First time buyers information

If you are a first-time buyer and that you are landing on this page, it
means that you are a brilliant and prudent person. Congratulations!

Do not buy any sex doll without viewing this video carefully, it 
contains essential information for any first-time buyer.

1. What is TPE and what is silicone?
2. What are the major sex dolls brands?
3. Why are there so many price differences for the same advertised doll?
4. What is the dropshipping business model and why should you care?
5. Why should you NEVER buy directly from the Chinese?

Learning what’s inside this video is essential to understand 
the industry as well as what you are doing when you buy a doll.


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Do you happen to know if Venus Love Dolls is legit?


Hey Tom, 
How legit is Aibei brand ?


Looking at getting one of these:
This site says that its a WM Doll or a YLDoll. But I can’t find it on either manufacturer site. Makes me think its not legit. Thoughts?

Ann Nonnymous

Seems like Artificial Intelligence Dolls are all the rage, but getting solid information is really a challenge. Is there an all-silicon doll source that actually Has this option available?


Please upload the English text of this video in written mode!
Then, using an online interpreter, even those who do not speak English would understand what is being said.

Paul Hackney

For whatever reason, I seem to have bad luck with my dolls getting split vaginas fairly quickly. Do you know what line of dolls have the toughest vaginas?


Which brand has durable vaginas?


I have been chatting with in an effort to decide on what WM doll I want. The SL rep has been super helpful and very responsive. They feel very legit, but wondered if you have any input/experience with them.

Also, I read some of your reviews regarding proper LHP on dolls and that the more recent WM models were much better… but what models are more recent / better?

I am considering WM – 164E vs 172D vs 175D vs 173C.

Paul Hackney sold me a defective Starpery doll for $2,012.00. Literally falling apart when it got here.

Last edited 8 months ago by Tom

I’m looking at getting a doll around 100cm from  Is this a good website to use?

Last edited 10 months ago by Joe

Thank you, Tom.  I will heed your advice.  Wish I could find ones that were around that size and price though… hell of a deal, but I’d rather pay a little more and be sure of what I was getting.
Thanks again.


reached out to your other suppliers for that size and they won’t ship due to size… good to know and good for them looking out. 130cm is smallest they would ship


at the moment I am talking directly to irontechdoll. They respond through whatsapp and email quickly and in english and it feels legit. But they are also the factory. In this video you say it is better to use a middle man. I am thinking about proceeding with the deal what would be your advise?


Ok do you have a solid lead to a middle man for Irontech dolls?


whats a good website to get a doll in america?


I recently have been looking for a sex doll, the last time I had one it was a blow up type, only recently noticed the huge improvement in quality.  At first I was trying to compare and noticed the huge difference in prices for the same doll and during my review I accidently stumbled onto your site.  I have been looking at several different brands including WM doll, SY doll, Zelex doll, JY Doll, and Zelex. I am an older shorter guy (about 5’4″) but very interested in the taller dolls (over 5’7″).  I would like to know what are… Read more »

Ann Nonnymous

You do Such a great job. I have been waiting for your views on which resource provides a doll with the most accurate genitals both in placement and reproduction. Thoughts?


What is the common differences between a counterfeit doll and a real deal? Is it just a quality issue or other things as well?


You will not get the same; face, structure of a doll. Promised things such as gell breasts/any other thing that is not basic will probably be wrong. You will not get what youve orderd plain and simple.


Hey Tom, I’ve been looking at because they have Aotume dolls and I’m interested in creating my own custom anime doll, do you think this website is legit? I saw someone on Reddit saying it was legit but I’m not sure myself.


This is the greatest website I have ever seen! Thank you dear friend! I honestly appreciate all this info before I shell out several $1000s


Hey, I want to buy a mini doll 100cm or 125cm but not less than 100cm , and all I can afford is max of 500 bucks. can we find legit dolls on that price ? if yes where can we find it ? if not then what is the cheapest legit mini dolls price and some websites would be really very helpful. 


Where would be a good vendor if you want lower costing unrealistic fat short-stack creature sex dolls that aren’t necessarily realistic nor attractive to cut on prices? If this is at all possible and normal priced customizations for a first doll. Like Goblins, Imps, Swamphags, etc. and stuff with odd skin colors (light green, mustard, grey, really pale, etc.). I have creation designs in mind and want advice. We’re coming up on the Halloween season too so, it would be nice to know.


What is your opinion on Dolls listed on Amazon & Ebay, are they all counterfeit aswell?

Also, are there any dolls that are 5’9 and above?



