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As you know by now, I am a sex doll expert. I have bought many of them, I know the market, I know sex dolls, I know what I am talking about.

Just ask me any question you want in the comment section below and I will answer you.







I am now receiving 10 new questions every day. Most of these questions have already been asked and answered.

I help you with great pleasure however, please take time to read what others asked before you ask your question. Don’t be lazy.

I won’t reply to questions that have been asked in the last 3 weeks.  Also, if you ask me if a website selling $800 dolls is legit, it means you haven’t read my blog, I will simply delete your question.

Sorry for being harsh and thank you for your understanding.


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Hello again mate, are cloud climax legit? Thanks


How long does a wm doll last if it is taking care of?


Thank you, sorry for another question.  On sexdolls-shop some of the wm dolls have a sash that says premium.  What does that mean, Ive searched but cant find an answer.  Thanks!


hi tom 
wanna ask is rosemarydoll “” a legit site ?


Hi Tom,
This website look legit to me. What would you say?
I went through the posts and could not find any reference about this website.
Thank you!


Hi Tom. I am having difficulty deciding whether to buy a full size sex doll or just buy a TPE hip or a torso doll. I would like to use the doll in a cow girl or reverse cow girl position. Would that be possible with a 140 cm 56 pound tpe doll? Or would I be better off with a torso or hip doll? Thanks for all the info on your site! It is a great resource!


Thanks Tom!


I been looking at this one. Cant seem anyone talking about this website


They do have a number
Do you see any red flags?


Tom thanks for the reply and your time.I will consider this one.You do also recommend I will make a decision between this two thanks

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Tom, has your opinion on Starpery dolls changed much ? I ordered a 157cm Wm and I think I should have gone with starpery doll. But I’ve heard that Wm 157cm is a good doll for beginner like me. Your thoughts ?


Hi I’m new to dolls an I just bought a I&YDoll and I was wondering are heads universal


Hi there mate, have been reading/watching most of your stuff on hear after getting scammed myself. Was just wondering, have you ever purchased through silicone lovers, or SRSD? Just want to make sure I get the actual doll I order. Also do the joints move fairly easily as the one I have now is very stiff. Thanks man.


Hi mate, thanks for the reply, I think I’m going to play it safe and go through sexdolls shop. I’m still pretty new to this and this would be my first proper doll. I like a few on there, I was thinking Amy bcup or meli.

Have a good day!


Tay, I just bought my first ever sex doll from sexdolls-shop and I had a pretty good experience so far. Doll is nearing production time and my vendor has been awesome with all my requests. Marco is the best.


Thanks for the message tinydawg, I am close to ordering from there, just tryna decide correctly aha


Hi, I was wondering if you knew anything about kanadoll, if it was a good website, and also do yo know anything about Dimu brand sex dolls.


Hi Tom, thank you for being here for all of us. Being scammed is unpleasant at best. I’ve learned how to look for a doll while being alert to misfortune now. That said, I have found one I like. It’s from climax dolls. Tifa Special Makeup. Blue Edition lol. They are listed under a reputable supplier. But only one from a good list. Also they don’t have the full amount of options I would like. Is there a process to request another manufacturer’s doll to be made by someone else? Or even possible? There are a couple other dolls out… Read more »


Each listing I see of that doll has some options but they are all different. The only constant is the feet, standing or not. I can’t tell if hollow breasts are an option and one site talks about a silicone head substitute. But again, who knows lol. I have an email into Janet through sexdollgenie asking all kinds of questions. I would love to make that doll animatronic. I think that’s not quite possible. Would a manufacturer be able to just put a blue tint into one of their line of dolls? Would it ruin a mold? After I can… Read more »


Hey Tom, what is your opinion on siliconwives versus siliconelovers?
Both sites have the ability to pay with Klarna, which is a requirement for me to be able to afford a doll.

