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As you know by now, I am a sex doll expert. I have bought many of them, I know the market, I know sex dolls, I know what I am talking about.

Just ask me any question you want in the comment section below and I will answer you.







I am now receiving 10 new questions every day. Most of these questions have already been asked and answered.

I help you with great pleasure however, please take time to read what others asked before you ask your question. Don’t be lazy.

I won’t reply to questions that have been asked in the last 3 weeks.  Also, if you ask me if a website selling $800 dolls is legit, it means you haven’t read my blog, I will simply delete your question.

Sorry for being harsh and thank you for your understanding.


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Hi Tom, I’ve been reading through some of your advice on here and it’s very helpful, thank you! It seems like your recommended vendor is, but you also recommend against using dropshippers. What I find confusing is that sexdoll-shop are dropshippers, they just confirmed this to me on their live chat when they said the doll I want to purchase will be shipped directly to me from the manufacturer. Am I missing something here? What’s the difference between a dropshipper and someone who sends dolls directly from the manufacturer? I’m not sure I fully understand what it is I… Read more »


Don’t see any Q/A’s on this so here I post!

Pancaking between Original SE doll –

And WM Doll –

I saw your video/review of the WM doll; do you have any thoughts on the SE Doll above?
Couldn’t find any factory images of Original SE Doll 157cm H cup on sexdolls-shop website.

Do you know if the TPE is any different, skeleton better/worse, heads nicer/uglier, holes placed better/worse, etc?
Thoughts on pros/cons of each?

(Also you answered a question a while back and it helped a LOT 🙂 )


And AGAIN, you come through like a champ.
Thank you, friend, that helped a lot. 🙂


Follow-up. Just bought a doll, went with Marco – he was everything you said he was: straight forward, honest, didn’t hide anything, was willing to work with me on things I wasn’t sure about, even sent me a chart showing me sizes for clothes on a chart that had UK, US, or China sizes on it. He was about as helpful as you have been and was an excellent referral. He also knows you were why I trusted him enough to spend $2,000+ on something I don’t live in or drive, and I hope you earned a discount for….something, I… Read more »


I’m a first timer and am thinking of ordering one. My concern is that I live in an apartment complex and wonder how products would arrive as in packaging and delivering and stuff. I understand it would be different depending on the manufacturers, but I would like to know your experience.

Also, how did you manage to dispense a product when you are done with it?

Gary Pugh

Yes i read your site everyday. In a month i want to get a zelex doll. Is ” silicone” o.k. or is that what you call a “drop shipper” ? They seem like they have all brands including zelex. You had said before, not to order direct from zelex because they are in china. Thanks


You can get zelex through sex doll shop (thr one Tom recommends) they answered 9 emails sent factory pics etc they don’t have zelex on the site yet but they are dealers so if you want zelex go through them they are super helpful


I noticed that when I look at the same doll from different resellers, such as the first (Sex Doll Shop) and third (Silicon Wives) resellers on your table of recommended resellers, SW offers the customization of a moaning system, and SDS doesn’t. Its a WM doll I am looking at. Wouldn’t that feature be at the factory level? Also, is the worth getting in your opinion? 


Thanks for the prompt answer. Good information to know.


Hi Tom! I am doing an article on legit sex doll sites and have found a wealth of information on your site. Unfortunately, I have learned that one of our affiliates isn’t a reputable site (in your opinion). Thank you for this and all of your hard work. I did want to say that I have worked with the folks that own And while I can’t say how their customer service is, I can tell you that they purchased the domain a couple of years ago and have revamped the site. (I helped with some of the writing) They… Read more »


Oh no Tom, I wasn’t as clear as I should have been. My apologies! The affiliate I spoke of wasn’t I spoke of them because in your post you simply said the lack of reviews and one other thing were red flags and I just wanted to vouch for the fact that they were just starting out. In regard to our affiliates, Joy Love Dolls didn’t rate well with you so that’s who I was referring to. I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear! Additionally, I DO have a question in regard to another affiliate (this one I feel has… Read more »


Me again! Sorry! I think I have the Joy Love Doll review confused with another review site similar to yours but written by some guy who works at Best Buy. LOL! Either way, I appreciate your site and sharing of personal experiences. That way, my readers won’t get ripped off!

