Irontec 164cm silicone review

Irontec 164cm silicone review

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  1. Introduction
  2. Her skin
  3. Her skeleton
  4. Her wig
  5. Head
  6. Eyes
  7. Labia
  8. Boobs
  9. Summary

Irontech is an established sex doll manufacturer with a good reputaton. They started to produce silicone dolls about 3 years ago. I have always been stunned by the promotion content and was wondering if their actual silicone dolls was really as hot in reality as what we can see on the pictures. Luckily for me, they contacted me a few months ago to offer me to review a doll for them. They sent me their most popular model: Their 164cm silicone sex doll with head S13


Irontec 164cm silicone review


Silicone’s skin is really firmer than the TPE I am used to. It actually feels very realistic. Silicone’s skin reproduce real skin very well. The skin pores and bumps are visible and it makes her look so real.


The skeleton is flexible and easy to position. One thing that stroke me immediately is the absence of noise when you move any articulation. I think I have never heard a skeleton that makes zero noise when you move her. Well it was the case with this one. That was pretty amazing and it feels like this skeleton is a very good quality one.


The wig they provided with the doll is not the exact same as the one on their marketing pictures however, it was a good quality one and she was easy to comb without too much static electricity.
Irontech 164cm H cup

Irontec 164cm silicone review


Irontech provided me with 2 S13 (Celine) heads. One with their soft skin and the other one with the default hard skin. The head with the hard skin is designed to be able to sustain implanted hair. The skin has to be rigid otherwise the hair fall very quickly off the head. The rigid head has no oral sex capability.ย 

The soft head is supposed to be designed to have oral sex. Although there actually is a hole in the mouth, I personally do not think it is possible to have oral sex with it. The skin is still much too rigid and wouldn’t allow any penis to penetrate that tiny mouth hole.


The eyes are well done. You can just adjust the pupils’ direction by pushing on the eye and moving and placing the pupil to whatever direction you wish. You can not change the eyes though. The skin is too rigid for that. This means that the eye color will always remain the same.

The labia is probably one of the best I have ever seen among sex dolls. If you look too quick, you would think this is a real vulva. It looks and feel extremely real. The inside of the vagina is thigh, soft, and nicely padded. It feels fantastic.
Irontech 164cm H cup


I think the weight is the main drawback. You need to be a seasonned sex doll owner to be able to manoeuver her without loosing too much energy placing her in different positions. The other thing is that they didn’t provide me with a doll with a soft butt, unfortunately. Although it has a fantastic look, the butt was too hard to feel any natural.

Her boobs look very realistic. They also do feel very realistic. The boobs are filled with gel which makes them feel heavier than hollow boobs thus a little more natural.

Irontec 164cm silicone review – FINAL THOUGHTS?

It is definitely an high end doll. The handcraft is amazing and they definitely put a lot of effort making this one. In regards to realism, she is spot on. Her breasts, vagina and butt hole feel extremely realistic. For now, my only complains would be the mouth no being able to have oral sex, the butt being too firm and the weight of the doll. All in all, it is a fantastic sexdoll. Maybe not for a first time owner, but definitaly if you wish to upgrade to an high end doll.

I made a Irontec 164cm silicone review for you to watch. You can view it either here on my Youtube channel.

Irontec 164cm silicone review
















Same doll as advertised?


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Hi how is the LHP for Doggy?


Any signs of the tan wearing off of the skin? People have said that Irontech paints the tan on instead of adding pigment to the Silicone before molding. Any clarification on this would be great.


Thanks for the info. I won’t be using it for business either. It’s more of a figure to admire on my end. Still waiting for delivery. It hasn’t cleared customs yet. Hopefully it will arrive in the next week or 2 unharmed. Cheers ๐Ÿฅ‚


Dude – AWESOME site and reviews! Potential first time buyer, and wow …. eyes fully opened. You have a BROTHEL??? Where is it, is it in the U.S. by chance?


What is the website called in Canada


Nice review. I just pulled the trigger on this very doll. I asked Irontech to duplicate the wig they sent you. They said they couldn’t because it wasn’t one of their own. So basically, they sent you a premium wig just for the review. Still a nice looking doll though.


Hi Tom, I am glad I found your website. It’s very informative and filters out the imposters quite well. I have had contact with Irontec and the are very communicative and transparant. I reckon doing business with them directly isthe best option. I am considering buying a doll with the same body type and I am aware of the weight. Better learn to bend your knees when moving her around. I have a question about the feet and was wondering if the standing type without the studs is able to wear high heel shoes?


Thanks for the reply. It is not for standingโ€ฆ real women can barely stand on those things๐Ÿ˜‚. I wanted to know if you can properly bend the feet.


Hi Tom, I am looking at purchasing this exact doll. I like the promotional wig she has but also the one in your review. Do you happen to know the actual wig number that you received? Or does it show on the paperwork? Thanks!

Brian Poker

What factory. the man has a question and you can look at the tag on the wig…bDidnt they provide you with a certificate number? Your scratch off? That should have all the details of the doll including the manifest. this was a lazy review. ive seen better from you Tommy boy


I contacted my vendor and sent photos of the wig. They said it wasn’t a wig that Irontech carries. So I contacted IT directly and they confirmed that this was not an in house wig. Apparently they shipped Tom a premium wig that was acquired somewhere else for the review. So I don’t doubt that Tom was not provided with the wig number. Kinda shady of Irontech. Still a nice looking doll.


i ordered a tpe version that will arrive next month.. im curious if they feel better


Which skin type did you get? The default or the Ultra Soft Option


Oh ok cool! Also did you get the “soft vagina” option or is that standard as well?


Great info Tom!
Any plans to review JY Doll 156 cm Huge Breasts (seems there are 2 versions, normal and long nipple)?
Or WM Doll 164 cm J-cup? This design seems new. She looks amazing!! Great LHP too!
Or WM Doll 148 cm L-cup?
You may be sensing a theme ๐Ÿ™‚

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