jon d

Hello Tom, I had written once before to you and was grateful for your advice and information. I purchased from Zlovedoll, and while it’s not possible to talk to anyone there, they are more than responsive when answering emails. Very satisfied with purchase, as a first time buyer. On to questions regarding an issue with her feet. I bathe, oil, and powder on a 2-3 week schedule. I did a rookie blunder and she got dark clothing stains, which was remedied easy enough with some Oxy 10 acne cream. Not so much result with other suggestions recommending mineral spirits.  Her… Read more »


Hi Tom! I just purchased my first ever doll from Sexdolls-shop, as you suggested. I ordered the 157B because it had the most realistic looking labia that Marco could find me in the WM line. The realistic labia was a deal breaker for me. My question is: will I be able to have my doll do reverse cowgirl or ride me ? I’m really into those sex positions.


Hey Tom!
what happens when the same vendor from the pages you been suggesting can be found in pages like Alibaba or AliExpress?

I bought this doll model from SexDolls-Shop but someone told me that vendor gets these dolls from Alibaba because he found SexDolls-Shop on Alibaba.

There’s a chance I got scammed for buying from SexDolls-Shop if that fact is real?


I’m going forward with your words about using PayPal Tom, I bought the doll using PayPal directly and I’m receiving some mails from the page and I’m wondering if it that how the legit sex doll market works about communication, trusting on your words using PayPal gives me more confidence about getting a little bit of protection.
I have no idea why that person told me that about SexDolls-Shop being on Alibaba/AliExpress, maybe impostors or maybe they’re trying to expand their results than being limited at a simple Google result.

Anyway, Thanks a lot Tom!


Hey Tom.
My biggest fear was that the 157cm B cup Auburn is going to look like a child/teenager and not an adult woman.
I also read that on silicon wives, you can customize her breast size (choose from preselected choices) but I don’t have that option on my version of siliconewives, am I just stupid or is that review lying?

Galen Graham

Is safe and legit?


Hey Tom. I am super nervous as I am debating on my very first doll purchase. After looking at seemingly countless offerings, I have kind of narrowed it down to two different dolls, or at least body styles. The WM 166cm C cup sex doll -Anastasia And the WM 157cm B cup. – Auburn I was wondering if you could recommend one, and if not maybe you could recommend a doll for me that you know of? I like big booties without having huge boobs I’m 5’5″ and around 140lbs a small guy I know… So preferably not too heavy… Read more »


Hey Tom, so I watched one of your videos on the WM 166cm C cup Anastasia, and one thing that stuck out to me was you said she had a thicker booty and there was something substantial to grab onto and jiggle, I basically wanted something that was lighter weight as this will be my first doll, but I don’t want her to look like a child or a teenager either as that would feel a little creepy to me, I wanted to be sure she would look like a young adult woman. I had bought a hip and ass… Read more »


Hi, I got a few questions about maintenance. From your experience, how long does the makeup last on the head due to washing? Do you know of any special washing procedures in regards with the head maybe removing the eyes or something? Do you reapply makeup? If you do reapply the makeup what do you use?

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Hello Tom! Diego here again! I would like to know how you purchase your dolls from the page, I am from Mexico and I’m going to finally get a doll from there soon and I’m seeing how I could practice the purchase when the day come, but I see the page does not let you create an account to can get better features about purchases (like tracking, personalize a wishlist, etc.) and the shop send you to the check out page when you personalize your doll and click the “BUY NOW” button directly, I know that page accepts payments… Read more »


Funfantasydolls on the shit list? Also know anything about the gamelady stuff?? Thanks.


Hello Tom,
I am planning to buy a doll, deciding between Zelex and Cst/bb doll brand. I would be using them alot for sex and worried which brand is more durable, both paintwise, tearing, joint, etc. Do you have any suggestion brand aside these, price range between 2000-3000 160cm.

On the other hand I am also looking at Tayu 163cm 4000$ but I do not know if it justifies the double price or not.
I will be buying from dolltochina or myrobotdoll.

