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As you know by now, I am a sex doll expert. I have bought many of them, I know the market, I know sex dolls, I know what I am talking about.

Just ask me any question you want in the comment section below and I will answer you.









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Hi Tom, I just had a quick question. Do you have an suggestions on how to best care for and clean your sex doll? I have a WM TPE doll and I’ve seen varying opinions on YouTube on how to wash the doll. Some say to use either antibacterial hand soap or dishwashing liquid to clean the doll, while others say to use cleaning solutions specifically designed for sex toys. What should I use? Also, do I need to use non-scented baby oil to clean off dust/dirt from the doll or do I use something else to sanitize/sterialiize the doll?


hi, may i know which is the best and most reliable brands to buy legs sex doll? Like the lower body from the hips down to the toes, cuz rn i can’t find any reliable or good ones. Budget should be around 500USD if its possible. Thank you


Tom, I’m trying to buy this doll from RPSEXDOLL: I want to add heating and voice features to the customization options, but their staff told me it’s not worth the money to add these features. Do you think it’s because they can’t provide these features, or are they telling the truth?btw: should I consider buying from somewhere else?

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Hey Tom, it’s me again. That 90 CM Akane doll I got is great. It came with an outfit, but I low key wanna get a different one. From the research I’ve done, and thanks to your blog, I’ve learned to be very cautious of buying dolls from a plethora of shady sites. But, do I need to exert that same level of caution for the clothing? I want to buy 90 cm IROKEBIJIN clothing for my 90 cm Akane, I immediately found some on TheDollChannel. Do you think ordering here will end ok? Or do you have better sites… Read more »

Rafa M

Which are the top 5 legit websites for you to buy new dolls? Or the ones you have used to buy your dolls?

Apart from those, do you have any top 3 legit sites to buy new dolls for starters/beginners?

I am entering into this world, is awesome but sadly I have seen there is a lot of scam and I really can’t afford to lose money on those

Thanks in advance for your hard work on this website and all of you knowledge!

Bob Bittere

Hi, is legit reseller?


Hi, Tom Thanks for your time to answer I almost make my order with them. Please can you recommend a drop shippers? I reviewed with your list sellers recommended but none send directly to Mexico.


Hi Tom, Thank you for creating this great website and sharing your expert advice and opinions on sex dolls and best tips on how and where to purchase them. I’m a first time purchaser of a sex doll and wanted to get your guidance on the following: (1) Is Rosemary Doll a legit vendor? They seem to be well established and offer a lot of freebies and customizations but after reading your website, I’m not sure about them. They also haven’t responded to any of my inquiries. I’m located in the US. (2) What are your opinions about the Ironcast… Read more »


Thanks Tom for your quick reply back and your advice. As you noted, don’t believe it if it’s too good to be true. I will go with your recommended vendor list. I apologize for that error. I misspoke. It was Irontech. I found your “Best of” article, so I will read your reviews there. Thanks again Tom for your feedback.


Hey Tom!

I was wondering if you had any experience with any of these sites? I’m looking to get this particular doll, but I have no idea where to buy it from, if I can. Your help is greatly appreciated, keep up the good work!


Hey Tom, thank you so much for your infos and tips you shared. I’ve read your article about young looking dolls, and I have a question. Currently, I am planning to place an order for this bjd doll from China. She is 58cm in height but has all the features of a woman. Big breasts, hip lines, tall legs. However, she does have an anime looking face, which I am wondering it might cause confusion to CBSA agents in the border. Reason I want this doll is because of her size, I can easily store it whenever someone visits. I… Read more »


Is Marielove doll a legit Vendor, because the dolls look nice, but i dont want to get scammed at the same time


thanks for the clarification


Thanks for all the work you made maintaining your blog, it is very useful.
My question is do you have any review about actual AI doll ?  Is it worth buying it in 2024 or we should wait until they can move and have more social skills ?

