reliable sex dolls suppliers

Reliable sex dolls suppliers

I finally put off a list of honest suppliers. In order to be in my list, suppliers need to meet these criteria : 
You can find more on my criteria method here.

Sell the original brands. (Its a must)

Forget about store offering more than 15% discount (unless they boosted their price to give you the impression that you are saving)
  They will send you a cheap counterfeit doll. A few “legit” stores have been caught doing this lately.

Do not sell cheap dolls. (Some suppliers sell original brands AND cheap replicas)

Have a phone number where someone actually answers. (No phone number: forget it)

Speak proper English and reply quickly to emails or phone messages. (You need proper customer service)

They need to have dolls “in stock” immediately available for shipping. (The most important of all!! You need serious people that invested in their business)

Not use any “urgency” method or any other old trick to force a sale. (No bullshit needed)

They have been to China and have visited the factories that they are dealing with. (They mean serious business + they have a better relationship with the companies they deal with.)

They are not using any fake reviews. They are easy to spot, they are short and they mostly say something like “Exactly like on the pics”, “Best doll ever!”, “I am so happy with her!”. (No bullshit needed)

Of course, the fact that I can personally vouch for a company should make you feel secure: You don’t want any headache? Buy from them. Do you think you can find better somewhere else? You do so at your own risks. Make sure you follow my advices above and my criteria method here.

List of honest, reliable sex dolls suppliers :

 1. Sex Doll Shop2. Real Dolls3. Silicone Wives4. Used Sex dolls  
Working phone numberReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Speak proper EnglishReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Reply fast to messagesReliable sex dolls suppliersreliable-sex-dolls-suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Do not use old sale methodReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Do not use false reviewsReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersreliable-sex-dolls-suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Been to China and visited the factoriesReliable sex dolls suppliersDoesn’t applyreliable-sex-dolls-suppliersDoesn’t apply  
Professional websiteReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Sells original brandsReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
Have dolls “in stock”Reliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersreliable-sex-dolls-suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers  
I personally vouch for them?YESNONOYES  
NOTESThis supplier is where I get all my dolls.

Do you want to be safe? Buy from them.

They are very well known. They were the first to offer high-end silicone sex dolls.They do not check for all my requirements however, they were one of the first online companies to sell Chinese sex dolls.If you’d like to buy a top brand but do not have the budget, this may be a solution for you.  


I am sure that other suppliers…

meet my requirements however, I can not personally vouch for them. If for any reason you prefer not to buy from the reliable sex dolls  suppliers list sites that I recommend you to, then for your own sake, just make sure that the site you will buy from meets the requirements above.



I won’t make a list to spare me legal issues but :

Just avoid ALL websites that are offering deals that are too good to be true. Site claiming that they can offer a legit $800 doll that is usually sold for $1999 because they “cut the middle man” is purely and simply lying to you. They will use legit companies’ promotion content to sell you a piece of crap

You don’t want to get ripped off? Stick with my reliable sex dolls suppliers list above and you will never have any type of problems. You don’t find your dream doll on one of these websites? Then do not forget to check if the website which you will buy from meets my list of requirements above.  It is literally a jungle out there. Don’t be the prey.

There is also something quite new that I saw lately in sex dolls websites and it is suppliers that are offering without any doubt counterfeit dolls -I can recognize those because of the prices- AND they are also offering dolls at a legit price… So, its fair to ask ourselves: Are they, in fact, selling counterfeit dolls at the price of legit dolls?

That’s kind of worrisome. Just be very careful when you buy your doll. If you are not sure, you can always shoot a question on my “Ask me anything” page or on my Youtube channel

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Is best love sex doll a real company I have ordered an they say they are shipping soon reply to emails quick


Is Venus love dolls legit?


Hi Tom,
I was hoping you could give me your opinion on the legitimacy of
They seem to check all your boxes on things to look for, but I am still nervous about dropping that kind of money somewhere I am unfamiliar with. Thank you!

