Cheap sex dolls VS expensive sex dolls

$800 sex doll VS legit sex doll

You’ve been warned here and there against cheap counterfeit sex dolls so what? What are you risking exactly when you buy a $800 doll instead of the legit $1999 version? Well, I did buy a cheap ($800) version AND the legit WMDoll 140cm D and I did analyse the differences. Cheap sex dolls VS expensive … Read more

Young looking sex dolls

Young Looking Sex Doll

You are maybe tempted to buy a young-looking sex doll. What do we exactly mean by this? After all, many dolls have a very young-looking face. Some even look as if they were 10 years old! I called the Canada Border Services Agency. They have rules to follow. Here is what they told me: A … Read more

How does a sex doll feel?

How does a sex doll feel?

Sex dolls marketers did a fabulous job! Their pictures and videos are absolutely fantastic and just the thought of having such a sex toy at home fills you with joy and happiness. But how does a sex doll feel exactly? Is it like the real thing? HOW DOES A SEX DOLL FEEL? EXACTLY THE SAME … Read more

Cheap sex dolls – Should you buy them?

cheap sex doll

  You are looking to buy cheap sex dolls but you are not too sure? What about the quality? Can I trust websites that are selling cheap sex dolls?   BUYING CHEAP SEX DOLLS   How can it be possible that this website offer this doll for $1200, while another one offers her for $800 … Read more