Thank you very much

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Hello, I was just wondering if this website was a legit website before I buy anything.


Hello Tom I am new to sex dolls and am looking for a site where I can get 8in sex dolls. Around the size of a barbie doll. I haven’t found any sites on my own and haven’t found any information on your site. Any ideas?


That is actually better then what I was thinking thak you.


Don’t know if my question got submitted about-
I couldn’t see any one else asking before or you were still waiting to answer
Seems like a decent site and hopefully reliable
Any info on this particular doll on any other sites would also be greatly appreciated


I ordered a doll recently from the sexdolls-shop website you have listed on here and noticed you also posted some reviews for the dolls from the same site. I haven’t been able to find any pictures of the dolls without heads ( i want to see how i could store it hanging). Do you have any advice or pictures for storage?


Hi Tom,
Ok, I am ready to make my first purchase. It’s a doll I want to share with my wife! So, I need it to be perfect. I need the breast to feel as natural as can be and the V to have all the details as a real V! Again I have one shot to impress the wife, which vendor, model and company will make the best natural first impression.


Johnny boy

Hi Tom. I just discovered your website, very nice ! So here my little question. I’m an somewhat experienced doll owner (since 2018, TPE WM 157B head #159). My dream doll is a piper phoebe. If I have found out sooner, I would have bought her instead of my WM. I still love my WM, but Phoebe is the cutest doll ever. So, I dont know, should I choose silicone over tpe (phoebe 140cm). My tpe WM got a lot of usage and she’s still alive. I mean, the first year I was banging her non stop, sometime 3 times… Read more »


Hey Tom is legit.
I did some digging into anime sex dolls and they seemed to be the best/only larger scale provider of them.
The rest are usually scams.


Hi there. Have you ever had experience with Kimber Doll? sells only 1 doll. Relatively affordable.


Thanks for saving me from Absolute Dolls!!! SDS for me. I’m looking for a soft sided transport case for car trips as the rigid case SDS sells won’t fit car. Are there alternatives that you have come across?


Their Antonia is same as a WM doll on sex doll shop but they sell a model that legs come off and u can get a fabric wheeled soft case for $300…this feature is important to me but need ur green light first. They respond quick and have a CA number. They also only offer regular TPE and not the soft version. Maybe I’m answering my own question? Lastly if I go sexdollshop, for car trips, can I temporarily bend a 5’3” into a large suitcase with head off? THANKS!!!


That’s what I thought. I’m so glad I have access to an expert that so generously shares information! Thanks so much.


Is legit or scam? And can you please help me find a best shop / web when wanna buying doll from Indonesia. To cut off shipping charges.


Hi Tom, wonderful work helping everyone out! I’m fairly new to all this but pretty excited to get my second doll already. I got my first one as an impulse buy from sexangelbaby which I now know was risky but I did end up getting what I wanted so it worked out. The one I’m currently looking at is Cathy which I believe is manufactured by AIbei. So you’ve mentioned that it’s not a great choice to purchase from the manufacturer directly, but in this case I think it seems to be the best option, but I wanted to get… Read more »

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Is USBBDOLL legit? I’ve seen them advertise on reddit.


Hi Tom, i want that Doll but i dont know If i should by IT from Syodoll. Thanks for your Service


Thanks for your Help man. I’m a little bist sad because i cant by this alliko Doll anywhere.


Hi Tom ! I’m a futur first buyer ! It’s a knew world for me, so I look around to lurn all about sexdolls, the differences, the compagny, the textures tpe vs silicone and your reviews was very helpful ! But theres are others types of sexdolls that you didn’t review like 6YE Prenium, Irontech… but it’s not a blame. I have a thunderbolt for this creature and want to know what you think about it ! Thank you ! 

It's me

I really Like that one and want to buy IT. I dont want to make a mistakes. Is it good enough for that Money. Is it a good Store ?


