Sex dolls Best LHP – Love Holes Placement

Sex dolls Best LHP

Sex dolls are constantly evolving and, luckily for us, most factories do listen to feedbacks and try to make better products. One of the biggest criticism was that the LHP or Love Hole Placement (meaning how the vagina and the butthole is located on the doll) was incorrect.

Very often, the main issue is that you can’t see the butthole because it is too low and the vagina is much high. In clear, the anus is at the place where the vagina shoud be and the vagina is half way direction belly button.

The picture below shows an incorrect LHP.

sex dolls LHP

Although being incorrect, LHP has an advantage: It faciliate the missionay position. Indeed, the vagina being placed higher, you do not need to lift the legs to penetrate the legs like you need to do with a real woman. A woman can help lifting her legs, a doll can not.

Now it also has a big drawback: It is almost impossible to have vaginal sex using the doggy style because the vagina is not reachable from behind. Only anal sex is possible in this position. Vaginal sex would be possible if you would bend the doll’s back a lot.

As an example, this very popular WMdoll model has an incorrect LHP. Notice how the back is arched and still, the vagina is barely accessible from behind.
incorrect LHP


These are screenshots from a video I shot myself, have a look at the holes placement. The butt hole is way too low.
incorrect LHP


The vagina is not located at the right place. It is not realistic but it does facilitate the missionary position.

incorrect LHP


This is a Piper Jessica doll and she has corrrect LHP.

correct LHP

Noticed how the butt hole and the vagina are visible from behind? And her back is not even arched. Here is how the vagina is placed, it is clearly lower than on the other I showed you above.

correct LHP

Sex dolls Best LHP

At the end of the day, is LHP important or not? The answer depends entirely on you. Both have advantages and drawbacks.

Now how do you know if the LHP is correct when you buy a doll? You have 3 ways to know:

– Watch carefully the promotion pictures.
– Ask the vendor.
– Use their search/filter option.

Here is a list of brands with their related LHP. 

Piper dolls: Correct LHP.
6YEdolls: Mostly correct vagina placement. The anus is not always correctly placed. Their 165cm F cup model has incorrect LHP.
SEdoll: Incorrect LHP.
Irontech: Incorrect LHP.
Starpery: Mostly correct vagina placement. The anus is not always correctly placed.
Zelex: Mostly correct vagina placement. The anus is not always correctly placed.
WMdoll: Their oldest models have incorrect LHP. They corrected this issue with their newest models.

Here is a list of WMdoll with correct LHP. I will try to update this list as they release new models.














Sex dolls Best LHP – Quick summary:

Sexdolls with an incorret Love Holes Placement will faciliate the missionary position however, the vagina will be difficult to reach from behind unless you bend the back a lot. The anus is still available from behind without over bending the back.

Sexdolls with a correct Love Holes Placement will look more realsitic and facilitate the doggy style sex however, it will make the missionary style a little more difficult as you may need to lift her hips a little. 

For some people, LHP placement is an important factory when they decide to buy a doll, for others, it doesn’t really matter. It is all up to you!


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