain to Google about this unjust behavior.


I just ordered a 100cm doll from them. I was not happy, the mouth is ripped inside and the depth is way lower than advertised. I have not unpacked the body yet but doesnt look the like photos. I have sent an email last week and tried to chat but both no response so far.


Hi Tom, Thank you for all the great information.  I found your site through the r/sexdolls sidebar. I had been about to buy from a vendor and went to Reddit to see if there was any info on them. They don’t have a phone number, so I chose not to order from them on your advice. Other than that, there were no red flags. Their Web site explained why they don’t have a phone number and they were very responsive via email, but still I decided to try instead. They were a bit more expensive, but the extras they threw… Read more »


She doesn’t have stand feet so they can’t bear the weight, either. Looks like I’ll have to abandon this plan entirely.
If the armpits can’t bear her weight, then I suppose this means that I shouldn’t lift her under her arms with my hands to move or position her, either?


Hey Tom, quick question legit or not and what about options available, do they appear what they seem.


Thank you for your reply. Tom could you check real quick and tell me what you think of this. Too good to be true or not.


Hi Tom, firstly I want to thank you for your information here. They are super helpful. I have read your reviews and also watch your video, finally I choose one WM doll from sexdolls-shop. Still waiting for the delivery but the overall shopping experience is great. You helped me getting rid of the scammers. Besides, I have a question. I do see there are many doll brands other than the ones you reviewed. Have you got a chance to own any of them (E.g. ZELEX, AIBEI, etc)? They looks nice in picture but it’s hard to find detail reviews of… Read more »


Hello. I’m curious if the site is a legit and reputable site. Any insight would be much appreciated.

US Stock – Ridmii Felice 166cm 174 Head Young Beautiful Girl Sex Doll × 1

BBW sex doll

Hi, I would like to know if the site is legit. Because I’ve had my eye on a doll that recently dropped in price by $100 and I can’t wait to get this link:


Hi Tom Wanted to ask if you own a Realdoll? And if you do what is your opinion on it. Or if you know of anyone who owns one on what their opinion is on them. I’ve been using the Real Doll X app for now a month and liking the improvement there doing with it so far. They still have some bugs to work out on it . So after 2 years of searching on finding the right doll. I’ve been considering on moving forward and purchasing a Serenity X real doll. I know I’m buying a Ferrari instead… Read more »


Hi Mr Tom I’ll really appreciate it if you can answer my question regarding a sex doll website by the name of “RealLoveSexDolls”. My question is do you have any experience dealing with them before in the past and do they seem legitimate enough to buy from? I’m only asking this because I want your honest opinion about them if possible. Thank you for taking the time off your busy day to read my msg, stay safe and be blessed.


Is petitesexdoll legit?
Can someone help me find the REAL Hinata Hyuga sex doll
The known scam sites say it’s from dimu can I can’t find a brand called dimu


Hey Tom, we talked last time on Reddit but we never got to my answer, I was asking about the site my robot and was asking if it’s a legit site as it fills in most if not all the criteria in your review. Can the expert help me out on this one?


Hi Tom, I would like your opinion on Starpery doll brand. The dollare very realistic and seem to have very good review. I can’t find anyone talk about it with years with the doll. I want a doll that will last and good quality.

Peshlakai Vice

Hey Tom How’s it going? I was curious of your thoughts on Kimberdoll. They only have one type of doll which is why I’m guessing the price is low. But what do you think about Kimberdoll?

Mike S

Can you do a video review of wm 162 f cup? Really interested in this doll and the wm video is too “fancy” I like your videos because their natural no-frills


Hello and good day! Do you have any experience or heard anything of Doll Forever? They make this Dora Elf model that I’m interested in


Thank you. I was specifically talking about the dolls quality tho lol

I have looked through all your reviews and noticed they’re absent but didn’t think it would hurt to ask

Alas, I went ahead and ordered her, but not directly from the dolls forever manufacturer.

I decided on Crossing my fingers that it isn’t a regret.


Any experience with

Are they reliable?

Jesse Tucker

I know uloversdoll is a scam after reading your review, which I thank you for but do you know any site that is selling this exact doll that isn’t a scam?

