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As you know by now, I am a sex doll expert. I have bought many of them, I know the market, I know sex dolls, I know what I am talking about.

Just ask me any question you want in the comment section below and I will answer you.







I am now receiving 10 new questions every day. Most of these questions have already been asked and answered.

I help you with great pleasure however, please take time to read what others asked before you ask your question. Don’t be lazy.

I won’t reply to questions that have been asked in the last 3 weeks.  Also, if you ask me if a website selling $800 dolls is legit, it means you haven’t read my blog, I will simply delete your question.

Sorry for being harsh and thank you for your understanding.


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I make question for the cloth stain on the silicone sex doll on how to remove the stain. I tried washing the whole body with soap and hot water and didn’t work. It is like a blue-colored ink stain embedded into the siliocone and I have no idea how to complete remove it. Is there some kind of cream or solvent I can remove it with considering it is a silicone and not TPE? Please help and thank you in advance for your response.


Do they still have the ultra soft option for the wm dolls? Also, how discrete is the packaging? I really want to order one of these but I live in a apartment.


I put the heater in my dolls pussy and someone showed up and it stayed longer than usual, it made her cunt gape open is there a way to close back up


Hi Tom, many thanks for everything you do. And I am going to buy a doll following your instructions. Just a dumb question comes up with my mind, I believe no one will wear a condom while having fun with the doll, hence, how to properly clean the vagina and the mouth since they are all fixed. Specifically, since the doll into the tub is not recommended so how to correctly let all the liquid out and clean the inside without damage?

Jasmine Savard

Hello Sir,

I have a site related to sex dolls and I want a guest post on your site. So please tell me the price per post and guidelines for post.

Waiting for your reply

Jasmine Savard

Then what is the method to get a spot on your site


Can’t I just drive somewhere to buy one? Shipping seems too risky.


Hello Tom, thank you very much for giving this opportunity to ask about this topic in your blog. It is hard to find trustworthy information. I’m new to the doll market and I wanted to double check with you because I have already researched those websites but just to check with the expert would be nice. Do you have knowledge about websites such as: Siliconelovers Ovdoll Sydolls Mailovedoll Myrobotdoll Zlovedoll (Czech website) I have ordered a TPE doll from Siliconelovers and I am hoping not getting scammed. I read reviews about them and seems pretty legit. The others I am… Read more »


Hi I been wanting to buy my first full sized love doll for a really long time and I wanted to know if is a safe and ligit website to buy from.


Good evening sir. Was wondering what your thoughts were on the website ? They seem to be legit, in comparison to the majority of sites online.


Hi Tom! Appreciate you and everything you do . i have a question. Have you had the opportunity to review or look at the Starpery dolls yet . I’ve been obsessed with these dolls cause of their realism and sculptures . Ive researched their website and SDCanada sells them as well . Seems legit but of course I’d like to hear or read you opinion. Thank you !


There is quite a bit of info on Starpery dolls on TDF (the doll forum). They had some major quality control issues but things seem to be improving. I got a Starpery silicone doll about 5 months ago and have not had any major issues with it. My one big complaint is that the breasts are very firm. My doll was supposed to have gel breasts but they feel like solid silicone. Those are A-cup breast though which most manufacturers won’t provide with gel so larger breasted dolls might be better. The makeup also faded very quickly from the nipples… Read more »


I have a question I was looking at this silicone sex doll from It says shipping should around 7-15 days. Customer service gives no respond in the live chat So, do you think this website is a scam or is it legit?  Thank you for your answer in advance


Hello Mike here say I was wondering I keep looking at all these websites not sure which one to check out there’s a couple I checked out they’re really shady I don’t wanna waste my money or my time then I found a website called WM dolls I was just wondering if you have ever check that site out and if it is legit please let me know thank you I sign up for your subscribe thank you


Thank you very much much better peace of mind having someone like you in my corner I’m new I’m gullible but I want what I want and I think it’s a wonderful thing you’re doing to help people


So, I live in NJ and the website company warehouse is about a 40 minute drive from me. The prices seem extremely reasonable. I called them and they allow in person sales. Should the quality be questioned?


