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MY SECOND doll : aliexpress scam


Sex Dolls Reviews

The Aliexpress scam. After getting screwed the very first time that I bought a doll, I thought that I had maybe just been unlucky or perhaps that didn’t I take enough precautions? 

So I decided to give it another shot. After all, I am starting a business, I can not stop after the very first setback.

So here I am again looking for my favorite doll,  comparing and saving web pages and pictures of my favorite ones.

That process is very exciting because all the dolls are so beautiful and sexy, you tend to forget that your very first goal should be to find a trustworthy supplier.

Once that you found him and only then, you can go ahead and look for a doll.

But hey! I was just like you : what the hell did I know?





aliexpress scam

They have been doing business for 4 years, they have tons of positive comments. No worries.

That is what I thought before I learned that these big companies can actually buy their positive comments.

Anyhow, I have literally read 20 articles and watched dozens of video on how to avoid scams on these type of Chinese portals. I am armed and dangerous.

Nothing to fear.




aliexpress scam

Again, I have been VERY, VERY clear on what I want. I plain and simply want the exact same doll as what I see on the picture.

It seems pretty obvious, right?
It looks like they understood.

I am trying to convince myself that the first time was only bad luck. This time, it will all be good.


Aliexpress scam




The doll is even worst than the first one and I do not say that lightly. At least the first sex doll that I ordered had the correct head. Now this one has everything wrong: The head, the skin, the skin color, the wig.

The joins were soooo stiff that I could barely change her body position. She is absolutely useless for my business. If I should find something positive, I would say that the boobs size were probably about right. Here is a video review for this doll, just watch how she looks like : 





Once you paid your doll, Chinese suppliers consider you as an idiot. No less. If you don’t believe me, just look the conversation in  the image below. You can basically forget about the company’s good faith to give you your money back. They just won’t. 

customer service

So the next step is to involve the portal’s customer service, after all, they are the ones assuring the refund policy. I can immediately feel that the burden of the proof lies totally on me. Normal will you say. Yeah, I guess. But here is what I read in a comment :

They guy bought a cheap doll from a Chinese portal and he never received anything. As he could not prove that he never received the doll, they never refunded him a single cent. (how do you prove that you do not have something?) The supplier didn’t have to prove that they indeed sent the doll and that the customer indeed received it. Nothing.

So basically, you got all odds against you. I finally got $150 back because I fought like mad and that I was really angry. Due to the nature of the product, I guess that many people do not even dare to complain. They just can scam over and over without ever paying for their crimes and their arrogance.

Aliexpress scam

You think that “crime” is too much of a big word to describe what they do? If you buy a silver Porsche and that you fully pay in advance, what would you say if  you receive a brown Toyota Corolla and that they don’t want to give you your money back?

Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results
Albert Einstein

As I am dumb, I would try to buy from a cheap sex dolls Chinese supplier a third time… with the same result!

Sex Dolls 140cm D-cup Blonde hair
















Same doll as advertised?


Overall satisfaction



  • Nice soft big breasts


  • Terrible provider
  • Wrong wig
  • Wrong face
  • Skin damaged
  • Skin wrong color
  • Joins extremely stiff
  • Nearly impossible to use
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I am interested in buying a doll but I am afraid that I will buy a wrong head. 


I’m getting screwed over as we speak. What a dumbass I am. My wife passed away 3 years ago and I thought this would help me do not be lonely.

Peter Is this a legit seller, i want to buy from them as they are the official store and creators of this doll brand.


I’m very happy that I found your review. I have been looking at buying my first sex doll here very soon. I am going to be spending nearly $2000 for her. However, I thought of buying a cheaper one after I purchase my first one. So, I looked at aliexpress and dhgate. My gut just told me that these websites are not legit and that the comments posted are fakes. You can easily purchase comments on fiverr for $5. Thats likely what they did. I will just spend the extra money and get a good quality doll but not from… Read more »

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Alisher Navoii

I am so sorry that I wasn’t looking for reviews before buying my dolls. My story is exactly the same as your. First time I was waiting month to receive it and then they sent me totally different doll. When I said it them I had to pay hundreds dollars to send it back. Two years later I decided to buy again from different company, thinking that they may be different, that may be learned to do business honestly. I choose a company that promised to deliver in 4-13 days, but after I paid the receipt said if not delivered… Read more »

Alisher Navoii

Hi, Tom! You have my permission. Use it as you want it. The email address is real and you can always contact me.
Right now I am at dispute. They have sent me empty small letter instead of the doll and refuse to refund. I am awaiting the honest solution. Probably, will not get it. Chinese honesty is of the same quality as their goods.

