Piperdoll Jessica review – Stunning!

Piperdoll Jessica review

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  1. Introduction
  2. Her skin
  3. Her skeleton
  4. Her wig
  5. Head
  6. Eyes
  7. Labia
  8. Boobs
  9. Summary

Jessica is one of the models that made Piper very famous. They kind of officially launched the “fantasy” sex doll market. There were a few elves and witches dolls here and there however, the Piperdoll Jessica was a huge success that made Piper very popular.

But is she really worth it?


Piperdoll Jessica review


I have a strong feeling that Piperdoll reworked their skin recipe, which was already very good. It is now breathtaking. Their skin is extremely soft and is absolutely flawless. The WM’s ultra-soft skin is about 5% to 10% softer however, it has some flaws. Piperdoll’s skin is perfect. The color is great, there is no scent (I kind of miss the old very nice smell though) and the feeling of it is fantastic.


The famous Piper’s EVO skeleton is now very famous: It is flexible and resistant. One problem though: I have the feeling the factory’s quality check is lately lacking. I have had many bad feedbacks regarding some bad hips, legs, back, and neck adjustments. Some too stiff, some too loose. Piper dolls are very expensive, this lack of professionalism needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

If I compare with WM, I rarely get any bad feedback regarding their skeleton. I do not recall having even one.

Their fingers are also terrible. They are floppy and useless. They remind me of the fingers on cheap counterfeit sex dolls. Again, at the price they sell their dolls, the fingers should be better.


Piperdoll’s wigs are great. They perfectly fit the heads and they are always like the ones you can see on the promotion pictures. This is a big plus for sure!

Piperdoll Jessica
Piperdoll Jessica

Piperdoll Jessica review

Like I already mentioned, there is something you can really appreciate from Piper: their dolls in real look exactly the same as the ones in their promotion material. You will have no bad surprises.


Like all piper dolls, the head is seamlessly attached to the body, which is a big plus. Very important, unlike many other brands, the head looks exactly like the one you see on the promotion pictures. There were no overly made makeup and no photoshop, what you see is what you get.

All Piper’s TPE heads have a tongue built into the head per default. If your vendor tries to sell you this option, he is not being honest with you. 


Piper’s eyes are now different than the eyes you find on other dolls: They are a full globe and do not need the white and messy wool that other brands use to keep the eye in the socket.

Piperdoll’s labia are all very similar, if not the same, on all their dolls. Not the best out there nonetheless really well done. I especially like the pink labia. They also have a good idea to color the butthole as well which is something that factories do not always do.

Piper doll labia
Piper doll labia


The doll can come with solid, hollow, or gel boobs. Something weird: Piper offers to build the boobs with gel breasts however, at the same time, they do not recommend it. Go figure. Again, if your vendor is offering the gel with a Piper doll, it means they do not know what they are doing. I personally always choose hollow breasts. I find it to feel very natural.

Piperdoll Jessica review – FINAL THOUGHTS?
This doll is great, I do not see any major drawback to this doll. She is light, has fantastic skin, and a great figure. If you like her in the picture, you will also like her in “real”.

I made a Piperdoll Jessica review for you to watch. You can view it either here on my Youtube channel.

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Same doll as advertised?


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Great reviews and thank you for exposing the massive scamming.

Could you add to your reviews the distance from the doll’s mouth to her vagina? (MTV)
It’s important know before purchasing for tall guys.

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