In-stock dolls? Not so sure!

When I started this blog, a few years ago, I was strongly recommending buying only from shops that actually have in-stock dolls. That would assure you their seriousness.

It’s not the case anymore!


Nowadays, even the smallest unknown website seems to have in-stock dolls. 

in stock dolls

Why is that? The answer is simple:

Big Chinese factories are now renting warehouses in the US and in the EU to stock their dolls. They then send a list of dolls that are immediately available to all their vendors.

Many small vendors take this opportunity to try to play it big and claim to have “In-stock dolls”. They don’t. They are still amateurs with a drop shipping business.


What difference does it make to you?

– The doll they will be shipping to you has not been inspected.

– You can have some doubts about the honesty of people claiming to have “in-stock dolls” when they don’t. “Immediately available” would be more accurate.

– You are mostly still dealing with drop shippers that have no clue about the products they are selling. They still have no first-hand experience with dolls.

– In 50% of the time, the doll that you just bought “in-stock” is not even available and you will have to wait. Why? Because the factories do not update their list often. They provide a general list of the dolls that they have stocked in their US/EU warehouses to their vendors who show all the dolls as available. Most of them are already sold.

More than ever, this market is a big jungle. Be careful before you buy. The only vendor that I know with a real in-stock inventory is

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Hi Tom,
Is this the official website of Game Lady Doll ?


A Melbourne, Australia based dealer promotes “in stock” and is legit. He only carries a small range at a time, only stocks two brands, and you can book a visit to his small warehouse/storage facility to inspect. When I purchased from him (Andrew), he asked what wigs I’d like, and sent me photos of the head with different wigs on, plus the body wrapped in its box. Because he was in Melbourne, he personally delivered to me, although I did have to wait about 4 days (he did promote 1-2 days delivery). He has also done videos explaining about… Read more »


Local Texas dealer has in stock dolls that are actually in stock glad I found him😁


I just purchased a doll from luxury dolls they say they have it in stock I didn’t customize it don’t know if I’m being ripped off customer service answers just want to see if anybody out there knows anything about the company luxury dolls Limited


Heya Tom, love the website! Have you heard or seen anything from
They seem to be one of the only websites to offer video game based sex dolls. I am unsure if they are legit or just another scammer website. Would you happen to have any insight on them?


Much appreciated Tom! Top notch


I have compared several US stock sites ,Looking forward to your answer


Hi Tom , a legitimate company that sells what it advertises or is it a scam? I see that they sell at a very low price


Thank you Mr. Tom.

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