I came across a website it hybrid sex dolls the name of the company is Jxdoll they sell dolls on eBay as well as on there Jxdoll website, not sure if you heard of them or if you’re aware if they are any good?


Ok thank you Tom


Hi Tom,

Was wondering what you think of this website. I really like this doll I’m impulsive to buy it.

Looks like a drop shipping website. Based on your criteria with having a phone number and multiple contact methods it looks legit. Just wanted a professional opinion on it.



What do you think about ?

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Hi, so I’ve been wanting to purchase a doll. However the supplier says that no longer allows sex doll sells but he has something else in the description on the agreement. Is this a bad idea ?


most sex dolls are made in china? right?


After reading your reviews and ALMOST purchasing this doll through VSDolls, I found what I think is the original model through a site I don’t find you having specific information on.
What are your thoughts on SiliconWives and this doll?
The price is substantially more than the other sites where this doll is available, leading me to believe it may be legit.

Thank you so much.


Hi Tom,

I have a question about the same matter.

im interested in this particular doll as I found it on the web. I started searching for it on google and found a lot of them. Eventually I found the website of WM Dolls. Which would be the original manufacture. They offer it for 2950 dollars. So wouldn’t the link above sell it for at least 30% different of the original factory price?

im on the verge of buying this doll but I’m wondering if everybody shouldnt just buy it at original manufactures.


Hi Tom! Thanks for your site. I think you’ve prevented a small army worth of counterfeit dolls from getting purchased. I have 2 questions:

-Factoring in amount used, what brand of doll and skin softness would you say has held up best over time? Is it a small difference or is a certain brand/skin way way more durable? If you have a lot to say I’d enjoy a blog post about long-term durability/maintenance of different brands.

-Would you ever consider reviewing a Top-Sino doll? I’d especially be interested in hearing your review of those dolls as they compare to WM,


Man i wish i could afford one, i have been wanting one for years, but just cant afford it, you’re very lucky to be able to buy so many, hell i would be the happiest man on earth if i could have just one, anyway thanks for your reviews your awesome


Is there a viable option out there that offers a more realistic throat cavity where it turns down instead of up?


Hey I know this is for dolls. But do you have any recommendations for masturbators?


thanks for the help!

Steve Mckechnie

I just bought a torso sex doll that has a voice box not sure where to put it for the sound or how to even turn it on


Hello Tom! I am very insecure about the large number of scammers that exist, I have not made a purchase yet and thanks to the fact that I found your site I can make my purchase much more thoughtful. I found a site that recommends stores but you already discarded most of them in other posts or comments, the one that I recommend is ( website with which I found an idea where to look. The site recommends these web pages: 1. (I’ll mention later) 2. (I read that you discarded it although they answered my email super… Read more »


Hi Tom!

I’m wondering if does sites where the option of “build a sex doll from zero” exist?

I ask because I found a “brand” which offers that option to can create a full custom sex doll, like a cartoon character or non-human character for example.


Hey I did research but Id love a second opinion. Is this real? They look fine to me.


Hey Tom, thank you for helping me to make the right decision. Right before I started reading your blog, I purchased a doll from Jesskylove, they immediately passed my business onto ussextoy, who didn’t showcase the doll I chose on their website. I texted them to ask why this other company was handling my business and what brand of doll I would be getting, all I got from them was don’t worry. To make a long story short. My bank rejected the transaction, I got my money back, I followed your advice on what to look for and now I… Read more »


Hey, tom, Ive been reading your reviews and I don’t think it’s been really asked:

Could you rate the internal texture/feel of doll brands? In your reviews I think that’s the only thing that’s lacking, and I unfortunately got a doll that doesn’t really feel like anything on the inside despite looking great on the outside. You mentioned that, in general, “they feel like real sex” and I’m sure some do, but I’m really looking for the “best” internal texture and feel, especially in the anus.

Im hoping this can be a quick list based off customer reviews and all


Thanks Tom. I was asking here to see if I could get a more general response, i.e. the best brand in your opinion.

