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As you know by now, I am a sex doll expert. I have bought many of them, I know the market, I know sex dolls, I know what I am talking about.

Just ask me any question you want in the comment section below and I will answer you.









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Tom, I was wondering if you have done a review of  There prices are not “too” good, close to list pricing, but they are much better with the cost of the ‘options’, and I am suspicious, to the tune of $1500 difference for the same model.


Do you know if this website is legit ?

hi cas

hey tom. if i theoretically had a large amount of money to spend, where could i go to personally have a very specific custom doll designed? 


Hello, Tom. I’m thinking on buying a silicone doll from Irontech and I have a few questions. 1. How bad is the LHP? I’m interest in this model, for me the LHP looks OK but still have doubts. 2. I noticed they have many models but for me they only change the head. It is really a big difference between one model to another? 3. How good is the soft silicone skin, soft butt, and soft vagina options? 4. I feel uneasy with the hair implants. Should I choose a wing instead? I don’t want to see my sexdoll… Read more »


Hi Tom,

Any experience with this 100cm wmdoll?

My local shop has it in stock for $800. They seem pretty reputable with high ratings.

I am debating this vs the 100cm piper doll Iris.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!


Appreciate the feedback!

Yea you’re probably right. Is there any clear way to verify if it is counterfeit or not?

They told me it would be the same as this


Hey Tom, I’ve got 2 question the first one is are custom made dolls worth it if you’ve bought one, and the second one is is this website legit:


Would you happen to know a reputable website that makes custom made dolls, I know that they’re really expensive but I am looking to buy one if possible.
For me money isn’t a problem, the problem is finding the website to buy one from and not get scammed or get a cheap copy of something I did not order.


Hey Tom, do you know who has this model in stock in the u.s.?


Hi Tom again, thanks so much for your input, really apprecaite your expertise. I am leaning towards buying a 140cm TPE Ariel, however my only gripe is that the labia and skin texture just does not look realistic, it seems to be lacking realism, but idk if thats just due to a lot of the lighting the videos are taken in. Some alternative options I am considering are: 1) sedoll-161cm f cup tracy (but looking for one in white skin) 2) wmdoll-142cm with 355 head (although i am not a fan of those elf ears) 3) (i like the… Read more »


Hi Tom, been looking for the cheapest Piper Ariel 140cm doll, is this one below legit?


Thank you Tom. However, it mentions it is TPE on that page. I also dont see where it says fingers arent articulated. Can you tell me where it stays it is an ECO ver please? Thank you for your help!


Ok got it. Thank you for your input. 
1more question, are these three the same? i am looking to buy a 140cm tpe ariel, but there are so many different prices from known vendors, but all seem the same. what are your thoughts on the three below: thanks again!


Also, i am comparing it to these vendors here, the prices are all different. Do you think these are legit? I am looking for a TPE material one with anus / vagina / and oral.


Hey Tom, I was hoping you could tell me if this doll is legitimate? Also, being that it is a WM Doll, would it have correct LHP?


Hey Tom, I was hoping you could tell me if this doll is legitimate? Also, being that it is a WM Doll, would it have correct LHP?


I ordered from Nakedoll before seeing this rabbit hole on fake websites. Will I receive an item at all from them or a big box of air? When you say they are scammers are they the get your money and run where I need to follow up with PayPal scam or are they sending me a knockoff doll so I can’t dispute it? Any help quickly would be appreciated so I can take action soon.


Wow thanks for the incredibly honest and fast response. I browsed through some of the sites you listed and found one I liked at around 1200$ which is more than double of the doll I bought from Nakedoll. I suppose since my budget is lower there could be a chance they send something that I’m fine with for now and to know better in the future. If it’s terrible I’ll see what I can do with PayPal. Either way I’ll return to update here to hopefully help anyone else who attempts to go through them as well, I don’t see… Read more »


Hey! I was wondering in your opinion what brand has the best full sized full silicone doll available on the market currently?


