Best sex dolls – The best to the worst brand list in 2023

Best Sex Dolls in 2023

I will tell you what are the best sex dolls in 2023, as well as what are the worst ones!

Unlike 99.5% of all sex dolls reviewers, I have been buying sex dolls for the last 3 years now. Not only have I first-hand experience with them but I know know what brands built crap dolls and what brands built sex dolls that will last in time.

You wish to buy a sex doll, you spared your money and you found an honest and reliable vendor. Good job!
Your next challenge is not only to find your dream sex doll but also to find a good brand.

Here is a list of the brands that I know well. I know some of them better than others. I’ll tell you everything I know so that YOU do not make the mistakes I made. Even the best vendor, the most honest of them, the ones that will not let you down won’t give you this information. It’s not because they do not want it, it is because they do not have it.

Best sex dolls in 2023!


#1: Wmdoll
Best sex dolls
Wmdoll is on the top of our best sex dolls list. They are established, and they stand 100% behind their products.  Their doll’s skin is durable and their double joint skeleton is flexible and sturdy. Take note that their ultra-soft skin is more fragile. Good vendors will issue a warning regarding that type of skin.

Although their older sex dolls do not have a good love holes placement, their latest models have pretty good love holes placement and they offer the articulated fingers for all their big dolls. Their regular fingers are rigid but they, unfortunately, tend to snap after a few months.


#2: Irontech Silicone dolls
Best sex dolls

Irontech silicone dolls are the best of all the silicone dolls I have had the chance to see and touch personally. Their finishing is fantastic. The doll that I have reviewed had barely any seam lines. The craftwork is amazing, the skeleton is quiet and easy to move, the breasts feel great, the labia look fantastic and the vagina is a dream. Only drawback: They are heavy!

Here is a review I published of an Ironctech 164cm silicone doll

My best sex dolls in 2023 list!


#3: YLdoll
Best sex dolls
The second brand on our best sex dolls list YLdoll is produced by the same company as WM factory as WM. Although their models are different, YL specialized more in chubby ladies with realistic labia, both WM and YL produce basically the same doll. They use the same skin and the same skeleton.

My best sex dolls in 2023 list!


#4: 6YE
Best sex dolls

6YE doll is an established and serious brand. Their skin is nice, soft, and durable. Their upgraded (which they sell as an option) skeleton is flexible and sturdy. They generally have almost perfect love holes placement although not all of them do. They now do offer the articulated fingers options but it is very expensive. Their regular fingers are floppy and of bad quality. Although they claim to have TPE skin that does not require oiling, I would anyway recommend you oil it otherwise creases and cracks may appear. All in all, 6YE is a safe brand to buy.


#5: Irontech TPE
Best sex dolls

Irontech dolls produces good quality dolls. Their skin is very similar to the 6YE’s skin. It is resistant to creases and cracks under the condition that you oil it once a month, like most TPE dolls. It is a well-established company with a good reputation. Their default hands are floppy and not that good quality however, they do offer articulated fingers.

Their love holes placement is incorrect. The butt hole is too low and the vagina a little too high. It facilitates the missionary position however, on the other hand, it makes the doggy style more difficult: The vagina is too far.

Their skeleton seems to be sturdy and last in time. The reason for the first place is that I personaly find their TPE models less attractive. But that is only a question of personal taste. Irontechdoll is a safe brand to buy.


My best sex dolls in 2023 list!


#6: SEdoll
Best sex dolls
SEdoll is also produced by the same company as WM (Jinsan) They do not seem to use the same type of skeleton though. They have different rules in regards to their articulated fingers option. WM offer that option for 140cm + doll while SE offers it for 151cm + dolls. I also have the feeling that their skin color is a little different. I tend to think that their models are not as good quality as WM and YL. I personally had more issues with them than with the 2 other ones.


My best sex dolls in 2023 list!


#6: Starpery
Best sex dolls
Starpery is a brand that is quite new in the sex doll industry. As I write this article, they have been launched about 3 years ago. They produce incredibly realistic sex dolls which immediately attracted many sex doll fans.

All their dolls’ heads are in silicone and they offer their bodies in both TPE and silicone. I had the chance to own a doll with this configuration: Gel breasts, stand feet, TPE body, regular fingers (non-articulated fingers), weight reduction, and implanted hairs.

The head we had was made in very hard silicone, no oral sex was possible. To give you an idea, the skin was a tiny bit softer than a pinewood plank. It was very hard. The weight reduction option was nice, my doll which would have weighed 90 pounds was now reduced to a very comfortable 67 pounds however the price to pay was big: Except for her breasts which were soft, her body was much too hard for my taste. 

This lies in the foam core they use to reduce the weight of the doll. Foam is light. It is also hard. Her butt was extremely hard and there was absolutely no giggling going on there. If you are a butt lover, do not go for the weight reduction option. EDIT: They now have a soft butt option. It is an absolute must!

Her head was fantastically realistic however, she was kind of “sweating” on the face. You get used to it however, it is something I would have liked to avoid. Another factor to take into account if you should buy a doll with implanted hairs: they will eventually all fall off and you will need a wig. I brushed the doll’s hair 2 or 3 times and there were a bunch of hairs falling each time. They do not grow back. It can only result in her becoming bald sooner or later.