This is certainly plenty though, thanks!

Jose Duran

Hi Tom I was wondering what you know about V S Doll? I’ve done some homework and even read reviews on them. Most show a positive light but a small percentage not so good. However a couple blogs and online reviews show them in good favor. I’d like your thoughts if you don’t mind.


So I’ve been reading comments for the last few months now as well watching your videos, do ypu have any opinion on the irontech dolls? Also do you have a opinion on

I see they have a phone number but no address?


Hey Tom, I am ordering my first sex doll and I am very excited.(The doll I’m getting is a WM Doll) But I have a few questions and concerns that hopefully you can help me make a final decision. The vendor that I chose to order from is; and when you are customizing your doll, there is no option to choose what TPE material you want. (Default or ultra-soft) I chose gel boobs on my doll so I assume it is the default skin. I asked them about ultra-soft skin and they gave me a warning and explained the… Read more »


I’m interested in a doll from a company called ES Dolls .. specifically “Bree”.. are they a bogus company?.. Thanks for the help ✋?


Thank you so much for this valuable information.. I thought the doll was too good to be true . Thanks ✋?


Hi Tom,
I’ve read a lot of your posts and site information. I didn’t see anyone ask about Sadly, I’d like to hear you say it’s a scam. Thank you!


Hi tom
is this website legit?
it is a Japanese website
love all of your work BTW.


Hello Tom Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for taking the time out in helping and on preventing all of us from getting scammed or coned with all the Crap that’s out there on the internet in finding and getting that one love doll that we all dream about having. Now I’ve been searching and have located one that I’ve had my eyes on for a few months and haven’t been sure if the site is legit or not. This is the link on the ASS KICKING doll I’ve had my eyes on. She is a… Read more »


First of all thanks for all your help. Was wondering if sexdollcenter is a legit site…they have Black Friday promos but might seem a bit suspect to me


Hi Tom, I didn’t ask this question but I appreciate a lot your answer. Thank you!

Roberto Rexach

is moon doll legit


First of all, I appreciate your reviews.
I am from Korea and looking for sexdoll manufacturers
I will set up a sex doll business in Korea

I have seen the supplier post. May I ask you what factory they deal with?

Thank you so much


Dear Tom! First of all I have found your page very useful and I have to say I really appreciate that you share these many informations with us. Nowadays it is very rare. I took the time to read most of the comments below and I couldn’t find about my interesting. My questions are the following: On which continent are you running with your sexdoll brothel business? If it’s in Europe, how can I start with a sexdoll brothel business in a formal, official way? I mean what type of field of activity should I choose to start with my… Read more »


Thanks a lot Tom!



If it is possible, do you know if the site is legitimate? I am considering purchasing one from them and I am considering this site because they are from Europe, like me.
They also advertise some big price reductions in November, which is something you said is suspicious and a sign that they are selling cheap copies.


Thank you!

Phil Rojas

Is Vinus sex dolls company legit, safe or scam?


Hello Tom Thank you for your dedication to helping doll consumers. I don’t speak English, sorry for the probably rough translation. Sorry for the long message, but I can’t ask questions without arguing everything that comes to my mind. It has been since the end of 2018 that I am interested in this universe, I go very regularly on a French site (I am French) where I already had the opportunity to exchange e-mails with the sales manager. I love the WMDoll since the end of 2018, since Larah 166 cm c-cup all their models are master pieces but… Read more »


Hello~! I love your videos and the dedication you have to helping doll consumers get the truth. Have you ever tried SE Dolls? I ordered a 166cm B cup SE doll with the body heating option. Do you have any intel on this model or the SE Doll heating system?

Warm Regards~!



Much thanks for your reply (^- ^)/

The doll arrived today and is absolutely beautiful. Tight holes, very realistic. They forgot to even send me the plug in adaptor to warm the damn doll though! Looks like I went the wrong vendor after all. Anyone ordering from Saiko Doll based in Japan (where I`m located) please beware. Again, absolutely love your videos~!




Hi there Tom, was wondering about your opinion on FineLoveDolls, and on The Doll House website. How do they compare, and can you recommend either? Thanks.


