reliable sex dolls suppliers

Reliable sex dolls suppliers

I finally put off a list of honest suppliers. In order to be in my list, suppliers need to meet these criteria : 
You can find more on my criteria method here.

Sell the original brands. (Its a must)

Forget about store offering more than 15% discount (unless they boosted their price to give you the impression that you are saving)
  They will send you a cheap counterfeit doll. A few “legit” stores have been caught doing this lately.

Do not sell cheap dolls. (Some suppliers sell original brands AND cheap replicas)

Have a phone number where someone actually answers. (No phone number: forget it)

Speak proper English and reply quickly to emails or phone messages. (You need proper customer service)

They need to have dolls “in stock” immediately available for shipping. (The most important of all!! You need serious people that invested in their business)

Not use any “urgency” method or any other old trick to force a sale. (No bullshit needed)

They have been to China and have visited the factories that they are dealing with. (They mean serious business + they have a better relationship with the companies they deal with.)

They are not using any fake reviews. They are easy to spot, they are short and they mostly say something like “Exactly like on the pics”, “Best doll ever!”, “I am so happy with her!”. (No bullshit needed)

Of course, the fact that I can personally vouch for a company should make you feel secure: You don’t want any headache? Buy from them. Do you think you can find better somewhere else? You do so at your own risks. Make sure you follow my advices above and my criteria method here.

List of honest, reliable sex dolls suppliers :

 1. Sex Doll Shop2. Real Dolls3. Silicone Wives4. Used Sex dolls  
Working phone numberReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Speak proper EnglishReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Reply fast to messagesReliable sex dolls suppliersreliable-sex-dolls-suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Do not use old sale methodReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Do not use false reviewsReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersreliable-sex-dolls-suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Been to China and visited the factoriesReliable sex dolls suppliersDoesn’t applyreliable-sex-dolls-suppliersDoesn’t apply  
Professional websiteReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Sells original brandsReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Have dolls “in stock”Reliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersreliable-sex-dolls-suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
I personally vouch for them?YESNONOYES  
NOTESThis supplier is where I get all my dolls.

Do you want to be safe? Buy from them.

They are very well known. They were the first to offer high-end silicone sex dolls.They do not check for all my requirements however, they were one of the first online companies to sell Chinese sex dolls.If you’d like to buy a top brand but do not have the budget, this may be a solution for you.  


I am sure that other suppliers…

meet my requirements however, I can not personally vouch for them. If for any reason you prefer not to buy from the reliable sex dolls  suppliers list sites that I recommend you to, then for your own sake, just make sure that the site you will buy from meets the requirements above.



I won’t make a list to spare me legal issues but :

Just avoid ALL websites that are offering deals that are too good to be true. Site claiming that they can offer a legit $800 doll that is usually sold for $1999 because they “cut the middle man” is purely and simply lying to you. They will use legit companies’ promotion content to sell you a piece of crap

You don’t want to get ripped off? Stick with my reliable sex dolls suppliers list above and you will never have any type of problems. You don’t find your dream doll on one of these websites? Then do not forget to check if the website which you will buy from meets my list of requirements above.  It is literally a jungle out there. Don’t be the prey.

There is also something quite new that I saw lately in sex dolls websites and it is suppliers that are offering without any doubt counterfeit dolls -I can recognize those because of the prices- AND they are also offering dolls at a legit price… So, its fair to ask ourselves: Are they, in fact, selling counterfeit dolls at the price of legit dolls?

That’s kind of worrisome. Just be very careful when you buy your doll. If you are not sure, you can always shoot a question on my “Ask me anything” page or on my Youtube channel

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Hey tom do you know if is legit? I see a doll i like but seeing 166 cm dolls for less that 1000$ leads me to believe its fake but some dolls do seem properly priced.


Is a good website


Is the site legit? It has good reviews but wanted to get your advice. Thanks!


Is sex dolls show legit they have a doll I want but can’t find anywhere else


Thanks so much for your site…it was hugely useful in making my first purchase. Just for your files, I ended up buying from Sexysexdolls. Their communication was nonexistent, but that was the only downside. I bought an in-stock (in the US)6YE doll, and she’s perfect and I got her with the advertised extras in 3 days.


Is the site legit?


Is this site legit


what are the best us vendors that sell good dolls

Derek HNF

Is finelovedolls a legit website? They have nice deals and options but doesn’t seem to be listed on TDF or here? Their website looks solid tho, thanks!

Normal dude that dont get pus

Oh man, this is a pretty rough thing to get into. Seems like alot of these sex doll people are weird and frowned upon but whats the cheapest full size doll that i can buy that will actually show up to my house? Im trying to keep it under 1k?