Have you had a chance to review the (new?) 164cm (J or F)? The labia looks non-existent and the whole area looks like a soft little mound perfect for a camel toe. Appreciate any info you might have (first or second hand).


Hi Tom, thanks for the great content! I’m a first time buyer, and I bought a piper doll 130cm phoebe elf TPE(eco) from sexdollcanada. The site claims that the ECO series is “a lower-cost version of the Piper Doll models where a few changes were made to make the doll more affordable.”After watching your reviews on both version of this particular doll, I found out that doll I received looks the same as the silicone version, but I believe the material is TPE which is pretty oily. There are many imperfections here and there, including scratches, deep tear underneath the… Read more »


Hi Tom, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I received the doll two days ago, but since this is my first time purchasing a doll, I’m not sure about the standard for a good quality TPE doll. It’s hard to justify the quality of a doll’s skin by only watching a video or a photo. I don’t know the price for a standard version 130 cm TPE Phoebe Elf, but from what I can see, this particular one I received has far more wounds and imperfections than I expected. Not to mention the many… Read more »


Evening my good sir Tom, So recently purchased said Silicone Piper Doll 150cm Jessica. Surprise, surprise 5 weeks later it is finally here! While opening the box I got ahold of her breasts and WOW they feel incredible(I got the Gel-filled breasts) absolutely blown away how realistic they felt!!! Though the gel-filled butt was a bit of a disappointment to the touch, soft rubber it was to the grasp of my hand, still not a huge downside. She’s pretty heavy but extremely doable! Your rating system is spot on! Anywho, my question to you is, how do I stop my… Read more »


Hey Tom, so I saw from someone else asking about this website, that your response is that the owners are scammers, but I was trying to find the doll in the pictures. From what I could reverse image search, it’s from Irontech Doll and named Lulu, but I couldn’t find it in their website. That was the twitter post that made me think it was Irontech. This is the doll in question: Do you happen to know where the original picture came from? I was interested in purchasing with the blonde, green eyes and same cup size. All… Read more »


Thank you so much for your response Tom! I’m in the USA and from what I read, it’s legal in 47 states. Only illegal in Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky. I am in a state in which it is legal. How would I go about finding a legit Irontech retailer? I went to their website and saw their authorized vendors list and found that this website is part of their list and they also carry it. Would it be okay to order from them? They also offer extras. Would it work to add the gel breasts, tongue, articulated fingers and… Read more »


moaning and body warming work, but the functions are stupid. bad experience.


Hi Tom!
Thank you so much for this page!

I’m a first time buyer of sex dolls and I’m stuck in either picking a wmdoll or a starpery doll 🤔

The two dolls are:

Hope you can take a look and maybe give a recommendation.

Have a great day!


Hi Tom, I have read your responses to others about the site Mailovedolls and how you have said they are not legit. Yet, I have been following the reviewer sexdollnation and he just did a youtube review of a purchase he got from Mailovedolls and how he got exactly what he ordered. Should I trust his word and consider that site to purchase from?


Hi Tom, I’am really sorry if this is somewhere on your blog but i could not find it, neither on reddit. I’m looking for mini sex doll under 1000$ – I know you really don’t like questions about dolls under 1000$ but every time i saw your answer about it – the ppl were actually asking about lifesize dolls under 1000$. So is it possible to find mini doll around that price ? The most legit looking site I found is
But I haven’t found any information from you about this exact site. 


Hey Tom, I love the look of this doll but I’m wondering what your thoughts are. Do you know anything about this doll? Do you think it would be a good buy?


awesome, thank you


I just bought a DXES doll. This is my first time buying one. Do you have any experience with them?


Hey, Tom! According to TDF is a verified vendor with a lady named Abby as their primary Sales Rep. They got a doll on there that’s, according to Abby herself via the live-chat function on the site, is in-stock for the US at around $1299. Even sent me some warehouse pics of the doll. Where as other sites like Silicone Lovers and sexdolls-shop have the same one listed at $1500+
What’s your take on it, if I may ask? Legit?