I appreciate your help and your honesty. I have been having continuous contact with the customer service at FineLoveDolls for over a year now, going on two years. And in that time they have been adding dolls sold by other respectable vendors. In that time I have been giving them little shy of a rectal exam in my questions about the company and their operations as well as practical questions and they seem sound to my knowledge. Thank you.


Hi Tom, I’d like to cross reference your expertise on this matter. After talking with marco from your trusted retailer he mentioned this about WM TPE: ” Officially, our WM representative told us there are 2 types of skin: regular and soft. In reality, there are indeed 3 types of skin: Regular, soft, ultra-soft. The problem is: WM does not recognize it as such. So if we order a doll with regular skin, that is not an issue, we know we will get regular skin however, if we order a doll with ultra-soft skin, we might get either soft or ultra-soft. They do not… Read more »


Hi Tom! I’m trying to decide between these 2 dolls for the most realistic skin/breast feel. The large TPE Piper doll – 160cm L-cup Miyuki with Gel breasts And the WM TPE ultra soft G-cup torso w/ gel breasts I heard you say in your reviews that the Piper doll TPE is the best on the market right now, do you think that will translate to better and more realistic breasts w/ the piper doll? Or Do you think ultra soft TPE gel breast WM torso still would be better for breast feel. Thank you very much for… Read more »


Hello Tom, Thank you so much for all these useful informations available on your web site, it really helps making the right choice. Finally, I plan to order a WMDolls 140cm or a Piperdoll 140cm. Following the comparison you did between the two of them more than one year ago, here is below my questions: – What is the exact height of these dolls? It seems the official height is not the real height – The official weight of Piperdoll 140cm is 28,5Kg, the official weight of WMDdolls 140cm is 22,8Kg. It’s quite a big gap… Does it make a… Read more »


Hey Tom, have you ever bought from I emailed them and got a response within a few days. They claim that their dolls are made from TPE material, which is why its inexpensive(base price $674, official model on sexdolls-shop is $2099). They also offer a multitude of different heights and weights(is this also a red flag?) Should I ask for pictures of an in-stock model or something? What other questions could I ask to verify the authenticity, or are there already too many red flags? Thanks

Don Camillo are scammers. Take a look at this review


Hey Tom, so I have been seriously looking for a good website to buy a doll for about 1.5 years now, and in about that same time I discovered a website, I didn’t see a phone number BUT they have an e-mail address and a discussion tab on their website to communicate with the sales people, and they use e-mail as a back up option. As far as I have looked, and I have looked at a LOT of sex doll websites and been taking advice from people like you, it seems they are pretty trustworthy. But I want your… Read more »

Wohn Jick

Hey Tom,  so I’m thinking of buying a sexdoll (maybe Meli or Phoebi) and I wanted to know exactly how rough I can be with them before I would seriously damage them. I know that silicone skin would be the best in that case but since I’m a huge fan of oral I’m kinda forced to take a TPE version. I’m asking because I like to play around with some ropes/cuffs and would also like to know if you have to be careful when choking them. Another question I’m asking myself is, is it safe to take them into the… Read more »

Milk temptation

Hey Tom,

I’ve got a concern. I’ve been looking at different dolls and the various models I’m interested in are between 167 – 173cm. I myself am only ~176cm. Would getting a doll so close in height have any practical drawbacks? Idk if my question is reasonable or if I just have a complex ?.


Hi Tom, before making a large investment, I have been looking for someplace I can see some dolls in person. I live in Chicago, but travel around the country. Are you aware of any place to view dolls? Thanks so much!

Last edited 2 months ago by Jonathan

Hi, thanks for the honest and comprehensive info. I’ve read through a lot of it on your site but have a few questions I haven’t seen addressed. Which brands, in your opinion, have the most realistic vaginas and labias? Which have the most realistic hands and feet? Any thoughts on the brand Zelex? And any advice for buying a doll from the UK? Thanks!

