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Gary W Pugh

Yes, i’m 65 and last year got 4 dolls of ebay. They were o.k. but threw them in the dumpster. I’ve learned alot now. I now want a zelex silicone doll for $2,000. From “silicone”. Is that a good idea ? I want the best doll there is. Ebay was waste of money. Thanx 🇺🇸


zekex is ok and they work toghetgher with AXB.

Lukas Farts

What is the best doll in your opinion out of all the ones you tested so far and is it possible to take your doll into the bathtub/pool with you for some special action?


What is the best method of cleaning the vagina and anus of the doll? The shower hose adapter or squeeze bottle douche method?


I didn’t know how to use the enema-like tool at first, so I thought I share how I do it. Fill it with water or some kind of solution and seal it well. Then insert it in the hole keeping a tight seal to allow the water to completely fill the inside and create pressure. Quickly take the tool out and the water should rush outside from the pressure. Repeat as needed. I should say however that the tool is bad quality and you might need to buy a better enema that can keep a good seal.

B pimp

I also would like to thank you for all the work you put into this site, you should be proud of your self, knowing your helping people. Helping them by not letting them get ripped off.

B pimp

You said that was where you buy your new dolls. You also said you buy a lot of dolls. So I was hoping if you would know if they would make a better price on three3 dolls at one time ?

B pimp

I’m looking to open, a parlor in the United States, can you explain any problems that you had in the past when you first opened up your parlor? Thank you for your help and time


Ha, ha, ha, l got a kick out of this last comment, Tom. I was checking out Quebec recently as a place to retire, but you’re not winning it any points! Fat, ugly, dumb women! I better stay put in sunny California surrounded by sexy, attractive, intelligent women!

Dean Hawkins

Hi I was considering on purchasing a sex doll but I have multiple questions.First this is the site I was wanting to purchase the doll on https://www.lov… have you used this site and could you recommend.Also what are things to take in consideration if you buy sex doll I live in a house of four and not to sure how to explain to them what I’m getting in mail without telling them please reply asap plan on getting next week

roberto demey

Hi tom
where can you buy a good wm doll a site that is trusted because i dont want to get ripped off
Thank you

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