Piper 100cm Iris review – stunning with a small issue!

Piper 100cm Iris review

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  1. Introduction
  2. Her skin
  3. Her skeleton
  4. Her wig
  5. Head
  6. Eyes
  7. Labia
  8. Boobs
  9. Summary

Piperdoll became very popular quickly due to their stunning models and their seamless neck. Among their most popular dolls, the 100cm Iris is certainly one of their most sold models.

Piper 100cm Iris review


Piper’s skin is really the best on the market at the moment. It is soft, not oily, quite resistant to scratches, it either has no smell at all or smells lightly like perfume. Their soft skin allows some butt giggling and some nice boobs giggling. On top of that, it does also allow to have gel breasts. 


The skeleton is flexible and easy to position. I noticed that Piper dolls’ neck is often stiff and difficult to move. You kind of need some chiropractor moves to be able to turn it.


Piper’s wigs are, all proportion kept, quite good quality. The fiber is bigger than other cheap wigs from other brands and thus, less prompt to static electricity and is easier to comb.
Piper iris review

Piper 100cm Iris review

Like all Piper dolls, this one will very much look like the one in the promotion pictures.


Iris’s head is seamlessly attached to the body which adds a lot to the realism + you do not have the problem of the head falling down the bed in the middle of the action. That problem can occur with other brands if you use the snap-on method to put the head on the body. The screw method will save you from this trauma. Your doll will keep her head on the body.

Now back to the Piper Iris, the only drawback I see with its head is that it looks extremely young. It can look somehow cute on a big doll, however, on a small doll like this one, it can feel awkward. Luckily, she has big boobs and some nice curvy hips to help you overcome this issue.


It uses the usual 31 millimeters half globe with the other half in silicone. It’s supposed to make moving the eye in the socket easier than the usual eye with the wool. I didn’t find much difference with other brands in that sense.

The labia is OK. Not the best, not the worst. Just ok.  The vulva does not look very realistic in my opinion but what really does when dealing with a 3’2 sex doll with huge boobs? This is a fantasy doll, it was not made to look like a real human. At least, the labia is not ugly.

Piper iris labia

I can’t help but feel weird beside this small doll. I understand perfectly the huge advantage of having a light doll. I have hurt my back often enough on big dolls to get it. It is maybe a question of getting used to it. I still do not feel comfortable for now.

Her boobs look huge in the pictures. They are not as big in real. Don’t get me wrong, they are huge for her body only her body is small and tiny so the boobs are only a hand full. The hollow boobs from Piper feel great however, their gel boobs feel even better! Their skin mix along with the gel breasts is the closest to the real thing that I have ever felt. They did a really good job with that.

Piper 100cm Iris review – FINAL THOUGHTS?
It is a great fantasy doll and its lightweight makes it very easy to manoeuver. The ultra-soft skin on her feels fantastic. Before you buy her, you need to make sure she is allowed in your country or in your state. As an example, I know she is allowed everywhere in Canada, everywhere in the US except for these states: Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee. You need to check with your own country’s law before you buy her.

I made a Piper 100cm Iris review for you to watch. You can view it either here on my Youtube channel.

Piper Iris 100cm review
















Same doll as advertised?


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Hi Tom,

Thank you for the wealth of information on this website! Question regarding prices. I’ve noticed that dolls like this one has almost doubled in price since when you originally wrote this article. She is the same price as full sized Piper Dolls. Do you see this changing at all or are doll manufacturers essentially keeping their dolls the same price regardless of the cost of materials.


Hello Tom,
I’m not sure if you’re still active on the blog anymore but I really do appreciate the knowledge you’re willing to share!

I’ve bought a WMDoll and man, I understimated the problems of a large, heavy doll… I been looking at 4 feet ones and shorter.

Do Piper have any removable inserts? If not, is there an easy way to clean it?
I am spoiled with WMDoll’s removable insert, it’s so much easier.

Paul Grimm

Do u think Rosewifes.com is trustworthy?
They have a sexy doll for $749.
Also Kimber Doll looks amazing your thoughts? Thx in advance

Paul Grimm

Great I wanna get kimberdoll seems pretty damn hot but sorry meant this site Tom.. check her https://rosewives.com/collections/us-warehouse/products/summy-53-160cm-a-cup-hot-sexy-slim-body-lifelike-sex-doll

jaylen montez

i have something to ask you is thedollchannel.com legit im thinking about buying a anime sex doll


Hi, may I ask if the doll in this link is the same doll you rated, thanks!


can you tell me how common it is for sex dolls to be able to bring their legs back 180 degrees so the kneecaps are close to the armpits? thank you.


can i do it as long as i quickly straighten her out afterwards, after about 10 minutes of activity?


Hey, Tom, thanks for the review.

Could you give a review of the internal texturing? I recently purchased a doll and didn’t get much feeling and so it’s something I’d like to compare to.

What is the best brand for texture?

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