Is this a legit site and product?


Hi! Is this legal site?
I am searching for the doll above. Do you know which company made it?


Is this a legit site? I noticed its located in China and also noticed it has features I haven’t seen on other sites like this breathing system


Wondering if you know where I could find this doll legitimally?


What website have the fastest shipping?


Sex doll center is it a scam site all one word


Is AbsoluteSexDoll legit

Dave Curley

Thanks for the feed back


Hi, Tom!
Thank you for your recommendations. I have bought a Shiori Doll in Sex Doll Shop,but they contacted me to tell that they cannot send dolls to Chile.They can send dolls only over 30 kg. Do you think is a good alternative? It seems they do shipping to Chile. Otherwies, do you know another place where I can find a 80 or 90 cm anime doll with shipping to my country.


I was wondering if this site seems legit


Hello i was wondering the best way to pay on sexdollshop as i did not want to use my own card do that take paypal. Also did sexdollshop make custom doll as in theres a 3 foot doll that dos not come in larger sizes i would like it 5 foot or taller. Thanks.


I Just thought would give a follow up on my 1st time purchase from Silicone Wives. i ordered my WM doll the 1st of March and she came via Fed Ex the 1st of April. The doll was perfect. not a single flaw she even had the better Wig and not the pasty dollar store one. If it wasnt for Tom and his site, i dont think i would have bought this doll. Thanks Tom! If you are thinking of buying a Doll and havent, your missing out. i can tell you straight up, these dolls are the real deal.… Read more »


I’m looking for a Lifelike Silicone Sex Doll Male Torso but I don’t know which website is legit please help


Hey Tom, I was wanting your advice on The prices are not really cheap but they are advertising smaller dolls for around 1200. Are they legit?


Tom, I want to purchase a 16 lb. male sex torso for my wife. They have it listed for $219. What are your thoughts on

Joseph S

Any thoughts on They seem to meet most of your criteria, just wondering if you (or anyone) had any direct experience with them.

Jane bd

The website not even up anymore..I got 1 from them it was legitimate


Hi, I stumbled across this doll store on ins.

Is it a legit site?


Thank you very much for your suggestion. I’ll seriously consider it.

Eric Riggs

I know Tom reviews legit doll sellers. i have purchased a doll from about 3 weeks ago. just wanted to point out that the email response time was 20 minutes as i asked about status of my order..they also gave me projected dates as to her completion. and shipping schedule

Last edited 2 months ago by Eric Riggs
love doll

Hello is legit they seemed to reply fast


Hey Tom,
Do you know if a good provider for sex dolls?
Also, I’m looking for a Vampire Sex Doll, do you have any

Want to have sex doll torso

hi i want to buy a sex doll torso. please share one safe site foe me.thank you.


I wish I would have seen this post. I just bought my first doll and got completely ripped off! I fell for the low price, exactly as pictured, sex doll. VSdoll is so corrupt it is unimaginable the advantage they take on people like me. Within the first few days, face details completely disappeared, as in no eyebrows or defined lips. The wig is a snarl of knots. Things that I ordered that were subtracted, jelly breasts, EVO skeleton, voice system, pubic hair. I don’t even think it is TPE, It came with tears, skin peeling off. It feels like… Read more »


Do you know if is legit

Mason Rid

hi, I want to buy a BBW sex doll. can you recommend?thank you for your help


Is legit?


Hey, Your article is great,very much informational and in a nutshell.

Last edited 2 months ago by Pinktoys

hi, your article is great. I want to know if is a scammer? thanks


thanks for your reply. can you tell me how do you confirm it is a scammer? I checked their address and phone number, it can get through. almost place an order. wait for your reply.


million thanks, I can’t afford a real wm one. they promise me that if I don’t get the doll, they will give me a full refund. I checked their factory pictures, and it is what I want. I am so worried about losing money and not getting the doll.