JJ Rooker

Hi Tom.Great site.learning alot. I’m in dispute with an ebay vendor This isn’t about being scammed per se but trying to rectify a pushing wrong button mistake. ebay has a “pay this item only” button in the cart. i selected the one below item i wanted. And was forced to buy since seller won’t cancel only 2 hours from commitment to buy. unless i pay $80 for my mistake. To rectify this I’m disputing that vendor isn’t sending me the brand wanted. it’s listed a a 6ye doll. I know it’s fake and they’re telling me they’re in touch with… Read more »


Update: Marco at SexDollsShop and l came up with a solution for my dilemma. It’s one thing to read good things about a business online( plenty of scams), and another to speak with them to find out for yourself– Marco was thoroughly candid about the dolls, regardless of how negative it was– unlike a salesman. His answers proved his integrity to me. He’s obviously an anomaly in a sketchy industry.😀


Hello I love this website!!  And thanks so much for this information on sex dolls.  You are a unique interesting guy!  Bravo! I want a sex doll but for a completely different reason.  I’m a teacher. I need a giant Barbie basically. Requirements: flexible lightweight waterproof – swimming durable- ie: horseback riding, yoga, bike riding, playing math games shorter than me…5-5.4 feet as I will be in back of her controlling her moves vagina, butt hole not required. ( I will get the full package for myself and hubby after when I can afford it  🙂  custom smile/frown/surprise if possible.… Read more »


On another note, any favorite lube for built ins? 😊


Hey Tom, I was wondering if you had any plans on reviewing the Starpery and Game Lady dolls. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on them and comparing them to WM.
I own a WM myself.


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Follow up question there, Tom – 
Do clothes stain WM TPE dolls if they’re not white/very light? I don’t plan to get the ultra soft TPE given its life span.
Also, if they get stained, any expert tips on how to de-stain? TPE stain removal cream is what I found and a video or two, but I have no experience in these dolls so…..


Sorry Tom, l forgot to ask if you have an opinion about The Doll Channel in Texas as a legit source of dolls– It’s in my country and closer than SexDollShop so l thought it might be worthwhile. Thanks 


Hi Tom, l wrote a while back about being discouraged by all the issues with dolls and finding one that will accommodate my monster dick- Well, l fell in love with one l can’t live without so everything’s changed now- the problem is that different sites list different specs on her vagina depth, from 14cm to 18cm! I’ve run into this a lot and wonder where they get their specs from. WM advertises “Inez”(on SexDollShop site)140cm A cup as being 50.7#, but when Marco did his review she weighed a full 10# more! Both weight and vagina depth are determining… Read more »


Went through your comments this past month, didn’t see these. 🙂
(1) do you have a warming rod you’ve found is good construction and safe for the dolls?
(2) i’m taking your advice and buying from SexDollsShop – do you have a certain sales person you like to go through and if so can I request that person specifically?
Thanks for this site – I’ve watched many of your videos and read a lot of your blog posts. You’re a truly helpful/altruistic guy. 


Thanks Tom, I’ll see about Marco, just started talking to them. Take care buddy and keep that good info coming.


Dying question here. Interested in Hedy from Starpery, but after looking thru Youtube, Im afraid to get her. Here’s why.
The head looks like her in websites, but the body looks so disproportional.
Only slightly resembles her here. I will be very disappointed getting this one.
Are Starpery, or any other dollmakers so inconsistent? Is the 2nd one TPE head that is why the difference?


What are your thoughts on removable vs non-removeable vagina? I have a torso with a non-removable vagina and I find it difficult to clean. Are there any disadvantages to a removeable vagina on a doll?


