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It would be nice to see Piper Doll Ariel 100 cm 🙂


Hi Tom, thanks for the review! I’m curious about Piper Doll because of the seamless neck and beautiful models. I’m into realism in dolls and curious is you have tried a silicone Piper Doll with hardened hands, soft hips/ass, and gel boobs. I’m really looks for a beautiful doll with “realistic” skin, and the Piper Dolls seem to check most of those boxes. But I also see that you have recommended against buying Piper in previous reviews. What doll would you recommend for my preferences? I am looking for a short/small/lightweight doll (4’11” and below and/or 25kg and below), with… Read more »


Thanks Tom! Do you think the Piper small silicone dolls are still recommendable?

I’m kind of obsessed with the seamless neck on Piper, I wish WM would make dolls like this…

Who is your go to vendor?

Thanks again!


Hello, thanks for this review. The mouth of this doll is supposed to be playable; what could you say about her mouth, please ? The head looks so small, i was wondering if its even possible to use it without damaging the doll !


Thanks for answering. Then my new question would be : if you can’t “use” the mouth , why don’t you buy a sheaper model like for exemple : the Nao Doll (DollHouse168) 80 cm (around 500$) ? Thanks again for your reviews.


Good point, Iris doll seems to be the only decent mini doll. Above 1M30 the choice is bigger.


I have a “quest” for you: To review Irontech dolls.

Irontech have their own site and the dolls seems legit. Despite looking awesome they have issues, like ridiculous looking faces and, somehow, they seem too cheep for dolls that look that good.


i do wish you gave the option of low-rez for those of us who lack ultra-high speed internet.

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