Sex dolls Best LHP – Love Holes Placement

Sex dolls Best LHP

Sex dolls are constantly evolving and, luckily for us, most factories do listen to feedbacks and try to make better products. One of the biggest criticism was that the LHP or Love Hole Placement (meaning how the vagina and the butthole is located on the doll) was incorrect.

Very often, the main issue is that you can’t see the butthole because it is too low and the vagina is located much higher. In clear, the anus is at the place where the vagina shoud be and the vagina is half way direction belly button.

The picture below shows an incorrect LHP.

sex dolls LHP

Although being incorrect, LHP has an advantage: It faciliate the missionay position. Indeed, the vagina being placed higher, you do not need to lift the legs to penetrate the legs like you need to do with a real woman. A woman can help lifting her legs, a doll can not.

Now it also has a big drawback: It is almost impossible to have vaginal sex using the doggy style because the vagina is not reachable from behind. Only anal sex is possible in this position. Vaginal sex would be possible if you would bend the doll’s back a lot.

As an example, this very popular WMdoll model has an incorrect LHP. Notice how the back is arched and still, the vagina is barely accessible from behind.
incorrect LHP


These are screenshots from a video I shot myself, have a look at the holes placement. The butt hole is way too low.
incorrect LHP


The vagina is not located at the right place. It is not realistic but it does facilitate the missionary position a lot.

incorrect LHP


This is a Piper Jessica doll and she has corrrect LHP.

correct LHP

Noticed how the butt hole and the vagina are visible from behind? And her back is not even arched. Here is how the vagina is placed, it is clearly lower than on the other I showed you above.

correct LHP

Sex dolls Best LHP

At the end of the day, is LHP important or not? The answer depends entirely on you. Both have advantages and drawbacks.

Now how do you know if the LHP is correct when you buy a doll? You have 3 ways to know:

– Watch carefully the promotion pictures.
– Ask the vendor.
– Use their search/filter option.

Here is a list of brands with their related LHP. 

Piper dolls: Correct LHP.
6YEdolls: Mostly correct vagina placement. The anus is not always correctly placed. Their 165cm F cup model has incorrect LHP.
SEdoll: Incorrect LHP.
Irontech: Incorrect LHP.
Starpery: Mostly correct vagina placement. The anus is not always correctly placed.
Zelex: Mostly correct vagina placement. The anus is not always correctly placed.
WMdoll: Their oldest models have incorrect LHP. They corrected this issue with their newest models.

Here is a list of WMdoll with correct LHP. I will try to update this list as they release new models.














Sex dolls Best LHP – Quick summary:

Sexdolls with an incorret Love Holes Placement will faciliate the missionary position however, the vagina will be difficult to reach from behind unless you bend the back a lot. The anus is still available from behind without over bending the back.

Sexdolls with a correct Love Holes Placement will look more realsitic and facilitate the doggy style sex however, it will make the missionary style more difficult as you may need to lift her hips to access her vagina. 

For some people, LHP placement is an important factory when they decide to buy a doll, for others, it doesn’t really matter. It is all up to you!


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mario daniel araujo

may I know your valuable opinion of the LHP of this beautiful rhdoll doll !!! greeting from Argentina .

mario daniel araujo

HR Doll, the best LHP ? take a look at the models BBW !!! greeting from argentina.


Helpful content, thanks. How about the Irokebijin anime dolls? I want to get a doll with cat ears:


Hi Tom!

1st of all: happy new year!

What do you think about this doll lhp?

This would be my first sex doll. I already have a Fleshlight, I really like the feel of it, but I read in your descriptions that tpe is more sensitive than silicone. What do you think about this doll? Maybe if I asked for a softer breast and butt part when ordering, would that help the stiffness of the silicone?

Thank you


Do you know of any other WM Dolls with correct LHP? There seems to be a lack of them between 140 and 160 cm according to your list. Around 145 is the height I was looking for. The 141D Marilyn doll doesn’t appear customizable on its own (it doesn’t show up on the Build Your Doll page).