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Jesse Tucker

Thank you I didn’t know if it was you

Jesse Tucker

want to know if this vendor is legit, you said you would do a review on this site and I have searched everywhere and comments and but cant find anything, this is the doll Im looking at They are only 5 1/2 hours away from me, so I was wondering if they are legit, they have email, phone number, address, dont want to get burned on my first purchase, thanks so much..


Hi Tom.
I was wondering about what seems to be a new manufacturer, Aiwei. I know that your favorite doll retailer, Sex Doll Shop, sells a few of them. I was wondering if you knew anything about the quality of their dolls.


Hi again Tom! 
Got an original SE doll and the hips are REALLY hard to manipulate; the other joints are no problem, but the hips throw my arms out just trying to manipulate them. Do you know of a way to loosen the hip joints up? 

Harold Pahl

Is there such thing as an “illegal doll” that shouldn’t be ordered?


First I’d like to thank you for all the work you put into this and helping us.
I was looking for a torso maybe or doll and noticed Amazon selling some would that be something you’d consider safe buying from?


Hello Tom, I am a first timer looking at the difference between normal and soft skin and your advice was “The only reason why you should not take the soft skin option is if you intend to be rough and tough with your doll. ” I am wondering just what kind of treatment is too rough. Perhaps you have some kind of example to show? Are there any problem areas to watch out for? For example, putting the doll into a certain position or trying to slip on some clothes would cause tears for a doll with soft skin but… Read more »

J Walsh

Any good company recommendations for a male sex doll.? Thanks!


Hello Tom,
I was recently looking at Bezlya Dolls. On their official website lists, with the doll I want costing around $1300.( I don’t speak much Chinese and I’m really curious about the cheapest way I can get this doll with paid options. Is this site legit? If not, where would you recommend finding a good. Bezlya doll?


Hi tom
thanks for this forum, it helps a lot.  I am in the market for my first doll, and I am interested in the Sanhui dolls as there quality seems great, but they are verry expensive. I would like your opinion of them.  I also really like the Piper dolls, but I have seen verry mixed reviews of them.  Do you think a small piper doll, around 100-130cm would bee good for a first time doll.


Hey Tom,

I was looking into some websites, and I was wondering if was legit? I scoured through the questions below, but I haven’t found anybody asking about it, so I was wondering what your opinion on it is.


Hi Tom.I am looking for a specific doll. AF Doll 88cm Realistic Sex Torso with Large Breasts. I see it on I don’t want to buy it there after watching your review. Is there a reliable dealer where I can purchase this doll? Thank you for your time and your reviews, they have been helpful.


Hi Tom. I am interested in a tantaly torso, from the (actually Their European site ist I have read your forum and I have done my homework. I’m tempted to proceed, but Nevertheless I would very much appreciate your opinion. The company seems to be very active on the internet, but does not meet all of your suggested requirements: No phone, but quick answer to mails in English (short sentences, possibly no mother tongue speaker). Torsos cost less then 700€, but this depends maybe on the product type. Somebody on their forum found out that it is actually… Read more »


Hi Tom.
What’s your opinion on the neodoll brand from lucidtoys.Looking at a torso with head. It’s one of there high end range


Hello. I’m a first time buyer, looking for a decent doll with an asian aesthetic. I found through this site. But also has a lot of red flags that you discuss on this site. 

The dolls have long names, have different heights, a strange payment method, and is terrible organized.

Is it trustworthy?

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Is there anywhere in the UK that I can buy a sex doll from quickly?


Hi tom
Is Hanidoll on their own site and their ebay store good dolls to buy?
ignore my pre edit. 

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VS Doll is a SCAM Vendor. They claim that they are the original artists of every doll ever created and that original artists stole their work lol


Can I put a wm doll head on a sm doll body


Tom, this website is incredible! Thank you for all of the education. I’m curious if it safe to sleep with a TPE doll in bed with her on her side spooning her from behind. Would being on her side for prolonged periods of time damage or leave imprints to her?


Hey Tom you have been a big help with your article and I had a question about this site I can’t tell if it’s legit or not cause they claim it’s their anniversary so their having a huge sale but the sale prices are so good that it’s seems to good to be true. Do you know anything about this site. And do you know if is a legit site.


