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As you know by now, I am a sex doll expert. I have bought many of them, I know the market, I know sex dolls, I know what I am talking about.

Just ask me any question you want in the comment section below and I will answer you.









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Hi Tom,
I am from Germany, just want to know if this doll on Japanese site is legit. It is made by 6ye.


Unfortunately I can’t find it on any other sites. In fact i stumbled across this doll on a (most likely) scam website. After tracking on the internet for a while this japanese site is what i found, other sites seem like rip offs of it.
But anyway thanks for replying sir.


Hello Tom. I own a sex doll that I purchased last year.
Do you know a place where a could sell it. Or how I’m able to sell it?


Thanks Tom I will give them a call. I’m selling my doll to get another one. 

Hey, i am an american, looking to buy my first doll. Money isnt too big a deal for a quality product, but i am scared to get ripped off. I made the foolish mistake of trying to buy a doll off amazon and im soo glad i was able to return it. It arrived with none of the holes you know, you have sex with. Was painted on. I keep finding pictures of what claim yo br wmdolls and i really want to find a legit place in the US that sells these or similar quality. Google leads me astray… Read more »


Just wanted to know if this website was legit


is legit?


Hello and thank you for your great advice and info. Can you provide us all some info on the suction option and body heat option from WMdolls? Are these worth adding as an option and can you provide and details if you’ve had experiences with them.


Bro, I’m really grateful for your blog, thank you for that!
I was almost about to buy from but then you saved my ass.
Do u know where i can find a legit vendor that sells those?:
Or in general big boobs/butt & asian head.
Thanks again!


Oh shit! Damn you’re good haha.
Yes it helped 100%! Thank you very much man!


Hi Tom, had a question about Doll’s Castle dolls. Who would you recommend getting one of these dolls from? I am really interested in the alien doll theme. I know you may not have a lot of experience with these dolls, but still would appreciate your input.

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Roman Braun

Hi there I’m considering buying a sex doll and came across your great site while doing some research. Have a couple of questions the I would appreciate your thoughts on. I’m interested in one of the two following models: Here are my questions: Would you particularly recommend – or advise against – either model? I’ve seen in your latest ranking that Piper Doll has a quality issue. Does the issue also affect Phoebe Elf (TPE) by Piper Doll (i.e. would you advise against this model)? I think I would prefer TPE. In general, would you rather recommend Silicone… Read more »


Hi all .. New to this. Looking for an ebony torso maybe with a head and found this

For 188 dollars?

Is it a real website. Thanks all


Whats the giveaway sign?


What about js sexdoll?


Do you have any experience with Lushdoll? Their official website isn’t fully up yet. Siliconelovers is selling this brand. They seem to put some effort in the genital details. I’m interested in Layla and Sasha.


Hi, I appreciate all of the time that you have put into providing this great information! What do you know about β€œBest Real Doll” Are they a legit company?


Thanks Tom!


Good day,

Thanks for all your advices. I am looking to but a wmdolls in full silicone.

Do you know some tips about it?



Thoughts about Tantaly? I know they don’t make actual sex dolls but im very interested to buy one.


Hey, thanks for such an informative website here, really great work! You’re saving people a lot of heartache from rushing in to what should be a worthwhile long term investment. I’ve had my eye on these two..both on sale.. from a UK seller. I’m wondering how legit these are, two different websites but practically the same stock and EXACT SAME physical location in the UK (Oxford) I was able to see warehouse photos of the second one, still in its box with no wig and it looked convincing enough, both websites seem to be the same company as… Read more »


Does sell authentic dolls they have quite a few upgrades and a free second head which is usually a red flag their website is very similar to yourdoll I heard something or another that can’t be trusted anymore where can we order an authentic tpe doll that would be ready to ship in the USA I do know of the doll Channel Ricky besides that I don’t know of anyone that sells authentic tpe dolls ready to ship in the USA without being scammed thank you


Hey man just wanted to say thank you! I used your site to buy Mr first doll. I used And his immediate responses and ability to answer all my questions really made feel more comfortable about using that site. I haven’t received my doll yet but because of your reviews I’m sure all will be just fine. Thanks again!