Can you advice whether is legit or not please?


Was interested in this doll. Have you heard of it, can you do a review, and is the website safe?

Ann Nonnymous

I have really come to respect the fact that you call a spade a spade rather than tap-dancve around. Consumers need to know this shit, loud and clear. You made a beli8ever of me when you did the comparison between the Real Deal and a Fake.
A real eye opener. that one!!

Profesor Hentai

What do you think of Starpery?
Been wanting to buy these dolls for ages and wanna know if it’s worth the price.

Last edited 1 year ago by Profesor Hentai

What do you think about legit?


Hi Tom I’m looking at and and I’m trying to get a good deal for a 100cm doll the one I really like. What’s the legality of ordering a doll like this? And I see this doll on almost every site. I’m worried this doll could get me in trouble even tho they all say it’s legal. Are these sites trustworthy and when it comes to buying 100-128cm flat chest doll, what are your thoughts?

First Timer

Do you have any storage advice? I just got a doll recently and i saw they offered a storage case for 800 dollars and i did not get it. I was hoping you had some tips for a DIY type of storage. Also if you have any pics of dolls without heads could you share them? I read that hanging the dolls was a recomended option but im not sure what kind of apparatus is under the head.

Delivery Guy

I want to buy this doll they claim its in stock do you trust this website if not where are some good sites I can get this doll


Hello Tom, thank you so much for all of this information! I have spent a fair chunk of time researching for my first doll, but in a bit of a back-assward way as I watched this video so late! At first I thought it would be better to buy directly from WM or Piper, but this video has helped me understand why it would be better to go through a business like Silicone Wives or Sexdolls-shop. Thank you again, your info in invaluable.


Buyer beware of a company King Mansion. Purchased doll and was shipped the wrong one (skin color) and face. I was told I had to pay $100.00 to ship it back until they finally agreed to send a pre paid return FED-EX label.
I returned it and now they will not return my e-mails, exchange the doll or refund my money.
In other words thy have my money and the doll.
What a rip off.


This is clearly a scam, as seen in the photograph of one site and the names are even different for the same thing, (and both sites are Chinese), but do you know what the original this doll is being based from?


What you you guys think of Tantaly torso sex dolls….for those of us on budget? Are these trustworthy people?


Hi Tom, I have bought some dolls through Alibaba from different suppliers..The prices range from $300-$500..I know they are cheap. I always ask for factory pictures or videos before making payment.. Most of the dolls have similar looks as in their website even though not 100% same.. I know some of these Chinese vendors are not well known and big companies, but I cannot say that they are scammers either as the salesgirls gave their best to help me such as making packing list, taking photos from many angles and positions as per my request, etc.. After the shipments, they even sent me messages asking… Read more »


Hi Tom

Just ordered A teddy babe doll from Teddy Babe America. I’ve gone for the Ultra model called Beverly. She comes with a silicon head with oral capabilities. What do you think of this love doll manufacturer?


How did it turn out with the teddy bear fur

Last edited 2 years ago by James

hey tom Q can you get sex doll 60 to 65cm in QLD Australia


Hey Tom,
I love all the information and time you’ve put into the site. I’m wondering if you’ve heard of Sinodolls? I really like the look of their dolls but haven’t seen any reviews or known legitimate sites selling them. Do you know of any? Thanks again

Billy Clark

Is it possible to get a sex doll for less than a £100


Hi I would like to know what is the best site to buy an Irontech torso? Or if you don’t know that, just Irontech in general. I know their official shop is but I havn’t been able to find anyone talking about actually buying from there.


Ok thank you, but what reliable vendor would be the best to buy the Irontech from? A lot of them don’t carry it and I don’t feel good about the ones I found that do. sorry to bother you again.


Hello, I was wondering what would be a good site to buy more affordable sex dolls? I’m also interested in finding a site where I can get legit Kimber dolls.


Hi Tom, Thanks for your great videos! Especially this one for first time buyers. Can you possibly do a review of this Kimber Doll? The company seems legit to me. And for those who cannot afford a $2000 pricetag, this $500 doll appears to be satisfactory, according to the customer reviews…if these reviews can be trusted. Thank you!


Hey I was thinking about making a purchase on a RealDoll Head just for the oral capabilities any thoughts on real doll can I trust them?

