New WMdoll face with eye expressions!


Wow! WM Doll is undoubtedly the most innovative brand in the entire industry. They call it the No Poker Face option. This is version 1.0. After introducing dolls that mimic breathing, articulated fingers, the ROS head, and more, they now have a head with adjustable facial expressions! They are still in the beta testing phase, … Read more

Sex dolls Best LHP – Love Holes Placement

Sex dolls Best LHP

Sex dolls Best LHP Sex dolls are constantly evolving and, luckily for us, most factories do listen to feedbacks and try to make better products. One of the biggest criticism was that the LHP or Love Hole Placement (meaning how the vagina and the butthole is located on the doll) was incorrect. Very often, the … Read more

In-stock dolls? Not so sure!

in stock dolls

When I started this blog, a few years ago, I was strongly recommending buying only from shops that actually have in-stock dolls. That would assure you their seriousness. It’s not the case anymore!   Nowadays, even the smallest unknown website seems to have in-stock dolls.  Why is that? The answer is simple: Big Chinese factories … Read more

Sex Dolls Stand

sex dolls stand

Storing your doll is one of the biggest issues you will face. The best way is to hang her. But where? Will you have a closet that will be big enough with a bar that will be strong enough to support your doll? Good news for you! Irontech dolls just released a brand new sex … Read more

Customer testimony – He got scammed!

Sex doll scam

Here is a testimony I receive from a customer that got burned by a guy selling counterfeit dolls. There are a few things to learn from his experience. You will find my comment below ##### I bought my first dolls from them at the end of January, via Paypal. I always check that there are … Read more