Guide to buy a sex doll – what options are worth it?

What options are worth it?

You found a legit vendor using my guide. You found your dream doll. You are ready to buy and you realize that there are tons of options possibilities. Which ones are worth it and which ones are not? Here is a small guide to help you see clearer.

– TPE or silicone?
TPE is currently the most used material. It is softer and feels closer to real skin, however, silicone looks much more real and lasts much longer than TPE. Silicone is also heavier and more expensive. Most the factories are building their dolls with TPE nowadays however, we can see a new trend of factories building their dolls in “soft” silicone. 

Silicone dolls’s quality will highly depend on the brand you buy from. Some brands succeeded in making soft and flexible silicone that feels super realistic. I am thinking here about Irontech and Angel kiss mostly. Although I never tested one myself yet, I have read that TAYU also produces extremely soft silicone dolls. Should you go this way, make sure that the brand you buy from offers a “soft butt” option with their silicone dolls otherwise, it will be much too hard and no realistic at all.

Stand feet option is a must. If you do not have that, your doll’s “tibia” will pierce your doll’s feet as soon as you will put her down on the floor. And you will severely damage them. The only reason why should not choose this option is if you are a foot fetishist.

– Soft skin is a must if you are a boob lover. If you are a boob lover and you choose your doll with hard skin, you will not enjoy her. The only reason why you should not take the soft skin option is if you intend to be rough and tough with your doll. In that case, take the hard skin.

– Breasts – filled? Hollow? Gel?
Nowadays, nearly all brands offer gel breasts with their dolls.  The big advantage with the gel breasts is that it makes the breasts heavier, gigglier thus more realsitic. The solid breasts feel more like silicone implants. If you get the chance, go with the gel breast option. Take note that breasts that are too big can not be made with gel breasts. It would make the boobs too heavy and you will have to deal with tearing issues.

– Vagina – insert or built-in?
If you can easily bring your doll to the shower, choose the built-in vagina. If you can not easily get her to the shower (or any place where you can clean her easily), go for the insert vagina. Take note that silicone dolls only have a built-in vagina option.

– The heating system is crap. Don’t buy that, it is a waste of money.

– The moaning system is crap. Not reliable and breaks very quickly.  I would even say that you should avoid vendors offering that crap.

– The shrugging shoulders are not worth it in my opinion. I find it to be useless and makes it complicated to place her in a simple position. Some people prefer the shurring shoulder because it allows the doll to mimic more human body positions.

– The enhanced mouth is a waste of money. Unless your doll has an open mouth. You can not tongue kiss it and it doesn’t change anything in regards to oral sex. It is only there for aesthetical reasons.

– The Resin tongue and teeth kits are hard, not kissable and it is impossible to have oral sex while it is in the mouth. Unless you would like your doll to look like a vampire or a fantasy character, I do not think that it is worth it.

– Articulated fingers are a nice enhancement and add to the realism. What we know at this point is that they poke put of the fingers just like the wires did. They seem to be sturdy and last in time though. Articulated fingers are actually a must.

– Soft butt offered any silicone doll is a must. Silicone is a very hard material and if you do not take this option, you will have to deal with a butt that is extremely hard.

– WMDoll breathing system – soon to be reviewed!

– Suckable vagina – Stay away! Like many new eclectronic options, this one is crap. It does not work work, often breaks quickly and sometime even makes the vagina unusable.

– ROS heads – They have been out for not too long and the reviews are good or, at least, there are no bad reviews until now. The mouth is not really deep so you can forget about deepthroathing your doll. What remains to see is if they will last in time. I am a little afraid to see the mouth tearing where there is stress on the TPE when it is openned.

– S-TPE skin – This is a new type of skin that WM just released. As usual, many vendors are rushing to offer that new option without having tested it. Although it sounds very promising, as of today (April 19th, 2024), we do not know much about it. The factory will of course state that it is fantastic. But the truth is that no one knows. Foremost, we have no idea how long it will last in time. It might be a very good improvement and it does sound like it. But prudence would be your first reflexe here.

That is about it. If ever there are options that I did think about, let me know in the comment section below.

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Maybe it is time for An update on these features…

Mike Qiu

Hi tom, i am planning to buy a wm doll. I wonder have you tested the simulating breathing and suckable viginal option yet? Do they work well on the doll and what are some drawbacks?


Hey Tom, do you think a sex doll is significantly better than say, a fleshlight, that it justifies the cost


Hey, Tom. Do you know Gynoid Doll,  I hear they have really nice dolls.
Can you evaluate this brand of dolls?


Hey, Tom. Do you still feel that the hollow boobs are better than the gel? What about for smaller boobs, A-C cup? Wait, A-cups only come in solid, don’t they…


I got a question.
Does gel filled boobs and ass deflate overtime for piper doll?

I know it happened to other brand but not sure about piper silicone doll

Last edited 2 years ago by Opu79

I see. Another question sorry for being curious.

Which position is best or recommended to store your piper silicone doll that has gel filled ass (soft ass option)?
Like let’s say you’re not going to be home for the whole day or a few weeks because business trip.

1. lying down with her facing upwards on a bed or in her shipping case

2. standing up ( I know most people won’t recommend it with harden feet option but for bolt some say they never see any noticeable damage. So what’s your opinion on it?)

3. hang the doll


hi i have 2 options i’d like your opinion on.

  • Lubricant-free vagina
  • Realistic Body painting

Hi, can gli help me ? I’m search a 100 cm good sex doll with lower price, for start. You give me a models o producer with a resonable price …..max € 500… Please ? Thanks
P.s. The 166 cm c Cup wmdolls with soft skin Is aversome ?


Thanks for the links is very good but Is over my budget, i have found this doll in alixepress (i knew scam ??‍♂️) i think Is a replica but for this price a test Is an good option. Is real Exdoll china producer,
What do you think ?
Last edited 4 years ago by Alessandro

You have delete my post why ?


Hi Tom, I’ve been wondering if some of these options are worth it or not, so thanks so much for posting this. You mention the enhanced mouth, but what about teeth sets? Most sites, including, offer what looks like a bunch of removable teeth and tongues for $150. Are these just for appearance or do they actually make a difference with oral/kissing?


Oh ok, awesome! Very interested to hear what you have to say.

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