Would you recommend buying directly from
I know what you recommend about not buying from the factory, but it seems to be the only viable option for me, as I would like it shipped to Mexico.
What do you think?


hi tom,
i appreciate your efforts a lot man. As a european i was looking for a site that sells in the EU. I found some nice dolls for good prices here:
They seem very serious and legit, what do you think?


thank you very much!


hey thanks a lot for your efforts. I saw some nice dolls for a good pricd here
what do you think of them? greeting from germany πŸ™‚


Dose this website legit thanks



I wanted to ask You, do somewhone know uss Toys .com Sex dolls? Are thay any good or Safe to buy ? Here ist the Link of the Doll i thought to buy.
Thanks You


While looking around for my second doll, I found myself confronted with the same difficulty. Doesn’t they follow the bra measurements in the doll world as for real woman? Sometimes it looks so different on their bodys when you look at their under bust and yet they have the same cup size?


hello my question is what is your email if i want to contact you


This is what I’m looking at as a first time buyer with this kind of budget. What are your opinions?


My questions is there a website you know where I can sell my doll? I have tried a few and no one has helped me or I feel like they are trying to rip me off. Thank you.


Is Shedoll legit? I searched in this discussion but nothing come up.

The site have reviews on but I heard some people said they deleted low ratings reviews

Thanks for your response.


hi , what do you think about zelex doll and gynoid doll ? i search the most realistic doll



Thank you for the incredible resources and reviews you’ve put together. I’ve watched your Irontech Silicone 164cm review, and am wondering if you have had a chance to try a silicone Irontech doll with the soft butt option yet?

I see the option listed on their dolls but am struggling to understand how similar to a TPE butt the soft butt option is.


Hello. Wondering if this site is legit?


I’m looking to buy a torso doll with a skeleton and preferably a heating system. Can you point me to a legitimate site or recommend a dealer?



I am interested to know if this is a legit vendor



Hey dose this website a scam or a legit?? thanks.. and



Can you please tell me anything about “” i am trying to buy from them and their prices do seem fair. 

any info would be highly appreciated. 


what do you think of myrobotdoll .  It is a recommended vendor on the doll forum and I ordered the Celine from Irontech and paid well over 3 grand.  Im waiting for factory photos but god I hope I didn’t get scammed


Hello. well, suffice to say, I’m in the market to purchase my 1st. I’m in New York Tri-state area. I stumbled upon a website called Mistress Love dolls. Or Love dream dolls. They are Apparently in the same building. And yes the prices seem Way to Good to be true. Their website does check all the boxes for your recommendations. But I was wondering if you can let me know how to spot a counterfeit. I might just pull the trigger because they did have certain good reviews and by God the price. I can also drive the hour and… Read more »


Whoa. So glad I found you! Annie’s Doll House has dolls available for $1,200 and up. Says they are in Cali.. thoughts?


Hello Tom, thank you for your reviews and all the work you’re doing! I’m a potential first-time doll buyer and since they don’t come cheap I already did quite a lot of research myself. I got my mind set on the Irontech S20 Suki 168cm b cup silicone doll. I was browsing through so many shops all over the world and had no idea where I should best order, so I contacted Irontech themselves and asked if they can recommend any vendors based on my location. I got a friendly mail back within a business day, telling me that if… Read more »


I saw your post about that topic literally after I’ve posted my comment, sorry.
And I also saw your review of the irontech doll, I think they’re pretty good overall.

But I’ll probably still hold off from buying one for now, just seems a bit too risky to me at the moment.

Thanks again for your help!


Hello Tom, I’ve studied your website and reviews, and went to 6yedoll and got re-directed this site and came across a doll I really liked.. I just wanted to get your take on this website to see if it affiliated with 6yedoll before I go any further… Thank You


Hi, I am considering buying a sex doll, but I don’t have any legit source and information about it and I am lucky to find your website, can you tell me more about it? I hope you are willing to reply via personal email because there are quite a lot of things I want to know thanks.


Hi Tom, for you i legit momodoll . com ?
I see the information, they are a company UK in London, with telephone number, email private domin. They are resellers of resellers YourDoll, Maillovedoll, Zlovedoll and Gutdolls (A german company?).
The price I think ok, I didn’t understand if they check the product before shipping it. I contacted them once for information and they replied. They look fine. However, I will do other investigations before I see if they are professional.


