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Trop blanche la peau on dirais qua la manqué de fer

Last edited 2 years ago by paul

Great and accurate review. I have this doll, and everything you said about it is 100% accurate. As an owner of this doll, I would just add the Piper design where the pubic area skin stretches is a factor in this doll as well and something to consider. But other than that, I have absolutely no regrets with this doll. Worth every penny. The thing that blew me away with this doll was just how stunning it is to look at and hard to resist once she’s in front of you. 


Just wanted to clarify that this was the site I bought from that you highly recommended as I do also after my experience.


Recently bought a WM 157 cm doll from Marco at the sexdollshop.

Doll was perfect on delivery after pointing out a few concerns I picked out when receiving my pre delivery factory pics .

Marco appreciated my concerns and had them addressed though it added a week to delivery , which Marco informed me of.

Marco was a absolute pleasure to deal with and kept me informed of all changes.

I would never consider buying from anyone else.


Ummm…what concerns did you have to point out?

Bam Bam

None. That’s his point; excelent vendor.


I too ordered my doll from Marco(due to positive reviews of this site) and was very pleased with his service. Will use him again if/when I get another doll. 


Great video! Will you say that the new improved Piper Doll TPE formula is now softer than the WM Doll ultra soft skin or is the WM Doll ultra soft still softer?

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