Cheap sex dolls – Danger! Be careful not to hurt yourself!

As I stated many times:  cheap sex dolls that you purchase for $600 will never be the same as the $1999 sex dolls. Many fake review websites (all of them actually) will lead you to think that they found the factory directly and that you will save money by skipping the middle man. You do not. Legit factories will not sell you their dolls for cheap.



He was sure that he bought a legit doll. He was lucky enough to get a doll that was quite similar to the legit one. I recognize immediately the low-quality counterfeit but I can understand that a new user does not see the difference. - scam - scam

At that moment, he didn’t know yet that he got scammed so he started using her. While penetrating the thing, he felt something strange on the tip of his dick. It was hard. It was cold. It was the doll’s metal frame that was too near the vagina. Surprise! Cheap dolls are cheaply built.

When he realized what was happening, he got angry, took his doll completely apart and started posting about his experience on Reddit - scam - scam

At this point, I was still giving yourdoll the benefice of the doubt even if I could clearly see that it was a counterfeit. Maybe was I still wrong? I wrote to WMDoll to ask them if this is their skeleton. They confirmed that it is not. Yourdoll scammed that guy by selling him a cheap counterfeit doll and let him think that he was buying a legit WMDoll.


Yourdoll is a “legit vendor” listed as “trusted” in a well-known doll community. I keep saying over and over that their list is biased.
They perfectly know that Yourdoll is selling counterfeit dolls from time to time. It is not the first time that they get caught. It looks like money talks: Yourdoll is still listed as a “trusted vendor” in that community.

Well, some people can be bought. I can not. Nobody can buy me.

The Yourdoll owner tries to defend himself saying that his competitors are running a defamation campaign against him. Well, I am not one of his competitors and I am warning against him because I think that people like him are dangerous. I don’t like scammers.

Here is proof that the doll indeed comes from him: - scam

The customer thought that he was making a good deal by buying this $1800 doll for $1155.15


I will keep on denouncing vendors selling cheap sex dolls. Not only are they scamming people but they are putting the customer’s health in jeopardy. Here is another testimony from a different person who got caught buying a cheap sex doll.



1. Cheap sex dolls are dangerous.
Not only do you never know what you are going to get but you may also injure yourself.

2. Even some “legit” websites may sell you crap.
That happens especially if they offer a “Huge 20% discount!!” You should be very suspicious if a store offers more than a 15% discount.
They want to compete with the cheap doll market by selling cheap counterfeit themselves. Bad idea.

The guy at Yourdoll is not the only one doing that. I also know at least one other “legit” vendor that is doing the same when he makes huge discounts. I will not post about it for now because I am still collecting proves at this moment. That vendor is also on the above-mentioned community’s “trusted list”.

This counterfeit is very well done, but it is still a counterfeit thus, it may be dangerous. The customer spotted the fake and contacted me immediately.
legit vs counterfeit


This was sold by a very well known website making a huge 30% discount. I will not name them at this moment. If I get proves that they did that to other customers, I will name them and denounce them.

Be careful when buying a doll. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me questions here.


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Thanks for the answer sorry for the spams


Hello there, my name is TVD and i would like to know is this website sells legitimate sex dolls or not, thanh you


Hello there, my name is TVD. I want to know if this website sells legitimate sex dolls or not. Check back to me whenever thank you .


I bought a doll there for 2,5k with body heating, upgraded skeleton and so on. It was a really heavy doll, around 50kg i expected it so it wasn’t much of a problem. The first time was really nice. The doll looked amazing even better than in the pictures I liked it. I saw many videos before buying, so I know how to use doll. Even after moving every doll joint like they recommended. The doll was really hard to use. I was forced to use extreme strength to get it in the position I wanted, so i already knew… Read more »


I have been seeing dolla on DHgate for a very cheap price should I be worried these dolls are coming from Japan and China


Hi Tom. Thanks for your information. I was just centimetres away from ordering one from There is one particular model I am after, the Rozanne from Starpery. At this moment there are not many retailers that have this one on the list. So, this is what happens. I found this doll on sexdolls-shop, and the official site of Starpery ( Can you offer any suggestions on which store to choose? Much obliged


meifoxdoll is a legal sex doll shop? They said they are authorized vendor, but not on the TDF list. and their price is not cheap.


Thank you



What is the website of Yourdoll. Is it this one? Please help or reply in private as I am purchasing a do..


Hi Tom,

What do you think of and Legit or cheap scammers??

Looking to buy my first doll and don’t fancy being ripped off.


Thanks for all the important information on this website.
I’m interested in a dollforever doll from the reseller
It seems the website is focused on wmdolls. They have an outlet.
If i think about beeing there and choosing a doll.
What are the things to look at if i want to be shure its a legit dollforever doll?

Best regards,


Thank you Tom for this article. The yourdoll website was on my list to buy sex dolls from, but from what the customer has received is unacceptable. Also, the thing Mia said was very unprofessional like you said saying stuff like remove the post and showing the certificate proving they are legit made me cringe. She also said that the customer posted an article saying that he got refunded, but doesn’t even take the time to search for the link and post it. I find that to be very lazy and it looks like she rushed the comment (not taking… Read more »


Is legit?


Hi Tom, What is the best sex doll vendor in your opinion.


Hey what’s up man I really appreciate what your doing here. I wonder, for example there are 2 “reputable” sites selling the same wm doll. One sells for 2200 the other for 1600. I’ve seen this for in stock dolls and made to order ones. Like your d0ll has wm for 1600 in stock. Seems great but just wanted your thoughts


Hello Tom, This is Mia from You’re respectful as you are always help people to avoid scammer on purchasing sex dolls.  As for the counterfeit you mention in this blog, we have solved this issue on 2019/12. We offered a full refund to the customer. The customer has posted another post to get it clear.  Now, we get certificates of doll brand authorization. Please check here And all of our branded dolls can be tracked order numbers and processing from the manufacturers like Jinsan, Piper, YL. During these process, we also reinforce supervise in case counterfeit. They can’t… Read more »

Carlos Ruiz

Thanks almost bought one .


I have a 157cm B cup Marlene doll in my list to buy, but she is listed on yourdoll . Com, could you recommend any other vendor that has her that I could buy and trust?
The biggest appeal to yourdoll is the ability to buy with Klarna, honestly for me.

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