Ok, so I read the recommendation. Everything except the phone number seem to check out. He has responded to several inquiries and prices seem right. I was going to the first one you mentioned “ad shop” but I’m still awaiting an answer. The dude here has been answering me questions and wanted to get your take on

Planning on getting gamelady and don’t know if you’ve heard good or bad issues from them like Zelex.


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Tim Hill

I know you’ve have not done any reviews of starpery dolls but I remember reading somewhere in your comments that you posted links of someone that has reviewed Starpery Dolls and included a video unboxing etc?. Can you let me know what those links are please.

Gary Pugh

Should i order a zelex doll $2,000 fron or i see silicone ? Thanx i already learned my lessons about ebay tpe junk. Thanx


Did I buy a fake or defective product from scam vendor? As read in your front page, I think most probably. Refundable on dolls?

JYDolls ready to ship, but on receiving fault on the mouldings on the one of the toes making it disfigured, ugly unnatural moulding lines at the feet ankle joints, implanted hair that kept dropping, and ultimately, the doll’s face do not look at all like the one shown on the website.


This is my first doll, and have absolutely no idea if implanted hair keep dropping? Is it normal? It is so bad that hair is dropping all over the doll’s body, and i have to step on her strands of hair all over my room.
On the Toe defect, the selling vendor agrees to sell me something with a subsidy. So my question here is. Any idea how much does the dolls companies earn on their dolls? 50%? 30% profit? Estimated guess?


I am looking at a doll from real sex dolls, They have a soft butt option. Is this option real or worth it? Is this a legit company,,?


what do you think about wm dolls?


Hello, I looked for answer but was unable to find here. I am curious as to what to expect from Kimber Doll USA? I cannot thank you enough for what you do!!!


Hi again – Really, thank you for all your help! I love that you don’t want people to get scammed! Truly altruistic! I had asked a question about ES Doll..I have watched all your videos. So, do they have a phone number? No…do they have an email? Yes. Do they sell $800 dolls? No. However, they do sell $1300 dolls…do I think I’ve cracked the Matrix while everyone else are naïve dumbasses who doomed to pay more? No.

Could you just give a quick look and give a thumbs up or down emoji in reply?


Do you know anything about Zelex dolls?
I know you are very busy but I don’t see a way to search comments.
Thank you for your time Tom.


Hey Jack,
If you go to the bottom of this page, hit the “load comments” button, and keep doing this till you reach the end and there are no more comments to load. then use your word search in your browser you can search through it all! Lots of good info to be had!
Doesn’t take too long to load them all trust me,I’ve done it several times now.


Thanks Josh for taking the time to help me out.


Hello Tom,
Is legit?  They seem to list their address and phone number/email.  They do all these corny review videos with Spiderman themed masks,seems like a lot of work for a scammers. their prices dont seem way to cheap. i am pretty sure Climax dolls is a real brand.  I didnt see any mention of this site in your other comments.  
im mainly interested in this one.,16648,16645,16653,16638,16640,16641,16655


Thanks for checking into this, i really appreciate it:)

Knute Fenstad

I want to know specifically if a vendor named Hechsto has been known to screw customes. I’m ok with a first time cheapie, if it fits the bill I’ll go all guns. I just want to know if this vendor has a negative history.


Hello, I was trying to see if you had any comments on the site I saw a few I liked but with all the scam sites out there that you mentioned I was wondering if it’s at all credible. They do have a phone# any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance


Do you still recommend Starpery? They seem better than WMdoll in some cases. Also sadly sexdoll-shop doesn’t offer all of their line of dolls, why is that? Starpery doesn’t have too many dolls.


Thanks for the site. Lots of great info! I purchased a doll though Amazon years back . They were reselling Its time for another doll!  I havent seen your review that seller. The doll I got was like the picture, but the quality wasnt that great. Thanks again for what you do! 


