JY Doll 140cm DD cup review

At last, a good sex doll review!

The key into finding a good sex doll is first to find a good supplier. This is what I didn’t understand when I bought my first few sex dolls.  In this matter , there is no way around : The starting price for a good quality sex doll is $2000. So I made up my mind and I bought one for $2000 instead of $800.

That being said, I didn’t do it blindly! I had the chance to find a sex dolls shop at around 30 min. drive from where I live. No need to say that I went there immediately. They are in fact the only reason why I didn’t give up on this business. At that time, I didn’t trust any online sex dolls website anymore.

I quickly realized that the guys are serious. They have something like 10 dolls in stock. All look like the ones from the online pictures. I spent enough time shopping online that I know all of them by heart. They had that beautiful busty teen sex doll in stock. The one that I so often saw online. however, I didn’t want to pay the extra $250 fee to get her immediately so I got them order the same doll for me. She arrived at home 3 weeks later. And I was pleased!

Sex Doll Review

At last, a good sex doll review!
She is the very sex doll that I bought for which I didn’t feel like I got ripped off. Her skin color is beautiful. Her body details are very good. I did order her with the stand feet option. In my opinion, this is useless. It’s really hard to have her standing without falling down + it is not possible for me to fuck her in a standing position : she is too small even if I bend her over.

Which brings me to my second point : It seems like all dolls have both asshole and pussy hole much to low. I have seen no dolls with these holes at the right place. It makes no big difference if you fuck her lying down but it makes the task much harder if you want to fuck her standing.

Speaking about having sex with her… Both vagina and ass penetration feelings are exactly the same as with a real woman. There is no difference. The mouth feeling does not give the impression that you get a blow job. But it is still very exiting to see that beautiful face with my dick in her mouth.

Sex Doll Review

Let’s talk about boobs 

When I ordered her, the soft boobs option was not available. If you are a boobs man like me, you will want to add that option. The only downside to this doll is her boobs that are too hard. Otherwise she would have been absolutely perfect. I have not tried the soft boobs option myself yet but I have seen some video and it looked absolutely amazing! 

I can not end this sex doll review without mentioning how pleased I am with the supplier which I bought this sex doll from. I have been screwed so often that I feel that honest business people need to be mentioned. 

You can visit them here: https://www.sexdolls-shop.com
This particular doll is available here and is really affordable! : https://www.sexdolls-shop.com/product/angeline-jydoll-140cm-dd-cup/

You can go ahead and click the link… or not… I use no affiliate link and do not get paid for this. I just feel like they really deserve it.

Here is a video that summarize pretty much what you can read in this article.

140cm jydoll
















Same doll as advertised?


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Does her hair keep dropping for JYDolls?


I really like the looks of JY dolls, but they aren’t available on sex dolls shop. I’ve heard JY hasn’t been the best in the past but it seems they’ve been trying to repair their reputation. Do you think they are worth buying?

Ad Blue

I am 1,84 and would therefore never buy a tiny doll like 1,40. Mine is 1,58 like both my exes. Works great.


Really want to buy a doll from these guys but I feel like every single website is a scam. I feel like dropping 2k on the internet without seeing anything is scary.

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