Oh okay I was curious about because I saw them as a sponsor for a pornstar on a video on pornhub not to long ago. I didn’t know if it was a scam cause she showed a doll she claims she got from them and she started talking about the website and everything they have on there.


Hi Tom!, Firstly, thank you so much for your reviews, it gave me plenty of insights into my first doll. Secondly, I would like to clarify and double confirm that the sites you recommended on the other section of the blog which recommended (,, and are all trustable and reliable vendors?


hi, this is jim from A few days ago I found out that a user came from your website. The reason is that a user asked you if you would recommend buying a product on our website. Although you didn’t recommend it at first, you ended up recommending us. I don’t know why that comment has disappeared? I read all the evaluations on your website. First of all, I am very grateful for the various problems you have solved for the majority of doll lovers. Secondly, our philosophy is the same as yours. We have personally experienced and participated… Read more »

40-something divorcee

I don’t have any questions, I just wanted to say thank you! for having kept at this for so long. I’ve learned a good amount about what to look for and watch out for, and you probably kept me from losing few thousand in the process. I got divorced 9 years ago when my wife decided she wanted a husband with more money (ironically, they both lost their jobs during the Covid shutdowns and are struggling now, while my job and financial situation is better than ever). My son is going away to college soon, and since dating in your… Read more »

Ty G

I saw that Piper announced that their new silicone dolls will have reduced weight.  

And is it true that Piper’s current silicone dolls have been fixed to help prevent the tearing in their vag and anus holes?

Craig rathbun

Go with tantaly they are the best

Craig rathbun

Is kanadoll legitimate


Thanks again for all your valuable advice. I have been looking at Is it reputable. Cheaper than some of the other distributors. Sorry if you already answered this one. 


Hello gentlemen. First time buyer. I have finally purchased and the item arrived in perfect condition. If you are wanting a doll and still are indecisive. Stop looking and in my opinion, is the shop for best and original product. I went with Tom advice; which was I communicated with Marco I asked questions before purchased. He was absolutely transparent, that’s what made me to make my purchase and continue to browse the website. Finally I made the purchase. I bought 5’4 (166cm) C-Cup (Russian)Heads : 4 Wigs: 5 Clothes: Cheer leading, and two premium lingerie And other… Read more »


Hey Tom, I have seen that have started selling a new brand called game lady.
Was wondering of your option regarding this new brand and dolls?

Bob F

I just got 2 new (my 1st’s), and slowly learning. My issue is that on Both dolls ( diff, vendors and manufacturers) that it takes Way too much effort to position them; especially legs, hips, back, neck, and shoulders. How do I loosten up these joints ? I like the “click” of movement, it’s just that it takes all my effort to move.


Hi Tom, I’ve been reading through some of your advice on here and it’s very helpful, thank you! It seems like your recommended vendor is, but you also recommend against using dropshippers. What I find confusing is that sexdoll-shop are dropshippers, they just confirmed this to me on their live chat when they said the doll I want to purchase will be shipped directly to me from the manufacturer. Am I missing something here? What’s the difference between a dropshipper and someone who sends dolls directly from the manufacturer? I’m not sure I fully understand what it is I… Read more »


Don’t see any Q/A’s on this so here I post!

Pancaking between Original SE doll –

And WM Doll –

I saw your video/review of the WM doll; do you have any thoughts on the SE Doll above?
Couldn’t find any factory images of Original SE Doll 157cm H cup on sexdolls-shop website.

Do you know if the TPE is any different, skeleton better/worse, heads nicer/uglier, holes placed better/worse, etc?
Thoughts on pros/cons of each?

(Also you answered a question a while back and it helped a LOT 🙂 )


And AGAIN, you come through like a champ.
Thank you, friend, that helped a lot. 🙂


Follow-up. Just bought a doll, went with Marco – he was everything you said he was: straight forward, honest, didn’t hide anything, was willing to work with me on things I wasn’t sure about, even sent me a chart showing me sizes for clothes on a chart that had UK, US, or China sizes on it. He was about as helpful as you have been and was an excellent referral. He also knows you were why I trusted him enough to spend $2,000+ on something I don’t live in or drive, and I hope you earned a discount for….something, I… Read more »


I’m a first timer and am thinking of ordering one. My concern is that I live in an apartment complex and wonder how products would arrive as in packaging and delivering and stuff. I understand it would be different depending on the manufacturers, but I would like to know your experience.