Last but not least, their butthole is extremely small. It is almost unusable for a North American to use. Their insert vaginas are definitely too small to use. If you are on the small size of the penis scale, a Starpery doll with an insert vagina is perfect for you. If you are like 6 inches and above, it will be too small. Make sure to check with your vendor that they can make a bigger built-in vagina.


My best sex dolls in 2023 list!

#7: Piper TPE dolls
Best sex dolls
Now come  the Piper doll. They are produced by the same company as Doll House 168: Doll 4 Ever and Irokebijin. Piper has been offering extremely attractive models for the past 5 years. They conquered an important part of the market with their unique models and their seamless neck dolls.

When you receive a doll built by Piper/Doll 4 Ever/Doll House 168, you will be immediately charmed by the craftwork. The skin is fantastically soft, non-oily, and flawless. Their dolls are perfect.

The issues start after a few months, sometimes after a few weeks, and sometimes even after a few days. Unfortunately, their skin creases and cracks rapidly. They are proud to state that their skin does not need oiling, it is a big mistake, you need to put oil on that skin otherwise your doll will be good for the garbage after 6 months.

Another problem is their skeleton. They brag a lot about their EVO skeleton which would be the most flexible in the market. It may be true, maybe not. The problem is that their articulations loosen extremely fast. I think it is the type of washer they use that wears off. It is simply not well made. They should either use a better type of metal or nylon washers which are known to last forever.


My best sex dolls in 2023 list!


#6: Zelex & GameLady dolls
Zelex is a brand that is quite new and has been taking the industry by surprise with their attractive and realistic models. The same goes with their sister company Game Lady which is specialized in gaming characters. They do offer a lot of goodies with their dolls and the price is usually not that high for a silicone doll. 

In reality, although their dolls look realistic, they do not look as realistic as the Starpery dolls in my opinion. The finishing quality is lacking a little. You can see big seams on each side of the body. Just like all silicone dolls, the skin is very firm, which gives a touch of realism, after all, our arms and rib cage is not made of jello! When you choose a silicone doll, always take one model that has a soft butt option otherwise you will most probably regret it.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad brand! The only reason why they are in this best sex dolls in 2023 position is their lack of quality finition. They do offer a lots of free options and their prices are very affordable for silicone dolls. It is kind of a give and take.


My best sex dolls in 2023 list!


#8: Piper Silicone dolls
Best sex dolls
The last ones on the best sex dolls list are all big Silicone piper dolls. It is with great sadness that I need to tell you this: Their big silicone dolls are crap. Not only is it crap, but the company does not even stand behind its products. The biggest issue is that the anus and vagina crack very rapidly. It is just badly made. Worst, Piper does not care. They blame the customer, they blame everyone but their design.

Although I had noticed their anus/vagina flaw, my very first contact with their silicone dolls was pretty good. That was before I got confirmed by my own experience and by many emails I received that their big silicone dolls indeed have a big problem.

Here is an anecdote my vendor told me:

After complaining to Piper that a Silicone Ariel had a tear in her vagina after 3 uses, Piper doll replied this:

“These dolls are more built for display purposes, please note”

That was it. I mean really? Your excuse for not standing behind your defective sex dolls is that they are in fact made for display purposes?
My vendor had to fight with them to get some money back. At the end of the day, my vendor refunded the customer and swallowed a $2000 loss.

It was the third time something like this happened, my vendor immediately pulled off all big silicone Piper dolls from their website.
I know it sucks big time to read this. You have been warned now. Knowledge is money, especially in this case.

My best sex dolls in 2023 list – summary
WM is on the top of the best sex dolls list. Their dolls are good quality ones and you can’t go wrong with them.
Piper’s big silicone dolls are to avoid altogether, unfortunately!

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Are you getting paid by this websites


Do you know if some of them offer to modify some parts of the body, something like making the breasts or butt bigger?


Iornteck now has a doll feature called “blowjob action” and i notice sexdoll-shop doesnt have that option in there iornteck doll selection. Do you know a vendor who does? Much Obliged!


i was looking into buying a sex doll with a more anime style. Specifically shinobu from the demon slayer series. Which company do you think would do best with anime characters?


Hey Tom, I was hoping you could tell me if this doll is legitimate? The site is Annie’s Dollhouse. I see this doll on several different sites and just don’t want to get scammed and get junk.

Thanks for your help.



Any thoughts on the brand Aibei Doll? I couldn’t find any reviews about that brand. Thanks for all the input! Very helpful stuff.


Piper’s smaller silicone dolls (> 140cm) are fine then? No concerns? Thanks for all the great information, it’s really appreciated!


I have a Tayu148D NaiMei, his spine broke after 10 months and I kept her almost all time lying down on my bed: no refund, no support. If I want a new body I have to pay with a questionable discount. NO SUPPORT.
The doll itself anyway is beautifull and her skin is soft, but even a Ferrari is scam if you have no support


I bought it from MRD.
They tried to help me to get some discount from tayu the get a new body but the price they proposed at the and was about 1950 Eurs for it. I did not accept because the price list of that doll is actually 3300 dollars and Naimei head only is 1200 dollars, so tayu “gifted” me 150 dollars of price off to replace a defective doll. REALLY???


Good list i would like to see tayu dolls sometime on your site!


I can tell that NaiMei doll is really beautifull and soft, but if you have any problem you are alone in the dark. Do not expect any support, and if the skeleton brakes they send you a “tutorial” on how to open it with a scalpel and how to fix the skeleton cutting metal as a real blacksmith otherwise you have to pay again to fix the problem

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