Hi Tom, I’m new to sex dolls but have done a fair amount of research now and really appreciate your invaluable information– unfortunately l think that you convinced me that the industry is too problematic– if not one issue, another, with even the top brands. Perhaps the industry is still in it’s infant stage and they will work all the issues out. Just the weight alone is a major deterrent and with my horse size equipment (8″) I’m afraid that I’d split one of Piper’s Elf’s in two! My hand is still faithful so maybe I’ll remain faithful as well!… Read more »


What’s a good beginner doll? Not really sure I’m into the sex doll activities and looking to try it with minimal investment. 


Out of all possible options which one has THE best vagina?


Oh no, that’s a real bummer. How close the WM Dolls come?


Hey Tom! Thank you for all this resourceful information, it’s truly insightful and I appreciate the hard work you put into it for the sake of us all. I am on the edge of buying my first doll but I’m still working out how I’m going to store/hide it. My life very hectic and I am a family man but I digress. I read that you own a brothel and I was curious where it is. I would like to try a doll out and maybe that’s what I’ll need before I finally decide. Thanks again for all you do!… Read more »


Florida my good sir.


Ah, that’s to bad. However if I’m ever near the area I’ll try my best to try your services! I’ve been doing a lot of heavy research narrowing which doll I’d like to be my first, this includes watching all of your knowledgeable videos and weeding out dolls with requirements I must have and I have narrowed my results to 5. 3 dolls from WM and 2 from Piper. I’m big on realistic features and ass but I also want the best quality. One of the dolls is one you reviewed the Ariel, I’m concerned with longevity with Piper, do… Read more »


What website would you recommend?

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Hi Tom,

which shop/website do you recommend in Canada for purchasing a doll?

Thanks Tom,


Thanks Tom, any info on they say they have a show room inToronto with pick up and their prices are in CAD$


Hi Tom, Ok, I bought my doll just over a year ago. To be honest, I’ve ‘used’ it I think only about 6-8 times, but certainly less than 10. It’s a beautiful doll (known as “Adele” on the Lovedoll site and by other names on other sites). It cost just under £2,000. Anyway, I feel it’s time to let her go for numerous reasons: It’s just not for me. I’ve met someone and, at some point if it gets more serious, I’m afraid she may get a shock to see what’s hidden away. I’m struggling for space in my house… Read more »

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Hi Tom,
I’ve replied to you by email.


Thanks Tom. Just a couple more questions – which dolls today in your opinion (brands or specific models) give the most realistic oral sex experience? And does a soft silicone head have an advantage over TPE in this case?

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Hi Tom, I was wondering if you no anything about,, and if they are a legit site.


Hello Tom.
How risky is it to do a titjob with a wm doll with ultra soft skin? Also, what do you think about starpery?


Hello Tom.
Which one do you think you choose? Thank you so much.

Bill Hayder

Hey Tom! I have been doing lots of research and have come across an interesting brand that I have not seen you cover before and was wondering if you have heard anything regarding this brand? I was browsing the Moon Dolls site (they seem to sell celebrity and video game styled sex dolls from brands like WMdoll , etc). They have a doll on their site listed as a $1499 “CUDOLL” and I was wondering if you had any experience with this brand or had heard anything positive/negative about it??



Hey Tom I’m on the fence between 2 dolls and I’m hoping you can help me tip the balance. The YL140Ncup vs Piper Jessica, I can’t decide between them, the pics look great on both, Piper has the really nice skin and seamless neck, but the YL has better fingers and costs a little less. Since you did a review on the Jessica doll, did it have the same vagina stretching issue as in your side by side comparison video with WM vs Piper? Also any thoughts on the different vagina textures offered by piper? Anything else I might be… Read more »


How does one dispose of a pre-owned sex doll?? Trash, Re-Sell, Donate, etc?


Sorry if this has already been answered, I read through the blog and questions and didn’t see it but I could very well have missed it. Do you know if is legit? I’m a little interested in their prices but as you said anything that cheep is usually a scam.


Hi Tom sorry to bother you I am ready to order this doll pink cherry has been a good website I have used in the past I just don’t want to get ripped off so I thought I’d ask what your opinion of the quality of this doll . I apreshate your time thank you .