European looking for a doll

Is this legit?

They seem like a small company. The address seems real. They have a stock, but the dolls seems a bit too underprized.


what legit site can I buy the cheapest sex doll?


Hey Tom, I am looking for a legit Irontech site, Most of the trusted sites I seen don’t have the doll I am looking for. Then again its new! Hope to hear from you soon!

Last edited 30 days ago by Hahaman1

How do you feel about real love sex dolls? They look pretty legit to me but I was just wondering.

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Derek HNF

God I hate this website they have no selection whatsoever, dead pretty much


Hey again, just to be sure, and sorry if I’m wasting your time, but this site fills out most criteria in checking for red flags but do you know if this site is legit?


Hi is a scam?


What about passion dolls? They seem to have the best looking female bodybuilder type ive seen.

Derek HNF

Yeah nah bad not recommended, bought there b4 not satisfied.

European looking for a doll

Are these legit? I live EU, so finding a legit retailer seems very hard. The sex shops in my country have a very poor selection.


I’m needing a more mini size doll (I have kids that get into everything and need something I can lock away easier). I’ve found tons of websites that have them but don’t know if they’re shady or not. Any recommendations?


Hello! I’ve spent a while on your website and really appreciate the information available here. I’m looking to buy my first doll and I saw you recommend these websites:
All of these vendors are reputable, correct? I live in the USA and I’m looking to get an in-stock doll. I plan on just looking over all of their in-stock catalogs and then just choosing the one that fits me best. Thank you, appreciate it!


Always thought this site was legit, but they are selling an Irontech doll for half of what they are on Irontech’s website:
Eva 100cm B-Cup Irontechdoll #N2 Mini


Is this website legit ?

Last edited 1 month ago by Trevor
Derek HNF



Hi, really good website! Thx fir helping in this ocean of scanner.
I’m in UK and rule can be pretty strict here. Could you provide your opinion on looks like they have stock, you can visit, they have warehouse pictures etc and I found forum that were saying that it is a mixed bag. Price are cheaper but do you think it would be worth it?
Thx! 🙂


How about
They seemed to respond to email relatively quickly, next business day from my late night question.

Arri Daru

Is only dolls legit?


Which site would be best to get RRS Top Sino ?


Hi friend, I was wondering if you know if the site SexDollTech is legit?link:


Hi Tom I was looking over a site you suggested in your blog. You know anything about Original ZELEX silicone?

Derek HNF

I love that brand 2


Six months ago you mentioned and said they should get you a legit doll , has your opinion changed ? Thanks!

Arri Daru

hello im looking into buying my very first doll but i wanna go full fancy with it Im into the elf piper doll look semi adult and teen kinda and i want pink hair on my doll like it  can you provide me with doll recommendations so i can choose from i want it to have oral anal and vaginal capabilities as well as standing mabie around the g cup and h cup range <—not really picky about that just dont send flat dolls x3im at my last straw because i looked through so many sites and they all looked… Read more »

Arri Daru

thank you for your answer i have found what im looking for i just wanna verify with you if they are good :3 here is my choice after doing my homework lol just give me the good to go and ill buy it thank you for your blog and all info you have


Thank you so much ill order it soon lol the shipping is like 50 days so rip on that

T Crowns

Is ESDoll legit?

Last edited 2 months ago by T Crowns

Any info on hollywoodsexdolls is it legitimate?


hi, what to think of ?  They seem to have several that seem to be copies from some premium brands but at much lower price, so seems to be scam ..  However, the one I’m interested in is H3008 Janelle, and that one I haven’t yet seen somewhere else ..  


What about uloversdoll. Com ? Saw a Reddit thread about them but not too much information. Legit or just overpriced ? Thanks.


Thank you. It’s a shame because they make the dolls so beautiful and it looks easy to order from them. They added an email and a usa based phone number on the front page.


Any info on Joy Love Dolls would be appreciated Thanks.


Is there a site that gives some detail on the different vaginal cavity option for the Irontech dolls?


Tom, SexySexDoll is the only promising place to buy custom affordable doll heads.

Can you verify this company’s legitimacy and verify that they are the best place to buy a custom face from?


What do you think of sexdollcenter? There’s a specific doll that i would like to get but don’t know if this is a good place to buy from or i dont know where to find it.


Any idea on Irontech, Zelex, and YL seem to list them as authorized vendors, but unsure how much those “endorsements” count.

J Hill

I asked dollpimp about this and this was their reply.

Anyone who is warning against drop shipping is clueless how the business works. Email any manufacturer directly and ask them how it works.
Looking at it logically, there is no possible way that if a customer needs an order shipped to them and needs it to be built and custom to their unique requirements, that a company would have this exact combination needed sitting in their inventory ready to be picked up or shipped”


I recently bought a doll from but have not heard back from them. Curious if you know if this website is legit.