Bob Bittere

Hi, TOM I have read your website many times. The tips you share are very helpful. And let me tell you that I contacted the seller sexdolls-shop and chose a doll, the problem is that I am in Mexico, fortunately for me, they can ship through a commercial broker, BUT the price of the doll is very very expensive. doll, apart from the fact that you can’t buy just the doll, they always offer you other things, obligatory like an extra head, or a wig, or their costumes, and surprise gifts. I honestly think the price would go down if… Read more »

Bob Bittere

Hi, Tom The last time that I put in contact with them, was since one year. In base on your advise, I will contact again.  Thank you for answer, I am on TDF only to have more details, you are right, some persons doesnt have idea about vendors and models of dolls.  I have a particular question, I would like to that you share with us a article about, why some manufacturing vendors (not sellers) have a several reviews and promotional information on everywhere, and why another not, some dolls that look spectacular, doesnt have a review, no promocional on every… Read more »

Rafa M

I am from Mexico too!

Lets get posted here if we find vendors that ships here, I am interested and searchinv for one that isn’t a scam

Which websites have you tried or convinced you the most to buy and ship to mexico?

I would appreaciate any info, thanks!

Bob Bittere

Hi Rafa, you can write me on
I would like to share with you all my investigation, trying to sending to Mexico


Hello Tom are Elovedolls a scam let me know in the comments please


Hi Tom,
I was wondering if you had any dealings with Amazon dolls? I was looking at this doll for a companion.


I figured as much. It was worth an ask. Are then any lower cost dolls anywhere that you would recommend? I am handicapped and unemployed so I can’t spend too much money and I don’t want a doll that is 70 pounds+. Any advice?


Hey Tom, has anyone checked out I want a doll that isn’t too heavy or takes up space.

I did see a 2B model but that one is alittle too small (Loridoll), but they basically bought the bulk of them from somewhere else and is basically reselling for more profit.


Hi Tom, I’m looking at some dolls on an Australian site and was wondering if you know if they’re legit or not. Thanks In advance! I don’t plan on buying a full size one at the moment just wanted to know for future reference, I’m mostly looking to start off with a decent sized torso doll.

Miss Sophia

Also very curious to talk you about your sexdoll brothel haha! I see the website you trust carries the dolls i was interested in anyways, thanks for that info x

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Miss Sophia


I have seen these dolls on a few sites, but this seems to be the main supplier. I am wondering if you know anything about them or the quality x


Have you reviewed any Angel Kiss (WM) silicone dolls? I really want a hot and soft silicone doll and their 162 looks really good for me (and my height). Thanks for your time, Tom.


Hi Tom, I want to buy my first doll, I loved this option and it is on this page:, do you think they are legit?


Hi Tom, Ive read your comments and you know your stuff. Anyways I came across and the dolls look amazing. Right now the manufacture is running a special for $1999 and chatting with a sale rep there Lisa. I have the doll picked out and invoiced and ready to buy but Im not sure as it might be a scam. My last doll I bought from rosemary and they did a great job on getting my doll from Zelex with the 165cm and no complaints, What do you feel about Normondoll and buying it from the manufacture instead through… Read more »


Want to buy sex doll from Moon-Doll, this is the website link.®-649-deep-throat-silicone-head-only-no-h3511?variant=44490924949751
I also want to know if this specific product is any good for casual bjs and deepthroats especially with its suction function. Thanks!


Greetings Tom, thanks for all your work here! I’m curious if you’ve had any dealings with If not, where would you recommend one acquire a WM Doll? Specially looking at Tilly:
Thanks again!