I knew that only dolls under 130 cm are illegal in some states. Are they illegal in the EU 130 cm doll? I haven’t read anything about it.
I’m not a person who just wants little dolls. I do it because it’s my first doll and I don’t want to spend a high amount because there is so much confusion and I don’t want to lose my money. The dolls 130 cm high I find them at about $ 1100 and it is a price that suits me very well to be the first time I buy it.


I am considering buying Lara from Game Lady; I would buy it from your recommended supplier Sex Doll Shop but they are North America and I live in the UK.
Game Lady dolls seem really good, what do you think?
Do you, or anyone you know, have any experience with retailer They seem legit and customer focused…


Hey there I willing to buy this website wonder if a legit site or a scam and if it is a scam, where can I find replica sex doll of Jimena, 5ft 3in, redhead, BBW. thanks

Jimena – 161cm Realistic Sexy BBW Sex Doll (2).jpg

Hey Tom, thanks for sharing your knowledge, much appreciated for a first time buyer like me.

Long story short… I’m starting off with a torso. the one I want from Tantaly can’t be shipped to my country, I have my eye on one from, what are your thoughts on this vendor?



Hi Tom, is a scam?


Is uloversdoll website legit?


Hey Tom! I was hoping that you could check out this website to see if there are any red flags: I really like those dolls because they represent girls from different games and I’d only be interested in one of those. If the website that I sent you is a scam, could you recommend any other website that offers dolls based on videogame characters? Also on another note: Wouldn’t selling those kinds of dolls be a violation of intellectual property? I mean those characters must be somehow legally protected right? I have only seen one video with a “Tifa”… Read more »


Thanks for the fast reply!

I was hoping that you could answer me another question related to this topic. Are those videogame related dolls a new thing on the market? I’ve been out of the loop for a few years now. I’m asking because there’s only a few dolls available right now, but there are so many other female characters that could benefit from a doll treatment e.g. Triss and Yennefer from the Witcher.


Two other questions have popped up related to this. First: Do you think that these types of dolls are here to stay or that they’ll be taken off the market due to copyright? Like I said, I find these “gaming dolls” more appealing, but right now I don’t want to buy one yet and I’m worried that in a couple of years they’ll totally disappear. Second: Do you know of any other legit sites that also sell these types of dolls? The one you recommended is good, but there’s one character missing there, but I know that it already exists.… Read more »


Hi again! I’ve finally narrowed down my search to the WM 157B and Irontech 155. There are a lot of reviews and generally good feedback about the WM model but not much about the Irontech one. Do you have any experience with her?


Hi Tom!
I’m a potential first time ever buyer and was wondering if https://www.momo/ is legit?
From what I can tell it certainly looks legit, but I’m not the expert here. Appreciate your help!!!ο»Ώ

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Hello Tom, I would like to know if this website is real or scam?


Hello, Love your site! I was wondering if you know how long you can keep a TPE doll in a seated position without causing damage. Someone told me that they should be moved after just 15-20 minutes. That seems like that could be very disruptive to role playing and to sex in general. Do you think leaving a TPE doll sitting/ squatting, kneeling, etc. for up to an hour or two would be ok? Also, do you know if silicone dolls would be able to be safely left in these positions for significantly longer? Thanks! Your site is the only… Read more »


Hi Tom, I’m looking into buying my first sex doll. I’ve looked through a lot of websites that I like but I don’t know if they are legit. Sorry in advance for how long this is. First I should say what dolls I’m interested in, I’m looking to get a couple of the 80-90 centimeter anime dolls. Like this one but I’ve seen these kinds of dolls on a lot of different websites but I don’t know which ones are legit. The websites are β€”———————————————————————————————————These are Japanese sites, and the dolls here are cheaper when I translate… Read more »


Ah ok, this helped me a lot. a couple more things though, what do you think of and Also is their any advantages to buying dolls from drop shipping websites like rosemarydoll or do you recommend buying from the official sites?