Thanks for your quick response okay I’ll keep looking I seen a few people recommend kimber doll I’ll do some more research thanks again


HI Tom. Regarding your Top 5. 4- WM 166cm C cup versus 5- Piper Ariel:  Ariel seems to have more voluptuous body, is much lighter, seem-less neck, better wig. I’m curious what does WM 166cm have better than Ariel in your opinion.


Hi, can you tell if is legit? They have customer support and in stock dolls, but supposedly the website is quite young.

If not, do you know any trusted sites to but Game Lady Dolls from?


Hi Tom, Your website and youtube channel are exactly what I’ve been looking for. Your reviews and insights are much appreciated. I’m looking to buying a WM doll. I’m located in europe and I would like an in stock ready to ship provider. I’ve found this website: I think they have been mentioned before here but I’m not sure if you were referring to the european site. You said they are dropshippers. Is this bad or the dolls could still be legit? I don’t need advice on the model or any customization I would order a stardard ready to… Read more »


Thank you for your answer! Lately I am mainly located in northern Italy. Generally intra EU we have no problems with shipping as we have no customs between most of the countries. If I may ask you something more, I’ve read that more than a few people had bad reactions to TPE or oil coming out of it (whatever that means), especially from new. Is this something that happens only with fake dolls or should I keep that in consideration? At the end of the day they are products coming from China so maybe they are not skin tested. Safety… Read more »


Hi again Tom,
Hope all is well, just wondering as I have been looking at another site regarding reviews. at They seem on the up and up and a legit site to me the same as your site, they recommend many of the same dolls and sites as do you. Any input is appreciated. Gus


Thanks Tom…


Hi Tom,

Wow, your blog and site is impressive information. Definitely answered a lot of my questions and will save me money. Any opinion on


Hi Tom, We’re looking at getting a new doll and have a pivotal question: How important is love hole depth? For background, we got a TPE SY Doll Angelina with electric hips (huge mistake) and she weights 108 lbs. She has a 19 cm vagina with insert and 18 cm anus. I’m a bit north of 19 cm. The anus seems to be holding up fine and the back wall has a soft give with deep penetration. On the other hand, I popped through the back if the vaginal insert which makes it messier than a fixed hole. She is… Read more »


Hi Tom, 
Many Thanks, for all the value and input on your site, just wondering if you have any input on these two sites, and your input is greatly appreciated.  Gus 


Many Thanks Tom…
I was dealing with      What are your thought on them?   I am trying to get back 800.00 dollars from them as they never shipped me the doll, then after a little research and finding your site I realized I think I made a big mistake with them. Any further input is greatly appreciated and valued.
Thanks Gus   


Hey Tom FYI, I finally heard back from they have accepted my cancelation are going to give me a full refund as I never received the doll from them at all.


Is this a legit site and listing

Sorry I posted twice the first didn’t appear for some reason so I thought it messed up somehow

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Hey Tom, I am wondering if is legit and safe.


HI Tom,
What is your top 5 dolls of all time in order of favorite? 


4- WM 166cm C cup versus 5- Piper Ariel:  Ariel seems to have more voluptuous body, is much lighter, seem-less neck, better wig. I’m curious what does WM 166cm have better than Ariel in your opinion.


Hi, i have a question, this site could be a good option to buy one doll? I saw he have low prices and good ratings, Can you say if it’s good idea buy one? Thank you for everything. Wait for an answer

The store site: AQRtiyd Official Store


Hey Tom – Great site by the way. Really informative and has been extremely helpful to me so far. It seems like ‘’  and ‘’ seems to be legit.. Thinking of making a purchase through one of them. You think these guys are a scam?