Damn, alright appreciate the reply! finelovedolls says they can price match to a point so might just go with them.


Hello, what do you think about this doll ?

It look cheap but the site look legit for me.


Motsutoys is legit i have ordered multiple times from their site. The reason it’s cheap is because that doll is just 88cm like the site says.

Charlotte Blackwood

I came across a sex doll website-, which has a couple of TPE heads I really like.- PREMIUM AUBREY’s Premium Aubrey – Life Size Blonde Sex Doll – US Stock – #1 Realistic Custom Sex Doll Store VSDoll Best TPE & Silicone Sex Dolls The price is pretty below what other websites are charging for a single head, such as $200-$400, to $150 for a VSDOLL head on the VS website. Scammer warning bells are going off in my head, due to the lower price. Do you have any idea what brand heads they are selling? On the… Read more »


Hey Tom, I’ve been researching dolls for a while now, I appreciate the time you’re putting into your reviews. Do you or anyone reading, have any advice to see some dolls in person, east coast U.S


Hi Tom,

I just saw this video and super impressed at the softness and the amount of giggle. I have not seen this degree of giggle in any other video reference of any other company. It seems softer than even WM soft option. Would you say 6YE has the softness/giggliest bodies? Is this video accurate in your experience?


Hey there Tom,

Just curious on your thoughts if you had to choose between Tpe and silicone dolls which would you go with? I know silicone has the Gel Filled Breast and Butt and it feels like a solid 9/10 but I heard the Tpe dolls have the new “ultra/super soft Butt and Breasts” which I heard feel fantastic and almost realistic to mention they “physics” look more realistic too.

I’d appreciate your response! Thank you!


Hey Tom,

Thanks for setting up this website to help people such as myself. I was going to purchase a doll through joy love dolls but after reading your opinion on the website I think I’ll just stick with sexdolls-shop. Anyway, I was considering purchasing the 167cm SEdoll (Bianca) and was wondering if you have any input on this doll or manufacture? Maybe if you have or know somewhere I could find factory photos of the doll?

Much thanks!


Hey Tom
Where could I buy the best legit anime sex dolls. I try to search for those specifically but to many scammers come up.
I don’t know if you know of any but that would be helpful


Which doll height would you recommend for woman that’s 5’6? I got the WM doll Annie but she’s too heavy for me to use without help. I’m thinking about a doll around 4’7 but am not sure if it’s too small.


I should have paid closer attention to your posts before purchasing. I will look at that one. Annie is wonderful for positions that are girl/girl because of her long legs but way too heavy.

Thank you so much! I’m happy that I found your site!


Is ultra soft skin worth it or is it too delicate?


Hey Tom. I’ve been following your guides and doing a little research on but am conflicted. They pass most of your “is it legit” checks but the big red flag of “heavily discounted” looms over them. I can’t find any reviews on them and as far as I can tell nobody else has mentioned them recently. They are active on reddit and have said not to trust sites with low prices THEMSELVES yet I see dolls as low as $1k for TPE and $2.3k for Silicone on their website. Was curious if you had any insight on them. I… Read more »


This one is the one I was looking at:

But really at least 75% of their product is currently on heavy sales. Some going as low as $800

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I know you said you will delete if asking if a site that sells a doll at 800 is legit but there’s only one doll near that price and like I said everything else seems to check out. Sorry for any inconvenience I just want an experts opinion on this.


Heh Tom.
What advise can you give me in regards to trying out a sexdoll brothel.(here in Vancouver, B.C.) I thought it might be an ideal way to help me make a decision in choosing the right sexdoll for myself; or not.


To limit cleaning, is it OK to use a womans internal condom on your doll?????