Jonathan Brown

Zara a black YL doll, voted top of ten black dolls. Have seen her at silicon wives. What’s your opinion. I am tempted. Price is good. Best of all sites I checked. Free shipping to me here in uk. Three weeks wait. Is she “worth the wait.” Like it says in the add

Flirty Birt

Holy crap I wish I’d done more research. Even just a little bit more than what I’d already done (a non-zero amount). I’m stuck with a doll that apparently has degrading material and a plasticiser contaminant that is giving me major rashes. It is so not worth that hassle .


hi, I’ve looking to buy a sex doll. I’m some king of a boobs nerd. I’m been browsing around and I found that website (finelovedolls) that seems quite legit, since they post your video. I found their dolls a bit pricey. But they offer a price match if I found a the same doll cheaper. I decided to browse alibaba and found that doll I would like. see attached picture. Unfortunately they don’t have it at finelovedolls. Do you have a hint about where I could get it. I was watching your video and you get me scared about buying… Read more »


Just curious—do you know how much this doll weighs? I have a few 158cm F-Cup dolls. I am 5’11” 185lbs and weight train 4 days a week, interspersed with judo. Picking up humans is one thing. Picking up 100 pounds of dead weight with the consistency of jello is a workout all its own. Unless that doll is a midget model and those boobs are hollow, you will have your work cut out for you. I have found that a dolly, bunji cords and blankets make just the basics of moving from A to B quicker and less of a… Read more »


I’m about to pull the trigger on a nice WM 166 C cup doll, the vendor seems really good, and is supported by the doll forum, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to see if you know anything about them. It is



Just the same, you seem to have a good eye for these things, and I’m glad it looks good to you. Thanks a bunch, Tom!


Who would recommend to get WM156cm h- cup doll and WM head thru what vender and supplies accessories ? Like the hyperrealism look and softness tpe upgrade skeleton ? Thank you… hope you don’t mind to help


Yes i did see video…I’ve liked that body and the head i have to go with it would be so perfect and go so well together…the weight of doll i took in consideration…i do foundation work for a living 80 lbs of concrete bags…jack hammers…275 lbs rams for piering lol and work with weight…i good shape lol…so i be fine with her weight lol…relationships just don’t work out for me …women aren’t like they use to be…o they like to drive your car for while…but they all so want to drive every car they like sort a speak…face book and… Read more »


Hello I stumbled onto your site a few days ago, i have yet to make a purchase, but you have been a big help !! Thank you I have several question , if the doll sits for a while would not the skeleton pierce the butt just as quick as have one standing without the standing feet option? I also do not understand why would someone buy a torso ? Is that a handicapped fetish ? How do you know that the sex doll supplier is a authenticate reseller ? Anyway thank you again I am going to follow your… Read more »


Hello! I just purchased a doll for 900 from, should i return it? Also, what is a good site to purcahse from? thanks!

Jeremiah Bergeron

Are you familiar with fin[…] The site looks legit. What are your thoughts if you dont mind?


Finelovedolls is legit, and nice service, bought one doll there, and would buy again

Markus Meaney

prt 3. and took 2 months trying to negotiate a sucessful path.I share yr opinion of TDF but found some useful info (usually betwn the lines)I was very interested in Piperdoll but I wanted a doll with big tits like the Jessica model buth with molly face and that wasn;t possible so I loved AS Dolls Raven face.I called the factory and when I asked why they didn’t take steps to just do right by there products and so prosper I was unconvinced

Markus Meaney

prt 2 / futile as well.Fast frward 10 yrs and wife has left me after 20 yrs (thank you,Jesus} and in that time the Chinese market had brought prices to a point which tho still stiff was at least doable.Also,I am a vain and shallow man that was now old and far and newly on the market and I have felt that I wld no longer be able to pull the women I desired and so finally decided to pull the pin and found that the process was a swamp and

Markus Meaney

Hey,Tom!I I have discovered your website after I bought my first doll as it would have simplified my quest,but then I wld be less the experiance.I had become aware of such when Realdoll came out several years ago.If the dolls were actually as the photos then I was very interested.However,I was ashamed of that interest,and I was still a young man and I knew that trying to keep a 6-10k sex doll putchase ftom my lovely but uptight wife wld be


I know that you do not recommend buying directly from manufacturer, but why wouldn’t it be possible to buy a piper doll, directly from … ? I mean, they surely do not sell copies. Strangely though, they are more expensive than other seller. Thanx for your answer and your help !


Hello! I’m starting to do some research about sex dolls. I read your blog about the pages that sell sex dolls and so on, but i have a question about the shipping.
What about south america? Do you know any tip for shipping in this countries?
I’m from Argentina.
oh, and good blog!

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