In-stock dolls? Not so sure!

When I started this blog, a few years ago, I was strongly recommending buying only from shops that actually have in-stock dolls. That would assure you their seriousness.

It’s not the case anymore!


Nowadays, even the smallest unknown website seems to have in-stock dolls. 

in stock dolls

Why is that? The answer is simple:

Big Chinese factories are now renting warehouses in the US and in the EU to stock their dolls. They then send a list of dolls that are immediately available to all their vendors.

Many small vendors take this opportunity to try to play it big and claim to have “In-stock dolls”. They don’t. They are still amateurs with a drop shipping business.


What difference does it make to you?

– The doll they will be shipping to you has not been inspected.
– You can have some doubts about the honesty of people claiming to have “in-stock dolls” when they don’t. “Immediately available” would be more accurate.
– You are mostly still dealing with people that have no clue about the products they are selling. They still have no first-hand experience with dolls.

More than ever, this market is a big jungle. Be careful before you buy.

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