WMDoll heating system review in 4 points. Not impressed!

As you probably know, I am most probably the only sex doll reviewer that is actually buying the doll and testing them my own self. After a lots of requests, I have finally tested the WMDoll heating system for you.

WMDoll made a big fuss about their heating system ; at last , you would not have to use an electrical blanket to warm the skin nor a heating stick anymore to warm the love holes : Its all being done by a system of hot wire inside the TPE skin.

The WMDoll heating system is genius : You plug the doll to the wall outlet and watch the temperature rise until it reaches the desired degree.
There are a few issues though :

The WMDoll heating system review in 4 points!

1. It is totally unaesthetic. The doll outlet looks very bad and it is located in a visible area. I thought that they would put that in the neck or somewhere hidden but no: its right where you can see it, on the rib cage!

2. Sex Dolls Shop confirmed us that the system breaks easily. Until now, they refunded 50% of their customers that bought it. They are still offering the WMDoll heating system option however, they have put a warning on their website and they do not recommend it. As the customer is king, they still can decide. But at least, with a warning issued by the supplier, they know what they are risking by buying that option.

3. When the system works, it does not work adequately! First off, the doll takes 2 hours to get to the right temperature. Of course, they could not put a powerful heating system in they dolls because of the fire risks. Two hours to warm the doll is a bit long though. But I may just be  difficult to please.

4. The heating system does not heat all important parts of the doll! I did the complete test. Here are the results : 

wmdoll heating system review

Just a clarification : the lower thighs are warm, it is the upper thighs, near the hips, that are not warm. All the strategic areas are not being warmed. I was really looking forward to inserting my own love rod into all her now warm love holes. Well, I quickly became disillusioned!

The system does not seem to be built to warm her butt nor vagina hole. As for the mouth, it is understandable, the head would be tough to wire and to plug to the doll as it is screwable. But the 2 other spots are definitely mandatory.

Buying a doll is always a much more complicated task then what it appears to be. What doll to choose? Where to buy? I am trying to give you the answers to all these questions by educating you so that you can make the best choice possible when you will buy your own sex doll.

Do not miss any of my sex dolls articles if you are serious about buying a sex doll. 

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So unfortunately I got my doll prior to finding your reviews. I got it loaded with the heating feature AND the auto-blowjob feature. Just wanted to add something here that I didn’t think about and wasn’t warned about: WEIGHT. I don’t know if it’s the heating feature or auto-blowjob feature, but something added an insane amount of weight. This is my first doll ever and it weighs 95 pounds, lol… It’s insanely heavy. I’m 5’8″ and ~150. I’m a toothpick. Just picking up this doll is one of the most physically demanding things I’ve ever done. There’s so much weight… Read more »


Hello ! I made the mistake of bidding on a doll thinking I got a great price on it . After checking and checking some more I won the bid on this particular doll. But after trying to contact the seller SEVERAL times to ask for more pics other then the 4 that were basically the same picture from different angles . I haven’t yet paid for the doll but have read lots of your reviews and now feel like I’m gonna get a piece of crap doll…I just know it !! The company is 3xdolls have you heard of… Read more »

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