Also, how did you manage to dispense a product when you are done with it?

Gary Pugh

Yes i read your site everyday. In a month i want to get a zelex doll. Is ” silicone” o.k. or is that what you call a “drop shipper” ? They seem like they have all brands including zelex. You had said before, not to order direct from zelex because they are in china. Thanks


You can get zelex through sex doll shop (thr one Tom recommends) they answered 9 emails sent factory pics etc they don’t have zelex on the site yet but they are dealers so if you want zelex go through them they are super helpful


I noticed that when I look at the same doll from different resellers, such as the first (Sex Doll Shop) and third (Silicon Wives) resellers on your table of recommended resellers, SW offers the customization of a moaning system, and SDS doesn’t. Its a WM doll I am looking at. Wouldn’t that feature be at the factory level? Also, is the worth getting in your opinion? 


Thanks for the prompt answer. Good information to know.


Hi Tom! I am doing an article on legit sex doll sites and have found a wealth of information on your site. Unfortunately, I have learned that one of our affiliates isn’t a reputable site (in your opinion). Thank you for this and all of your hard work. I did want to say that I have worked with the folks that own And while I can’t say how their customer service is, I can tell you that they purchased the domain a couple of years ago and have revamped the site. (I helped with some of the writing) They… Read more »


Oh no Tom, I wasn’t as clear as I should have been. My apologies! The affiliate I spoke of wasn’t I spoke of them because in your post you simply said the lack of reviews and one other thing were red flags and I just wanted to vouch for the fact that they were just starting out. In regard to our affiliates, Joy Love Dolls didn’t rate well with you so that’s who I was referring to. I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear! Additionally, I DO have a question in regard to another affiliate (this one I feel has… Read more »


Me again! Sorry! I think I have the Joy Love Doll review confused with another review site similar to yours but written by some guy who works at Best Buy. LOL! Either way, I appreciate your site and sharing of personal experiences. That way, my readers won’t get ripped off!

JJ Rooker

Hi Tom.Great site.learning alot. I’m in dispute with an ebay vendor This isn’t about being scammed per se but trying to rectify a pushing wrong button mistake. ebay has a “pay this item only” button in the cart. i selected the one below item i wanted. And was forced to buy since seller won’t cancel only 2 hours from commitment to buy. unless i pay $80 for my mistake. To rectify this I’m disputing that vendor isn’t sending me the brand wanted. it’s listed a a 6ye doll. I know it’s fake and they’re telling me they’re in touch with… Read more »


Update: Marco at SexDollsShop and l came up with a solution for my dilemma. It’s one thing to read good things about a business online( plenty of scams), and another to speak with them to find out for yourself– Marco was thoroughly candid about the dolls, regardless of how negative it was– unlike a salesman. His answers proved his integrity to me. He’s obviously an anomaly in a sketchy industry.😀


Hello I love this website!!  And thanks so much for this information on sex dolls.  You are a unique interesting guy!  Bravo! I want a sex doll but for a completely different reason.  I’m a teacher. I need a giant Barbie basically. Requirements: flexible lightweight waterproof – swimming durable- ie: horseback riding, yoga, bike riding, playing math games shorter than me…5-5.4 feet as I will be in back of her controlling her moves vagina, butt hole not required. ( I will get the full package for myself and hubby after when I can afford it  🙂  custom smile/frown/surprise if possible.… Read more »


On another note, any favorite lube for built ins? 😊


Hey Tom, I was wondering if you had any plans on reviewing the Starpery and Game Lady dolls. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on them and comparing them to WM.
I own a WM myself.


Last edited 3 months ago by Guillaume

Follow up question there, Tom – 
Do clothes stain WM TPE dolls if they’re not white/very light? I don’t plan to get the ultra soft TPE given its life span.
Also, if they get stained, any expert tips on how to de-stain? TPE stain removal cream is what I found and a video or two, but I have no experience in these dolls so…..


