Sex Doll Review – Alibaba Scam

sex doll review – first doll that I ever bought


Sex Dolls Reviews

This is one of the very first dolls that I bought. I did a lot of searches and it took me many hours to finally decide to buy this one. I saw her on many sex dolls suppliers websites available between $1600 to $2600. I was wondering why so much difference in the price?

So I decide to look for sex dolls review websites and see what they recommended. Big mistake! I didn’t know at that time that 90% of them are scams.

I landed on one of these sex dolls review websites that are listed on top of Google searches.

I was so happy! They proudly claim that they found a way to cut the middle man! Instead of paying $2000 for my doll, I would pay only $800. They found the Chinese sources ! As my main goal was to open a sex doll brothel, saving +- $1000 each doll is a huge deal!

So I went on and bought from a huge and very well known Chinese portal that had a « bullet proof» refund policy: I had nothing to loose!
In that Chinese portal, there were at least 40 different sex dolls suppliers! Strange thing : They all claimed to be original manufacturers however, they all offered the very same dolls.

Something was wrong.

So I looked at some YouTube videos regarding recommendations on how to choose a good Chinese provider. Easy peasy : Choose an established company (more than 2 years) that is a « gold supplier» with a « trade assurance » policy.

I found one! The company is even 4 years old. I have nothing to fear.

Yeah right!



so i bought from this company


Sex dolls supplier

They have literally hundreds of dolls to choose and they have all the requirements that I need to buy securely and with peace of mind.
I first contact the customers service and I let them know about the doll that I want to buy.

They reply fast : good sign!
The lady is friendly and she seems to understand exactly what I need. She is amazingly nice and promise me that there won’t be any problem at all. She knows what I want.

What can possibly go wrong?



here is my order screenshot


Alibaba order

I insist that I want to buy the EXACT SAME DOLL as the one on the picture.

– Same skin color
– same eye color
– same everything
– Ability to stand

Easy to understand right? Can not be any clearer, right?
I would learn in a few weeks how Chinese really do business…




Sex Dolls Reviews

Isn’t she beautiful??

I am absolutely furious. Not only it is NOT the doll that I ordered, the boobs are not the same, (I am a boob man!) the hairs are not the same but she is heavy as fuck. She also stinks like an old diesel truck and, the cherry on the Sunday:

She has no freaking vagina!

In a word, she is fugly and absolutely useless. But no problem, I have the refund insurance policy, right?

Yeah right!



trying to get my money back…

I got a good case. I am not even worried. Here is what I send them :

Alibaba scams

Alibaba scams

Alibaba scams

reply from the supplier


sex doll review

They basically don’t care

They argue that it is the exact same doll and that the only difference is because of the professional shooting.


So they offer a $150 refund. They would refund the whole amount if I send the doll back -that would cost me $500- and that the doll is in perfect condition… for which of course they will be the only judge.

Plain and simple :

They are scammers


how did it turn out?

I got $300 back

Alibaba scams

I brought the claim to the Chinese portal’s attention and they finally refunded me $300. Which is not even half of what I paid for the doll.
As I am a bit dumb, I first thought that the whole situation was my fault, I should have been more careful… or maybe was it only bad luck?

So I tried 2 more times : I got screwed each and single time that I bought from those cheap Chinese portals.
As this guy warn us in his You Tube video : « Scammers are everywhere in China » So don’t imagine for a second that they are not on the internet trying to sell you crap.

Don’t miss my 6 essential rules to avoid scams

Sex Dolls 158cm C-cup Red hair
















Same doll as advertised?


Overall satisfaction



  • Great ass


  • Smells like oil
  • Wrong body
  • Heavy
  • Do not stand well on her feet
  • Arrived with no vagina
  • Just not the doll that I ordered!
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What about Forxxoo? They any good.


what’s a reliable website for a 100cm doll?


how about sexdollie? I saw one from a porn site


Hi, wondering whether a company called are safe to purchase from

Last edited 2 years ago by Matthew

Hi I was wondering about acsexdolls


Hi Tom, so I was curious about this supplier called LoveLightDolls – Is this vendor safe in your opinion? This vendor has an option of height customization on their dolls, obviously a different height would be a different model with the same head but I am worried if this option is not trustworthy. Thanks for any and all help.


With the stand feet option, will she be able to wear heels still? Will she be able to stand on the heels (leaning rather than balancing)? With the insert vagina does it go all the way in or does it stick out and look funny? Thanks for the help.


Hi there, I bought the exact same doll (supposedly a WM doll) , B-cup 156 cm, from a German supplier and paid 1200 euro for it. (I was under the impression that buying my first doll from China wasn’t a great success, little did I know) I received exactly tee same body as u did, showing the ribs… I think it’s the original body. however the doll had an offset vagina and an air bubble next to the vagina cavity that popped as soon as it was used. vendor didn’t do anything for me, but offer me a new doll… Read more »

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