Yeh I did call and leave a message with my phone number but got no response. I also emailed them. Hoping the shipping is just delayed as I haven’t heard back from them. Their website says 15-25 business days but I find that hard to believe. Put my order through almost 2 months ago.

Last edited 2 months ago by Daniel

Hey guys! I’m planning to buy a doll from this website (HGDOLLS) but am unsure if it is legit, it does have an aliexpress store page with overwhelming reviews, but the website does have a few dubious points, which is why I’m relying on the community to help me out here 🙂 https://www.h…….
Otherwise, is there a reliable store you would recommend with good quality dolls that ships to the SEA region?

Last edited 2 months ago by Doublejsam123

Thanks! i was about to purchase their dolls before i decided to do some research


Oh and what about Irontechdolls?

Alex V

Hello. Can you tell me if is legit? Thank you. 


is legit?

dave Are they legit? Thanks.


Thanks. Any idea why torso dolls are like 2 grand? Seems like too much. Any sites that are good I can get just a torso doll for around $500? Without head is fine.


Looking for a robotic doll. I found this site is this legit? They custom make the dolls and you receive it in 2-3 weeks. I have spoken with customer service on the phone and through email. Aini dolls has a YouTube videos as well.


What’s a legit site that sells them? I’ve seen videos where people are genuinely happy with there robotic dolls (not on aini dolls sites or videos) but on YouTube and other places that say yeah not perfect but for the companionship it’s better than a doll that doesn’t have the communication.

Do you know what a legit site for robotic dolls so I can see the price difference?


Hello I have 1,300, Where can i find one of theta price ?


Is legit?


Any good website to buy piperdoll?

And that would not be a factory? ¿Know a reliable site to send to Spain?

How bout wdollm yes I did spell it right

Is this legitimate or not.
What can you tell me about them


Your information on this subject is invaluable. I’m looking for one like this a petite mini about 3 to 4 ft tall. What do you knnow about this oksexdoll site and could you direct me to a legit company with similar mini dolls?


If it’s illegal under assume all lolicon are pedophiles laws then it’s also illegal in the US


Hi i couldn’t see your answer if you have one.
Is a good site it has non anime dolls.
I can show you a link of a doll i plan on getting if it will help.


Is that suspicious?

Jack Hutchinson

I am new and look for one


I’ve heard that my robot doll is legit and they’re very nice and willing to work with you.
Provided I’m not talking to scammers pretending to be my robot doll that would suck😂


Thanks for all the wonderful insight. Awesome website. Kudos! So, I see from the comments that you say VS Doll is bullshit…how about ES Doll? Or are these kind of the same? Interested in the doll in the link below – but it says manufacturer is ES themselves? Smells fishy…


Is cg.dolls safe?


Reddit just calls me names when i ask


Thoughts on the Gynoid brand? I see that the DC house has that brand but not Sexdoll-shop. And is the DC Dollhouse even reputable?
The doll is the Li Hui 162-172cm.

Last edited 4 months ago by Reagan

I think they are legit, I saw them listed as trustworthy on the celedolls site. there seems to be some people on TDF who think they are legit too.Their English seems to be better than most Asian suppliers


If I buy a doll from sexdollshop and it is not in stock. It comes from China. Is there any issues with not getting the doll shipped from China to Oklahoma?


Are you have website to buy new AOTUME DOLL because I look at they don’t have new one in stock


I know my robot doll has those types of dolls available but be careful which ones you buy depending on where you live some of them can be illegal to own.


I can confirm that sells fake dolls as I bought an SE doll from there and the certificate of Authenticity was fake also the metal frame was stiff as hell on one side and lose on the other.

Scott Hoover

Is RealDollWives legit?
I looked through the comments and didn’t see any mention of them.



What about sexy real sex dolls are they legit?


Thank you!


Wait when you guys say scammers are you saying that they’ll sell you a doll that is of cruddy value or are you saying that they’ll say that they’ll sell you a doll and steal your money and your identity and you won’t get a doll?


Hello I’ve been browsing on this website considering if I want a doll or not do you happen to know if is legit? I’ve sent emails and have gotten no red flags besides not alot of reviews so I’d feel more comfortable knowing someone with experience can assure me this website is reliable thanks!


Hey do you think tinysexdolls is legit and not a scamming site?


Do you know of any legit vendors in Europe, preferably a EU-member country due to VAT.

I’ve looked at joylovedolls,, but not anymore after reading your blog.
But what about ?

Or maybe another vendor I haven’t considered.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Amazing blog

All the best from Denmark


Hello, is a legit site? Your info on here has been invauable and thank you for putting it all together.