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Hello! Thanks for all the help with your replies/posts/videos, I’m a girl from Spain and I was thinking about buying my first doll! I was very lucky because I found your web before buying anything on sites that now I know are not good! I have a question about the material (TPE vs silicone), and I hope you can help me, please. At first, I thought that TPE was the best option because I read all people saying that the feeling was more realistic and soft but then I read that it gets sticky over time and die faster U_U…… Read more »


Wow, I see;; Thanks so much for your reply! Now I’m sure that I will go for full TPE~ 


Hi Tom, I’m glad you’re still there, I hope you’re well. I wanted to ask you something but first I’ll tell you about me. I have been a single guy for several years and fed up with this situation I decided to buy a doll. I would like it mainly to keep me company, I like the idea of taking care of the doll, because I will have to wash it, I will have to be careful not to let it ruin. I am not a person with special sexual desires, in the sense that for me it is more… Read more »


Is this a good website for buying and if not which one is a good one


Hello Tom. I would like to know your knowledge about this paticular website.
Is this a legit website?

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Hi, Tom, I am Glen, I have a doll and paid good money for it. It is so hard to move the joints. Is there something I can do to make it easier? 


It will not damage the doll?
I thought of that also. It’s just so hard to move her that I lose interest.


I will let you know if if works.


Hello Tom.
What do you think of the auto-sucking vagina and Real Oral Sex features from WMDoll and Zelex?

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Hi Tom! I was going to buy this Sex Doll Torso ( and wanted to know your opinion about it, seeing as many people seem very happy with your advice. I am still not quite sure, after all, 310 Bucks for an almost full body sexdoll seems kinda cheap, and the weight with 9 Kilos seems off too. I ran the Website through a scam detector ( and it looks okay. I dont really have a space to hide a full body doll (I still live with my parents, i wouldnt like it if they found it) so a torso… Read more »


Hi Tom, i was looking for a Torso, something like this but im not so sure about them. Can you recommend any good Torso Sellers? Thanks!


I was hoping to hear any of your suggestions on lower body dolls (hips, legs, & feet). I was looking at the legs from 6YE and they seem pretty nice. However, the only 2 things I’m trying to avoid are standing feet and toes that wiggle unrealistically when you’re using the doll. Do you have any other products you know of that might be worth consideration? Here is the link to the legs I mentioned:


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Hi Tom,

I want to personally thank you for answering the questions I have asked you and it is amazing how many you get I am sure on the daily. I am a huge fan of the One Piece anime and really love a character named Nami. ElsaBabe has made a sexdoll for her at this link:

I am not sure if you commented on ElsaBabe dolls or not. 2.6K comments is a lot to wade through. I wish you had a search or filter to make it more efficient.



Is a legit site?


Is this a good doll? She is 72 lbs and just wanted to get a thumbs up if her love holes are well placed?

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What doll would you recommend that is between 140-150 cm and less than 65 lbs with well placed holes? I have looked on the sexdolls-shop site for dolls that meet the weight criteria but need help from the expert for a doll in this criteria with well placed holes. Piper, Doll House 168, and Doll4ever seemed to have cornered the market for well placed holes but you state they are not the best quality. Please help!!!


Hi Tom, you want to know an interesting thing, she was the one doll I did not look at. Thank you for this. Is the ROS worth it? This doll has that feature available.


Hi Tom, I am still considering this doll but was hoping you could recommend a doll that meets the same criteria as Marilyne but 5’4″


Would you recommend buying from JYdoll? I have been looking into one there but the customer service has very botched english and seems very off in general


Hey Tom, first of all i wanted to thank you for your videos and reviews they helped me a lot.
i saw your review on the wm doll 162cm e cup and wanted to ask you if she has the best ass of all your dolls that you had ? i am more off an “ass” person and thats the most important part for me πŸ™‚
Or can you recommend other dolls with good asses ?


Hello Tom, I am seriously worried about all of this and after 10 hours of researching I need additional confirmation regarding the legitimacy of the following vendors because it will really help me sleep:                                  Now about the first link sexdolls-shop I read on reddit that it’s the most reputable vendor, and also you replied in the comments to someone who asked for this exact same doll from some site and you recommended to buy it from sexdolls-shop, but they have an obvious typo Tom Rider, a little red flag based on the scam site guide on celesdolls… Read more »

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What about other two sites Silicone lovers and dollpark? Any caution?


is legit? I ordered a doll that was 1399 from them but should I cancel? thanks


Just a question about heights. There are a lot a varying heights and, considering the price of the dolls, I am hesitant to choose one for fear of buyers remorse. I know most of this is going to be up to personal preference but have you had any warnings about doll height besides weight? I have seen a question posed about scaled down dolls (100cm but still adult looking) and that it might still raise some feelings of moral discomfort. Is there anything you might say about tall dolls? What height is your personal preference? PS: I’m 185cm and strong… Read more »


Hi Tom, will you tell me if this is a good doll?


