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alibaba,aliexpress, and dhgate no longer offer sex dolls to America

Lucky Bastard

I am SO SO glad I found this site. Last night I had purchased a YRMCOLOT doll from doldlem on DHGate thinking I was getting lucky. Thanks to the previous comment mentioning YRMCOLOT, this site came up when I started looking for reviews on the seller and/or doll. Based on this site, and the other experiences, I decided to try to cancel my order and get a full refund before the item was shipped. I pretended like I just needed to wait awhile and still needed to decide on which one and thankfully the seller cancelled the order and agreed… Read more »


Aliexpress and alibaba intentionally don’t have review responses with photos, for sexdoll. I also think that the positive comments in their product reviews are settings.

Gummi Lasse

I bought a doll for Christmas at Aliexpress and ordered it from the store YRMCOLOT. They sent the wrong doll. When I contacted them I got the answer “if you buy another doll, you can get some discount” I’m a humble person so I replied okay, no hard feelings, sometimes mistakes happen. The doll stinks of chemicals no matter how much I wash and powder it but I heard the smell will go away in a few weeks. The only place painted on the doll is the mouth. But when I touch the doll’s lips, the color disappears. YRMCOLOT replied “dear,… Read more »


Wish is would’ve found you sooner, I already placed my order :/


Hey Tom .. great review I was about to buy one from aliexpress but thanks to you I didn’t. By the way if you haven’t used the doll yet, send it my way ( it looks good enough for me lol) and we can discuss the price


I got ripped off as well by these pieces of shit. Be safe stay away from alibaba/aliexpress/amazon.


These scammers are the scumbags. They also stole my money. Too bad I didn’t find your website before!

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