reliable sex dolls suppliers

Reliable sex dolls suppliers

I finally put off a list of honest suppliers. In order to be in my list, suppliers need to meet these criteria : 
You can find more on my criteria method here.

Sell the original brands. (Its a must)

Forget about store offering more than 15% discount (unless they boosted their price to give you the impression that you are saving)
  They will send you a cheap counterfeit doll. A few “legit” stores have been caught doing this lately.

Do not sell cheap dolls. (Some suppliers sell original brands AND cheap replicas)

Have a phone number where someone actually answers. (No phone number: forget it)

Speak proper English and reply quickly to emails or phone messages. (You need proper customer service)

They need to have dolls “in stock” immediately available for shipping. (This is true ONLY if they have their own inventory. Nowadays, many small players try to play it big  by offering “in-stock dolls” without having any inventory at all. How? They use dolls that are stocked in a rented US or EU warehouse by the Chinese. These people remains dripshipper, meaning that they are amateurs that have no clue about the products that they are selling to you)

Not use any “urgency” method or any other old trick to force a sale. (No bullshit needed)

They have been to China and have visited the factories that they are dealing with. (They mean serious business + they have a better relationship with the companies they deal with.)

They are not using any fake reviews. They are easy to spot, they are short and they mostly say something like “Exactly like on the pics”, “Best doll ever!”, “I am so happy with her!”. (No bullshit needed)

Of course, the fact that I can personally vouch for a company should make you feel secure: You don’t want any headache? Buy from them. Do you think you can find better somewhere else? You do so at your own risks. Make sure you follow my advices above and my criteria method here.

List of honest, reliable sex dolls suppliers :

 1. Sex Doll Shop2. Real Dolls3. Silicone Wives4. Used Sex dolls  
Working phone numberReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Speak proper EnglishReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Reply fast to messagesReliable sex dolls suppliersreliable-sex-dolls-suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Do not use old sale methodReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Do not use false reviewsReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersreliable-sex-dolls-suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Been to China and visited the factoriesReliable sex dolls suppliersDoesn’t applyreliable-sex-dolls-suppliersDoesn’t apply  
Professional websiteReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Sells original brandsReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Have dolls “in stock”Reliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersreliable-sex-dolls-suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
I personally vouch for them?YESNONOYES  
NOTESThis supplier is where I get all my dolls.

Do you want to be safe? Buy from them.

They are very well known. They were the first to offer high-end silicone sex dolls.They do not check for all my requirements however, they were one of the first online companies to sell Chinese sex dolls.If you’d like to buy a top brand but do not have the budget, this may be a solution for you.  


I am sure that other suppliers…

meet my requirements however, I can not personally vouch for them. If for any reason you prefer not to buy from the reliable sex dolls  suppliers list sites that I recommend you to, then for your own sake, just make sure that the site you will buy from meets the requirements above.



I won’t make a list to spare me legal issues but :

Just avoid ALL websites that are offering deals that are too good to be true. Site claiming that they can offer a legit $800 doll that is usually sold for $1999 because they “cut the middle man” is purely and simply lying to you. They will use legit companies’ promotion content to sell you a piece of crap

You don’t want to get ripped off? Stick with my reliable sex dolls suppliers list above and you will never have any type of problems. You don’t find your dream doll on one of these websites? Then do not forget to check if the website which you will buy from meets my list of requirements above.  It is literally a jungle out there. Don’t be the prey.

There is also something quite new that I saw lately in sex dolls websites and it is suppliers that are offering without any doubt counterfeit dolls -I can recognize those because of the prices- AND they are also offering dolls at a legit price… So, its fair to ask ourselves: Are they, in fact, selling counterfeit dolls at the price of legit dolls?

That’s kind of worrisome. Just be very careful when you buy your doll. If you are not sure, you can always shoot a question on my “Ask me anything” page or on my Youtube channel

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What sites do you recommend for custom built dolls? Like I have this idea can you make it like this.


Do you know anything about I’m Hoping they’re legit because they’re in the UK and have the models I’m interested in


Thanks for replying. This is my first time considering buying a doll and it seems a mine field. Another question I hope you could help me with. I was looking in to I’m very interested in them, but i can’t understand why they’re so much more expensive on their site than every other one, even Are they knock offs. I want the real deal but am wary of purchasing directly from the China. Thank you

Just a guy

I want to buy directly from
Do you recommend it?