Paul Mitchell

Hey, thanks for your reply. The Gynoid dolls look really great, thanks for the recommendation, they’re in my top 3 now. My search for realistic hands and small breasts on a doll have led me to this link:
Quite unbelievable (and not just the price!!). Just one final question, what’s the difference between a love doll and a sex doll? I see the two terms used, sometimes on the same site. Is it just semantics? Thanks again.

Charles Jones

Hey Tom, thank you for what you do. Can you please define the term (reseller) to me. When I think of reseIl think of something that was used and is now I’m being resold please ease my mind on this issue. And what do you think about Thanks


Hi Tom, I saw that you considered OK, ? Sorry but I don’t consider them legitimate. I checked one of my Doll 6ye (, as well as being a 160cm and not a 161cm, halfway down the page they offer it in various sizes. We both know that this is not possible, each model is unique. Then I noticed that on the Brands present, at the end there is “Rifano”, this would explain why the prices are so low (WM at those prices is impossible ! ). If I want an original Doll, I would avoid them like the… Read more »


What about the co vsdolls

Josh I found this website off of a youtube video. It seems like they might be a distributor out of Germany. Have you heard of them? I’m curious to learn more about the sex doll business. I’ve been watching your videos on youtube.


Thanks Tom I will definitely steer clear. I’ve taken a look around the site you suggest I’m sure ill go with that one was I’m ready. Really considering doing some type of sex doll business out here in Florida just not your if I should start as a delivery or try and open a brothel. Any suggestions? Would really appreciate any advice. I like your most recent video with Iris I think she would do great out here.


Hello Tom, First off thank you for your service in the sex doll community. I have spent countless hours days/researching your site and absorbing all that I can . Here is my concern: I’ve speaking with Marco from(SDS) [Fantastic guy] although willing to order me the (wm 168cm E-cup) ultra soft+gel highly advises against as most do. Now Steven (RLSD) will do the same and mentions that the ultra soft+gel explosions has long been fixed. Although he says its highly unlikely there’s still no guarantee the doll will arrive unharmed. Have things changed? Is the fact that my doll is… Read more »


I got a question. What if let’s just say you found the perfect doll that suits you. The vendor is selling a unique looking wig with a never seen before hairstyle. But one problem is that the color of the hair is not what you actually wanted. But at the same time you want that hairstyle but you want it dyed black instead of what other color the preview photo is showing. Will they go for the extra mile and dye the hair on one specific wig just for you because you requested for it to be dyed in a… Read more »

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Random Person

Hello.  How do you feel about the ultra soft skin option after having had it for a while now?  Has it held up well over time?  Would you still get it again over the default skin or “super” soft skin?


Hey, I’m new here so I don’t know if you have answered already but I’m looking at is this company legit?


Hola tom necesito vender mi muñeca es marca WM dolls original de alta gama mide 148cm ósea 4.10 de altura y estoy pensando comprarme otra necesito que me puedas ayudar y recomendar como la puedo vender o no se que hacer si hay algo que pueda hacer no quiero tirarlo ala basura esta en buenas condiciones no la uso que puedo hacer con ella por favor .?


Hi Tom, can I get your opinion on the legitimacy and reliability of


Hi Tom. Do you think is legit? I found them on dollforum, but some of their smaller dolls are really cheap.


Hello Tom
Thank you for your reviews and your help. I posted a comment two days ago but it seems to be gone now was there some thing wrong with it? Anyway I wanted to know your opinion about the Kimber doll and if it is safe to buy it for this site.

Thank you in advance.


Hey Tom, 
I have a question, how are the African American dolls and do you plan on reviewing any of them and the shemale dolls? Where is a good place to grab one because I don’t see any. The closest place I saw was X Queen. Are they reputable? Thank you.


Customizing is cool but when you customize like areola color or better shoulder skeletton, can you see the cuts or anything else like it was changed and is not normal anymore?


Hi Tom
Thank you for your reviews and guides. I want a Kimber doll for my first purchase. I am from Greece and I want to order from a European web site. Do you think the on e below is legit?
Thank you for your time.