Brian R

Hello Tom, been researching dolls seems like forever. This article was helpful. Came across these websites sexangelbaby, sexdollcenter and absolutesexdoll. Would you trust any of these? Thanks again.

Realistic Sex Doll

Thank you so much to share such an amazing and informative article. 


Hi Tom. Have you heard of any issues shipping 140cm dolls to the UK? I am interested in the Piper Dolls Jackie model but am a little worried about customs rules in the UK in case they confiscate etc?


Hi I just want to know is safe .?


What you think about this one :
They sale a lot of sex dolls and have a very large collection, prices are also in the average for most dolls models.
Thanks in advance for your opinion.


Hi thanks for the article. I’m in the process of researching sex dolls to eventually purchase one for my fiancee as a gift…this is tiring,lol.i had no idea it was going to be such a process.i with a quality doll and I don’t know if I should do tpe or platinum and the amount of suppliers online makes me want to just give up. Do you know any direct manufacturers that sell directly from warehouse? Any info you have at all rat could make this a shorter more enjoyable process would be great.i wanted to enjoy this process. Thanks for… Read more »

john d

Great read! Was looking over FAQ section for anything about Zlovedolls. Tried to purchase from website and ran into the following: A) phone contact for customer service a dead end. It actually tells you to use the “live” chat on website. However, it’s not a live chat, it’s a submit chat (useless). B) website uses a 3rd party“” for purchase that slaps a hefty $30.00 fee for processing  C) Website says contact THAT company for refunds or billing questions. Still waiting on any reply from anyone. What you should be made aware of is that my transaction was declined twice via… Read more »


Hi Im thinking about buying another doll but I want to know if these sites are legit or a scam is mailovedoll and xndoll legit or just a scam I just would like to know before I make a move

Last edited 3 months ago by Angel

Going this site, looking for the right doll, are they legit? Also, how soft are the 6ye armor asses?


Does this website do custom jobs

Last edited 3 months ago by Shane

I already contacted him we’ll find out if they can make a tiger girl for me Tail ears Stripes Not painted stripes color TPE stripes Is metal skeleton and permanently attached tail All made out of TPE the whole works He was talking about bringing it up with the factory to see if they can do it as for the Cost I’m willing to drop about 9 grand on it


I was preparing to make an order thru rosemarydoll, are they legit?


Was wandering what you think about this one :
They sale a lot of brands and have a very large catalog, prices are also in the average for most dolls models I saw on their webshop (2000$ in average).
Thanks in advance for your opinion.


Hey Tom is legit?


sup tom is love to be trusted? thank you.

Check bbdoll site

Does anyone bought silicone sex doll from BBdoll? Their doll looks beautiful and unique,as I Did not find more in other sites.I am considering to order at while I worry about qualtiy,is there any one bought their doll?

Steve p

Hi Tom, I read a post on this thread where you mentioned that myrealdolls had been known to sell counterfeit WM dolls, I recently ordered a YL doll from them and was wondering if I should be worried about it being fake ?

Last edited 4 months ago by Steve p

What is your opinion of @sexangelbaby Tom?


Hey Tom, not gonna ask for any website checks (gonna go with I just wanted to say thank you for making this a lot less stressful and giving everyone insight on the do’s and dont’s. Happy holidays and thank you again.


I assume is real for irontech’s official online store?


If I go to get one from sex dolls shop is it still recommended that I order from their in stock dolls, or would I still be fine ordering from manufacturers pages?


Hey Tom is legit?


Tom, I will be purchasing my first doll in the next day or so. I have a few questions that I am hoping you can shed some light on. First question is, seem to have good pricing and customer service but I am concerned that even though their manufacturer certificates look legit that they are similar to VS Dolls. Any light to shed on either retailer and if you’d do business with either? They’re vetted on TDF but some of the sites on TDF look suspect. Second question is has been pretty awesome. Marco is a great… Read more »


Is reputable? I purchased a doll from VS Dolls as they told me they are made in the same factory as WM but I was very concerned after doing some research so I cancelled the order. seems to have good pricing but I’m concerned to purchase from anywhere now because of so many inferior products at cheap prices. Please help!