Hi.. first time buyer here… I have to decide between PiperDoll Akira 160 cm TPE and PiperDoll Ariel 100 cm TPE. I know weight could be an issue… do you suggest to start with the smaller one first o go straight to the lifesize one?


First time buyer wanting smaller doll under 145cm but big giggly butt and big boobs. High quality soft skin TPE. Can you give me some suggestions on dolls? Thanks!


Ive done tons of research. The road block I am hitting is that the vendors dont have videos. I want a doll with very good giggle action in the butt. From the limited videos Ive seen most butts are stiff. Can you suggest how I can go about finding the doll with the best giggle quality?


Have you felt 6YE and Piper doll versus YL and WM (super soft option) doll? Im curious if 6YE and Piper (not having the super soft option) matches in comparison with the giggly-ness.

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Eric R

Lol, go to Tom’s recommended vendor list..pick a doll.. pretty simple. The guy can’t pick your tastes. That’s on you


Hii is legit?:)I bought a doll , 90cm Akane 🙂


Any thoughts on Annie’s Dollhouse?


Thank you


Hello, went down the list all you response to buyers but couldn’t find any information. I the sex doll shop legit?


Thanks Tom


hello, thanks for the video 800 vs 1600, it is very revealing
I’m not rich, so the question is, can I be happy with a cheap doll?
its not only the doll, clothes, accessories…
bestrealdoll looks like they sell imitation dolls, what do you thing?
where you buy the 800$ doll?
What imitation doll shop would you recommend?
thanks friend


hey there! I have been reading through your website and found it very helpful. I do have one question for you. So I am a new buyer looking for a sex doll, I came across this website called “joy-loves-dolls” and my question was. Is this a good supplier of dolls to buy one from? 
Thank you.


Big question for ya! What brand of silicone or tpe doll is best? I’ve heard San Hui has some good ones and their options of “ultra soft butt/breasts/vagina/thighs” sound convincing. But then Wm dolls have same options just curious to what you would recommend or list one that I havnt named that you thought was good.

Thanks in advance man!


Hey Tom, is dukes doll legit because their big curvy butt dolls look very enticing.


Yo, just bought a doll from, ordered a “Piper Doll Jessica 150 cm” with the Gel Breasts and Gel Butt, was it a good idea to get both options? I heard gel breasts and butt made the doll feel a lot more realistic just wanted to know any cons of owning a Piper doll with these two options would be. Thanks in advance hoping to see more review from you! You’re a tremendous help!

Pierre Keller legit or scam?

Pierre Keller, legit or scam?


Tom, thanks for your quick response to my earlier questions. The more something approaches perfection the more we notice the flaws. These dolls are very lifelike in the photos, but I’m wondering if smaller details like the articulation of the hands will be a very noticeable flaw. I see that MW has upgraded their hands and I’ve looked for videos all over to show these dolls in use, but those that I do find don’t identify the brand. Also, in some vids it appears that when using the oral sex feature doll heads often deform in an unnatural way. (although… Read more »


Also, it seems that once Artificial Intelligence can flawlessly mimic a caring and emotionally intelligent human that a silicone girlfriend would seem like a lot less trouble than a fallible human one. Even long-married couples need to work on the relationship, which ‘as good as it gets’ is still tiring work. As an older guy who’ll likely never experience vaginal intercourse again (without paying for it) I can really see the appeal.


Hi my name is Julio I am thinking of purchasing my first sex doll. My question is, How hard is it to clean the vagina? And what is better a build in vagina or the detachable ones?


TPE or silicone?
which material feels better to cuddle with overnight?

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Hello, just wanted to know your thoughts on Piper Dolls gel filled butt and breasts. Would you recommend? And also how would you store a piper doll?