I’m looking for sexdoll I want half doll with head that tpe which website is legit to buy


Hey Tom, I was hoping you could tell me if this doll is legitimate? The site is Annie’s Dollhouse. I see this doll on several different sites and just don’t want to get scammed and get junk.
Thanks for your help.
George {USA STOCK – READY TO SHIP} 166cm C-Cup WM Sex Doll #273 (


Thanks Tom, could you suggest a couple vendors?


Hey Tom, I was hoping you could tell me if this doll is legitimate? The site is Annie’s Dollhouse. I see this doll on several different sites and just don’t want to get scammed and get junk.

Thanks for your help.



Hello Tom, is legit?


Hey Tom, wondering if is legit or not. If not, can you tell me a good priced robotic doll that I can get AI for. I’m interested in this site because the doll can move its hips. So I’m looking for that plus AI and trying to make it $5k or less. Thank you for your assistance.


hi Tom im lookin at this doll and kts from i want to know if i can buy this and it will last like a wmdoll or if seamless is horrible it seems nice to me and this doll has the only boobs design i like can you help?


Tom, I am curious you recommend sexdolls-shop awfully hard and claim to buy the majority of your dolls through them, how do we know you are not paid to advertise or get a kickback for getting them customers? They are the most expensive site out of all of the websites you list to be legit, so if they are legit why do you push so hard for people to order off of sexdolls-shop and not one of the other legit competitors? I am not trying to be a douche or necessarily accuse you of anything I am just worried since… Read more »


Hello Tom, Watched all of your videos and read through all of your fantastic information. Thank you for providing all of this information. Can you suggest a contact at (or another site) for creating a custom doll ? I really want to create a doll just like the pornstar Young Ginger lynn. I know this might be more expensive but it is the dream. I have seen some dolls that look like celebrities like Anjelina Jolie. Thank you for all your time and work. John


Hello Tom,
can you tell me why almost all the sales sites give as a detail of the skeleton, that it is steel saddle, or steel with ball joint, but it never speaks of stainless steel. For what ? I would like to have a confirmation on one or two sites, on which the steel skeleton is indeed the stainless steel one. have you ever seen this? Thank you for your answers. Alain


Is a legit looking site to you?
Also – I am looking for an In-stock piper doll. Do you think the 140 silicone phoebe piper is safe to get? It seems to have a reinforced, enlarged butthole to prevent tearing. 
thanks for your time!


Hi Tom,
I have a quick couple of questions. Firstly, is the legit home page for the Game Lady brand or is it a scam site trying to masquerade as such? Secondly, if it is legit, what are your thoughts on their “US In Stock” offerings in which the prices are cheaper in return for accepting some minor defects that have been listed up front and photographed? It seems mostly to be stuff like problems in the hips, would you say that would be a no-go?


Hi Tom!
I’m just looking to get a Piper Ariel 140cm TPE shipped to US asap.
Where do you think I should look to because the has been saying “Temporarily Out of Stock” and a lot of the other sites I find don’t even have Piperdolls. Is my solution? Any estimates on how long you think it’d take them assuming they really are official/legit. Thanks so much for any of your time or advice great site!


Hi, Tom!
Can you recommend the best doll 140cm + below 1600$ please?
And what was the best cheapest doll you’ve ever faced?


Hi, Sorry for the Message, it makes me shy, but im getting a problem and i really didnt have anybody to ask help. I had ordered a doll at the page ‘yourdoll’ , and inmediatley late i send a message telling them that i wanted to cancel the order, because i changed my mind. The problem is that they didnt make any refund, they only say that them will make it, but never did it. I pay them through PayPal, and they can do nothing. I wanted to know if you have any idea about what can i do in… Read more »


Hi, this link explains better they Policy:

david this site fake or scam or real?


thanks for reply, you mind telling me your experience with them bad doll handling or unprofessionalism on their part or?


