Sex Dolls Stand

Storing your doll is one of the biggest issues you will face. The best way is to hang her. But where?
Will you have a closet that will be big enough with a bar that will be strong enough to support your doll?

Good news for you! Irontech dolls just released a brand new sex dolls stand.
It is small, weighs only 20 lbs, and can be used with a doll up to 100 lbs

I am yet to buy one but I will do a full review once I have one in my possession 👍

sex dolls stand


Here are two videos that show you how to use it:



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Big Boy

It seems nice but my initial thoughts are that it is more complex than necessary. Do we really need to be able to crank it on a chain? And do we need such complicated feet? With wheels? The footprint is also very substantial. It takes up a lot of space. I just want a a reliable stand that I can put in a small corner of my room, that takes up the minimum amount of space and the height of which I have preset for my doll.  This stand seems to be more use to a doll vendor, with lots… Read more »


Would love to see a review on this.  Thinking of pulling the trigger on the WMdoll 175cm D-cup, but storage has been a sticking point.  I don’t think my closet dowels will support the weight without some kind of reinforcement.


Irontechdoll applied for a patent for this doll stand


I think storing doll with the doll case sofa is a great choice.

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