Tom, two questions. First, thanks for all your hard work in this area. 😉 1. I’ve read all your blog posts and see that while you site RealDoll as a legit company you haven’t reviewed a doll of theirs. Would you venture an opinion as to the value of a doll from them at (at least) twice the cost of those of the other two companies that you recommend? Is it the cost of manufacture, since they’re American made, or are there quality improvements? 2. What can I expect when entering one of these lightweight (75 lbs) dolls in a… Read more »


Sorry if this has been asked before but I came across this site and was curious what your opinion was on it.


Hey man, thanks for all the good work you’ve done – I’ve been meaning to buy my first doll: either or I find the choice difficult because at one hand I find smaller breasts and bigger height more attractive, but at the other hand I’m not in great shape and I’ve heard 70 pounds (despite not sounding that heavy) can be difficult to manage on a doll + You have actually reviewed Phoebe so I would know what I am getting whereas Akira is a bit of an unknown. And of course Phoebe is few hundred bucks cheaper.… Read more »

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I’m looking to get this doll soon
I’m trying to find if is trust worthy. It looks very legit I just wanna be sure. Sorry if it’s a repeat question

Last edited 2 months ago by Dan

Hey Tom so I purchased from these fuckers before I found your website I watched the video is there anything I can do to get out of this before I receive this


From Rosemarydolls sorry I didn’t state that

Eric R

Hi Tom. I have purchased a WM Willa Fit Ass Sexy doll priced at 2752.00. I will mention that I got the gel filled breasts with the skin upgrade. As you are the expert on these dolls I have a question in ordering clothes. Mainly lingerie. I don’t think she comes with any clothing and would like to purchase some thing now while I wait for her to arrive. I just have no clue as what I’d buy. My doll is a D Cup 5’4″ 77lbs B 31.5″ W 23″ H 34″ Most companies sell item like bras and panties… Read more »

Eric R

Lmao..indeed..don’t know you Tom…but I like you.


Hi Tom! Great site you have and thank you for all the info. 1st time buyer here, looking at the Kimberdoll gals. I saw the one guy’s review recently, but no commentary from you. Any opinion on those ones?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Tom, Thank you for being awesome and taking the time to set up an maintain this website. I plan to buy a doll in the future and I am glad I found this resource!!! I’ve read almost all of the posts over the past while and I refer back often. I seem to recall finding a page that had a list of bad vendor websites with your summary and screen shots but now I’ve been struggling to find that page. If this exists can you post a link? If it doesn’t exist do you think it would be a… Read more »

Eric R

Hello..First I want to thank you for this informative site. My wife and I have just purchased our very first sex doll. Because of your help and recommendations I am ever confident of our purchase.
I bought all the upgrades with this doll including the cock upgrade for my wife. Just thought I’d send you this..thankyou again..


Hello Tom, I’m very interested in a particular doll. I’m a first time buyer, and I could really use the advice of an expert. I would like to find more out about her, mostly because I want to make a good purchase. The two vendors that I have found (sexxdolls co. And thesilverdoll) vary greatly in price. They appear to be dropshippers… Quality is very important to me… It also bothers me that she doesn’t seem to have a name… and I’m not exactly sure who the original manufacturer is. How can I find answers to questions like these? And… Read more »


Tom, thank you for your response. I do have a follow up… If the robot stops working, would the legs be stuck in position? Or would it then be like a regular doll, minus the robot part?? Also, if I was insistent on taking a chance with a robot, are there more reputable companies that would possibly offer warranties, or at least repair services for the doll?? I do like this torso. I think the weight makes them more practical for play, (at least for me), and also finding a torso with legs like these seems to be difficult. Seems… Read more »


hello Tom, is sexyrealsexdolls legit because my eyes caught a glimpse of a
thicc sex doll name shavonne and she’s my type.


Hello! Is a legit site? Thanks in advance!