Hi there, great site, I’m glad you exist! I’m a doll newbie and I feel overwhelmed to say the least.
I have been looking for months, finally found something I really liked the look of, I was wondering what your experience with Aibie Dolls is or if you know about them at all please?
This is the Lady I’ve been looking at…


will you review the new piper doll? its supposed to have articulated fingers


Is a reliable website? I’m new.


Hello Tom, I was wondering if you happened to know if was legitimate or not


Hi Tom,
Is My Robot Doll a legitimate vendor? I am interested in this doll minus the electronic features:

What interested me was the doll’s weight of 60lbs and its LHP.


I want to buy a sex doll from sexdoll-shops like you recommended. However that website has no reviews on trustpilot, and a website that you don’t recommend, rosemary doll, have over 120 reviews.


Hello. I am wondering about the validity of this website, and in particular the doll as well. It seems to be on a decent discount. I am a potential first time buyer, so I’m not sure if dolls go on discount once the newer lines come out or anything. I would most likely be using Klarna, which seems to be a safe option as Klarna is reputable and I would only begin payments once I receive my product. It looks to be a Chinese based company, which after some quick skimming seems to be a bad thing in your opinion,… Read more »


Hey! I found this EU based website and I wonder whether or not I should make a purchase on it:
Do you have any suggestions for legit EU-based resellers?


Hi, please confirm whether the WM doll 155DD has correct LHP. Thank you


hi can you help me see the articulated vs non articulated fingers option does her wrist have mobility without it or something does it give her wrist mobility im confused on this one can you help please


Hi, can you please tell me if this doll/vendor is legit?

Thank you


Hi, can I buy a doll from Hismith?
I have bought a great sex machine from them but I don’t know how about their dolls.


Hi! Is legit ? I want to buy a good torso but Tantaly doesnt ship for my country in europe. I found the version that i wanted (Monica) in the fantasywives for the same price. This site is listed in best dolls sites but i cant find much reviews. If it isnt legit can you indicate a legit site for me that i can buy torsos, its been some time that im looking for any good torso but i cant find. Im a 6’4 guy and all 19+in torsos that i found is from scam sites that stole photos but i cant… Read more »


Hello Tommy, I’m looking to make an informed purchase on an Aotume doll from the price seems accurate at $1600 USD


Hi Tom. I am looking at an AIBEI doll sold on Alibaba. It’s only $390 (before shipping) and the supplier name is Dongguan Aibei Silicone Products.

On the same doll starts at $1499.

Do you think the Alibaba one is any good or will I be disappointed?


I watched almost all your videos, very informative. Great job man on creating this site and providing us all this info, keep up the good work. You just saved my ass from getting scammed and wasting my time and money.

I’ll probably end up buying the one from Sexdolls Shop. More expensive but seems to be worth it.


Hi Tom, I have a quick question I hope you can answer. I’m looking into getting my first doll and instantly fell in love with this silicone one from Irontech. However after looking more into Irontech, I noticed a lot of people complaining about their paint work and that the entire skin tone is painted on. Some said they have noticed paint wearing off within a month or so, revealing white silicone underneath. Is this true? I really don’t what to fork over a great deal of money on something with flimsy, short lived paint work. This is the… Read more »


Well that’s a shame! Out of all the companies I’ve looked at, I found Irontech’s dolls look the most stunning! Do you know of another company that creates well made silicone dolls where this won’t be an issue?


I am interested in buying a doll but I have doubts about the reliability of the pages.
I would like to know if these pages are real

Lee hicks

Looking for reviews on fanreal sex dolls.ordered 170 g cup maria ,but can’t get a lot of info about product


Hi, can please indicate the shore hardness value of Irontech and Wm extra soft Tpe


Hi Tom, first of all, thanks for sharing all your knowledge. I’m looking to buy my first doll and it’s very helpful. Second, may I have your email so we can get in contact? I want to share some info but not here. Thank you.