Will you please recommend a doll that is comparable to this one that is better quality, good hole placement, etc…?

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Hey Tom,
I’m super excited because I’m getting my torso delivered this friday!!! I got her with sexdoll-shop. Customer service was amazing with prompt replies and the best service, thank you for the recommendation!!!! I saw their videos about cleaning the doll (body) but not the holes. Do you have a video or a convsersation about it? I got a YL torso. Which lubricant should I go with? how do i need to clean the holes?
thanks again!!!


Sorry for my bad english.

Any kind of site where you can get the flat or small dolls? Well, it sounds bad or morally wrong as I write it but it’s more to cosplay Nahida or Klee, small characters and put them on display (Like a salesgirl…And to do something else)

One reason, is to be sure that the product will be “aesthetically” beautiful. And that is visually appealing.


I think I finally found her. She is a Doll House 168 doll Now I gotta save up a few thousand!?! Are DH 168 heads seamless with the bodies like the Piper Dolls are?

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Hi Tom,

I have commented twice and both comments are nowhere to be found. Anyway, is a legit vendor? A guy on YouTube who bought one from there said they were.


Hi Tom,

I am hoping you could do a review on the Lazuli doll from Dollhouse168.


No problem, I understand. Can you ship a doll to a Fed-Ex near me? I don’t want my wife to know I have her and it would become an issue if my doll was dropped off at my house.


Is realsexdoll legitimate or should I not consider them a reliable option.


Hey Tom, do you have any experience with Legit or pass? Thanks!

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Hey Tom, I reached out to the team at and you were right, they were very responsive and helpful. I reached to inquire about the ROS mouths for some of the WM heads, and the next day he added it on as a feature. You can select those mouth types and heads on the page for ordering dolls. I didn’t see the option when ordering an individual head though, but I’m sure they’ll add it in. The doll that I was inquiring about is Meli (, and the ROS option is right at the top of the customization portion.… Read more »

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Is littlesexdolls legit?


Thank you for the content and your site recommendations. The videos at were helpful too. The video of WMdoll’s skin color on has me concerned of which to get as I like the tan but it may be too dark. Any videos showcasing some recent dolls in those colors?  I digress that is not the reason I am writing. Two things I could use some advice on that I have not seen around. 1. Boobs. Boob size, should I assume I should go bigger than I naturally like to have the bounce and feel I like? I assume the ultra soft TPE with air is better than… Read more »


Hey Tom,

So I have researched a bit on silicone lovers and it seems like a legit vendor but the customer service is the only downside occasionally. But it seem they get they are usually pretty decent with customer service.
Do you have any experience with them?


Hi Tom, what do you think about this vendor:

It seems like they provide certificates, nice description and etc, but some prices seems to low)


I was interested in a vendor, and was checking out about this particular website: Rosewives.
For this particular doll.
I see the photos of the doll, but I’m still a little wary and I was curious if this one is actually legitimate. I noticed that some of their measurements seemed off when I went to the customize section.


Hey there,
So I am wondering where I can sell my doll. Its a WM lexi doll ive had it 2 weeks and its in really good condition barely used but I had no idea how heavy these things are! Its a shame because its a stunning sexy doll but its not worth injuring myself over. Any advice?  Thanks!!


Hey Tom, Just wanted to ask if you had any recommendations for where to buy mini sex dolls? something along the lines of this:
i know this site is probably a scam but just referencing the doll on the site. I want to avoid dolls that look like literal children, but small (2 feet and under) for easy storage.



Hey Tom, The wife and I are looking into a doll. I’m glad I stumbled on your site as I was close to purchasing one today and could of been disappointed as I was completely unaware how this market runs.  The doll we had our minds set on was Talulla and we were unsure if the sites she she’s for sale at looks legit. We would like to get an affordable one but also don’t want cheap. Would you have any recommendations on one similar to Talulla? Or would you happen to know if the model being used on Sexdollcenter… Read more »


Hi Tom, Just a +1 for Thank you for pointing me toward them. My doll arrived two weeks ago and the entire transaction was perfect. They are not the cheapest, but they threw in extras that made up for that and supported me through every step of the process. They are excellent communicators and are very good at setting realistic expectations for the manufacturing and shipping process. Instead of spending a long time full of anxiety wondering when my doll would arrive, I was pleasantly surprised when it came earlier than promised. I had been looking at a different… Read more »


i know in the past you’ve said you think Piper is overrated, if you had to choose between a piper ariel/jessica and the WM 148 L-cup which would you choose and why?