Bork Laser

What’s up, Tom? Fellow doll enthusiast here… I’d like to highly recommend Kimberdoll for anyone wondering, if I may. Best experience I’ve ever had with a doll hands down in terms of pure sexual pleasure! This doll’s pussy feels fucking BREATHTAKING. Something to do with how they textured it. Honestly, I actually prefer her even over dolls I’ve spent $1000s on, such as WM. She’s pretty much of the same quality of those dolls imo, which is mind-blowing. Skin is fantastic. Durable. Ships ASAP. No waiting. I was expecting something more akin to those counterfeits out there. Seems they’re one… Read more »


Hey Tom, John here again, I know you are busy. Just one last question, SEXYSEXDOLL is #3 on your list and are considered legit. So if you order the options they have available for free, do you think they will send what you order. Some of the stuff they offer looks a little to good to be true. They have a phone, the have a physical address and email listed. Do you know the people that run it?  Could you please check this item out for me and let me know what you think.  6ye Nude Girl Doll 162cm… Read more »


Any thoughts or reviews on Irontech dolls?
Thank you


Hi Tom, is this website legit? I don’t see it in the comments and their stock seems too broad to be true.


I bought it from them. 100cm blond one, same price. I would say for this price, not bad. if you want a brand one, go for sexyrealsexdolls store. I think they only sell brand dolls, hydoll seems to sell brand and no brand dolls.


Hello Tom, are these websites legit. Thanks for any information. also


Tom, Thanks for your reply, I have deleted them from my favorites and will stick with your top six recommendations. What do you think of SY brand? and a reputable website for SY.  Also what about these sites. also the latter seem very informative and their website looks good?
Thanks for your help. So many decisions, do not want to waste my money.

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Tom, thanks again for the info. This is #3 on your list. Are all the options on their list, if you pick are what you will actually receive? Xtra head, wigs, eyes, articulated fingers, clothes etcetera.  Bikini Blonde Doll 162cm 5ft4 C-Cup KarinaAgain Tom thanks for your input. I hope I am not asking too many questions.

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Hi Tom, My wife and I are looking to make our first purchase. We love your review on Ariel. This is a decent size investment for us so we want to make sure we get the options correct when ordering. Based on these samples… We’re thinking the lips from this picture is Fuchsia/Coated and the nipples are Natural 3cm. We want the lips and nipples to look like: Based on your Piperdoll knowledge, what color do you think the lips are (coated or not coated), and what color are the nipples and size? Note: I’ve contacted… Read more »


There is a sale by VS dolls….for their Denise doll ..which posts the same pics as other sites for the doll by YL 157(the big boob version).the sale is $599.other sites have the doll I saw in the pics…for close to two grand! And they use those same pics.VSdolls also offered different height and weight options.i have never seen any other company do that! I want the Denise by VS dolls soooo bad…but I’m scared that I won’t be getting the same doll I saw in their pics.PLEASE HELP! I don’t wanna get scammed!


Hi I’m looking for my first doll and have seen ones that I like on a site called I’m just wondering if you know it to be legit or not I’ve looked at a few reviews but they range from excellent to poor reviews


Okay thank you very much do you know how they are for delivering in the uk?


Hi, I purchased a WM doll based off your input. sorry to ask because it may be in an article…. Can you recommend a good locking storage case? something like this. Thanks.


I have had custom cases made for studio/music stuff in the past. I decided to buy from here cheaper price but quality is good, thanks for the reply Tom! was cheaper also but great quality!


hi tom, I would like to buy a doll and after reading your site. I put my choice on the "silicone wives" site because they have a payment offer over several months, but is this the only one? Another question, I would like to buy a 173 cm H cup doll from WM doll and I can't decide on my choice despite your advice on breast texture, because I'm a big fan of breasts too. full or gel, for reel sensation ? And what about finger skeleton articulation? I couldn't find a place where you were talking about this? thank… Read more »


Thanks Tom i will Ask directly on this shop for a possibility of payement. Thanks a lot


hello there iam looking at geting a doll from is this a good site to buy from?


Thanks I appreciate it looks like I will go thro with the order