What’s it like to have Sex with a Sex Doll?

You want to buy a sex doll, you looked online and they look fabulous. They look real. They even look better than a lot of real women. But one of your main interrogations remains 

What’s it like to have Sex with a sex Doll?

I will give you my opinion on a few different features:

Doll’s skin
Doll’s mouth
Doll’s breasts
Doll’s vagina
Doll’s butt
Other considerations

I fully tested a doll for you and here is my opinion. First off, here is the doll that I tested : 
I made a full review of that particular doll as well as the supplier here

sex with a sex doll

Doll’s skin
I have bought only TPE dolls until now. That material is pretty fragile. It does feel like real skin but it does scratch easily.  The very first thing that you will notice is that your doll is cold. An electric blanket to warm your doll before usage is very recommended to maximize the sensation that you are having sex with a real woman. Nowadays, good suppliers offers the “heating option” which is a system that warms your doll through built-in electrical wires. I have not tried that option yet but I will let you know as soon as I do. 

Doll’s mouth
No matter what hole that you will use, if you do not have the heating system, you will need to warm it with the provided heater to really have the genuine sex feeling that you are having with her real woman. Each hole is differently ribbed inside to give the proper feeling. With a lots of lubrication, a sex doll’s mouth feels like a woman’s mouth. Of the 3 (mouth, butt and vagina) its probably the less resembling but nonetheless very alike. 

Doll’s breasts
For breasts lovers, especially natural big ones, doll’s tits are their flaws. They are too hard. If your thing is silicone breasts, then you are in heaven. Otherwise, you may want to opt for the “hollow” boobs option which was launched 2 or 3 months ago and gives a much more natural feeling when you touch them. They are softer and they look more natural as well. Especially bigger ones. In fact, in regards of this option, the bigger the boobs are, the more natural it feels.

Doll’s vagina
Vaginal sex with a doll feels exactly the same as with a real woman. There is no difference. Have a cup of wine, close your eyes and you will not feel the difference at all.

Doll’s butt
Same goes for the butt hole. It is exactly the same feeling as the real thing. Its is very hard to insert and exactly as tight as it is in real.

Other considerations
When you have sex with a doll, the main difference is that the doll do not move alone. You have to move her -which may not make a big difference with some women out there…- My point is, if she is too stiff, thus the importance of NOT buying a cheap doll, or too heavy, you will not have much fun using your energy to place her in the correct position instead of fucking her.

You will absolutely need to use a lubricant. Use the water based ones. Do not forget to wash carefully all the holes after usage. Make 100% that they are completely dry otherwise health damageable bacteria may develop there.

I made a video that you can watch regarding this topic. You can find it here

The other thing is the wig. I am still looking for a way to have it holding correctly on her head.
If ever you had sex with a sex doll and should think about anything else, do not hesitate to comment below.

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Also very interested to know how real do pantyhose and stockings (100% nylon and polyster mix) feel on the legs? I’m a nylon lover and will sometimes prefer to just jerk myself on her legs (leg job).


What about when you eat the pussy or french kiss the mouth? How realistic feeling is that? Assuming of course you’ve washed her holes and added some water.


Any updates on French kissing features with all the new robotic features making their way to the market? I’m surprised there’s so much emphasis on investing in AI for holding conversations with moving lips before they’ve made at least some progress on some French kissing features.


Hi what do you think of Love Dolls 4U


Hi Tom!
Do you recommend to use condoms with sex dolls to keep them “cleaner” in some way?
I mean, anyway you would still need to clean the remaining lubricant, but what you think is better?
Thank you!


Wow that was strange. I just wrote an really long comment but
after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.
Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say superb blog!

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