Cheap sex dolls – Should you buy them?


You are looking to buy cheap sex dolls but you are not too sure? What about the quality? Can I trust websites that are selling cheap sex dolls?




Cheap sex dolls

How can it be possible that this website offer this doll for $1200, while another one offers her for $800 and a third one for $1999 ?

Short answer : It is not possible.

What type of person are you?
Do you prefer a sweet lie or the cold truth?

I use to think that I belong to the second type of person. I use to think that I was the type of person that prefers from far knowing the truth. Well, I was wrong about myself : I chose to believe the sweet lie that it was possible to buy this beautiful doll for a few hundred dollars.

I lost my money!  I already wrote a few articles about how I lost my money trying to buy a cheap sex doll. I did not lose my money just once, but 3 times in a row!

Big and serious Chinese companies that are manufacturing quality sex dolls will not sell them to you for cheap. These guys made deals with big westerners distributors, why would they kill their own business by sabotaging their business partners?

If you thought that you could spare money by cutting off the middle man, you are being naive or mislead by some fake review websites that have for only goal to sell you a doll so that they can get rewarded. Your satisfaction is the least of their priority. They never even bought a sex doll themselves. If they would have, they would post videos about it. They would post pictures. They would post content to prove their credibility. They don’t.

I am angry at them because they made me loose money. They are the reason why I decided to built this website. People like you need to know. If your plan is to buy a cheap sex doll and that you are looking for recommendations, this is the wrong place. I need to understand that you will loose your money if you continue that road.

When you buy a cheap sex doll, one or several of these situations will happen.

1. You will not get the same doll as the one you ordered. (story)

2. You will get a damaged doll.

3. Your doll quality will be so cheap that you will not be able to use it. (too tight joints for instance or a doll much too heavy)

4. You will never receive your doll.



You will either end up with a very cheap copy that has absolutely nothing to do with the stolen pictures that they use to advertise or you will get a defect doll. 

If it is too good to be true, then it is not true.

It is as simple as this. There is no magic tricks. If ever you can not or do not want to pay $2000 for a doll, then look for a smaller one. You can find a very sweet 3’10 foot  (120cm) dolls for $1200. Smaller silicone dolls are not a bad idea because they are easier to move around. 



The review websites that recommend you to buy a cheap sex doll are plain and simply false review websites. They never ever bought a single sex doll in their life. How can they review something that they didn’t buy? They simply have no clue no matter what they are claiming. 

Unlike them, I did buy several cheap sex dolls for my dolls brothel and I regretted it each and every single time.  I ended up not being able to use any of them. If you think about investing in a sex doll, be ready to pay at least 1700 USD depending on the size of your chosen darling. Smaller sex doll start at about $899

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Carl Costanzo

I bought a kimber doll. For $499. And $99 shipping. She is 100 percent perfect. 5’2″ 63lbs. She is soft and flawless. And arrived in 7 days UPS. Your utube channel is the best. Thank you for a treasure of facts and information. And your videos are also pure entertainment. I got my doll for company because of covid. 19 pandemic. She is the best thing i have bought in my lifetime. Send me a friend request on Facebook if you can. I own a limousine company in Niagara falls ny. Maybe give you a ride someday. Carl Costanzo. Your… Read more »

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