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Hey man. you are a legend.
Thanks for all the info. You must have saved a lot of people a lot of money. I want to buy one but I have a very small income.
I have found and researched it a bit. There is conflicting information regarding quality.
Are you familiar with What is your opinion please?
Thanks in advance


Hey, are the Silicone Mini Sex Dolls on venus love dolls legit?


Hello Tom. I ordered a doll from week ago. Finally it arrived yesterday. And it was a piece of s*it. Let’s say that I was a little bit too late to find this site (last weekend 😕). Othervise I would not even think about to buy crap from Vsdoll (over 1400 euros 😡). I just wanted to see how gel/jelly breasts and yoga skeleton works. Well this doll’s breasts are…I don’t know. Because I don’t have a experience from authentic doll with gel breasts. But this doll’s feels little bit too soft. Luckily I have Ultimate Fantasy doll Carmen.… Read more »


I bought a small doll for a friend from vsdolls. No problems. Gave it away. In the end it’s just a pose-able dress up doll.


Bought a golf in this country realizing now it’s a scam SVdoll

Guy Looking
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Why is that doll illegal?


It didn’t appear that way to me. 20 something Asian girls look like that often. Hummm.

David banner

What are your thoughts on sexdollcenter?

Dimitrios alexiou

Hi all , want to ask. Finally what about ? Do they send dolls ?


I actually confronted one of those websites I told them I want Y’alls phone number so I can see for myself if it’s a real website


Very strange website. They have a chat feature that could be run by one or 3 people or a sophisticated bot. If they actually sell dolls these are bait and switch knock offs. I was given pictures of dolls in either a factory or warehouse and they were definatly not what was in studio pictures, I understand there might be slight differences from studio to inperson but these were definatly not the doll, one doll had a compleatly different head. What I was told these are ‘factory direct’ thats not only why they look different but are marked down, if… Read more »


I appologize for not putting the website


Vs dolls don’t order on website as it’s incorrect they don’t tell you this until you pay then tell you have to pay extra later on anything you add to your order speak with the people first and get the full quote don’t get caught out when you could have went with realdolls or best dolls.


Was wondering if Ailijia Doll ( is legit? They say they are a factory outlet store, and the prices of most their dolls seem to be affordable.


Hi Tom,

For a cheap option is Kimber doll decent for a first doll? If you know about them, what are your thoughts on them and their doll? From what I gather they seem legit.

Thank you in advance, you also stopped me just in time from buying from a scammer. Thanks a ton.


Is “” legit or a scam? Getting ready to purchase


My apologies for the frequent questions. but do you know if hidoll is legit. A guy on pornhub said he got his doll from there.


I am an idiot

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Was wondering if 69realdolls is legit. They have a bbw doll thats perfect and shes on sale. Am I ok buying her from them? Amanda 163cm H Cup Chubby Sex Doll


Would you happen to know where to find the legit seller of this doll? Is my first time shopping for a doll


Was wondering if you have anything on California Dolls.


hey Tom is legit or scam.




Sexdollcenter is that one legit?


Hey tom ive been looking through reviews for days trying to find a specific doll from a trusted retailer. Each site uses a different name for her but she is the 108cm pink haired wm L cup bbw doll think you could point me in the right direction?


Im thinking about buying jasmine. She has a nice booty but idk if this is a scam


Wait but esdolls are on the legit list.
So is a scam too???

A Dude

Is a legit site or a scam site? I’m interested in this doll

The man

Pls tell me where to get this one legit


Tom, first of all i hope you are going well? We haven’t heard much from you in almost half a year, hopefully you are ok mate? I have been reading your blog for a year and now I have finally decided to buy my first doll. Unfortunetly, there where i am leaving 1500-2000 usd is a fortune. In ths situation such a doll for 700-800usd (“best from fake dolls”) may be the only possible purchase that is within our financial reach and can be a good first experience to see if dolls are something really dedicated for us We all… Read more »

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Do you think Knetsch is ok? They have not so bad reviews on TDF

€ 380,23 20%OFF | KNETSCH 158cm Silicone Sex Dolls Big Breasts Skeleton Lifelike Vagina Pussy Love Doll For Men Full Size Adult Oral Sex Toys

Thanks for your help!