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Hello Tom, I have recently purchased my first doll from So far it has gone good. I have spoke with a person name Marco. Asked them lots of questions regarding to the doll. Marco Took time to answer my questions. Purchased made on (may 21) conversation started (May 23) Now waiting for the official images before shipping. We actually spoke on the phone for 1hour. Due to the reason I had many questions. I also wanted to know a little more about them as well. So, I’m reading about your post that the “shrugging shoulder” option is an add… Read more »

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I miss understood you . I appreciate your feedback Tom


Hi Tom, i seem to have some formatting issues entering the comment so i hope it displays well. Anyway, i am interested in purchasing a doll and through reddit i’ve discovered your website, i think i’ve read everything. My question is a bit specific: i live in Italy and i was thinking just to order from . Do you think this is the best course of actions available to me or there are legit italian resellers? I’ve found some like but, even if they claim to be official WMDolls resellers, they seems not totally reliable. Also, they do… Read more »


Thanks for the answer. The choice is obiviously clear but i thought there was some advantage in ordering from an italian website.


Use a smart phone . A work around for the formatting.


hi Tom,
is se… legit?
are the Game Lady dolls drop shipping in siliconelovers & realsexdoll? (since they are not shown in in-stock dolls) their customizations slightly varies and seems some customizations are missing in some stores, what should i do if i want the missing customization?


Hi i want to buy a doll that is over 800 $ so i am not sure if its a a scam or not. 
I found it on these 2 sites

Are these 2 sites scam ? 
If they are scam can you give me a link with the exact same doll to a site that sells it legit ? 

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Hello Tom
Is sexdollamerica a legit site? Thanks


Hi Tom,

First off thanks for putting this site together, it’s saved me a few major costly headaches. Unfortunately I fall into the niche within a niche category, so finding reviews for my proclivities are difficult at best. I like the look and size of the phoebe piper dolls but I have a pretty major foot fetish, any recommendations on where I can find a quality doll with small cute feet with proper bone structure and no metal pegs?

Other Barry

You own both SE and 6YE dolls. I am curious if they share hardware.
Specificaly the head hardware. I assume there is no industry standard among these items. But it does seem a lot of these dolls use the same design for the frames.
 (Ignoring that the TPE from each brand would not match) Will a head from an SE doll attach to an 6YE body?

Other Barry

Thanks Tom,Your Blog is a great service to the internet.


I ordered an $800 doll before I found your website.  Gosh, what a mistake!  They were reluctant to refund my money even though I reminded them that their website states that they will refund 100% if I cancel an order within 24hrs.  But I used my Visa Rewards Card, so if they don’t refund, I’ll have the bank do a charge back.


Hello again mate, are cloud climax legit? Thanks


How long does a wm doll last if it is taking care of?


Thank you, sorry for another question.  On sexdolls-shop some of the wm dolls have a sash that says premium.  What does that mean, Ive searched but cant find an answer.  Thanks!


hi tom 
wanna ask is rosemarydoll “” a legit site ?


Hi Tom,
This website look legit to me. What would you say?
I went through the posts and could not find any reference about this website.
Thank you!


Hi Tom. I am having difficulty deciding whether to buy a full size sex doll or just buy a TPE hip or a torso doll. I would like to use the doll in a cow girl or reverse cow girl position. Would that be possible with a 140 cm 56 pound tpe doll? Or would I be better off with a torso or hip doll? Thanks for all the info on your site! It is a great resource!


Thanks Tom!


I been looking at this one. Cant seem anyone talking about this website


They do have a number
Do you see any red flags?


Tom thanks for the reply and your time.I will consider this one.You do also recommend I will make a decision between this two thanks

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Tom, has your opinion on Starpery dolls changed much ? I ordered a 157cm Wm and I think I should have gone with starpery doll. But I’ve heard that Wm 157cm is a good doll for beginner like me. Your thoughts ?


Hello Tinydawg and Tom.  I decided to go with this doll as well, buying it second hand.  The seller has decent photos and the doll in question has minor damage to a finger and toe.  I decided to go used because I am not sure if I even will enjoy having a doll in the first place.  The Doll is nearly half price of a brand new one, and I know it is a legitimately nice doll not a cheap knock off from a scam website.  The bad aspect is it is used.  I figure I can do a good… Read more »


Hi I’m new to dolls an I just bought a I&YDoll and I was wondering are heads universal


Hi there mate, have been reading/watching most of your stuff on hear after getting scammed myself. Was just wondering, have you ever purchased through silicone lovers, or SRSD? Just want to make sure I get the actual doll I order. Also do the joints move fairly easily as the one I have now is very stiff. Thanks man.


