No! Do not buy from Chinese sex dolls factories directly!

You shopped sex dolls online and realized these things aren’t cheap but you are a brilliant fox and thought immediately:
Haha! I will buy directly from Chinese sex dolls factories!

Bad idea.

chinese sex dolls factories

I mentioned this in a few different videos and articles but I decided to write an article on that unique matter because I will never stress enough how different the Chinese culture and the Westerner culture are when it comes to doing business.

Please note that I can only talk about the type of business that I know well: Sex dolls. I have no clue how the Chinese in general behave in other types of business. What I can tell you is the following: Do not ever deal directly with Chinese sex dolls factories. Never.

Chinese sex dolls factories

Here is one example, among so many, that comes from my personal life:

I am learning Chinese, therefore, I met a Chinese girl online to practice with. She wanted to learn French so she subscribed to the same language app as I did and we met. Amazing luck: I discovered after a few weeks that she works in a very well-known legit sex dolls factory!

I will not name the brand in this article because I like this girl and I do not want her to get in any type of trouble because of me. But you need to read what she told me. It will enlighten you regarding how the Chinese sex dolls factories do their business.

Here is what she told me:

When I was hired, the boss asked me:
“What do you think is the most important quality you must have to work at the customer service?”

As a student just coming out of the university, she replied naively:

The boss started to laugh and replied:
“Well, you will learn to lie very fast”.

This is what she told me after I have shared with her my feeling that the Chinese I have dealt with only lied to me and that I could not trust them. This is what a vast majority of Chinese sex doll sellers do: They lie all the time. You can not trust them.

If you haven’t done it yet, I strongly recommend you read how terrible my experiences went when dealing directly with a Chinese sex dolls factory.

I once bought a Piper Silicone Phoebe. The review is here:

I noticed there was a flaw in the anus and I was worried it would rapidly tear so I contacted my vendor (he is a westerner) to let him know about my apprehensions. He contacted Piper doll on my behalf and sent them the pictures I took.

Piper doll’s factory replied a world-class imbecility answer:


These silicone dolls are made for display purposes, not really for sex, please note.” 

I mean, really dude? Your factory is building sex dolls and when a customer finds a flaw you reply that your doll should not be used for sex purposes? What a laughable, miserable answer from a renowned factory.

They basically didn’t care. Because I have learned from my past experiences, I did business with a Canadian vendor and not directly with the Chinese. My vendor simply offered me to return the doll to them and give me my money back. This type of service is impossible with Chinese vendors. 

Here is another good reason why you shouldn’t buy from a Chinese sex doll factory directly: Good Chinese brands with good business ethics will not sell you their dolls for a cheaper price than their retailers.

If ever a Chinese factory offers you their sex dolls for cheaper, it means they have no business ethics. And if they have no business ethics and something should happen along the way -and upon my experience, it may well happen!- you are screwed! Do not count on them to help you out of your misery.

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I need your recommended or advice.
I planning to buy Irontech doll at their legitimate website but after saw this article my fear keep build it up.
I would love to buy their brand but i dont know where should i buy it…
Should i buy it from their legitimate website?

Irontechdoll Legitimate website :

Hope to hear your answer soon,

Thank you.


Thanks man
I really need that answer from you
Really appreciate it


this is great keep it going tommy


Good article and nice to see you posting again after a slight hiatus.
I have been communicating with the proprietor from and find him to be extremely honest. The addition of the videos he has created concerning some of the sexdoll’s caveats augment my trust.
I have yet to purchase a doll, however I appreciate yours and Marcos input.
Kind regards.


You are a great man, thank you for your work.

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