I bought a KNETSCH 135 CM doll from AliExpress. And I regretted my decision pretty much right after I hit ‘pay’. I got in touch with the vendor and asked for a cancellation and money back. But after the order being completed for just one hour, they said it was already sent and they couldn’t do anything to stop it (which was total BS). Thankfully I paid with PayPal and got my money refunded from them. Although I did actually receive the doll a few weeks later, but it was absolutely not the same doll as in the pictures. It… Read more »


Is safe ???
The site scamadviser says it is safe at 86% lol !??

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What about Are they legit? I am really interested in getting the one they call Shelby. So if they are in fact a scam then can you tell me where to go to get this doll? Thank you very much for your help.


The wm 140cm doll with the soft skin, that you used to compare with the Ariel Piper Doll. Does that doll have soft skin and gel filled breasts?



Was wondering if Kikdolls and Monzsexdolls was reliable websites and if they sell legit dolls…
Thanks for this great review concept !


Nice work man, I havent bought any because the market s very tricky. I was thinking of buying through lov[…]om they seem legit but… any help is appreciated! 🙂

Keith Styles seems to be legit


Thank you so much for saving me $2000 yesterday. I was about to purchase on this website but something told me to do a google review first. So I did and found this post. I can see they are scammers for sure.


Sexdolls . com is a legit or a scam? I would like to buy from them.. but i like to ask you first..thanks in advance..

S. Scott a honest site or a scam site?

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Adam Davis

I’m so stupid. I was looking dor a week at what appears to be a pretty legit site and then today I bit at an Ebay deal on a model I was wishlist was in my budget but listed much cheaper I hate myself right now. Everything that indicates knock off scam is there. I’m hoping paypal will protect my inevitable product dispute if Ebay won’t. I find it odd they would still go through PayPal but maybe they think peopke will be too shy to dispute a sex doll and just accept and try their copy Which I probably… Read more »

Adam Davis

Thanks for the info. I’m just a new learner is all so I’m at least glad I found you. I guess I’m glad I didn’t go with them either lol. They would have been a more expensive ripoff if a more convincing one lol I’ll report back with the dolly’s quality and my success or failure with any refund and what PayPal does at least. Should maybe be some info for you about how the Ebay scams work. And I’ll be doing far more research and using your references! To be honest since I’m still new to this all I… Read more »


If was intressten to see, me myself recived a knockoff. Way to cheap and ofcourse with the problem you was telling about. Unfortunate i started my reserch after i done my payment and i joined one of the big doll forums. My results from a week with my knock off. 1 Joint sometimes heavy as h*ll and sometime they work good. 2 The skin, no smoothes what so ever only when i have cleaned her and if i have used baby oil the skin. 3 The skin is goona rip apart soon, already is it beginning fall off tiny pieces… Read more »


Sure i will. Everything to help anyone everywhere. Buyer from Sweden have very little vendor in our country.


Hi… And thanks for the work you are doing. I love and enjoy reading your contents since I started looking to get a doll.

Now… My questions is… Is sex[…] legit? Thanks.

darlene elliott

is a safe place to buy a doll,im not using her or sex in unless my boyfriend takes her,but for photos im a photograher


DAAAMM!!! Wish I would have found your spot sooner. I just ordered a doll a couple days ago on AliExpress from a store/site called YANNOVA. Do you think I’m F*****????? What should I do???

Have you ever had any luck returning one or disputing the validity of what was actually sent or getting any of your money back afterwards? Where is a good place with the best prices on real dolls where you get what you order without having to pay a small fortune?


What u think about this supplier…[hidden]. they been there for 6years…its on aliexpress im thinking bout purchasing a doll from there


Is a scam? There is $700 doll
Is a scam? There is $1500 doll I want to buy

Thank u for your infos I would have gotten scammed.

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