Hey Tom, I was wondering if any of these websites are safe to purchase a doll I am looking for. Her name is Miyoko and she is 5ft 5in (165 cm) and I have seen this doll on other sites, but these were the first 3 sites I saw first. I read your article and reviews about being careful when buying a doll that weighs a lot, and I appreciate all the info you give for this topic and many other topics when it comes to buying a doll. The Miyoko doll weighs 53kg (116lb) and I know it’s kind… Read more »


Thanks for the reply Tom. I’m still saving up to buy a doll but will try to find her on another safe site. I’ll start looking at what else is available from the websites you listed and the ones on the r/sexdolls faq.

Once again I appreciate your help

John Waterpull

Hello folks, I am about to buy WM doll but the price difference…

As you can see from sexdolls-shop the price is about $1000 less than directly from WM so my question is why is that?
Yet another website offers same model even cheaper…

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Hey tom I was thinking about buying the tifa doll on from the manufacturer game lady. Was wondering if I could have your thoughts about it

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Hi Tom and thanks for your site. I have quite a few questions which I haven’t found answered already. First, thanks for your specific doll reviews. I was looking for someone reviewing the LHP as I want it natural, and you’ve done exactly that. Thanks! You buy/test quite a lot of dolls to be one person. Do you get commision or discounts from, and any chance you could share a discount code or similar? Please excuse me for asking, as I know you use a lot of energy explaining your neutrality, but you recommend that shop in (all?) articles… Read more »


Thanks for your feedback Tom! Much appreciated. I didn’t know that about them. Thanks.

When/if you get time, I hope you may have a look at my other questions too. I know I had a lot of questions and it’s great to have an expert’s answers:-):-)



Thank you for your response. According to the website, taxes are already included for Mexico; in fact, they have a blog dedicated to Mexico where they explain the shipping and customs process: I have been researching the contact methods, and it seems they don’t have a phone number, but they do have an email and address. The address can be found in the legal notice section. Regarding Sex Doll Shop, I would really love to make a purchase on their website due to its superior customization compared to Sex Doll Relatos. However, if you’re in Mexico, the buyer is… Read more »

standing desk

I want to buy one


Hey, I’ve been looking for a mini sex doll, under 60 cms, due to needing it for when I travel. Any good website suggestions as most you have mentioned don’t make mini ones. I found cute sex dolls . com, but I think they may be a scam

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Hi there just had a question as I am looking into getting a new doll looking to get a silicone doll but I am currently torn between 3 different companies which are zelex doll irontech and top sino I am currently leaning more towards zelex for the realism of their new insert which has its own labia flaps but am also interested in top sino but am not sure about if their price is worth it as I’ve heard their quality is not amazing

mario daniel araujo

hello !!! I am in love with the WM 1.74cm G-cup doll, excellent review !!! I am saving money to buy it, I live in Argentina, but it is very expensive for me, I am a short man, 1.66 cm tall, but I really like tall wrists, especially with large, muscular and well-formed buttocks and above all that Love holes are not so exposed, this doll has 8 points out of 10 for me, when I collect the money, I want you to be prepared to choose the best one, if it’s not too much to ask, could you recommend… Read more »


I have been looking around and I and torn between ordering from two sites. and Can anyone vouch for or verify if reallovesexdolls is legit? Most of their dolls are on average about $100 cheaper then sexdolls-shop. reallovesexdolls also responded to a number of emails I sent usually within 4-8 hours or the next day if I sent it late. I know Tom recommends sexdolls-shop the most, but their site honestly sketches me out. The whole website looks like it was just thrown together in a hurry and the fact that half of the pictures on doll pages… Read more »

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Another issue I have with sexdolls-shop is they dont seem to offer what rlsd calls “3.0 ball jointed hands” which are available on wm doll models, they seem more sturdy and less likely to be damaged then wire. They also dont offer the boltless standing feet option which I think is going to be a must from me so I can take it in the bath with me sometimes.

