Piperdoll silicone Phoebe Elf review – wow!

Piperdoll silicone Phoebe Elf review

The piperdoll Phoebe elf was already really popular, I suspect the silicone version will be a hit like never before. This doll has everything: She is light, she has an incredibly sexy figure, big soft boobs, nice round hips, and a bubbly butt. Piper doll’s silicone edition is clearly meant to be a “De luxe” one. 

Unfortunately, she also has some drawbacks.


Piperdoll silicone Phoebe Elf review


Piperdoll’s silicone skin has no smell at all. Comparing to the TPE skin, it is very hard. It is around 40% harder than their regular TPE skin. Luckily, the breasts are surprisingly very soft. I would even say they are softer than the breasts on the TPE version. When I bought my doll, it didn’t have the soft butt option. Without this option, the ass is much too hard. It is really not realistic. I am looking forward to trying the soft butt option next time.

Of course, there is a huge advantage to this skin, it is much more resistant than the TPE skin.


They have upgraded their skeleton for this model. On top of their top-notch skeleton, they have now upgraded their fingers which were their only weak points.


Piperdoll’s wigs were already great. They have even upgraded their wigs for this model. Like I wrote earlier, it is clear they intend to make this silicone edition a “De luxe” one.

Piper Doll Phoebe Elf silicone
Piper Doll silicone Phoebe Elf


Piperdoll silicone Phoebe Elf review

Like I already mentioned, one this you can really appreciate from Piper, is that their dolls in real look exactly the same as the ones in their promotion material.


Like all piper dolls, the head is seamlessly attached to the body, which is a big plus. Very important, unlike many other brands, the head looks exactly like the one you see on the promotion pictures. There were no overly made makeup and no photoshop, what you see is what you get.

As you may already know, the biggest drawback is the lack of oral capabilities. You can not insert your dick inside her mouth. There is simply no hole there.


Anyone owning a sex doll knows that moving the eyes position is a mess. With time and practice, it becomes easier however, it is never fun. With the silicone edition, Piper has developed a very interesting eye mechanism that makes it very easy to change the pupil position. You just need to push on the pupils with your finger and place it exactly the way you want. Changing the eyes’ position has become very easy to do.

Piperdoll’s labia are all very similar, if not the same, on all their dolls. Not the best out there nonetheless really well done. I especially like the pink labia. They also have a good idea to color the butthole as well which is something that factories do not always do.
EDIT: Many people, including me, have had a problem with Piper’s silicone labia and butt: They tear! Piper never solved the issue stating that: “These dolls are more for display than sex”

Piperdoll Silicone Phoebe Elf Labia
Piperdoll Silicone Phoebe Elf Labia


The head has no oral capabilities. I do not know any silicone head that can do oral sex. The skin is a little too hard. I just hope the soft butt option is worth it.

EDIT: Many people, including me, have had a problem with Piper’s silicone labia and butt: They tear! Piper never solved the issue stating that: “These dolls are more for display than sex”

The doll comes automatically with gel boobs. They feel very natural.

Piperdoll silicone Phoebe elf review – FINAL THOUGHTS?
This doll is great, much higher quality than the regular TPE edition which were already very good. I was first shocked by the skin firmness to then realize that it is also much more robust. The pussy feels awesome. It is tight and very soft. It is definitely tighter than any woman I have ever met.

I made a piperdoll silicone Phoebe elf review for you to watch. You can view it either here on my Youtube channel.

Piperdoll Silicone Phoebe elf review
















Same doll as advertised?


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ok, you are the man–I DO NOT want to get ripped off, so point me to the best doll, I’m 71 and inactive for 5 years— my wife is 5’8″ perfect height to have sit on me and give me great tit access— I like thin and great skin and a tight pussy–not a big breast fan–so please–help me get the best one—–where is your brothel? do you have ones to sell? Jim


Great job. I note your comments on WM Wigs and your supplier. Does the supplier provide better wig at an extra cost or is it included? Would be so much better if WM carried the can on this.


Is 80cm or 100cm this doll?

John Nesbitt

Starpery can do oral on silicone 🙂


Thx for the great info in this article! I am thinking about getting the silicone Ariel, do you currently have one and plan to do a review on that as well?


That’s unfortunate to hear. What brand would u recommend for a silicone doll then? I am looking for one that is robust and especially with the back skeleton and less tearing issues.

Last edited 3 years ago by John
shane j miller

You’re videos are awesome. I’m in between the piper doll and the WM doll. I just bought a Starpery doll but haven’t received it yet. But I was wondering I the skin on both dolls which on is easy to maintain and feels more real? and the mouths for Oral very important to me, which mouth do you think will hold up? meaning were it wont rip easy or wont be sucky.

shane j miller

thank you for your reply.


Have you reviewed any YL dolls?

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