Are there any legit sites that offer detachable legs and arms for dolls?


 Do you know anything about, and if they’re a scam if the images are from a legit vendor?


Are legit?


Hey man, do you know if lovedolltorso is legit? They seem pretty real but I would like to be extra sure. (Btw appreciate all the help you’re providing to prevent getting scammed)


Hi Tom, what do you think about:

Thanks for your help.


Is real?

Tamarat tantipiyapot

is legit? 
and if not can you tell me a good website for buying pretty “cheap” dolls?

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Is love doll palace a legit store?

Alfredo Aguilar

Ich wohne in Deutschland. Die Firma meine ich krieg die pupe Save..
Ist die ok die Seite ?


Is the site legit?
if not, do you know where else to purchase the doll in the link?


What do you know about years ago i ordered my first and only doll from them without problems.


Hi there,

I wanted to know your thoughts about
Website. I ordered a sex dolls from them and got it on time in 10 days and the quality was good. Planning to buy again but wanted to check with you if you have any suggestions as my budget is little on lower side. I can’t spend thousand dollars on dolls. Let me know Thanks


Hi Tom I see that silicone wives dont have a custom option for their angelkiss dolls. Do these dolls already come with standing feet and evo skeleton?


Hello Tom. I was wondering if is legit.


Hi Tom. Is legit. Also which shops will you recommend in Australia?


Fine love dolls looks legit. But I’m suspicious of all of this. When it comes to sexual gratification, there’s soooooo many scams.


I bought a torso from Lovenestle that can add a head. Where is a good place to buy just the head from? Lovenestle recommended I am assuming they may be connected.


I’m a bit confused. From what I can tell you only really recommend two site for new dolls, and have personnel experience (good) with the one. I may have missed it. How many have you purchased from Sex Doll Shop? I’m guessing none from Silicone Wives (which of course happens to have the one I’m interested in).


Hi Tom, I need a doll who looks like Rapunzel’s stepmother, it doesn’t have to look exactly the same. Do you know any model?


Hi just wondering your thoughts on Seems super legit and sites say it can be trusted but 60 some five star ratings and no others kinda seems sus.


hi,is legit?
Id order a doll via funwestdoll (
but only realdollshub.vom seems to sell her with implemented heating..:

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Hi, ive came across a few Ebay suppliers and these dolls are 300-600 and some suppliers on there seem like a scam and some actually legit . Whats your thoughts on the Ebay suppliers?

Fat Boi

Avoid Ebay altogether its not the place to seek for full sized dolls. Maybe fleshlights, but not sexdolls.There are no legit dolls outside of a well known doll vendor.The reason people keep going to Ebay, Amazon, and AliExpress is b/c they want something cheap. Problem is you wont get a real sexdoll for $600 ever.


good article


Hey Tom, Nise work here. Can you advise me a legit site which i buy a 100 cm doll


I know JD Beyond eg.


Hi Tom just wondering if Is a legit website 
Thanks In advance

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Is Annie’s dollhouse still legit? I saw a angelkiss silicone doll thats 400 off that I wanna buy with a free 2nd head


hello, would you happen to know if is legit? as well as, thankyou much, i’m specifically looking for phoebe elf 130cm with customizing options. thanks in advance   Love the reviews btw.


I believe they lower their price to bear competition. I have bought from thedollchannel myself


HI Tom,

i can’t find any legit vendor for Realing dolls. I’m in search of this doll:

comment image

I found only on some scamm chinasites:

Can you help me?




Hello, is a reputable site? They look like they are.


I was looking at getting this doll from what I can tell they are a good vendor I just wanted to run it by you before I buy it.


yeah, I was like I know they are a good vender I’ll take the risk and see if they have really gone to the dark side. I will keep you updated tom.


I saw that video. But unfortunately I don’t speak English. It would be nice if the audio of the video was also available in a written format.
I mean dropshipping sales.
But what bothers me is that the same TPE doll on this site is $1800.
And on the €1250.
What makes the difference?


hi, is and legit pls

Mike any idea about them? Customer support seemed to answer a question I’ve had pretty quick.


Is vsdoll and hydoll legit websites? 