Sorry Tom, l forgot to ask if you have an opinion about The Doll Channel in Texas as a legit source of dolls– It’s in my country and closer than SexDollShop so l thought it might be worthwhile. Thanks 


Hi Tom, l wrote a while back about being discouraged by all the issues with dolls and finding one that will accommodate my monster dick- Well, l fell in love with one l can’t live without so everything’s changed now- the problem is that different sites list different specs on her vagina depth, from 14cm to 18cm! I’ve run into this a lot and wonder where they get their specs from. WM advertises “Inez”(on SexDollShop site)140cm A cup as being 50.7#, but when Marco did his review she weighed a full 10# more! Both weight and vagina depth are determining… Read more »


Went through your comments this past month, didn’t see these. 🙂
(1) do you have a warming rod you’ve found is good construction and safe for the dolls?
(2) i’m taking your advice and buying from SexDollsShop – do you have a certain sales person you like to go through and if so can I request that person specifically?
Thanks for this site – I’ve watched many of your videos and read a lot of your blog posts. You’re a truly helpful/altruistic guy. 


Thanks Tom, I’ll see about Marco, just started talking to them. Take care buddy and keep that good info coming.


Dying question here. Interested in Hedy from Starpery, but after looking thru Youtube, Im afraid to get her. Here’s why.
The head looks like her in websites, but the body looks so disproportional.
Only slightly resembles her here. I will be very disappointed getting this one.
Are Starpery, or any other dollmakers so inconsistent? Is the 2nd one TPE head that is why the difference?


What are your thoughts on removable vs non-removeable vagina? I have a torso with a non-removable vagina and I find it difficult to clean. Are there any disadvantages to a removeable vagina on a doll?


Ok, so I read the recommendation. Everything except the phone number seem to check out. He has responded to several inquiries and prices seem right. I was going to the first one you mentioned “ad shop” but I’m still awaiting an answer. The dude here has been answering me questions and wanted to get your take on

Planning on getting gamelady and don’t know if you’ve heard good or bad issues from them like Zelex.


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Tim Hill

I know you’ve have not done any reviews of starpery dolls but I remember reading somewhere in your comments that you posted links of someone that has reviewed Starpery Dolls and included a video unboxing etc?. Can you let me know what those links are please.

Gary Pugh

Should i order a zelex doll $2,000 fron or i see silicone ? Thanx i already learned my lessons about ebay tpe junk. Thanx


Did I buy a fake or defective product from scam vendor? As read in your front page, I think most probably. Refundable on dolls?

JYDolls ready to ship, but on receiving fault on the mouldings on the one of the toes making it disfigured, ugly unnatural moulding lines at the feet ankle joints, implanted hair that kept dropping, and ultimately, the doll’s face do not look at all like the one shown on the website.


This is my first doll, and have absolutely no idea if implanted hair keep dropping? Is it normal? It is so bad that hair is dropping all over the doll’s body, and i have to step on her strands of hair all over my room.
On the Toe defect, the selling vendor agrees to sell me something with a subsidy. So my question here is. Any idea how much does the dolls companies earn on their dolls? 50%? 30% profit? Estimated guess?


I am looking at a doll from real sex dolls, They have a soft butt option. Is this option real or worth it? Is this a legit company,,?


what do you think about wm dolls?


Hello, I looked for answer but was unable to find here. I am curious as to what to expect from Kimber Doll USA? I cannot thank you enough for what you do!!!


Hi again – Really, thank you for all your help! I love that you don’t want people to get scammed! Truly altruistic! I had asked a question about ES Doll..I have watched all your videos. So, do they have a phone number? No…do they have an email? Yes. Do they sell $800 dolls? No. However, they do sell $1300 dolls…do I think I’ve cracked the Matrix while everyone else are naïve dumbasses who doomed to pay more? No.

Could you just give a quick look and give a thumbs up or down emoji in reply?


Do you know anything about Zelex dolls?
I know you are very busy but I don’t see a way to search comments.
Thank you for your time Tom.