Hi mate, thanks for the reply, I think I’m going to play it safe and go through sexdolls shop. I’m still pretty new to this and this would be my first proper doll. I like a few on there, I was thinking Amy bcup or meli.

Have a good day!


Tay, I just bought my first ever sex doll from sexdolls-shop and I had a pretty good experience so far. Doll is nearing production time and my vendor has been awesome with all my requests. Marco is the best.


Thanks for the message tinydawg, I am close to ordering from there, just tryna decide correctly aha


Hi, I was wondering if you knew anything about kanadoll, if it was a good website, and also do yo know anything about Dimu brand sex dolls.


Hi Tom, thank you for being here for all of us. Being scammed is unpleasant at best. I’ve learned how to look for a doll while being alert to misfortune now. That said, I have found one I like. It’s from climax dolls. Tifa Special Makeup. Blue Edition lol. They are listed under a reputable supplier. But only one from a good list. Also they don’t have the full amount of options I would like. Is there a process to request another manufacturer’s doll to be made by someone else? Or even possible? There are a couple other dolls out… Read more »


Each listing I see of that doll has some options but they are all different. The only constant is the feet, standing or not. I can’t tell if hollow breasts are an option and one site talks about a silicone head substitute. But again, who knows lol. I have an email into Janet through sexdollgenie asking all kinds of questions. I would love to make that doll animatronic. I think that’s not quite possible. Would a manufacturer be able to just put a blue tint into one of their line of dolls? Would it ruin a mold? After I can… Read more »


Hey Tom, what is your opinion on siliconwives versus siliconelovers?
Both sites have the ability to pay with Klarna, which is a requirement for me to be able to afford a doll.

jon d

Hello Tom, I had written once before to you and was grateful for your advice and information. I purchased from Zlovedoll, and while it’s not possible to talk to anyone there, they are more than responsive when answering emails. Very satisfied with purchase, as a first time buyer. On to questions regarding an issue with her feet. I bathe, oil, and powder on a 2-3 week schedule. I did a rookie blunder and she got dark clothing stains, which was remedied easy enough with some Oxy 10 acne cream. Not so much result with other suggestions recommending mineral spirits.  Her… Read more »


Hi Tom! I just purchased my first ever doll from Sexdolls-shop, as you suggested. I ordered the 157B because it had the most realistic looking labia that Marco could find me in the WM line. The realistic labia was a deal breaker for me. My question is: will I be able to have my doll do reverse cowgirl or ride me ? I’m really into those sex positions.


Hey Tom!
what happens when the same vendor from the pages you been suggesting can be found in pages like Alibaba or AliExpress?

I bought this doll model from SexDolls-Shop but someone told me that vendor gets these dolls from Alibaba because he found SexDolls-Shop on Alibaba.

There’s a chance I got scammed for buying from SexDolls-Shop if that fact is real?


I’m going forward with your words about using PayPal Tom, I bought the doll using PayPal directly and I’m receiving some mails from the page and I’m wondering if it that how the legit sex doll market works about communication, trusting on your words using PayPal gives me more confidence about getting a little bit of protection.
I have no idea why that person told me that about SexDolls-Shop being on Alibaba/AliExpress, maybe impostors or maybe they’re trying to expand their results than being limited at a simple Google result.

Anyway, Thanks a lot Tom!


Hey Tom.
My biggest fear was that the 157cm B cup Auburn is going to look like a child/teenager and not an adult woman.
I also read that on silicon wives, you can customize her breast size (choose from preselected choices) but I don’t have that option on my version of siliconewives, am I just stupid or is that review lying?

Galen Graham

Is safe and legit?