Is a legit site? They do have a lot of those items. I just want to make sure since I’m gonna be dropping over $4k on a doll. The discount thing has me scared. Thank you for your assistance.


Hi, i was wondering if you have reviews on Game Lady Dolls. i have yet to see ownership reviews of them. 


Anyone ever use


Hello, i can’t find much info about the website Sexy Malena.

was just wondering if you could help verify if this is
real a as they have a 2B character model that i really like. also, they do advertise a lot on youtube. im inclined to think the website is real as they do have an email and a US number.


hi, is and legits ?


Hello, I really want this particular doll (In Stock 5.51ft / 168cm Silicone Head TPE Body Elizabeth – SexDollsOff), but I know this site that it’s on is a scam. Where can I find a reliable website to buy this particular doll from?


Can you tell me if the fantasy wives site is legit? Looking for this doll specifically.


What is your opinion of dolls from ?
Thank you for any input.

Jason is is not


Hey Tom, I am so glad, that I stumbled over your page. You probably already saved me a lot of money and disappointment. 
What are your thoughts about Hydolls? Probably a scammer as well? 
I am looking for smaller dolls for me and my wife, as we do not have much space. Like this one: https://www.hydol….nen-fuer-unvergessliche-momente . The mentioned brands on the bottom of the page however seem legit? Is that correct? 


I was wondering if is safe I haven’t seen a comment about it yet


Hello, Tom. Found out is a scam, but they have the post of the Doll I am looking for. How do we start tracking down the orginal source of that specific Doll?


Hi Tom,
What can you tell me about BestRealDoll? Good? Bad or ugly?


Hello I would like to know is first love doll a good place to buy from this will be my first doll so I want to get a good one


Can you give me some that would be good I’m in ohio


Hey Tom!

I was searching around and found this particular doll:

Could you please take a look around the website and give me your evaluation? I know that it’s in German but maybe it’s still possible for you

Thanks in advance!


Is a legit site?
Many thanks in advance

Last edited 7 months ago by Alexis

I can also second this. I just purchased my first doll from them and it’s no where near what I bought. A completely different cheap doll. Stay away from I wish I would have came across this page a few weeks ago.


Hey Tom,
I’m wondering if min… is a legit site.

Thank you,


Hey tom ,
Thanks for your advices,
What do you think of this website

Do you have a recommendation for a torso only doll, I am not looking for a full size or anything very special, just want a torso doll with authentic feelings

Thank you


Thank you !

Guy Chat

Hi:Thanks for the great advice.Do you have any experience with these guys:


Hey Tom I really want to get a sex doll but I am supremely on a budget and Amazon has full body models for like $400. I know i shouldn’t buy her off Amazon but I would love to have a cuddle companion that i could fool around with. So question is should i risk it?


I’ve actually been looking at the sexdolls shop website from your trusted list and i might just have to try and save up for a good one. I’m really new to this whole thing and do have a couple questions if you have any answers or advice please let me know. 1. Can I keep her in my bed with me? 2. If I were to keep her in my bed a lot with me should I get the standing feet or the normal feet? I’m really debating on the standing feet because I’ll probably want to move her around… Read more »


Would folded blankets work too? Because I might have her on her side and cuddle with her while I sleep. Would that put too much stress on her model?


Also if I get non lubricated condoms and use a water based lubricant would I be able to use them on my doll or would the latex rubber wear down my doll?


How about half body dolls ?
Any reliable websites ?


Tom does that mean you would feel comfortable with purchasing a torso doll from Tantaly? Cheers James


Is a good site?


What about Junyine aka JY doll are they legit? I was thinking 60-70cm doll and they claim that dolls are full of silicon.

Last edited 8 months ago by Daniel

Hello Tom, thanks for your previous reply. I’m still trying to decide on a vendor unfortunately, hopefully before the summer sales end. Because I live in Germany, would you recommend me to find a German vendor ? Because as far as I know most dolls under 150cm are at the risk of being seized over here, there are no clear-cut answers nor strict criteria, and unfortunately as you might know, smaller dolls are almost always cheaper than taller ones, and I want a silicone doll so since I”ll be spending quite a bit of money already, I wish to save… Read more »


Hi Tom!
Is legit?
I find this about the website:
It seem legit for me, but I am sitt careful.
What is your opinion?
Thanks in advance!