Please let me know if those options are available and I just missed them or something.


Hi Tom!I sent you a DM on Reddit, I don’t know if you got it. I know that for you Xbiz or TDF awareness is just a front to deceive the weak. I would love to talk to you, please give me an email address for you.This is not a scam or any other type of advert, looking forward to your reply.


Hi I want to thank you for your work and this blog and also i have few questions. First I had a look at website in Norway it seemed okay to me but i don’t know if you would be able to tell for foreign website I’ll try contacting them. Or i might use sexdoll shop thst you recommend since they ship world wide. And i would like to ask about dolls so i know there’s 2 materials tpe and silicone, but i don’t know what to choose and i dont want to make a bad choice that ill… Read more »


Thank you Tom for you reply. I guess TPE it is then for me, I have read that Starpery dolls can be made with TPE body and soft head. Is that soft head really soft or just a tinny bit softer than hard one? Basically after seeing starpery ayumi I dont see any other doll, looking as good as that, there aren’t many BBW dolls as far as i saw that are actually realistically BBW with fat on belly and so on.


Hi tom, just wondering if this website is legit?


Hiya Tom!  Great website and information you have added here. Fascinated by the level of knowledge you have acquired over the course of years. Thanks for your recommended vendors list and guides about sex dolls. Really helped me gain an insight into the sex-doll industry and the way they function. I have come across a website called siliconelovers a website based on UK and offers shipments to other parts of the world. The details provided in this website about doll, head model, sizes of each doll, manufacturers seems consistent with that of sexdolls-shop. Siliconelovers provide information of their shipment dates and… Read more »


There is so many companies online selling these things and they are so expensive. Which companies are legitimate and which are scammers?it’s hard to tell some might have fake reviews


Hi Tom!

The most common doll sizes are way too big for my current circumstances. I was wondering if these 100cm dolls, that I’ve been seeing around the Internet, are legit in any shape or form? If they are, do you know any proper vendors that sell them? The websites you’ve linked all don’t offer them.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Tom or readers, I have been eyeing on https://www.lit…, do you think their website is trustable to buy from? If no, do you know other website/s that I can get her from?, I live in Singapore so it would be appreciated if the website/s ships to Singapore. Thanks in advance!


Hey Tom, I got hooked on a website called (, they also have .jp and .de domains), have an Aliexpress shop, TikTok channel where they post regularly their new stocks and are probably a chinese company (ikr). They sell their own dolls but also others (WMDoll, SyDoll, JYDoll, etc.). The legitimacy of these dolls are ofc not proven to be 100% real, i know. I found little on reddit and dollforum regarding reviews on the buying process and product quality but I was in the end convinced by their web store to purchase a doll for 1,300$ which I… Read more »

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Hi Tom, I live in Korea and it’s much closer to China. I would rather buy from a china warehouse. Most of the US/UK shops don’t even ship to me or ship at very high prices. Can you recommend a reseller based in China or Asia?


Hi Tom, if I have a budget of 300, what’s your recommendation ? I frankly don’t even mind getting not so well made knock off at that price, but even the headless ones from china look absolutely plastic and terrible at that price point. Everything is a scam. I have heard of tantaly but they seem very small for the price, and look like kids sizes which i find disturbing. Any other recommendations?


Hello Tom I just ordered my first doll from Are they legit?


What do you think about the Dalinch dolls?


Hi Tom, I saw your comparison of WM and Piper dolls. How often have you had to oil TPE WM dolls vs Piper dolls over the years? Also, how long have your WM and Piper dolls lasted without damage, with proper maintenance?


Hi tom is legit i wanna buy their otaku doll


is this site legit? i bought a doll but now im not sure.. i want to know soon so i can get a refund if need be.


Your website has been a great help for me. I was curious if you had to pick one sex doll brand. What would say is your all time favorite?
Second, what would you say is the highest quality sex doll brand compared to the price so best “Bang” for the buck (pun intended). 

