The amazing WMdoll 166cm C cup sex doll! (Soft skin)

WMdoll 166cm C cup sex doll second review SOFT SKIN!

I already did a review for the WMDoll 166cm C cup sex doll however, the factory didn’t send me the doll that I ordered : I wanted to have the doll that they promote in their videos, I wanted to have the doll with the soft skin.

After dealing with the factory, my supplier got them to take the doll back and send me one with soft skin. I received it 1 month later and she is A-MA-ZING! 

Just a quick side note : This is one of the reasons why you should never deal directly with the factory : If things should go wrong, you need the weight of a supplier that buys dozens of dolls a month to deal with the factory on your behalf. Chinese do not care at all about 1 customer. However they do care about a supplier that buys hundreds of dolls every year.

wmdoll 166cm c cup sex doll review
The soft skin makes the whole difference!

Although the WMDoll dolls that I bought may look fantastic, I was never really satisfied ; the boobs and butt were too hard for me. It didn’t feel natural at all. I am a natural big boobs lover so, you can imagine that my expectations were high. The soft skin makes the whole difference. The boobs now feel totally natural. They feel like fantastic firm beautiful tits. I am in heaven. God does indeed exists.

More fragile?

WMDoll didn’t want to to produce dolls with soft skin anymore because the TPE skin would be less resistant. It may be true. I haven’t noticed until now however, to be frank, I prefer from far a doll that feels natural but may have a shorter life than a doll with hard skin that does not give me a natural feeling when I grab her butt and breasts.

Because of this, many suppliers will just refuse to sell you a doll with soft skin. I think that they should give you the opportunity to choose whatever you want after having correctly informed you. 

After all, there are a few brands out there that are offering their dolls with soft skin. I see no reason why WMDoll shouldn’t. The doll itself is absolutely amazing. She is 5’4 but looks much taller because she is so slim. She has beautiful long legs, a thin waist, and perfect perky boobs. Her ass is to die for! 

Her body does look exactly like the one on the promotion picture. Probably due to the makeup she wears on the promotion material, the face looks slightly different. But you can see that she is the same. She looks beautiful. Here are some pictures below.


There are 2 small details that did bother me a little though :

1. The butt hole didn’t look real. It just looked like a hole in a piece of rubber. That being said, yours may look better. It seems like the ribbed butt hole doesn’t depend on the doll model but rather on the post-production team: do they have time to make a ribbed butt hole or not? I personally feel like WMDoll should deliver you a doll with a realistic butt hole. They are not the cheapest on the market so they should just make some efforts.

2. The pussy details are not fantastic. Its fine for me because butts and tits are much more my things than pussies however, if it is what you are looking for, you may be disappointed. 

All in all, I am very very happy with the WMDoll 166cm Cup with soft skin. She is, in fact, the best doll that I have had until now! She looks beautiful, she feels great. 

Here is the review video that is related to this article.

I am not really happy with the WMDoll wigs so that is why I give it only 50%. They are really cheap and you always need to comb them again and again. I feel that the butt hole should be ripped and that the vagina should look more realistic. These are the only negative points on that doll.

WMDoll 166cm C cup
















Same doll as advertised?


Overall satisfaction

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Hey man, thanks for making this site, ur awesome. What website did u get her from? And what are the best Canadian websites to get them? Thx!


Your preferred website appears to be unavailable? I can’t reach it.


Yep, good call. Router or ISP was blocking. Thanks.


Hi there I am about to buy a doll on what do you think about it ?


ok noted – I like the following dolls any ideas where I can find of of this on a reliable website ? In Stock 5.4ft / 166cm Most Realistic Sex Dolls Zion – SexDollsOff ou Sophie – Stunning Ultra Realistic TPE Sex Doll – #1 Realistic Custom Sex Doll Store VSDoll Best TPE & Silicone Sex Dolls – apres comme tant d autres avoir creuse les tres nombreux sites (essentiellement chinois) j en arrive a la conclusion qu il semble y avoir des sites de recyclage de dolls de 2 e ou 3 e qualite (corps/ tete) qui doivent… Read more »


thaks any review of those 2 ? the breast look beery nice especially the second one (brown hair) and the body too


what are the main differences if I buy those models (you can find them on several websites) and the one you proposed ?


In your opinion, is it better a fixed or removable vagina?


Tom, appreciate you sharing your knowledge with everyone. These reviews are incredibly helpful. I’m new to this and want the most realistic doll out there (outside of real doll because it’s too expensive). In your experience which company and or doll/s have you been most impressed with?

Looking at these three dolls and can use your help:


Tom, thank you for your amazing reviews. In your opinion would you go with this doll or wmdoll 157cm B cup head#162? I like both but prefer hollow boobs which you cannot get in B cup but I like the labia better on the 157. Thoughts?


On order it says Gel Breasts are not recommended with soft skin. I was hoping to have both, Sounds like do not even try is it a No No to do.. it would be with this doll C cup Soft skin gel breasts. Have not ordered yet – sexdolls-shop

Last edited 3 years ago by Joseph

Is normal doll skin and soft skin that much different when touched or still can not find good explanation on difference. Tom thank you for answering my concerns. I know you do not have to do this and I appreciate it.


Hi Tom,
thnaks for your very helpful reviews! Comparing the positioning of the private parts of the 166C and the 162E, which is more realistic in your opinion?


Hi Tom!
And what color skin do you think looks better and more realistic?
I would like to buy this doll too, maybe with fair skin because I think is more neutral, but you know the colors in the pictures and screen usually are different on reality, so I would like to have your advice.
Thank you!!

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