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shane j miller

I bought this one, silicone head with TPE body which I kinda regret not getting the body silicone, but it was a extra 700.00 but the whole thing cost with the evo, the shrugging shoulders and stand up feet, 2400.00 just about. the implanted hair though was a extra amount within that 2400.00. but I was looking at videos and at the Sex doll meet it was wow. When I get the doll next week ill send a video.

Starpery sex doll.png
Skorned Mikolas

I think that level of realism is worth the money. It only comes the one way so at least you know what you’re getting! XD


Almost everything you characterize as a ‘drawback’ here, are only problematic if you choose to consider them that way. Put differently, it like saying a Toyota Corolla’s big drawback it it is not a BMW.
Yes, it is expensive, but, again, high-end quality items often are. Is that a drawback? Sure, if you have your heart set on this head, but cannot afford it, then yea. If you can afford it, then, that is just a cost to bear.


Wow, it truly looks amazing! The only deal breakers for me are the price and no oral sex. I wouldn’t mind the other “drawbacks” at all. Keep up the good work!


Your videos are great keep it up! I had purchased a doll from they have horrible customer service I thought I would warn you and your customers. I ordered a doll with the tan color skin they tried to sell me a pale one and wm moved the doll to a room and turned the lights off which you could still see it was still paler than their employees ungloved hand they had rummaging in the dolls mouth. I waited 2 months for a replacement to be made which I had to do the arguing with wm directly because… Read more »


Hi Tom, Well, I’ve ordered this “Fannie” silicone head on a WM 172cm “soft skin” TPE body and hope to take delivery this month. I think the realism of the face coupled with the real feeling of the skin could be a real winner. The cost of this head was $800, but when you consider the cost of all silicone dolls like Real Doll from Abyss Creations ($6000-8000), this is still a bargin. I’m hoping it will be the best of both worlds! There is another silicone head that is slightly less in cost, but I didn’t think it was… Read more »


Hey, Gregory, did you receive the head yet? What can you tell us about it?


I have seen promo videos for a doll that listed the website: pe[…..] but the site seems to be defunct. What would you recommend for the most realistic vagina and anus in both looks and feel category?


I have a question for you what dolls do you think have the best looking female parts that is to say what company makes them look more like a vagina?

Elrick heart

I really like your videos and I am taking my time and learning what I can before I buy one, because I will probably by one and only one so I whan to make sure I get what I want the firest time. So thanks for making these videos, they are realy helpful.

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