Yeah that’s what I thought, thanks for confirming! It looks like this doll is very similar but from your shop of choice:

Cody kind

Hi Tom I was wondering if this website any good

steven weber

Hi Tom, I just read your comment about VenusLoveDolls from 4 months ago because I was researching them to see if they are trustworthy– although Trustpilot and Google reviews are good when I asked about a predelivery inspection they gave me a bullshit excuse saying that they can’t open the box. When I mentioned that customs does, she said that this was only a rare occurrence and that they had to trash the doll if the box had been opened, which we know for certain is bullshit. The only reason I’m checking into them over Marco is because they are… Read more »


Hi Tom, thank you so much for helping a lot of people. I’m just an old retired guy who wants to have a companion, I like this sex doll:, do you think they are legit?


Thank you so much, Tom! Of course I’m looking for a huge ass an a thin waist with good tits, would you give me an alternative?  


HI, I’ve searched for a FunWest doll
Following the “never buy from factory rule” i’ve checked the partner shops.
Found the shop recommended by you
But also found a drop shipper about 350$ cheaper
The question is: If the same factory sells these dolls the reason for difference in price could mean cheaper materials?
edit: The drop shipper was also tagged as a partner shop by the factory.

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Hi , can you tell me if this website looking safe for you ? I ask them some questions (shipping and dimensions ) they answered me very fast.
On they link to this site for official reseller (
Thx in advance for your recommandation.
Have a nice day


Thanks for your advice , I’m gonna call them to try and ask more questions.
They give some characteristics (

To be sure you talk about “SexDoll boutique” not

And thanks for all the support and your work.

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I’m not sure I agree with your assessment of the Zelex brand. Their price point is comparable to Irontech and WM doll. Furthermore, they have made many improvements with their Inspiration series, ie EXP skeleton, pigmented silicone base, durable colour finish that resists fading, ultra realistic body colouring and texture, and articulated fingers. They also offer complete customization. WM and Starpary are not even in their league.


Hello Tom, the price for this picture provided by their website is very tempting. Do you think it’s real?

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What about I found their site on the DollForum, it looks legit, but also odd that I can’t find any info from anyone who has bought from them.


Hey Tom, could you check for me if the kumadoll website is trustworthy?

I discovered this site from a pornhub channel recommendation.

I checked the sites you recommended, but the prices are a little high for my current conditions, but who knows in the future


Looking to buy in the UK any idea if this site is legit


Hey Tom do you know where its best to buy a doll made by Bezlya? I prefer if it’s cheaper but still good quality. Thanks


Hey Tom I’m wondering if this site is legit? I can’t seem to find reviews of people buying from here. The dolls can’t be modified either so that sketches me out.


Hi Tom, 
While browsing online for a new sex doll, I stumbled upon some figure sex dolls on kanadoll that caught my eye. However, I’ve read on reddit that kanadoll might not be a legitimate business. I would greatly appreciate your assistance if you could help me in locating either the official seller or a reputable alternative retailer. Below are the links to the figures sex doll in question.
Thank you 


Hi Tom,
In the current sex doll market, which doll brand do you think is producing the most realistic doll? I am leaning towards the Zelex Inspiration series. I love the Irontech real lady, but the cost exceeds my budget right now.


I want to buy an automatic sexdoll torso and found this site   
Is it legit?

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Hi Tom: Do you think this is authentic Starpery product or a fake? The price of $1689 seems to be cheaper than competitor.
Thanks for your insight.


Is this a legit site? I’m new to this whole scenario

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Hello Tom
Could you tell me if I order this doll, would I be satisfied? THANKS
On the Spanish site at the price of €990.00
Thank you


Hello Tom
Could you tell me where I could find this doll? Please
Thank you Alain


Hi   TomThanks,
Here is the site where I saw this doll demonstrated
What do you think, is it possible to obtain this model?
THANK you so mutch


Is sosexdoll legit the prices are great but seems fake or a catch but google says they are good?


Can you tell me if this doll as well as this site is legit?


Hi Tom. Apparently, gamelady claims their website is down and is using this alternate site 

I tried contacting the original gamelady site, however they haven’t seemed to check their emails from the past 2 weeks I originally sent them the email. Their discord server has over 1,300 members, however I’m a bit sketched out if those are bots or not. Any thoughts?