Does the WM 166cm C-Cup have proper LHP?


For WMDolls is it correct that a body height AND a breast size follows each other and therefore is same body no matter the dolls name, like “Kristen 159C” and “Emilie 159C” are the same body and breast type with same LHP, hips and waist – Just with a different head, wig and/or skin-color?


2000 for a sexdoll seems a bit much dont you think?


Maybe, but a silicone or hybrid doll from cost $4.500,- – 8.000,-


What do you think about this 6YE 158cm A-cup, has it realistic pussy and butt hole?

comment image


Last edited 11 months ago by Ádám

Hello! I also looked for this beauty for myself. But unfortunately I don’t know where else to order it, so that they don’t send a fake one.

Véletlenül nem magyar vagy? A nevedből ítélve…


I want to buy this, what do you think about her LHP:

I cant see any vagina picture about her on Wm website not on the internet… she is beautiful but…maybe has incorrect LHP? Its a new modell


Oh shoot! I found that face and body and the company is on the list for not having proper placement. Lucky for me I have been reviewing your information with where to buy and what to look for! I sent them an email for actual photos and the missing photos of LHP. Maybe that’s why those photos are missing from the website. Both dolls look the same. One has a larger cup and a huge price difference between them both.


I’m so glad I found your site. I’ve learn so much here. I’m a first time buyer and have seen what you say to watchout for. I did tell the website they came highly recommended. This doll works for me. I don’t have her yet and you’re right the wigs suck! I asked for real photos of my selections and they were not even close to the factory photos.
They want to know who sent me there. Can I tell them?


She’s on order! Your website is outstanding! The recommendation to purchase from went exactly as you stated what to look for when purchasing! Emails promptly answered. Phone calls answered. The most important being asking about the quality of wigs. The owner himself did admit they are of poor quality. I interacted with both Marcos and Laura over this past week. She’s a WMDoll and I can review what’s in the box once she arrives if you wish. Thanks again for creating this site!! Being a first time buyer I’m sure I would have gotten screwed had I not looked… Read more »


Order cancelled. Here’s what happened. Once I made my selection I was sent photos that were taken from another customers purchase. They did match the dolls page so I ordered her. The (done and ready to ship with approval) doll photos were not the same as presented. Could have been a mistake. They said it was due to new cameras and would retake photos and send. Still looked different than the photos provided prior to purchase. No question that the retaken photos were not the same doll. Order was cancelled by them and refund given. It’s too bad that everything… Read more »

Fat Boi

Thats unfortunate. The biggest drawback in ordering dolls is that you can’t really expect the doll to look 100% the same as the promo pics. Why? b/c those pics are photo edited to look incredibly nice and to top it all your doll wont even have the same customization the promo pic has unless its a fixed-ready 2 be shipped doll. 1st time buyers will get this impression all the time b/c they think they are buying the promo pic gal. Most vendors need to start adding factory photos with their selections to give their customers an idea of what… Read more »


Not everyone wants to do doggy style with a 5’7″ doll. I don’t understand why everyone wants two holes in the same place.


I have a 174G that is unusable in missionary. I don’t think people realize what a task it is to position a doll this size into doggie then back to the storage position. It’s aggravating to have two holes positioned at the back and none usable at the front. I wish they’d let people know this before they plonk down 1700 on a doll. As is, I’m taking a huge loss on this doll. I have other WM that may not be as realistic according to some but they’re a hell of a lot more functional.

Last edited 1 year ago by Barky
Fat Boi

Proper LHP also means easier cowgirl mounting. I have 2 dolls tpe and silicone with unrealistic LHP and its abit of a struggle inserting my penis with them on top b/c its curved upward laying on my back. Since the vagina is also upward you have to position the doll with legs spread wide for the entrance to open aligning to the tip of the penis.
With a good LHP its downward position makes it easier for a curved penis to insert

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