Thank you,



Thanks a lot again Tom!


Is legit? Their super low prices make me suspicious.


Hi Tom

Is it true that only fragrance free baby oil is good for TPE doll care? Most baby oil has fragrance.


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Hi Tom, do you think it is safe to buy this doll? I have not seen many stores sell this particular model


Any chance that elo… is a good place to buy from? If not, do they just take your money and run or do they actually send a doll? Thank you.


Hi Tom. What do you think about RIDMII Dolls?


Hi Tom, Thank you for providing all of this great information ! Recently saw a doll I think I will finally pull the trigger on. It is here . This has brought up a question about celebrity look a like dolls. I understand there are all kinds of legal issues but you do see a few like Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway. So my question is: can you special order a celebrity look a like doll from a top notch provider like sexdolls discretely ? CarrieFisherforexample.Thanks


Thanks for the quick response Tom ! What do you think about the quality of the doll Yennefer ? Please can you give me a couple of recommendations for top notch vendors who build fully customized dolls ? Thank you for sharing all of this knowledge Sir !


Glade I found this site I was very close to purchasing none reliable vendors such as”happy girls doll”, “my mini sex doll”, and “mini sex doll” When I emailed those two last sites I was surprised to find it was the same person that replied and got me thinking. Also, I was this close to purchasing from JY Doll it looks legit and cheap($300-$400 on 60-70cm)then saw the pictures from reviewers it didn’t look anything like advertising and they hardly have an actual picture. They claim all their 60-70cm dolls are full silicone. So I’m looking for 60-80cm legit dolls… Read more »


Is the following a Legit place and if not is there a UK shop you know of as okay.

Sex Doll UK Supplier – Lovedoll UK


Is reliable and real


Hi Tom, I’m looking to buy my first doll. Does this site look legit to you? So far they seem to give good advice, they have lot of articles on their site and prices look in the right range. As I live in Europe, i would prefer to have a good local
selling company to avoif having to dral with custom issues for example. Also have you ever tried the WM Doll 161cm G-CUP ( Thanks


Thanks Tom! Would you know any serious resaler in Europe which you would recommend?


I have a question for you. What can you find out about a company called nake doll . Please let me know if you find anything and what you found out. I have not been able to find out anything.


If you got stranded on deserted island and you could only take one sex doll with you , which one would it be?


Hey Tom. I’m looking to get a doll under 5ft so I can hide it easier, is sexdollstation legit? If not can you point me somewhere where I can hopefully spend under 1k


Thanks, Tom. I really appreciate it!


Hi, i post 2 comment today but i can’t see them anymore, did you get it or is it a bug

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after my comment i remembered this , if it’s not a scam and he can actually change the structure of the vagina, why couldn’t he change the lips of the vagina (which are still quite horrible) as well as the place of the holes…


first of all, thank you for all this information, it avoids a lot of surprises and inconvenience. I was considering buying this doll :, whith the face #452 : — face # 452 because it’s compatible with ROS (real oral sex), do you have an opinion on this option? _ the body is all i’m looking for, very slim, a-cup, hips 28 (71cm), and it’s the only one I found on the whole market that offers this (If anyone has any other references of this style, I would be very grateful if you could share). but after looking through… Read more »


I currently live in Australia and it is super expensive to buy a Tantaly product as they add on a $200 USD shipping fee. Would this German sex doll site be legit if I were looking to just buy a sex torso? As they are the only other website I can see that also stock Tantaly


What do you think about RosemaryDoll shop? What is your opinion about them? You did not include them in this list:

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Oh now I see. But its very weird. So, its a Chinese vendor but they have a store/office in New York? How can this be?

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Thomas Palmer

Has anyone had dealings with “”?


Hello, would anyone know if this website is legit ?
They have decent reviews, a very professional looking interface but just wanted to make sure.

Mike Black

Is JS Dolls a legit site? If not can you give me a list of legit sites ?

tony is this shop legit?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x