WMdoll VS Piperdoll – who wins?

What is the best brand between WMdoll and Piperdoll?

We tested for you.

The dolls we tested are the 140cm D cup from WMDoll. (left) and the 140cm Piperdoll Ariel (right)

The first thing we notice is the height difference although both are supposedly 140cm. Also, the Piper doll’s factory specs show she has F cup breasts size while the WMdoll’s specs show she has D cup breasts. We clearly can see the factory’s breast specifications are purely subjective and have no basis in the reality.

– Skin comparison – I only order WMdolls with their special soft skin. So my comparison may not apply to you if you purchase a WMdoll with the regular skin. In regards to the skin’s softness, WMdoll wins. Their skin is definitely softer however, the skin’s texture is not a good as the Piper’s one. The skin’s texture of the Piperdoll is absolutely perfect. There is no flaw. Unlike my WMdolls, I have never received a Piperdoll with skin damage nor small scratches on it. Piperdoll’s skin is smooth and flaw-free.

– Boobs comparison – Unlike what the factory’s specs specify, the breasts size on both dolls is very similar however, the WMdoll’s breasts feel much more real than the Piperdoll’s one. This is surely due to the WM’s soft skin. Both dolls tested had hollow breasts. Please refer to the video below.

– Skeleton – I choose the Piperdoll EVO skeleton and the WMdoll was built with their new double joints skeleton which they released in 2018 if I am not mistaken. Both are extremely similar in regards to flexibility and joint adjustments.

It is easy to place both dolls in any position you want. The Piperdoll is maybe a little more flexible than the WMdoll. The bones in the hands are the decisive factor here. Piperdoll’s fingers are very floppy and can not hold on anything while the WMdoll’s fingers are rigid and can hold on an object that weighs 3 lbs.

On the other hand, Piperdoll’s head is much better. As you already know, their heads are seamlessly attached and this allows you to place the head in just any position you wish and it will not move. WMdoll’s heads are interchangeable and you attach them using either a snap-on method or you can screw the head to the doll. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to head the head maintaining any position. The head constantly moves and come back to a center position because of the gravity.

– The sex doll’s vagina realism on both dolls is fine however, you can clearly see the finishing quality is much superior with on the Piperdoll than on the WMdoll.
wmdoll vs piperdoll

Vagina and butt hole placement – Both dolls have different love holes locations WMdoll is well known for having bad holes placement. It is nothing tragic however, it can annoy some people. The main issue is that the butt hole is too low… and the vagina hole is too high. This has for consequence that it is not easy to use from behind unless you bend her back big time.

The piperdoll’s love holes placement is not perfect however it is much better.
wmdoll vs piperdoll

I noticed the Piperdoll’s vagina stretches much more than the WMdoll’s one when the legs are open. This may unfortunately favorise creases in this region if you are not being careful. I would avoid using the doll with the legs wide open.
wmdoll vs piperdoll

Both brands are high-quality ones in the $2000 sex dolls market. Both brands have their flaws and their strengths. I can’t make a decision for you. I have prepared a review video for you. It will maybe help you to decide which one you prefer.

This is the Youtube censored video. As this “liberal” media has become a danger to all producers, we need to censor ourselves otherwise they delete our channels. 

You also have access to the uncensored version video here: https://sexdollsreviews.review/piperdoll-vs-wmdoll/

You can view the video on Youtube directly:

Or watch the version below:

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What skin color is the wm?


Hi Tom, i like the YL Doll Original 1.41 m, is a good size for me? im 1.74m. I need little weight but i want natural and realistic sensation.
Is this link a good seller for buy in Spain? https://www.munecadeplata.com/producto/yl-doll-141cm-muneca-sexual-con-caderas-anchas/  in the web says is the official distributor for WM  in Spain


Thank you very much for your reviews and advices. Do you recomend me another shop for Europe?


it seems like Starpery heads are more realistic looking than WM heads. is this true? or is it just the pictures in the websites that make it look more real looking. would you get starpery or WM dolls? is it because the starpery head is silicone and it makes it more realistic?


Hi Tom, 
Thank you for all your material regarding Sex dolls. Everything you do is very informative. 
Can you please shed some light on the hole-placement thing ? Which top 2 manufacturers from all you experienced are making it right , or at least as close as possible to reality.

Thank you.
Best Regards!


Piper doll is expensive for no reason . I have not had a Piper for the same price factor !


the breasts measurements may be accurate, based on the Piper’s smaller ribcage; bra sizing is all about the difference between ribs and bust circumference, not the actual size of the breasts. “Sister sizes” are similar sized bras with slightly different band lengths (like, for example, a 32D and 26F being the same volume bra cups)
very informative, thank you!


is the your piper arier the white skin tone or the pink white? Which do you recommend?


I just got a Eiran Piper doll yesterday, had what looks like a scar across her tummy. Must be the rare exception.

Last edited 2 years ago by Russell

Thank you!

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