Legit sexdolls VS factory pictures VS knock off dolls

Sex dolls promotion pictures VS factory pictures VS counterfeit doll

I will never repeat it enough: not only counterfeit dolls are dangerous but they do not resemble the one you want to buy at all. You can look at my videos to see how many times I have been scammed. On top of this, I also get many emails every week from customers who got scammed like this one.
Counterfeit doll

This is what will happen 80% of the time. I have made some picture montages to show you the differences between the promotion pictures, the actual factory picture, and the counterfeit doll. Take note that these counterfeits are aesthetically good quality ones. Usually, when you buy a cheap doll, it looks like the picture above.

This is the WMdoll 108cm L cup


This is the WMdoll 140cm D cup head#36

wmdoll 140cm D cup head 36



This is the WMdoll 140cm A cup

wmdoll 140cm A cup



This is the WMdoll 140cm D cup head#56

wmdoll 140cm D head 56



This is the WMdoll 140cm D cup head #36

wmdoll 140cm D head 36



This is the WMdoll 156cm H cup head #233

wmdoll 156Hcup head 233



This is the WMdoll 157cm B cup head #162



This is the WMdoll 163cm H cup head #198

wmdoll_163cm head 198



This is the WMdoll 166cm C cup head #159

wmdoll 166cm head 159



This is the WMdoll head #142

wmdoll head 142

Again, when you buy a cheap doll, you are not “bypassing the man in the middle”, you are getting scammed.

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I recently bought a doll from nakedoll company what can you tell me about this company. Bear in mind I have never bought such dolls before and know little about them or the industry. What to look out for and what to avoid what companies are reliable and what are not. Any information about this company would be greatly appreciated.


I hate to ask but nakedoll on that list of scammed I got vanessa and am a little worried

Jeremy R.

Hi tom your posts are phenomenal. Thank you for all your help. I am looking for a doll with a big ass but most importantly that it it is very jiggley from what ive read here on the forum it sounds like the wm doll tpe is the way to go. What are your thoughts on this thanks Jer 😎


I made the mistake of buying off of tinysexdolls.com two days ago can I cancel my order? They are not responding to any of my emails. Do they even have a warehouse in the US or is it being shipped from china cause I bought one that said ready to ship from the US warehouse? Also if they ship, do they give me a tracking number if they don’t I’m afraid someone in my household will open it if they receive it while I’m not at home. Please someone who has bought from this or any other scam site can… Read more »


Why do the real dolls look so much worse in comparison to the promotion images? They look dull and artificial in comparison. E.g., the WMdoll 166cm  promotion image has much more realism/details (e.g., nipples) while the real doll looks like rubber. Is it possible to improve them?


Is this guy legit? ab-sexdoll on eBay


So is Vs dolls a scam also?


VSDolls produces counterfeit dolls. If you are unlucky enough to buy one of their dolls, expect a fight, and it will be hard fought to get a fraction of your purchase price back.


I made the mistake of ordering a counterfeit WM-140 doll. The company used WM-dolls marketing material, but not their company name. It was darker in color than advertized, and facial features were not so defined, and they sent the wrong wig. Delivery time was two weeks and not 2-4 days as promised. Soon eyelashes and nails started popping off. Small cracks appeared in the hand, although I used her gently. Joints were stiff and creaking badly. After about 15 uses the vagina had a hole through the navel which busted open when washing her. A few hour after this the… Read more »


What criteria we need to take into account to trust a vendor ? There are so many of them out there !


I hate to say this Tom..but the some of the counterfeit pics look better than Both the promo and factory pictures in the above examples.. and of they’re a fraction of the price.. besides the aesthetical looks what are some of the disadvantages of a counterfeit doll?

Weight and the feel of the dolls as well?

Thanks for all your advice saving many people from potentially paying thousands for a blow up doll!!

shane j miller

some of these I would be pissed because even the original doesn’t even look like the promotion picture at all.


Dammm, Nice post bro!

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