Hey Tom. I am super nervous as I am debating on my very first doll purchase. After looking at seemingly countless offerings, I have kind of narrowed it down to two different dolls, or at least body styles. The WM 166cm C cup sex doll -Anastasia And the WM 157cm B cup. – Auburn I was wondering if you could recommend one, and if not maybe you could recommend a doll for me that you know of? I like big booties without having huge boobs I’m 5’5″ and around 140lbs a small guy I know… So preferably not too heavy… Read more »


Hey Tom, so I watched one of your videos on the WM 166cm C cup Anastasia, and one thing that stuck out to me was you said she had a thicker booty and there was something substantial to grab onto and jiggle, I basically wanted something that was lighter weight as this will be my first doll, but I don’t want her to look like a child or a teenager either as that would feel a little creepy to me, I wanted to be sure she would look like a young adult woman. I had bought a hip and ass… Read more »


Hi, I got a few questions about maintenance. From your experience, how long does the makeup last on the head due to washing? Do you know of any special washing procedures in regards with the head maybe removing the eyes or something? Do you reapply makeup? If you do reapply the makeup what do you use?

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Hello Tom! Diego here again! I would like to know how you purchase your dolls from the page, I am from Mexico and I’m going to finally get a doll from there soon and I’m seeing how I could practice the purchase when the day come, but I see the page does not let you create an account to can get better features about purchases (like tracking, personalize a wishlist, etc.) and the shop send you to the check out page when you personalize your doll and click the “BUY NOW” button directly, I know that page accepts payments… Read more »


Funfantasydolls on the shit list? Also know anything about the gamelady stuff?? Thanks.


Hello Tom,
I am planning to buy a doll, deciding between Zelex and Cst/bb doll brand. I would be using them alot for sex and worried which brand is more durable, both paintwise, tearing, joint, etc. Do you have any suggestion brand aside these, price range between 2000-3000 160cm.

On the other hand I am also looking at Tayu 163cm 4000$ but I do not know if it justifies the double price or not.
I will be buying from dolltochina or myrobotdoll.

Thank you very much

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Hello, I was just wondering if this website was a legit website before I buy anything.


Hello Tom I am new to sex dolls and am looking for a site where I can get 8in sex dolls. Around the size of a barbie doll. I haven’t found any sites on my own and haven’t found any information on your site. Any ideas?


That is actually better then what I was thinking thak you.


Don’t know if my question got submitted about-
I couldn’t see any one else asking before or you were still waiting to answer
Seems like a decent site and hopefully reliable
Any info on this particular doll on any other sites would also be greatly appreciated


I ordered a doll recently from the sexdolls-shop website you have listed on here and noticed you also posted some reviews for the dolls from the same site. I haven’t been able to find any pictures of the dolls without heads ( i want to see how i could store it hanging). Do you have any advice or pictures for storage?


Hi Tom,
Ok, I am ready to make my first purchase. It’s a doll I want to share with my wife! So, I need it to be perfect. I need the breast to feel as natural as can be and the V to have all the details as a real V! Again I have one shot to impress the wife, which vendor, model and company will make the best natural first impression.


Johnny boy

Hi Tom. I just discovered your website, very nice ! So here my little question. I’m an somewhat experienced doll owner (since 2018, TPE WM 157B head #159). My dream doll is a piper phoebe. If I have found out sooner, I would have bought her instead of my WM. I still love my WM, but Phoebe is the cutest doll ever. So, I dont know, should I choose silicone over tpe (phoebe 140cm). My tpe WM got a lot of usage and she’s still alive. I mean, the first year I was banging her non stop, sometime 3 times… Read more »


Hey Tom is legit.
I did some digging into anime sex dolls and they seemed to be the best/only larger scale provider of them.
The rest are usually scams.


Hi there. Have you ever had experience with Kimber Doll? sells only 1 doll. Relatively affordable.


Thanks for saving me from Absolute Dolls!!! SDS for me. I’m looking for a soft sided transport case for car trips as the rigid case SDS sells won’t fit car. Are there alternatives that you have come across?