WMdoll 166cm C cup sex doll review (Hard skin)

WMdoll 166cm C cup sex doll review

After watching the WMdoll promotion video for their latest 166cm C cup sex doll, I thought that I absolutely needed to get one for my brothel customers. It soft skin just blew me away. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here it is

So I purchased Meli and I bought a second head and different wigs so I would have 2 dolls for the price of 1 and 1/8. As usually the purchase went very smoothly and the wait time was approximately 25 days before I received the doll.

wmdoll 166cm c cup sex doll review
Now there are 2 ways to recognize a good sex doll supplier:
A) If they send you the product that you ordered.
B) If they provide you with a good after sale customer service.

Sexdolls-shop always sent me the correct doll and I never really could test their after sale customer service.
Well this time I did :  I didn’t receive the correct doll!


WMdoll 166cm C cup sex doll review

To be honest, I did receive the correct model. I did receive the right heads as well. Everything that I ordered was in the box. But there was 1 big problem : The doll’s skin was as hard as rock! And I ordered her BECAUSE of her soft skin, her jiggling boobs and her soft butt.

So I immediately thought : “Oh no! Please don’t tell me that they tried to pass me a cheap black doll market!!” I could hardly believe it because these guys have been so good to me in the past and they KNOW that I buy from them because I want to get the legit, real brands.

I got to say : sexdolls-shop.com have been INCREDIBLE with their after sale customer service!

They called WMdoll in China and asked what the hell was happening? Why would they send a doll with rock hard skin when they advertise their product with soft jiggling skin?

So here is what happened :

After releasing their new soft TPE skin, WMdoll received complains because it was not as scratch resistant as the former hard skin. So they simply decided to produce their 166cm C cup model with the default hard skin instead of using the soft skin like the one in their promotion video. And they did that WITHOUT LETTING THEIR RESELLERS KNOW! 

So my supplier fought hard to get WMDoll to send me a brand new doll. I am sending back the one that I have, free of charge, and I will get the new doll with the soft skin.  There is one clear advantage when you deal with a reputable supplier, not only will they deliver you with quality merchandise, but they will also provide you with the best customer service if ever there should be any issue.

So, I will do a new WMdoll 166cm C cup sex doll review as soon as I get the new one.

What is there to learn from my story?

  • Shit can happen. Even if you buy from the best.
  • Only a few suppliers will offer you that type of customer service.
  • If I would have bought that doll from a Chinese portal, I would have lost my money.
  • WMDoll can build each of their doll with the soft TPE material.
  • You need to let your supplier know, so that they can let the factory know that you want the SOFT TPE material.
  • The soft TPE material is more fragile and more likely to get easily scratched than the default hard TPE material.
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Where i can buy very good dolls?


I am very curious what you think of the soft vs hard default TPE skin. Is it more lifelike/realistic than the default? Is the soft skin harder to maintain? Etc. I hope you make a video addressing these questions. Thank you!


Can you maybe also do a comparison of soft vs hard skin when you get your soft skin doll? That would be most helpful as well as how long you think the soft skin will last.

I was thinking of getting soft skin with their new doll but it has DDD so would be kinda worried if those boobs would be too heavy for the soft skin… Perhaps hard skin with big hollow boobs would be better?…hmmmmm


Thanks man! I mean the “hard” TPE skin is just the same skin as you’ve gotten previously on all your other dolls right? That limbo to the wm doll body with the DDD is the only one I’ve seen with calves with the shape I like. Their dolls either seem to have perfect skinny bodies but with too skinny calves, or calves with perfect contour but the bodies are weirdly thick or fat ?


Hi Tom
Very interested to hear what the boobs felt like because even though it was the hard skin, I’m assuming it was the hollow boob option? Do you think the jiggly-ness of the boobs is due more to the hollow boobs or the soft TPE skin? Or perhaps it is 50/50?
Thanks Man


Super clear now thanks man! Really looking forward to your soft skin hollow boobs review!

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