Aliexpress sex dolls scam


I have made many videos on Aliexpress and Alibaba scams and my site is getting more and more popular still, many people get scammed. Here is an experience that one of my readers had with Aliexpress. Guzler first contacted me on February 2nd 2020   He had bought a doll from Aliexpress and then found … Read more

Cheap sex dolls VS expensive sex dolls

$800 sex doll VS legit sex doll

You’ve been warned here and there against cheap counterfeit sex dolls so what? What are you risking exactly when you buy a $800 doll instead of the legit $1999 version? Well, I did buy a cheap ($800) version AND the legit WMDoll 140cm D and I did analyse the differences. Cheap sex dolls VS expensive … Read more

Young looking sex dolls

Young Looking Sex Doll

You are maybe tempted to buy a young-looking sex doll. What do we exactly mean by this? After all, many dolls have a very young-looking face. Some even look as if they were 10 years old! I called the Canada Border Services Agency. They have rules to follow. Here is what they told me: A … Read more

How does a sex doll feel?

How does a sex doll feel?

Sex dolls marketers did a fabulous job! Their pictures and videos are absolutely fantastic and just the thought of having such a sex toy at home fills you with joy and happiness. But how does a sex doll feel exactly? Is it like the real thing? HOW DOES A SEX DOLL FEEL? EXACTLY THE SAME … Read more