Gel VS hollow breasts

My review of the wmdoll gel breasts

This is not an issue anymore in 2023. It has been resolved now, thanks to my article.

UPDATE JULY 19th 2020
After selling many dolls with gel breasts, serious sellers stopped offering this option.
There are currently too many issues. One is that the breasts often explode during the transport

Your doll arrives after one month of waiting and it is unusable!

The company YLDoll even sent an email to all vendors and suggested to STOP 
offering this option immediately until they do more tests and understand what
is going on exactly. I will keep you updated.

The gel breasts is not compatible with the ultra-soft skin option only.
Otherwise, you can choose this options, it will be fine.

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Hi there, regarding gel breasts not being compatible with the ultra-soft skin option, I was wondering if this is still an issue in 2023? And what would your recommendations be? Ultra-soft skin + hollow breasts? Or Ultra-soft skin + gel breasts?


Hello, is there are issue for bigger breasts like L-cup+ if they are with gel? I heard from a vendor they don’t recommend adding gel to breasts that are very big. How true is this?


I am so glad he made a video on this! 


Hi Tom, I was thinking of buying a Piperdoll Ariel with gel breast, would you recommend it or are the hollow ones good enough?



Do you know if Piper has also these issues?


My question is, do the dolls have the default tpe or the soft tpe? I would think there’d be a difference on how the breasts feel between the two different tpe breasts with gel

Tyler Greer

The TPE Piper dolls are now available with the gel breast option also.

Skorned Mikolas

Very helpful info here! Thank you!

Adam Badam

Hey Tom, any update on the gel problems? Also a question for you: which dolls breasts have the most realistic jiggle and feel? Piperdoll breasts seem to jiggle the most from videos I have seen, but I don’t know. I have seen some of the larger busted dolls by WM and if they can solve the gel problem, I’m definitely going with them. I love how natural they look.


Like your honestly and truth about dolls…been doing my home work on dolls for long time now…i have never gotten a doll yet…while saving up for doll i know to get the best and quality doll is I’m guessing around 2, 000 or more…i know the doll i want and how she should look and feel….realism and detail is what i am looking for…don’t want to be ripped off…you seem like you want to help guys like me…hope you do …some blank spaces i can’t seem to find or figure out…i take very great care of my things…i want my… Read more »


i did sorry so many i have been researching gets confusing lol……thank for helping…other is


Wanted to see what you thought and can find out if there ok or not…alot of them seem so real…even doing all things you say…they are good fakers so many of them i seeing and what you talk about wow …be careful people …alot fake venders


If you know a vender that would do me right and make the doll i described to you …you got a name ? Of vender be great…And sells supplies you need for doll you can’t get in stores like hanging hook kit, dust protector, etc. And make doll just like i want…i got pics..and details…that they would work with me on to make my doll aa want for fair price…that be awsome…i figure about $2,000 to about $ 3, 000 some ware price range to get the best and done right…if you know a vender that be awsome…just don’t ripped… Read more »


I got screwed badly on my first doll purchase. She’s basically an $800 paper weight. The company i bought her through swore up and down they was legit and was a manufacturer. Turned out they are a trading company selling copy dolls some other manufacturer is making. Been fighting with them since december. Good news is after I let aliexpress know that Fedex is waiting to see what I do after I showed them the photoshopped fedex paperwork this company is doing to save on trade insurance. Fedex guy turned redder than my candy apple mustang, then he started to… Read more »


Definitely gel better for me. Is is the full gel body or is it just her breast?

Adam Badam

I want to say thank you for this video. I wasn’t aware that WM was doing gel implants. The overall fluidity of the gel looks a bit more realistic and mildly more weighty. I like the more natural jiggle. I wish Piperdoll would do this for their TPE dolls…

Thanks again! Gonna start keeping an eye on your reviews!


Piper is doing gel in their TPE now.

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