I do not live is Germany, but in the EU. I am interested in Xise torsos, especially this one:
What is your opinion? I searched a lot, but didn’t find this product in any other webshops. (I find some webshops with other Xise product, but I didn’t find an official website of Xise as well) Maybe they are the manufacturers, or they are cheaters? I know the cheap product always false, but this is not cheap, and it seems the website’s other products has normal prices.


Is hsdlovedolls a scammer

Edo Aegis

Hi Tom. I am looking for the best silicone sex doll my money can buy and I am looking for the greatest sensation while in action above anything. I saw you best dolls of 2023 ranking, but I figured I would still ask directly which brand would you recommend me?

Jobar jacoba

Hi Tom! Just found your site and I think this is a great tool for consumers so thank you! I wanted to hear your thoughts about Amazon sex dolls available. Is there any way consumers can see indication of scams on some of the Amazon listings? Any advice (or even a post) on this subject would be greatly appreciated!


Is or trustworthy?


Hi , what do you think of
I know this won’t be the best of qualities but will I get my order?
To make a first test in the world of sex doll without ruining me .

Thank you in advance


Hi Tom!
What do you think of
Price are low but do you think it’s a scam ?
I want to find a torso , not as good as celebrity’s brand , for discover this world.
I think that’s for a first experience it’s maybe good?
Thx in advance


Thx for your answer 🙂


Hey Tom. Thanks for shining a light on the otherwise pretty dark (it seems) industry.
Would like to ask your opinion on “” and “”
Thanks in advance!

Ivan Virovec

Hi Tom…can you plizz tell me if this vendor is ok…i was thinking of ordering a doll from them??

Ivan Virovec

I agree…i have sent them a message few days ago with some basic questions and they didn’t respond still.
That’s a red flag for me.
I am searching for a good vendor with European werehouse in stock WM dolls.
Trying not to deal with customs fee…thats 25% more on cost in Croatia.
If you have few good vendors to recommend in EU i would be very grateful.
Much respect.

Ivan Virovec

This is model that i am looking for.
Link is from official WM site.

Ivan Virovec

I don’t mind be patient…to find a good reliable EU vendor is a tricky part.

Ivan Virovec

Tnx Tom

I have looked them up and they seem ok on a first look.I will contact them and see if they seem reliable for me.


Is this a reputable company? Would like your opinion. 


Hi Tom!

Im about to buy a sex doll in Sweden and are comparing many alternatives at the moment. I find guides for sex dolls useful for a beginner like me and I’ve been looking deeply into this guide lately: Are the ones in that article great dolls and could you recommend any over the other, or should I keep on looking somewhere else?

Thanks a lot man!


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Hi Tom
I want to buy this doll i am from Europe,which page do you recommend?


Hey Tom! This is a new question, I’m not really asking if a site is legit, moreso I’m looking for a certain kind of site, I’m looking for a site that can make custom bots to my liking. You have any suggestions?


Hi Tom.

I found this site . Seems legit, but I would like to have your opinion on it.



Do you know sexdollpartner?
I want you to help me find out if this site is legit?

John, are they legit?


Hi Tom, i really like your website, lots of good information. I’m ready to buy my first sexdoll and i want ask you if this site is legit… I check all your information about legit website and this one look good but i need your approval.

Thank a lots

Last edited 9 months ago by Dominic

Trust worthy or scam? Looking to get my first one without breaking the bank


Hello There, I have been wanting to purchase a sex doll and came across this website
Is it legit or a scam? Thank you.


Hello There, I have been wanting to purchase a sex doll and came across this website Is it legit or a scam? Thank you.


Do sites that use klarna make them more legit and reliable to buy from?


Hello Tom, thanks for your great work, very very much appreciated.

Do you know the original website of Piper dolls so that I can order directly from the manufacturer? All the websites I found seem to be scam.

Thanks again, Alex


hi! thank you very much for your reviews!
What do you think about

Also, do you have any opinion on the firedoll brand? from what i understood it is a partially knock off brand but they seems to have a decent quality for the price.


Does anybody know anything about They offer a couple features that other places don’t seem to but the prices seem too good to be true and I’m worried about it being a scam.