Last edited 3 months ago by Jim

Is legit, a scam, or just a drop-ship site? Truth be told, I am surprised nobody has mentioned this site as far as I’ve seen.
If it’s a scam, is there anywhere I can legit find this particular lady? I’ve reverse image searched her and found several sites with her on it. I’m not trusting anything until I know more.


Hi Tom!
There’s a legit site where I can find this Irontech doll?

LoveDoll 140cmIRONTECH Pic01.jpg

Hi Tom, thanks for all you do. I’m currently looking at buying a full size sex doll for the first time ever. My question is that what happends when I have more experience under my belt and want to upgrade dolls. What do I do with my old one? I obviously would love to keep as many around as possible but due to space limitations, I can only do one at a time. I’ve been looking online for ways to dispose/recycle her but there seems to not be a lot of source in the USA. As for reselling her, not… Read more »


Good day,

1. Is the facial distortion during oral sex a result of no “air gap” designed into the head or some other design flaw?

2. How do you warm your dolls? If submerged in hot water, do you worry about the bolts for standing option rusting?

Thank you!


Thank you!


CSdoll’s hottest real sex dolls of 2021. These dolls have been purchased multiple times by many buyers. Their beautiful faces and sexy bodies are their highlights. If you like these realistic adult dolls, click on the pictures to see the details and bring them into your world.

Patrick Heidinger

Is it true that the WM 157cm B-cup Doll lacks the spinal articulation. Back being unable to bend backwards and forwards will disappoint those coming from dolls that can, and for larger guys, the anal hole is very small and will tear as soon as you use it no matter how much it’s lubed.

Anxel Torrente

Hiya mate, You seem to prefer WM Doll’s products. I have looked at dolls from different brands and it seems that WM Doll are the ones with the worst kind off groin. It looks so long and causes the pussy to be so far down instead of further back and closer to the butt hole. Have you tried dolls of other legit brands with a more correctly positioned pussy?

Patrick Heidinger

Is it true that for larger guys, the anal hole is very small and will tear as soon as you use it no matter how much it’s lubed.

Last edited 3 months ago by Patrick Heidinger

Hi Tom, I read as much as I could before asking the question, but I don’t see it listed. I am considering purchasing a WM Doll from a Dutch webshop. Price-wise, the story is correct and they are easily accessible by email/telephone, they also have a showroom on location. They tell me by email that they are an official dealer of WM Doll and that the sale of counterfeit products is prohibited in the Netherlands (by law). I will also receive an anti-fake code with the doll that I can check on the WM Doll website. Now the question is,… Read more »


Hi Tom, do you know if the anal tearing defect from the larger silicone Piper dolls has been fixed? I’ve been interested in purchasing a 130cm silicone Phobe recently and am worried about this issue.

If this is a persistent issue are there any other silicone dolls around the same height and weight you would recommend?


Hi Tom,

I noticed in your video review you have not done any other dolls like AF, IronTech and others?

Any plans to do so?


I’m an older parent, looking to buy for adult a reputable site in your opinion? If not,could you please let me know who you’d recommend? Thank You


Hi! I’m so happy you exist, while I do wish I found your videos before I bought my first cheap sex doll, I got very lucky, it’s indistinguishable from a legit one.

My question is, where is the best place to go for having a custom doll made? I don’t want pre-defined options, I want to send them pictures of this video game character and have them make it look just like the character. I even have the actual 3D model I can send them for accuracy. I would like to at least start with the head.

Thank you! 🙂

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Jo Wo

Climax-doll recently revealed their horse girl custom doll designed by one of their customers and available to purchase to the public as well. What’s not pictured is the horse like butt with implanted tail hair and pony holes and the hoof feet. Not able to upload more than 1 picture, don’t know why. I think the designer gets a cut for each doll sold seeing as the mold exist now because of said customer. If this is possible then your design should be possible though not sure if your design is even more wild or whatever else. This is not… Read more »

140cm Horse - All Tpe (1).jpg

HI Tom,

Thanks for informative website, just wondering your thoughts on first time buyer renting or even buying a used Doll?

If you have any suggestion on sites that are doing this, it would be so great.