Hi Tom!
Just wanted some insight on, compared to real boobs, what option, on most common sites, would be the closest one, feel-wise? Solid, Hollow, Gel-filled?


Hi Tom,
Just want to ask whether this vendor is legit or not, I tried to dig their info but couldn’t find anything promising.


Sorry Tom, This site, I’m looking at their mini ones

Anon Omous

Hey Tom,

I’m not looking for a sex doll but for torsos. I was wondering if this website is legit.
I am currently looking into bbw sex torsos and I am wondering where I can purchase them from.

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Hey Tom! Thank you for your reviews and recommended suppliers. It is very helpful. I am planning on buying this doll from Irontech after reading your reviews: I am having a dilemma choosing between the soft vs hard silicone head. After reading through many reviews, they both have their pros and cons, However, I’ve read that the soft variant is disproportionately (almost comically) larger than the hard variant and does not match well with the size of the body. This is the deciding factor for me as realism plays a large role in my decision. Can you confirm if… Read more »


Hi Tom

What can I do if I already bought in Bestrealdoll? Do people receive the dolls when they buy from Bestrealdoll or get scam?


Hi Tom, Im an anime lover and want to get a Irokebijin doll and I initally was looking at 90 cm dolls since price, storage, and being able to hide it from company was a concern. But, I just recently learned that it’s illegal in my state of KY to get small sex dolls–specifically if they have anatomically correct child features (which 100% makes sense to me). I thought this was fine since I was planning on getting the Akane one with Big boobs and it has no resemblance to anatomically correct child whatsoever, but I don’t know how this works since… Read more »


Thanks for your response! I was so focused and anxious on researching shit and waiting that I didn’t even notice till now.  An Update for you and those who may be in a similar boat: After some extensive research about that ky law, and then more extensive research on that robotsexdoll website’s reviews and also reaching out to their support with dozens of questions that actually all got answered in a timely manner by some lady named Alice, I finally felt confident enough to try them.  They claimed to have a stock of some already in Cali (which would totally… Read more »


Hi Tom
What can you tell me about the OR doll brand? I am a fan of dolls height 156 cm cup H I can’t find them on, Do you have a legitimate reseller for this brand? Thank you for your answers


Thank  you  so  mutch


Hi Tom: Thanks for all your informative helps. What do you think of I am interested in their Starpery doll, and want to make sure it will be authentic. Thanks again!


Hi Tom,

Have you had a chance to look at the new Real Lady by Irontech? I was wondering if this new line utilizes the same quality materials and mfg processes as other Irontech dolls? I am very impressed by the 1:1 configuration and the ultra realistic skin texture and overall natural body attributes. I’m very close to pulling the trigger on one of these magnificent works of art.


Hey Tom.Thanks for your time helping everyone.Do you know where to find an article/video demonstrating how to get the ladies into different love making positions?


Hi Tom.Just wondering if there are any legit mini sex doll supplier’s in the 100cm to 140cm range & can they be shipped to Australia. I bought a large breasted, tall doll over 6 month’s ago & trying to move it nearly killed me,I’m 55 & that kind of weight was way to much solid just like to know if it’s possible to get them here.Thank you.



Can I trust this website?

There are really a lot of dolls on sale


I bought one from them and the customer service was good, they always answered my requests.
My mind was already set when I contacted them to buy a doll so I didn’t have the pre-selling experience but they sent me more pictures of the body and configurations without asking.
I can say that I was happy with the service.


Hi Tom, why have there been no posts since March 2023?

Also another question. Why are Tayu dolls so expensive? what’s special about them? Like this one with $4000 price tag

How much better are they than dolls of ~$1500 range?


Hi! I want to buy one of the new SEDOLL Silicone Pro ladies on but I am terrified to pull the trigger on one of them.
I guess I’m asking for reassurance that I will actually get her…?