Hey Tom is Silicone lovers/ Silicone wives legit?

jaylen montez

im pretty sure that silicone wives is legit but i dont like them bc they dont offer clothing for your doll if i was u i would go with sexdolls-shop or sexdollgenie


Is this site legitimate? I got the deal all worked out and everything and I knew I had to verify in advance but apparently they spoof websites as well sometimes so this one here is what I’m looking at….
As opposed to these other two
Thank you


Zlovedoll legit anyone?


Hydoll a legit site?


Is scam or real


I want to hear the story of how you got into the doll brothel biz and how it is working out for you. 🙂


Hi Tom, Is WM Doll Canada legit? Their website seems very legit.


Thanks so much. I saw your top 4 you list as most reliable but I’m just looking at others as well. I’m new to this so doing my research. If you don’t mind also answering, are Sex Dolls Canada & Sex Doll Genie legit? Once again thank you and your feedback is very valued.


Thanks Tom! Appreciate it. Based on my research I think I will go with your top suggestion sexdolls-shop as Marco is literally in my backyard so will support local. Once again thanks for your valuable info.


Hi Tom!
Hope all is well. I was wondering if you have had any experience with AiniDoll? Legit? They claim to have M-TPE dolls which are more advanced and less maintenance than the standard TPE dolls many vendors sell. Any feedback would be great. Thanks, Chip!


Thanks as always Tom. Appreciate it. Would you have a suggestion for an AI type sex doll vendor/s or is the technology still too young and vendors not yet have built up a good enough reputation for their product or customer service? Look forward to your feedback as always.
Be well!


Wow! Thank God for Tom and this site!!! I was just about to spend $800 but decided to dig a little deeper on I found out that the address for their warehouse is sketchy (Just map and google it. Then when I googled their contact phone number (which is a NYC exchange but they’re supposedly in California) all kinds of different locations and email addresses started popping up around the world. Red flags everywhere!!! I’m not saying that they are scammers because I don’t know but there sure are a lot of red flags.Thank you for this site and… Read more »


Is best love sex doll a real company I have ordered an they say they are shipping soon reply to emails quick


Whats a normal price for a doll? Is 1,400 to cheap to be legit


Is Venus love dolls legit?


Hi Tom,
I was hoping you could give me your opinion on the legitimacy of
They seem to check all your boxes on things to look for, but I am still nervous about dropping that kind of money somewhere I am unfamiliar with. Thank you!

Is this a legit site and product?


After doing a bunch of research, no they are not legit. The doll I was looking at is a JYdoll and I found the doll on other much more trustworthy websites. No response to emails either.
Thanks for the information Tom.


Hi! Is this legal site?
I am searching for the doll above. Do you know which company made it?


Is this a legit site? I noticed its located in China and also noticed it has features I haven’t seen on other sites like this breathing system


Wondering if you know where I could find this doll legitimally?


What website have the fastest shipping?


Sex doll center is it a scam site all one word


Is AbsoluteSexDoll legit

Dave Curley

Thanks for the feed back


Hi, Tom!
Thank you for your recommendations. I have bought a Shiori Doll in Sex Doll Shop,but they contacted me to tell that they cannot send dolls to Chile.They can send dolls only over 30 kg. Do you think is a good alternative? It seems they do shipping to Chile. Otherwies, do you know another place where I can find a 80 or 90 cm anime doll with shipping to my country.


I was wondering if this site seems legit


Hello i was wondering the best way to pay on sexdollshop as i did not want to use my own card do that take paypal. Also did sexdollshop make custom doll as in theres a 3 foot doll that dos not come in larger sizes i would like it 5 foot or taller. Thanks.


I Just thought would give a follow up on my 1st time purchase from Silicone Wives. i ordered my WM doll the 1st of March and she came via Fed Ex the 1st of April. The doll was perfect. not a single flaw she even had the better Wig and not the pasty dollar store one. If it wasnt for Tom and his site, i dont think i would have bought this doll. Thanks Tom! If you are thinking of buying a Doll and havent, your missing out. i can tell you straight up, these dolls are the real deal.… Read more »


I’m looking for a Lifelike Silicone Sex Doll Male Torso but I don’t know which website is legit please help


Hey Tom, I was wanting your advice on The prices are not really cheap but they are advertising smaller dolls for around 1200. Are they legit?


Tom, I want to purchase a 16 lb. male sex torso for my wife. They have it listed for $219. What are your thoughts on

Joseph S

Any thoughts on They seem to meet most of your criteria, just wondering if you (or anyone) had any direct experience with them.

Jane bd

The website not even up anymore..I got 1 from them it was legitimate


Hi, I stumbled across this doll store on ins.

Is it a legit site?