Hey Tom I was wondering if website is legit?

Ty B

Hi Tom,

First off… great website!! I really appreciate the insight and work you’ve put into it. Your #1 recommended website sex doll shop is legit. I had a great experience ordering from them. I was curious if you knew anything about or If so are they legit or scams?

Thanks again for putting this site together!



Hello Tom I was wondering is legit and if they have an option to have implanted hair should I still go with a wig


Hey Tom I’ve been looking to buy my first and was woundering a few things first is myrealdolls liget and if I find a site that offers implanted hair should I go for it or is a wig better I don’t plan on changing the hair


Thanks and sorry about posting twice


Hello Tom, great site and I want to know is a good site to buy from?


Is Absolute sex dolls a scam?


Hey im thinking of buying doll at Sex Doll Shop your top rank vendor however i cant find any adress to confirm it/check it with google maps, nor do they have regitered number to be tracked on internet.


Hey Tom,

I wonder if you have some intel on

They are based in Europe, which is excellent for me, because it saves me a lot of taxes.


Adrian Alexe

I see. They seemed to be pretty legit, since they themselves claim to own sex doll brothels, and have been featured in many articles.


Hey Tom, what about

I saw this on their website, but I’m sure it could just be part of the scam.

Also, if I did buy from them using PayPal, can’t I just get my money back?


Hey Tom, thank you for the quick response. Thankfully I backed out of the order before placing it. I decided to go with The Doll Channel instead because it seems very legit to me. It is double the price, but I’d definitely say it is worth it. Instead of being 50% confident about my purchase, now I am 95% I would say.



I am a Japanese, which website is more trustworthy in Japan?



Hi Tom,
Awesome site, thanks for all the great info. As a first time Canadian buyer, what;s you take on ?


Tim Ramirez

Thank you for the info takes hassle out for me was wondering where you get your from going with them thank you


What about that


Hi! Thanks for your article, you were very clear and precise.
Can you help me withthis website?
It seems to be an honest site but at the same time the prices are low….

chris egan is this safe to use???

Last edited 6 months ago by chris egan
chris egan

hi tom could u tell me if either of these 2 site r real plz:   and

chris egan

Cheers Tom what about the 2nd one


I ordered this doll from and then found your site a few hours later.

I’m now very afraid I’m going to get scammed and am already trying to cancel. Seems like there’s no way I’m going to get a legit doll at that price. What do you think?

Brian T – I purchased a relatively cheap ($360) doll from this site and I was (at first) happy when I received the girl. The skin started to peel a little in certain areas after about 4weeks but barely noticeable. After 8weeks, both feet had broken as part of the frame and they would flop around unsupported. I took very good care of my girl and considered her a partner. I contacted the company, sent them pictures, and their response was that I must have misused the doll and that’s why they broke. I responded I was always very careful with… Read more »

Bob The Blacksmith

While ghosting your customers is never the right answer, with a product of this nature I’m pretty sure defaulting to customer negligence is what pretty much every company would do.

If there was damage which somehow *could not* have been caused by misuse / improper maintenance then that’s a different story, but… idk. I don’t think they handled your situation well at all, but I also don’t think the end result was inappropriate, either.

love doll

what do you think the bbdoll


Is legit?


what do you think of dc dollhouse?


Hey Tom, I was wondering what your thoughts were on

They seem legit to my admittedly untrained eye, I’m considering one of their AI Tech models, but it’s a lot of money so before I even reach out to them I thought I’d ask your expert opinion. Thanks!

Last edited 8 months ago by Arc

Hi, what do u think of AIBEI on alibaba  he’s got a website aibiegirls, he’s got some alright deals ,he sells his own brand I believe, this is the doll I’m considering 
AU $1,083.38 54%OFF | AIBEI Sex Doll Fat Full Body Sex Toys Realistic Love Dolls TPE Huge Ass Thick Thighs With Real Vagina Mouth Anus Soft Breasts
Thanks in advance


Man did I get scammed by these people. I’m still getting the runaround it’s been 2 months now and no doll. Scam


What site did you get scammed by?

