Cheap sex dolls VS expensive sex dolls

You’ve been warned here and there against cheap counterfeit sex dolls so what? What are you risking exactly when you buy a $800 doll instead of the legit $1999 version? Well, I did buy a cheap ($800) version AND the legit WMDoll 140cm D and I did analyse the differences.

Cheap sex dolls VS expensive sex dolls

The very first thing that you risk is to not receive the same doll as the one that you bought at all. I made my 2 very first sex doll reviews on that matter. I did receive the correct doll on my third attempt though. So here are a few pictures that WMDoll provides their suppliers to use as promotion content.


Cheap sex dolls VS expensive sex dolls, the results!

It is very unfortunate that the factory doesn’t provide pictures with naked boobs and or pussy shots of the doll. Counterfeiters love that : Its easier to let people think that they receive the legit doll if they do not really know how she looks like.

I took some pictures of both dolls that I have here, the counterfeit one and the legit one. Will you dare try an educated guess? Which one is the cheap doll and which one is the expensive doll?

cheap sex doll VS expensive sex doll

I’ll give you a few hints to find the cheap sex doll from the legit one :

– The eye color does not even match the one from the promotion content.
– The wig looks cheap.
– The head skin color do not match the rest of the body color.
– Her neck is disproportionately long.
– She looks much more like a lady from the long neck tribe than a sexy doll that I’d like to fuck
Cheap sex doll

But that’s not all. Not only were they not able to provide me with the correct matching head/body color but the body itself is incredibly cheaply made. The skeleton joints are so freaking stiff that I would need a hydraulic pump in order to just move her arms and legs to be able to place her in a doggy style position.

But that’s not all. I ordered a doll with the “tan” skin color. The legit one has the correct color while the cheap one has… well it has 2 colors. The head has the correct one while the rest of the body is pink. Not what I ordered.

But that’s not all. Most counterfeit dolls smell like an old diesel truck. I’m sure that they use cheap recycled TPE or something. There is just that odor that won’t fade away.

But that’s not all. The boobs are very hard. No hollow, no soft skin. The boobs shape doesn’t resemble real ones. I noticed that every single counterfeit doll that I received have exactly the same boobs shape. The size is different, but the shape is exactly the same. The legit doll’s boobs are just perfect.
cheap sexdoll vs expensive sexdoll breasts

But that’s not all. The butt is a pure catastrophe. Except for the butt hole, the legit doll has an ass that could be mistaken for a real one. Its literally perfect. 
cheap sexdoll vs expensive sexdoll ass
The only positive point: The counterfeit doll has a nice pussy. That is about the only part of the doll that they correctly did. 

The last thing that I would like to point out is the skin quality. That is something that you can’t see on the pictures but the legit doll’s skin is  absolutely amazing. Her soft skin feels so good. Its soft and tender. Her boobs really do feel like real boobs. The counterfeit doll’s skin is hard, very hard. You do not get any natural feeling with that. 

If you have no other choices, cheap dolls will do the job. Only you need to know what you are buying. You need to know that there is a big quality gap between both. The experience will not be the same as with a legit doll. But most of all when you buy a cheap doll, you will never -ever- know what doll you are going to get despite all the website’s promises. 

I made a video for you, you can find it here.

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I wish i had fell on your site sooner, i bought with a lot of hesitation on aliexpress a doll.

But in my case i knew it wasn’t going to be exactly like the photo. The provider showed me a picture of the doll. If i receive what i saw I’ll be happy.


I know this is a slightly older article, but did you ever attempt to dispute the charges with your credit card company? In the USA most card companies offer automatic purchase protection for if an item isn’t sent, or the wrong item is sent and the dealer won’t reasonably work with you (or in your case, you can show it was a scam).

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