Hi I have bought doll from and I did look at the factory photos after the purchase and the features and body look the same but the color is flesh color and not as vibrant as show. My question is is there a way I can just make the colors more realistic and vibrant myself. I have read your reviews and look at the legit sites or supposedly and it’s seems the only good sex dolls are 800 and up mainly 1000 and up if you want them to look exactly like the picture shown , I bought mine… Read more »


Hi again! Sorry for posting again. I have a couple more questions regarding the legitimacy of the websites below. I wanted to find the official website for the Lara Croft doll that I wanted to purchase, but I couldn’t find it.
Lara Sex Doll-Game Lady Doll, 166cm Tomb Raider Silicone Sex Doll – SexyMalena

Also, is this doll legit? If I want to buy the real version of this doll, where should I go? Thank you again for reading!



I’m about to buy one doll from, and I was wondering if that site is legit? For instance, will I actually get my product? Thank for in advance for reading!

Raoul Radoiu

Hi Tom, You have officially kicked my paranoia up to level 10++ in regard to purchasing a doll. I’ve spent the past month searching every website and researching every inch of their business because of you. I had already made my first mistake when I purchased a 600-dollar one off Ebay before reading your reviews. But she looks great, and it’s not a knock-off there are no dolls that look remotely similar to her, but she is big man. They keep confusing themselves with feet and centimeters and so I ordered a 5ft and 10 inches tall doll instead of… Read more »

Obi wan

Hi Tom, thanks for all the great advice here, can you suggest some legit TPEdoll suppliers in UK? I’m trying to get a doll for the first time.


Thank you Yoda, much appreciated.
Just 3 more questions, any advice on this would be great help.

1. I’ve been looking at Kimber doll UK, your opinion of them? Are they worth it?

2. has posted great prices for many dolls, do you feel they are legit?

Finally, other than Tantaly, are there any other good legit torso sellers in UK?

Thanks a ton Yoda Tom.


Hi Tom,

Do you have any insights on legit companies that will make a custom head to match a customer provided photo?


Hey so I was on the site and I saw a doll that I liked for about $2500 after some features but I saw their listed of trusted resellers and one of the sites is but the doll on there is about $1700. Is it too good to be true? Even if it was named a trusted seller from the original site?


So the and are both legit sites to buy from? I’m sorry if I misunderstood.


Hi Tom;

If I am interested in the most lifelike / detailed feet & toes, what are your suggestions? Thank you for your work!


Ahhh, thank you anyway!


I just bought a WM doll and the feet are pretty good but far from perfect. I did not choose the stand feet, which completely ruins any realism. They are small (4.5 US women’s shoe) and they are pretty. The big toe is the only one that has a wire in it so it will sort of stay in the position you put it. The rest are molded into a permanent shape and they jiggle when you shake the foot. That wire in the big toe feels like it will break pretty easily. The feet look nice in stockings and,… Read more »


Hey Tom,
First time buyer here. I already know which doll I want. Checking your blog about hot to check for reliable suppliers:

I don’t know why the official website is cheaper than the other vendors.
And finally, I doubt about this one but want to check with you:
I know you already mentioned Yourdoll is a not to go, so I didnt even bother to paste the link



Appreciate that. I’m gonna go for the sexdool-shop. More expensive but peace of mind and sure I’m getting an original product. A couple more questions:

  1. articulated or default fingers? watched a video and leaning towards articulated but I’d like your opinion
  2. Built-in vs removable vagina. Leaning towards the built-in but how difficult would be the cleaning in a torso? if you think the removable is better, should I go for the standard detachable or pre-lubicated insert?
  3. Should I get extra items? like cleaning or something? if so, I didn’t fine any in this supplier. DO you recommend any?



Hey Tom! any suggestion where I could find this 128cm doll? I don’t which brand builds her but I found her on the shop but I think that shop is not legit.