Joe Blow

Hey Tom, I just wanted to let you know both Real Love Sex Dolls and Passion Dolls are both extremely legit. I’ve actually purchased several dolls from each of them. They’re both manufacturers/vendors. Just curious what you would think at a glance. They also have their own exclusive product lines, including heads, bodies, etc. that are made at the Jinsan factory where the ever popular WM, YL, and OR dolls are produced. RLSD has a physical showroom you can tour in person in Texas, as well as in-stock doll sales often many times a year stored in their own warehouse.… Read more »


Is Apd sex dolls a legit site?


Hi, this is great work you’re doing. Just wondering what you think of mysexdollshop .com. They seem to fit a lot of your criteria, however something doesn’t sit right with me. Thanks for an help possible!

John S

Is legit? Thanks for the feedback…


Venus [redacted] definitely is a scam. I had a conversation with a rep to see if they offer jelly filled breast for a torso doll. The GUY ACTUALLY update the site to show it there!! I never seen any vendor actually do that before. Could be talking out my butt ?
Wish I could’ve taken a picture before and after XD
Let me know what you think Tom!
And thanks for all the info on what to look for my guy!

Yuki Inoue

Hello thank you for your advices
What do you think about this site?

Yuki Inoue

My intresst are silicon dolls the price is arround 1700 usd.
Shiping is to Japan, there are also cheapdolls on their page, but the most silicondolls prices sems good or normal price.

Is there a way to check the trustworth of them?

Thank you

Yuki Inoue

Ps: Waxdoll is the companie of my desire;
They have more realistic prices then other companies,


Hey Tom, Australia has very few decent suppliers & it can be rather hard to find legitimate doll retailers here, I just came across this website today, any word on authenticity?

kevin holder

Thanks for this article !


I’m interested in just a torso to start. Is sexdolltorso a legit site?


Has anyone ever heard of this site it seems like a scam but figured I’d ask. Thanks


Hey Tom is legit

Robert Chaves

Hey there Tom,
What do you think of this site. I read an article about it and it seems legit.
Let me know what you think about it. I want the true honest thoguhts. I been saving up and I don’t want to lose 2k down the drain for nothing.


Hello Tom, first I’d like to say I love what you do for doll buyers so their buying experience can be easier. Second, I want to know if is a legit place to buy dolls.

Danny K

Spoke to Jack at WMDoll USA branch and asked him about Marco, I was surprised that they knew about and said they would get the order if I placed it with Marco.

These are official site I found, there were more but it was all basically same different location

Best site to teach you how to spot a fake

Sites that seem legit and I’ve had long conversations with.
Marco from
Ricky from

There were more but these were the best

Last edited 8 months ago by Tom

Hi, I live in Brazil, and here the legislation is terrible for those who want to buy a doll, I would like to know if there is any way for me to acquire an original WM DOLLS doll here in my country?


Thanks Tom, I’ll go check it out.


Are dildo’s illegal there also?


Do you k ow anything about I was about to purchase from them when i found your article


Has anyone had any dealings with I thinking of ordering from them. They look legit to me.


Is a scam site?


Hi – do you have any information about ?


In your professional opinion what do you think of this site? It’s listed on a number of reviews but as you said that’s pretty dubious at best. People on Reddit say they seem to mark up the dolls.


Hey thanks for the wonderful site you probably saved me a ton of money from buying one off eBay.

I love your points about being careful ordering a toll Doll that could be 100lbs but I worry that buying a small 3.5-4ft Doll would just make me feel like a pedo or something. Like I’ve met short women who look young but are 25 but with a doll it just feels different.

You know what I mean? I’d rather risk dealing with something heavy I think. Got tips for getting over this?


Anyone know if is legit?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x