Hot piperdoll Phoebe Elf review

Piperdoll Phoebe Elf review

The piperdoll Phoebe elf is really nice to use. She is small, she is light -she weighs only 46 lbs!- and she has a nice figure. As soon as Piperdoll released her, she became one of their most popular dolls.


Piperdoll Phoebe review


Piperdoll’s skin is amazing. It has no smell, it is soft, it is resistant and the doll always arrives at your home without any scratches no serious damages. Their TPE is simply one of the best if not the best on the market.



Except for the hands which are floppy and weak, the Piperdoll’s upgraded skeleton (it is called EVO) is one of the best on the market. Each articulation is perfectly adjusted and can replicate any human body movement. Just fantastic!


Piperdoll’s wigs are great the hair fiber is bigger than the ones from other brands and it makes it much easier to comb. Also unlike WM, Piper rarely makes a mistake when they ship you a wig.

Piperdoll Phoebe Elf customer picture

As you can see, the doll looks exactly the same as the one in the promotion pictures. This is also something to appreciate from Piper: you are never disappointed because their promotion material is not overly tricked. There is no big makeup not lighting trick nor photoshop work. 

Piperdoll’s labia are all very similar, if not the same, on all their dolls. Not the best out there nonetheless really well done. I especially like the pink labia. They also have the good idea to color the butthole as well which is something that factories do not always do.
Piperdoll Phoebe Elf labia

The only one that I can see is their weak hand bones. I also think that although very good, in comparison, WM’s hollow and foremost gel boobs feel more natural. I also think that her elf ears are not big enough. You can barely see them.

Hollow boobs is a must if you want to have a more natural feeling when you touch them. They also jiggle more naturally when hollow.

Piperdoll Phoebe elf review – FINAL THOUGHTS?
I really, really like Piperdoll’s quality. Their soft skin is absolutely flawless however, it is a bit less soft than the WM’s one. Regarding their Phoebe Elf doll, she is really pleasant to use. She is light, at 46 pounds she very easy to move around and to place in any position you wish her to have. 

I made a review for you to watch. You can view it either here on my Youtube channel.

Wmdoll 156cm H cup review
















Same doll as advertised?


Overall satisfaction

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Hi Tom, do you have any thoughts on how the Phoebe 130cm C-Cup compares to WMDoll 141cm Marilyne? I am looking for a lighter doll with soft skin. Also how do Piperdoll labia compare to those from WMDoll? Any insight would be appreciated.Thank you for putting all the effort into this page!


Hi Tom,
thank you very much for the prompt reply and for pointing out that very small dolls can be “weird”. I feared as much.
I am also considering the Akira B from Piper Doll, because of cuteness without being too tiny!
Irontech 163cm B-Cup would come close to my ideal figure, but I know it would be heavy lifting *sigh*


Hi again,
I notice in one of the Phoebe reviews you have a version with Non-standing feet. Regarding the TPE model, do you suggest the standing bolts feet, or not? (i realize everyone has their preference, but just your personal opinion is fine) Merci!


Does this ELF version of Phoebe offer Oral capability? BTW, thanks for all your great work!


Cheers, and thank you!


I really enjoyed this review and really love elves but am concerned that if I bought this doll and someone found out about it they would judge me. I am 5’6″ a small built guy and don’t want a heavy doll. I know she looks youthful but elves are immortal after all. I also like Lazuli doll as well. She is 4’7″ and 10lbs more than Phoebe. Also young looking, but she is supposed to be Android 18 from Dragonball.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jonn

Thanks, I feel much better about it now. Sorry I was salty in my other comment about not seeing my posts. I just need to learn to be more patient. The issue I have with this doll is not so much her height but that she requires a lot of maintenance being oiled, etc… because she is low quality TPE.


Hi Tom. I’m sorry to ask. Where you bought this doll? I wanna buy it too.

Aaa Aaaa

Hi, what do you think of the torso doll in the link below? I really think a doll without arms or legs is most practical for keeping the weight light and moving around with just a suitcase, and I don’t want to enter the $1k+ price range for the serious full size dolls you review here. Do you know of anything better like this at a similar price point, and do you think this is a scam even though it has good reviews?


Hey Tom,
i hope you’re well. Best video review so far imao. You took your time showing us the doll in every detail and all important parts were reviewed + chilling music. The tipps and overall summary in the end are also great. Keep it up!

Are you maybe considering getting the WM 172D later this year for a closer lookup? 🙂


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