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What about from eBay?


Tell use we’re to buy legit ones

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Well as you can discover trogh internet Ayiyun and WM dolls are from same corporation and i think Ayiyun sells much cheeper leftovers which left from making WM dolls (for massmarket, because actual wm dolls starting from 1.5k usd price). Also they have cheaper makeup artist. (also you can ask them for actual photo from factory and you will see same as you show). So when you want to buy sex doll or bjd doll from chinese manufacturers firstly you need to ask them about actual photo (without photoshop, as promo photo are heavely edited here and has different light,… Read more »


Some addition to my comment: There is some small chine factories, which produce genuine dolls (without websites, as they work for internal market. They cheaper than major brands but only can be found on taobao. But beware most of their production are loli dolls, so there can be problem with law on western countries)

Boobs are awesome

Ok, watched video 3 and see you’re in Canada. I live just southwest of you in Minnesota. I fight these quite constantly, but chargebacks are a good way to protect yourself. Chargebacks give you your money back and bill the offender the fees to process it. Just call your bank and tell them you wish to dispute/contest/want your money back.

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Mr. K

Hi Tom ! I buy the sexdoll of Daenarys of Game of throne from AYIYUN on aliexpress, and i receive almost the same as you show,it’s meeing not the good head , and the have wave on her boobs not very cool to touch with wave. so i’m presentely in fight for refund my sexdoll.They offer me a new head from china for 50$ extra ..and il refuse.The shipment it’s from B.C. canada,my country, the saller as repond all the time 16hr later and not alway repond to my question but send me picture again and assure me that was… Read more »


Is there any trustworthy doll companies on Alibaba? I found a beautiful Blue Elf doll on there that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else and it’s in my price range. Thanks

Rein Engel

Hi Tom, I bought what turned out to be a really well done knock-off on Amazon the other day and was horrified to learn that she didn’t have oral or vaginal openings, or at least I thought. It turns out I had to pry them open and stretch apart/dig through the material to reach an actual canal. Did you eventually do this for your first doll, or did they actually manufacture a sex doll without the most important parts?

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