How does a sex doll feel?

Sex dolls marketers did a fabulous job! Their pictures and videos are absolutely fantastic and just the thought of having such a sex toy at home fills you with joy and happiness. But how does a sex doll feel exactly? Is it like the real thing?


how does a sex doll feel?


– Vagina
Once lubricated and warmed, the sex doll vagina feels exactly the same as a real one. There is no difference. Doing a blind test, I guaranty that you couldn’t tell the difference between a real vagina and the one from a sex doll.

– Anus
Same as above. Getting in there is a though as with the real thing and once in, it feels exactly the same. No difference at all.


– Skin
There are almost no more silicone dolls out there. Their skin is made of TPE which is very very similar to real skin. The biggest difference is the skin temperature. A human is warm while TPE is the same temperature as the local where you keep it. There are 2 solutions to this issue:

A) You use an electric blanket to warm before you use your doll.

B) You buy a doll with a body heating system.

– Ass
Most of the dolls have absolute fantastic asses! The Olympic athlete type of ass. The shape id amazing and will turn you on every single time that you look at it. I have never met a girl over 35 with an ass as firm as the one of a sex doll.

– Mouth
With enough lubrication, it is similar to the feeling of a real mouth. 


– Breasts : The breasts were my biggest deception. They look fabulous however, they are too hard. I a natural big breasts lover. Sex doll’s breasts feels like… well, silicone breasts! Not my cup of tea. I saw that the biggest retailers are now offering an option to order your doll with softer breasts. I have not yet tried it. I will let you all know when I have!


– Hands and feet: The feet have nothing to do with real feet. If you are a foot fetish, forget about it. There are small rods inside the hand’s finger however, it does not look nor feel like a real hand. I personally do not care at all but some of you might.

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oddly, the question of ‘how does sex with a doll compare with sex with a real woman? ‘ is extremely rarely answered on the internet. There are thousands of questions asked and answered about dolls, but the only one that counts is like finding a particular grain of sand in the sahara. I guess your statement about the vagina feeling the same as a real one is the closest humans will ever get to describing sex with a doll vs sex with a woman. Although its not a direct answer to the question. Well done for being the human who… Read more »

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