Hey Jack,
If you go to the bottom of this page, hit the “load comments” button, and keep doing this till you reach the end and there are no more comments to load. then use your word search in your browser you can search through it all! Lots of good info to be had!
Doesn’t take too long to load them all trust me,I’ve done it several times now.


Thanks Josh for taking the time to help me out.


Hello Tom,
Is legit?  They seem to list their address and phone number/email.  They do all these corny review videos with Spiderman themed masks,seems like a lot of work for a scammers. their prices dont seem way to cheap. i am pretty sure Climax dolls is a real brand.  I didnt see any mention of this site in your other comments.  
im mainly interested in this one.,16648,16645,16653,16638,16640,16641,16655


Thanks for checking into this, i really appreciate it:)

Knute Fenstad

I want to know specifically if a vendor named Hechsto has been known to screw customes. I’m ok with a first time cheapie, if it fits the bill I’ll go all guns. I just want to know if this vendor has a negative history.


Hello, I was trying to see if you had any comments on the site I saw a few I liked but with all the scam sites out there that you mentioned I was wondering if it’s at all credible. They do have a phone# any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance


Do you still recommend Starpery? They seem better than WMdoll in some cases. Also sadly sexdoll-shop doesn’t offer all of their line of dolls, why is that? Starpery doesn’t have too many dolls.


Thanks for the site. Lots of great info! I purchased a doll though Amazon years back . They were reselling Its time for another doll!  I havent seen your review that seller. The doll I got was like the picture, but the quality wasnt that great. Thanks again for what you do! 


Hi Tom, I’m new to sex dolls but have done a fair amount of research now and really appreciate your invaluable information– unfortunately l think that you convinced me that the industry is too problematic– if not one issue, another, with even the top brands. Perhaps the industry is still in it’s infant stage and they will work all the issues out. Just the weight alone is a major deterrent and with my horse size equipment (8″) I’m afraid that I’d split one of Piper’s Elf’s in two! My hand is still faithful so maybe I’ll remain faithful as well!… Read more »


What’s a good beginner doll? Not really sure I’m into the sex doll activities and looking to try it with minimal investment. 


Out of all possible options which one has THE best vagina?


Oh no, that’s a real bummer. How close the WM Dolls come?


Hey Tom! Thank you for all this resourceful information, it’s truly insightful and I appreciate the hard work you put into it for the sake of us all. I am on the edge of buying my first doll but I’m still working out how I’m going to store/hide it. My life very hectic and I am a family man but I digress. I read that you own a brothel and I was curious where it is. I would like to try a doll out and maybe that’s what I’ll need before I finally decide. Thanks again for all you do!… Read more »


Florida my good sir.


Ah, that’s to bad. However if I’m ever near the area I’ll try my best to try your services! I’ve been doing a lot of heavy research narrowing which doll I’d like to be my first, this includes watching all of your knowledgeable videos and weeding out dolls with requirements I must have and I have narrowed my results to 5. 3 dolls from WM and 2 from Piper. I’m big on realistic features and ass but I also want the best quality. One of the dolls is one you reviewed the Ariel, I’m concerned with longevity with Piper, do… Read more »


What website would you recommend?

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Hi Tom,

which shop/website do you recommend in Canada for purchasing a doll?

Thanks Tom,


Thanks Tom, any info on they say they have a show room inToronto with pick up and their prices are in CAD$


Hi Tom, Ok, I bought my doll just over a year ago. To be honest, I’ve ‘used’ it I think only about 6-8 times, but certainly less than 10. It’s a beautiful doll (known as “Adele” on the Lovedoll site and by other names on other sites). It cost just under £2,000. Anyway, I feel it’s time to let her go for numerous reasons: It’s just not for me. I’ve met someone and, at some point if it gets more serious, I’m afraid she may get a shock to see what’s hidden away. I’m struggling for space in my house… Read more »

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Hi Tom,
I’ve replied to you by email.


Thanks Tom. Just a couple more questions – which dolls today in your opinion (brands or specific models) give the most realistic oral sex experience? And does a soft silicone head have an advantage over TPE in this case?

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Hi Tom, I was wondering if you no anything about,, and if they are a legit site.