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Hey there, Great review! I ordered a doll from WM (159cm C cup) with soft skin but she has gel boobs instead of hollow, do you think it’ll be as good as your 166cm (or even better) ?


Great, Thanks for answering!
I can’t wait to receive her the waiting time is a torture!


The rear entrance position and placement looks as if it might cause some problems.  It’s very low when standing so sex while standing is probably not practical.  I guess she would have to be bent over to get the proper alignment.


So it has been a while since you bought the doll. How did the soft skin version hold up compared to regular tpe? Thanks for the info!


The information and videos are so helpful. Need to know stuff and knowledge about Dolls. I am really Interested in purchasing WM 166 cm C – cup . You answered a lot of questions. The videos really on the reality of the doll size and looks feel by seeing hands on doll next furniture and videos tell more than just pictures. Pictures help but with the videos really show what the doll is really about. Thank You So Much ! Taken time to do this you are helping a lot of people when it comes to these dolls. The Vender… Read more »


Im in USA (California) Im looking for something like WM dolls,.do you know where can I buy one?


As a first time buying dolls I bought a couple from Aliexpress they were counterfeit and not perfect but they were cheap and I wanted to get the feeling before spending lots of money on a brand name. Finally it was time for me to get good doll and I got one from WM dolls and let me tell you that as it was molded way better and more real than the cheap dolls I got but workmanship is terrible. one leg is loose and the other so stiff and it’s the same everywhere(hands,Arms). the mold line is so obvious.… Read more »


Thank you Tom for your reply.
I got it from Rosemary doll. Do you know this seller is legit? This doll as beautiful it is turn to be a nightmare. Generally most of the skeleton joints are loose, stiff or don’t work at all.

Benjamin Bruneau

Hey Tom… Size D on Wm Doll…Holow better than solid? What is the actual difference….Thanks


this doll with the soft skin were the breast hollow or solid?

Guy Holliday

Tom, thank you for all the information you have provided. I read your blog thoroughly before making my choice in a doll and a vendor. I’ve chose the soft skin, positional shoulders, and stand feet for the brunette WMDoll Zoey, as pictured in their website. I look forward to sharing the open-box reveal with you (and anyone else) here, if you are interested.


I order a yl doll from one of your recommended sites sex doll shop. The doll I got is Aisha model with gel breast and default skin. I was was wondering how much of a difference is the default skin and ultra soft skin. The doll is already in production. I plan on getting another doll with the ultra soft skin but my first doll will have default skin. Will she still be enjoyable?


Hi Tom – Thanks for reviews. I have been looking at this doll for awhile. Wonder how good is the oral experience?

Yasir S.

Hello Tom, I wanted to know if was a good site to use.


Hi Tom i found this same MELI doll on aliexpress for US $556 (WMDOLL 170cm Realistic Solid Silicone Big Breast Sex Doll with Metal Skeleton Japanese Adult Love Doll) wondering if you think its the same supplier that uses.


So is there no good dolls in Ali Express? That are not scams??

Guy Holliday

If it is too good to be true, it probably is!


Hey tom, quick question. I’m 99% sure this is the doll I’ll be buying. What color nipples are those on that doll? I wish to get the same ones.

Thank you for your videos, reviews, and all you do to make sure we do not get ripped off



Is yours really the light tan or some sort of caucasian color?


Hello Tom, I tried ordering a WM doll from a US distributor, but they said that the soft skin (they call it ultra soft TPE) is very fragile and most certainly will tear, so they said they do not guarantee the doll, nor recommend it. Have you had any tearing or rips in the TPE from the soft skin doll you show in your video? They told me that I would have to have to sign a waiver not holding the factory nor the distributor 100% from any liability in manufacturing the doll with the soft skin. Have you heard… Read more »


Hi Tom, Thanks for that input! I didn’t know about the TPE around the feet breaking down even with regular skin. Can the doll stand without the spikes in the feet, if you put shoes on her? Is it better to not go with the standing option? Also, what concerned me was that the US distributor wouldn’t guarantee no tears even during shipment! That would suck if the doll arrived in the box with tears already present. Did you experience anything like that with your doll? Also, I looked at your Canadian distributor’s website. What was a little bothersome was… Read more »


Hello Tom,
i chose the soft + hollow configuration for my recent purchase (end of november) on the website that you indicated on your blog.
Please, how long did you wait for this new kind of TPE doll ? Is it longer than an ordinary TPE doll ? Not to mention the holiday / Xmas season …
Time is long 🙂
Best regards,
Phil (the guy who wrote you by mail first)


You say don’t buy directly from the Chinese. I am trying to buy from a website based in the US but factory is in China. The doll ships from China. Is that how it worked when you purchased yours? Or did yours ship from US?


How long is the lifespan on these


Thanks for sharing the latest Soft+Hollow configuration. I am looking forward to this review. Closing to natural boobs is critical for me. I had brought one before but boobs were way too hard compared with natural thing. Does the soft only apply to boobs or the whole body? Does it change any feeling if you hug her?


Hey Tom, thank you for posting this video. I recently ordered WM 166 cm C cup , which I believe is the same in this video. I ordered with the #273 head and the standing foot. I specifically asked for “extra soft” TPE. Before I saw your review I was concerned about my decision. I wanted her to feel as real as possible but I was worried about her being too soft. After your review I think I made a good choice 🙂 It’s my first doll so if you have any tips for me about care and storage ,… Read more »


Thank you! I’m hoping this has been a good choice for my first doll. So can she sleep in the bed with me if I don’t have a memory foam mattress ?

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