Wmdoll 174cm G cup review – breath taking with a huge flaw!

WMdoll 174cm G cup review

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  1. Introduction
  2. Her skin
  3. Her skeleton
  4. Her wig
  5. Head
  6. Eyes
  7. Labia
  8. Boobs
  9. Summary

WM is the most popular Chinese brand. They have been very active in the last few years and invested in new technology and new sex doll models. Every few months, they release a new model and each of them is absolutely stunning. The 174cm G cup is no exception. Warning: You better have huge biceps: She is very heavy!

Wmdoll 174cm G cup review


As you know, I always order my dolls with ultra-soft skin. Although the doll will arrive with some minor skin flaws, I prefer it to the default skin because it feels more natural. WM is really a great company however, they never succeeded in making dolls with flawless skin yet. I do not care personally but it may bother some people.


WM’s double joint skeleton is great and flexible and the joints are always perfectly adjusted. You need to take note that the legs are much more rigid than for other dolls. They have no choices because of the weight of this doll. If she had looser articulations, she wouldn’t be able to stand and fall under her own weight.


Wmdoll’s wigs are the cheapest on the market. They rarely look like the ones in the pictures, are extremely hard to comb, and are immediately full of static electricity.

wmdoll 174cm G cup
wm 174cm G cup

Wmdoll 174cm G cup review

This doll will very much look like the one in the promotion pictures.


The wm 174cm G cup doll I bought has head #382. The head is almost identical to the one in the promotion pictures. The thing that stroke me with this head is how heavy it is. It may lie in the fact that it is a bit bogger than the other heads but I have weighed it and this head is 1 pound heavier than other 140cm + doll’s heads.


It uses the usual 31 millimeters half globe with the white wool used to help keep them into the socket. This system is not very convenient. It is not easy to place the eyes as you wish to have them. You’ll find a few tricks with time but it is still not a good system.

The labia are small and not well done. On a real woman, I think labia look fantastic however, on a doll, it doesn’t look good in my opinion. Here is a pic below to help you make up your own mind.

wmdoll 174cm G cup labia
wmdoll 174cm G cup labia


This doll is incredibly heavy. I could barely move her alone. This is something you need seriously to take into consideration before buying her.

The size of these boobs + the ultra-soft skin + the hollow breasts, feel incredibly real. I surely told you already but the bigger the boobs are and the more natural they feel, especially with the hollow breasts option. Many people ask about the gel breasts although it is a great option, I have compared both and I do not think they feel more natural. Maybe it is a question of personal taste. Also, I like the way these boobs are flatter than the other dolls. It looks more natural when she lies on her back.

Wmdoll 174cm G cup review – FINAL THOUGHTS?
This doll looks incredibly real in person. WM really did a great job with all the details, the hands, the knee, the back, the calves, the stomach. She does look like a real person, no doubt about it. The ultra-soft skin on her feels fantastic. Before you buy her, make sure you are aware of her 90 pounds otherwise, you may regret your purchase. 

I made a WMdoll 174cm G cup review for you to watch. You can view it either here on my Youtube channel.

WMdoll 174cm G cup review
















Same doll as advertised?


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mario daniel araujo

I come to your site again and again to see the commentson this doll and the wonderful video review !!! I am madly  in love whith the head 370 !!! I hope to have the money soon !!! kisses from argentina .


I recently bought this doll. It’s great if you like doggy style only and position then reposition an 85 pound doll over and over again on a bed. You can start out in doggie but then you don’t get to play with those beautiful breasts.   A doll is best stored on her back so what happens is I start with the doll on her back (the best storage position), grunt and groan to get her into doggie, do the deed, then have to reposition her on her back again.  Missionary is impossible with this doll (I also own three other WM dolls, 167cm, 172cm,… Read more »

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Last edited 1 year ago by Jorge

Hey there – love your reviews.

Quick question about prices though. For example, you mention in this review that this doll is $1999. When I look at the model on the wmdollshop site, the same one lists for $2850 ( https://store-nftb2hemvg.mybigcommerce.com/57-ft-174cm-g-cup-with-382/ ). Is the additional $851 recent price change, or is it just the premium you pay for ordering direct from the manufacturer? (Or maybe you’re quoting in a currency other than USD?)

Last edited 1 year ago by Nick

Thanks for the reply Tom, that makes sense. After I originally posted I read one of your blog posts mentioning that the resellers also have more pull with the manufacturer than an individual would.


Tom, I am looking to purchase a doll and I’ve heard that the full silicone is better than tpe because tpe is hard to keep clean and cannot be taken in the shower to be cleaned like the silicone. Can you tell us what is the best one to get: Silicone or TPE? Thank you



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I bought A torso to try out if I could see if i would like this sort of thing, without spending a lot of money. The vagina was so tight, it was painful. I am only 7 ” but on the fat or thick side. My question is can you request sizes in vagina’s diameter It seems they only measure depth ?


Hey man. Love your site

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