Thank you so much Tom!
I know you get the same silly questions A lOT. lol


Hello Tom. I’m looking to buy this Zelex doll for about $2600

I know sexdolls-shop is among your reliable suppliers list, but on Zelex’s website the same doll is listed for $3900. Obviously I want to go with the cheaper option, but it seems sketchy that it’s so much cheaper on sexdolls-shop. Do you still think it’s safe for me to buy the doll from sexdolls-shop, and if it is, do you know how they’re able to sell it for so much cheaper?

(the doll on Zelex’s website for your convenience)

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Contact info provided by seller:


Tel: +86-20-8985 5297

Mobile: +86-189 3322 5151



WhatsApp: +86-159 2033 4902

WeChat: Aiadultx

Address: No.130 Xinhua Rd. Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China


Here is one of the pics they sent me.


Hi Tom,

Thank you for providing so much valuable insight and sharing your experiences in acquiring beautiful love dolls.

I was wondering if you have feedback regarding http://WWW.AIADULTX.COM. They are a China based company offering several dolls. I received some factory photos from them and the dolls appear to be legit. I appreciate any info you can provide. Take care.


These look good


Hello Tom, first of all I wanted to thank you for providing great resources to avoid scammers, saved me a bunch of money. However I am unsure about two websites and so far they seem like the only potential safe ones which offer the doll I am most interested in. The first website (and the more shady one) is this one: I saw you answering other people’s question about that website with you evaluating them as cheap drop shippers but that one would most likely receive an authentic doll. However I am still pretty wary of them because of… Read more »


Hello Tom, thanks so much for the response! I decided to go with sexyrealsexdoll since any other site where I found that doll looked (or was listed as) scam. Furthermore this is not my first sex doll. The one before was half the weight. But during positions I found her to be moving away from positions too frequently so I opted for a heavier (and thiccer) model this time. I am used to lift and work with 125+ lbs goods on a daily basis due to work so I am confident that I can manage her heavy beauty. The bed… Read more »


Hi Tom, is a legit business? I mainly want to buy a ROS head and I’m living in EU. I couldn’t find any shops that sell those heads other than this one. (Maybe I’m just bad at finding the right shops, if you have a recommendation, I’d be glad to hear it! :))


I see. Thanks for the help and the link 🙂


btw do you know this company They also have ROS heads it seems, but would be located in europe (and like roughly half the price of the

Aaron Kraus

Hi Tom, I was hoping for help finding a doll. Only if you’re up for it of course. I know Kanadoll isn’t reputable but after reverse image searching images of the doll I’ve only seen this doll on suspicious sites thus far. And I know it exists because scammers usually post images of other dolls and claim it as their own. It’s also a minidoll (nothing child like of course), but they’re legal in my neck of the woods and I was hoping to find a reputable place to buy it from. This is the kanadoll link to the doll… Read more »

Aaron Kraus

Hey Tom,
I’ll check these out thanks a ton for looking! Also, I had a question from a friend of mine looking into dolls as well if that’s alright; he wants to know if is a legitimate vendor. Thanks again!


Hey Tom i wanted to know if this product is actually real and if its a trusted website

Reese turner

Hey Tom I saw this site on the sex doll subreddit a d wanna know if the place is legit. I sure hope it is because it seems promising and I don’t want to be disappointed again


Hello tom i would like to know if this site is legit.
Elden Ring Melina Sex Doll H-cup Black Widow TPE Love Dolls (


Hello Tom,
I would like to know if you know which dolls or which manufacturers make vaginas with wide openings, in videos on YouTube, I often look at this detail because I would like to have easy penetration.
thank you for your answers


Hi Tom, hope you’re doing well, I’m a first timer from Southamerica and I’ve found a seller (the only one in my country apparently) his store is 10 min from my apartment and I was planning on mailing them some questions on the points you stated on your guide. Where do they buy their dolls from, If I could see them before buying etc. I mean they could lie of course but is there any other way to see if theyre legit? Here’s the page



Hi tom,I was wondering if you knew if this doll website was legit or not. Through my limited research it’s a bit mixed, but I wanted to make absolute sure.