Alisher Navoii

Story has continued. They have sent me an empty envelope instead of the doll and dispute is open.

Alisher Navoii

All right, Tom I received an empty envelope after (after a month instead of promised two weeks) and opened dispute demanding my money back, uploaded image of the envelope with the tracking number. They refused. Aliexpress stepped in. Now it gets even more interesting. The seller lied that USB heater cannot be in the same package with the doll and they sent the doll in another package with the different tracking number, he uploaded the USPS receipt. I did not receive anything and cannot prove anything, although it is obvious lie that the doll had to be sent in separate… Read more »

Screenshot 2021-01-15 034434.png
Alisher Navoii

Seems to me, ‘judges’ at AE are the same swindlers as sellers. They, probably, share in ‘profits’

Ad Blue

Hey Tom. I think you don’t get how the Aliexpress payment works. Youbhave the power, not them. When I receive any priduct I first unpack it, check it out and try is on flaws. That takes days. Meanwhile they urge you to click “goods received” cause if you do, only then will they receive the money that’s been held back by the website. So if the item is not to hour liking you open a dispute, send it back and get refunded. But not if you clicked “goods received”. Then you need to make a claim and it get harder.… Read more »

Alisher Navoii

Not exactly. AE ‘believes’ any lies made by their sellers and buyers always are presumably liars. It’s not at all like


Hola, veo muy interesantes sus preguntas y respuestas, pues estoy interesada en comprar una muñeca y estoy con muchas dudas la verdad, como dicen por aquí hay tantas páginas con las mismas muñecas !! me gustaría saber si saben si ésta tienda es fiable por favor, me sería de mucha ayuda, muchas gracias de antemano . https://www.lov[….]

Muchas gracias por avisarme, seguiré mirando, pero ya no sé donde, voy a leer muy bien todo lo que usted pone para ver donde comprar, creo que puso usted las tiendas que se puede comprar sin ser estafado, voy a mirar, gracias de nuevo, un saludo.        ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Thank you very much for letting me know, I will keep looking, but I no longer know where, I will read very well everything you put to see where to buy, I think you put the stores that you can buy without being scammed, I will look, thank you again , Greetings.

Me gustaría hacerle otra pregunta por favor, conoce usted ésta otra tienda? muchas gracias, un saludo.


Hello, I hadn’t seen your message, that’s why you didn’t answer before, forgive me, look, I want to buy a doll, not for sex, yes, not because I like them, I have a large collection of lifelong dolls of girls, and it makes me I am very excited to have one of these, I have seen them for the first time on aliespress, but they say they are false and that the photos they arrive at are not at all similar, the budget I do not have one, if I like the doll, I would be willing to pay its… Read more »


Hi Bro. love your reviews. Can you please expose the fake companies instead of watermarking them or striking or cropping them from your videos. Since they are anyway fake no one is going to complain against you for exposing


Hi. Looking for the name of some 100% legit sites. Price between $800 – $1,200, hopefully, is my budget. I’ve seen some listings on ebay, but I’d rather go through a seller’s actual site, so if you know one or two absolutely legitimate sites, where I can trust the photos – please let me know. First time buyer. Also: can you explain why most of these sites all have the SAME photos? Are they just stealing each other’s photos, as there are basic mold templates that are used by multiple sellers or are there *that* many scammers? For example, there… Read more »

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Terrific, thanks. It seems I’ll just have to save up, as $2,000 seems like the base minimum for a good quality doll from a reputable seller. heh


P.S. Do you know PremiumDolls? They SEEM legit from my communications with them.

S. Scott

is a legitimate company that sells what it advertises or is it a scam.


Hi Tom. I came across your review while searching “Aliexpress sex dolls scam”! Sorry to hear about all your bad experiences.
However, I also came across the following while searching for ” Legit Aliexpress sex doll stores”.
Maybe you have already seen this. Hope it’s helpful.


Hi. I only realised this after I read your review about your first doll. I was 100% convinced this was a legit review website and would have been scammed too only for your warning! Cheers.
PS. I would be grateful if you could recommend any stores in Europe. Thanks.




Hey, have you ever heard of sex doll alley? I dont know if theyre reliable or not but would be glad to hear your opinion.


Also another question do you think this Website is legit? https://www.rac…… they also sell on amazon but 158 cm for 600$ sounds fishy.


Did you use Paypal? You should be covered by them, i wanna try my luck and get my own experience too and since they allow me to use Paypal why shouldn’t i try it ?

Dexter Logan

Hey Tom, congrats on your business. Do you know any reliable places to get dolls for cheap prices? Thank you.


Sadly I have stumbled across your site too late. I have already been scammed by one of these chinese sellers. Any advice on how to go about getting the best refund possible?

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