Site is back up. Do they look legit to you? I started to place an order but held off until I could someone else’s opinion. They are already sending me emails about the fill in my cart asking if I’m still interested.


I just saw two “WM” dolls on the Silicone Lovers website ( – the Lilith and Tina models.  Yet they don’t appear on the WM Dolls ( website.  I wonder what’s going on?


Hi Tom,
Thanks for such an amazing comprehensive service! Fantastic info and clear reviews! What is your opinion about [one commenter seems to have had an OK experience with them]
Any recommendations (besides dollpark) for EU residents would be appreciated! Thanks!


Hi Tom,

Is legit to buy from?


Hi Tom, I’m from Ecuador – South America and a first time buyer, many sites avoid shipping here because import taxes but finally I found two that can actually do it. Could you tell me please if and are reliable? Thank you.


Oh Hi again Tom, sorry this phone keyboard, I mean and


hi, i just ordered a doll at VSdoll. personalized, total price above 730 USD incl. shipment and discount. Today I read VSdoll probably scammers… OK, i will write again as only I get the delivery (if I will get…) and I will share my opinion about the doll and the company as well.


I also used to order once from and I recieved my order about 1 and half month later but I can say that the quality really isn’t the best one but at least they have not fully scammed me but still it is always best to order from legit ones like for example I believe Vsdoll sells fake counterfeit dolls at least what I also heard and when checking the quality. But at least they send the product and have ok customer service.

Ian uses paypal which is safe way to pay things but zlovedoll does not and instead it uses some weird chinese payment service which is called It also has a bad reputation and I’ve really should’ve never trusted unknown payment services like that so I basically took quite a big risk lol but luckilky from now on I am veery careful. wintopay hasn’t taken any extra money luckily so far but trusting those just like that without researching first is a biig risk and not very wise 😀


Hi Tom. I’m a first time buyer from Europe (EU). Can you recommend some legit sites where I can buy a doll worth around 1 000€.Thank’s! 


A month ago I ordered a 80cm doll from and I guess I may have fallen into a scam trap cuz haven’t heard from them for long time now but if I understood right they may take over a month to ship items but damnit next time I definitely trust only legit ones like for example. Looks like zlovedoll is a piece or crap. I heard may be a scam too but they at least send their products but idk about quality. This is the last time I even touch those fraud websites lol. Zlovedoll often also… Read more »


I used to long time ago order one doll from VSdoll and I successfully recieved it without problems but quality is not the best one. I still have not received my order from zlovedoll yet but like I said from now on I only trust fully legit ones. But about zlovedoll they seem to have improved their customer service a little bit. When I contacted them and asked about my 80cm busty little devil doll, they replied well and told that it is still in transit and promised to ship it asap and they even left me the tracking number,… Read more »


Hi, i’m new here. I still confused this site ( is reliable or not cuz i’m afraid if this site just scammed of me. If i try to buy the doll from them. Thank you


Tom, Just logging in to say you were a massive help in my search! I used sexdollshop for my first doll and am very happy I did. They helped answer all of my questions over email (within a few hours to a day at most waiting for a response). They sent detailed info about shipping and what to expect. I got the doll (Maud – was in stock) within 3 business days. Doll is in great shape with only a couple minor scratches. TPE material is awesome. Only comment, as others on reddit may note: They are heavy AF. I… Read more »



I’m worried now…. my doll just shipped from China…. even though they said she was in the US ready to ship.

Please tell me I didn’t just get scammed!!!



Don’t buy off completely a fake website using quality photos from legit sites, pure scumbags, take your money & never can be contacted again, total fraudsters, avoid at all costs, even their payment method is a total scam, pure trash whoever is behind this site


Hey I’m interested in this type of doll (40 cm anime figure) precisely for the size because is easier to hide and take care of. But I’m wondering if this site “nakedoll” is legit. If not, what is the original brand?


Hi Tom,  I bought a doll at Sex Doll Saya: Now IN STOCK In The EU | 3-7 Days Delivered – When i bought it, the website said it was in stock the model had the basic things etc, the day after my purchase they emailed me in perfect english grammar saying that someone bought it on the same evening. They offered to make Saya from the ground up in the factory they work with, with all the upgrades that are possible, they also made me pick a second head that also has the extra functions etc. Now… Read more »