Hello Tom, I am in Belgium (EUROPE) and I would like to look for a doll at RS DOLL in Germany in Bochum, (warehouse and showroom) is this a good idea?
thank you  Alain


Thank you so mutch  TOM


Hello Tom, I am in Belgium (EUROPE) and I would like to look for a doll at RS DOLL in Germany in Bochum, (warehouse and showroom) is this a good idea?


Hello, is this a legit vendor?


Hey Tom thanks for this useful information my question is is super a legit vendor site. The prices are a little ridiculous but there are some review videos out there for them.


Hello Tom, as a first time buyer, I wanted to get something cheap so I can see if I’m into sex dolls or not. I wanted to try out a torso first but the one that don’t look undersized are starting around $900 on tantaly. Would a cheap torso like this one off amazon be a good “demo” before I commit to an expensive one? Or do you think this ones just a scam?


Hello Tom, I came across this website.
In your opinion, should a purchase a doll from here?


Hey Tom, do you know any place where I can sell a sex doll? It’s a funwest doll I wanna sell.


Hey there,what do you think about “”? Its relatively new german shop of a chinese company. They offer safe payment via paypal and have really good prices.


Hi, i’m trying to fine somewhere to buy the doll in the picture, it’s a MozuDoll and whatever i find are scam websites and aliexpress, i need it to ship to Italy


Hi Tom, I am new here, Is this a legit doll site?

Thanks in advance and for the helpful site! Kudos. I was going to buy a Zelex doll from SiliconeLovers. On Zelex’s site they say SL is one of their vendors. What’s your take on SiliconeLovers?


I need some advice about the my loli waifu site, I can’t find any product reviews. Is there a good seller of this brand within the EU?


Hi, Tom.
Have you ever thought about starting a google spreadsheet? I’m no new to the dolls, yet there’s just overwhelming amount of manufacturers and vendors. Most of vendors names are similar IMO. How do you even track all of this?
also, should make a separate spreadsheet on their advertising photo vs. customer feedback pics. it’d help many buyers and gives a clear idea on what to expect.
sorry, it’s just a thought that’s been stuck in my head for a long time now.


Hello, I would like to know if the pahina sosexdoll is legit


Thank You


Hi, can you reccommend ? Is it advisable to check for scamming websites on I did and has 56%


Hey Tom,
I’ve been concidering buying one of these two dolls.
Since you recommended sexdolls shop, im buying from there.
Do have any experience with the brand funwestdoll? I couldn’t really find anything positive or negative but they seem pretty legit. 
Thanks for your work.
Best wishes.


Hey tom,
I was seeing if is a reliable site


is newrealdoll . com legit? I’m interested in True Idols dolls, but they seem sus


Hi, Tom. Thanks for the reply. They’re making false claims, so probably a bold scam. Anyways who is the legit vendor of the True Idols brand though?


Hey Tom I stumble upon this website and wanted to know if they’re legit or a scam?


Hi Tom,
I was wondering about doll storage. Since I’m a fairly lazy guy I was intending to just let the doll lie on the bed as “storage” (like with a towel underneath or wrapped around perhaps). Does that work, or will that cause problems in the long run?
Thanks so much for helping everyone with their questions btw. I really appreciate it!
Best Regards


Hi Tom! BEAUTIFUL website!! I have been meticulously researching to buy my first sex doll for quite some time now, can not believe I have only just come across this amazing resource, thank you much for putting in the time and effort to do so for the community!  Also, great to hear you are a “boob guy” as well because I would love to get your 2 cents on just that. In your expert opinion and experience, which brand (or maybe even models) do you think has the most realistic looking AND feeling breasts and nipples? And/or what options (such… Read more »

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