WMDoll 157cm B cup review – things to know before you buy!

WMDoll 157cm B cup review

This was the very first doll that I ever bought. Only I thought that I was smart, I thought that I skipped the “man in the middle” and spared $1000 by dealing directly with the factory. I got scammed. The full story is here.

This time, I finally bought the real wmdoll 157cm B cup. Here is the review.


WMDoll 157cm B cup review


I ordered this doll with the soft skin option. I told you many times that the soft skin option is much more fragile than the hard skin. It is, of course, correct however, you do not feel that much the difference with this doll. I did not have the feeling that the skin was that fragile. Maybe it is because she is a light doll. The soft skin was as enjoyable as always and I didn’t feel like it was as fragile as with other dolls that I have had with the soft skin.


As I told you, WMdoll upgraded their skeletons a few months ago. The quality is top-notch.


With this doll, in particular, the wig makes a big difference. If you get this doll with another wig + another type of makeup, you will have the feeling that it is not the correct head. Here are some pictures of this doll. These pictures are from the legit factory. She is from the authentic WmDoll brand.

Now here is the same doll but this time bought from my vendor:

As you can see, the makeup and the wig makes a huge difference. So does a good vendor. Ask your vendor to get you the correct wig and ask them to get the factory to do the correct makeup. It is not all the vendors that are meticulous and that actually really care about their customers. Note that both skins are tan. The only difference is the lightning in the room.

Unlike many WM dolls, her labia is very well done. Her private parts are very well detailed and they look realistic. I chose to have her labia pink however, you can pick the skin, light brown or dark brown color.

There is no real drawback with this doll apart maybe that, like all sex dolls, the butt hole is not located at the right place. But there is nothing that we can do about it.

You need to know that WmDoll does not make hollow boobs for B cup and less. there is simply not enough space to make a pocket of air there however, the boobs feel very nice even without the hollow option. It does feel more like silicone boobs than natural boobs though.

I did really, really enjoy this doll. She is light and she has a great figure.
You can have a look at my Youtube review  or at my video here.

Wmdoll 157cm B cup review
















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Hey Tom , it seems you genuinely really want to teach people how not to get scammed and get biggest bang for their buck . Thank you for your professionalism , patience and education. Me personally i’m breaking between 2 . where wm166C is absolute perfection(even tho i don’t like her vagina/labia mold that much ) i think she is just way to tall/heavy so my dilemma is wm140d vs wm157b . Considering i’m a boob guy i do think wm140d has a super tiny frame for boobs that big (shopping for clothes can be challenging) if she is a… Read more »


Tom thank you for your reply , and thank you for kicking those scammers right in the teeth , i know you think that your effort is just a drop in the ocean, but many of us are deeply grateful, you don’t need to do this but yet here you are and i appreciate it . anyway is there a way i can write to you privately or maybe you have discord channel ? i’m sure you have my email address to contact me with instructions to connect . Few questions that’s all . Thank you bud !


Is it silicone or tpe ?


Who is the vendor? I watched you do a bad review as well but you never mentioned the vendor there either so I’m not sure where you got the good one or the bad one only that there are bad and good ones! Can you recommend the names of a couple of good vendors?

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