*You may even have some old dolls that you want to get rid off let us know


Just wanted to say thanks again Tom.

All the best in your future endeavours


Tom I was wondering what your thoughts are on buying USED dolls.


Hi Tom,

I scrolled through quite a bit and didn’t SEE my questions asked by anyone although I’m almost sure you’ve probably been asked them before…

I’m interested in purchasing a custom made “clone” doll of a specific person who has agreed to being “cloned” and will eagerly cooperate with whatever is needed from her to make it as exact as possible. I’m assuming this will be quite expensive but so worth it.
Is this something that is currently being done?
Do you have any experience or advice in who could accomplish this?


Hello Brian,
I would like to hear about your experience too since I’m thinking about doing the exact same thing as you. I have researched a few companies and messaged a couple, some are really a copy/paste of each other while others seem legit but who knows.


Anxel Torrente

Hiya, mate.

A few words from Cardiff, Wales, about sexdolls and oral sex. I read somewhere that when using a sexdoll for a blowjob their heads (faces) get deformed during the act. So because of what I read, maybe you could use that shemale penis you received together with one of your dolls for a video showing how a blowjob effect the dolls’ heads around the mouth? Do the dolls’ heads (faces) get deformed or don’t they?

Thank you for this blog and your informative videos.

Mr. Torrente

Van Thornton Jr

Hi I was wondering does this also apply for sex doll legs on eBay or Amazon for like $150-200$

Ty G

Hey Tom. Have you heard anything about this doll?

Do you plan on reviewing her or another USBBdoll in the future?

Last edited 3 months ago by Ty G

Can i get your opinion on this page also where to get anime type dolls?


I’ve been mostly looking at torso dolls (especially without a head) as storing the doll away where it won’t be accidentally found is a high priority. (might be able to buy a torso doll with head if the head is removable maybe?) I bought 17 and 52 lb Kuuval torso dolls off Amazon and they were ok but the breasts are a little harder than I hoped, I wish the outer vagina was a little more realistic, and the angles were easier to have sex with. (can link if you want to know specifically which ones). Is that just what… Read more »


HiTom you’re doing great work this site is great. I had a couple of questions actually
First is legit? Their prices seem to be the same as the other sites you have recommended.
Secondly, i’m interested in wmdolls and was worried about lhp on the wm166C and on the 162E.Is it better to get a doll shorter or taller than you if the lhp is bad?
Lastly,how do you know which is the latest dolls or if they are using a new mould?
Thank you in advance.


Wish I had found this site before I ordered my first dolls.  I ordered one from MyRealDolls and one from JSDolls.  Both are definitely sub-par compared to the one I got from sexdolls-shop (Genuine WMDoll).  Never suspected that clones and things were a problem, but live and learn I guess.  Anyways, thanks for this great site.  Hopefully it helps more people before they make the mistakes I did.


Hi again Tom, finally got my first doll coming from (very pleasant experience talking with the owner on the phone). I’m ok with dish soap for washing her as they recommend, but I’m still undecided as to what use for lubricant. I saw you suggest water based lube in your “7 easy rules”, but I read on forums some recommend even just baby oil or Vaseline.

What are your thoughts on lube?

Thank you!

Forgot to mention it’s a WM super soft skin, built in vagina.

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i visit many sex doll site and read many articles, it seems silicone sex doll is better but much expensive,I will,why they so cheap?  legit or a scam?


Tom, if I buy a Piper Doll, how can I be sure that it will have the upgraded hand skeleton that your Phoebe doll had? I don’t want Phoebe, I want an Ariel but the Ariel doll from your review had floppy ones. When they upgrade their dolls, do all dolls produced get that upgrade?


Hi Tom.
Thank you for your website! I would like to order a lovedoll which looks like a teenage girl. Unfortunately those websites offering them don’t seem to be legit.
Do you know a site I can safely order it?


Hi Tom I was browsing today and came across this website. Is it legit or a scam?


Hello, I’ve been looking, just to make sure you didn’t answer this already. Is this site legit, and can I at least trust the “starpery” brand? They seem high end, and have videos of most of their dolls.

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